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Buxuxian Qinpu
Qin Handbook of the Strolling-in-Emptiness Immortal 1
ca. 1556

Table of Contents

(This is the Table of Contents for the edition kept in the National Library, Taiwan.
It has 53 melodies, none with lyrics; two are the earliest known versions,
#11 and #16.
The Zha Fuxi Guide was able to index only an edition containing Folios 5 and 6.

  --  Introduction
  --  Foreword
  --  Preface
  --  Table of Contents
  --  Finger techniques

    Folio One: Gong Mode

  1. Gong Yi
    Related to

  2. Yang Chun
    Related to
    1525, not 1425

  3. Qingdu Yin
    One section, apparently serving as a prelude for #4

  4. Guanghan You
    Elsewhere this is sometimes called Qingdu Yin (see #3 and

  5. Mei Hua
    Meihua Sannong

    Folio Two: Shang Mode

  6. Gu Shang Yi
    Related to

  7. Huaigu Yin

  8. Yi Lan

  9. Bai Xue

  10. Shen You Liuhe

  11. Du Shu Yin 讀書吟: Book Reading Intonation
    Guide 26/--/-- : first of two (3 sections, plain but some errors); the other one, 1590, is related but quite different
    讀書引 Dushu Yin (Book Reading Prelude; 38/265/542 : only in 1730, Folio II, p.8, lyrics 東山卜築,野人居....) is completely different.
    See also 讀書聲 dushu sheng in footnotes to Meihua Sannong and Kongsheng Jing.

  12. Xue Chuang Ye Hua

  13. Feng Lei Yin

  14. Gui Qu Lai Ci
    About 5th from
    1511, but no lyrics.

  15. Chun Jiang
    Related to

  16. Shuanghe Ting Quan Yin: 雙鶴廳泉吟 Paired Cranes Listen to a Spring
    One section, prelude to next; earliest of 13 to 1894; second, from 1596 (VI/219), is related and still a prelude but it is very different (2 sections);
    the modern version in QGQJ 1/202, from Woyunlou Qinpu (1722; 2 sections), is also related

  17. Shuang Qing

  18. Gu Yanhui (like Yasheng Cao, but no lyrics)

    Folio Three: Jiao Mode

  19. Jiao Yi

  20. Lingxu Yin

  21. Liezi Yu Feng

    Folio Four: Shangjiao Mode

  22. Shangjiao Yi

  23. Shenhua Yin

  24. Zhuangzhou Meng Die

    Folio Five: Zhi Mode

  25. Zhi Yi (III/283)

  26. Weibin Yin (III/283)

  27. Wen Wang (III/283)

  28. Guan Ju (III/285)

  29. Jingji Yin (III/286)

  30. Yu Ge (III/286)

  31. Shan Ju Yin (III/289)

  32. Qiao Ge (III/289)

  33. Huitong Yin (III/291)

  34. Tu Shan (III/292)

    Folio Six: Yu Mode

  35. Yu Yi (III/294)

  36. He Wu Dongtian (III/294)

  37. Pei Lan (III/295)

  38. Zhi Zhao Fei (III/297)

  39. Wu Ye Ti (III/299)

    Folio Seven: Qiliang Mode

  40. Qiliang Yi

  41. Chushang Yi

  42. Zepan Yin

  43. Li Sao

  44. Chu Ge

  45. Qu Yuan Wen Du

    Folio Eight: Ruibin Mode

  46. Ruibin Yi

  47. 欸乃吟 Ao Ai Yin
    Only here (not in
    Zha Guide); 1 section; prelude to next (compare Fan Canglang)

  48. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun

  49. Jiqing Cao

  50. Zhaojun Yuan (almost same as 1425 Longshuo Cao);
    Tuning not mentioned, but must be Wuyi

    Folio Nine: Qingshang Mode

  51. Qingshang Yi

  52. Feiming Yin

  53. Qiu Hong
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

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