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Silk Stone Moving 絲•石•動

"Silk Stone Moving...featured Michael Mao's intriguing choreography,
...slides with oriental symbolism by photographer Howard Finkelson, and
the music of the silk string zither by master zither player, John Thompson.
Together, the trio evoked a soothing almost calming mood in the hour-long
performance, with no intermission....It would seem positively impossible
to improve on this work, which totally charmed - almost hypnotized!
- the audience with the 'what happens now?' Mao choreography.
                                              - from the review by Marianne D. Darrow

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Silk Stone Moving, which premiered 28/29 June 2003 at the
Kaatsbaan International Dance Center in Tivoli, New York, is a dance-theater collaboration of East-West fusion combining projected photo-abstracts shot by Howard Finkelson, silk-string zither music played by John Thompson, and choreography by Michael Mao performed by his company Michael Mao Dance.

Michael Mao's work "looks Western to the Eastern eye but Eastern to the Western eye; Michael Mao has successfuly developed a vital yet elegant style which can best be termed cosmopolitan in the best sense of the word." Wen Wei Bao, Shanghai, China, 2002.

John Thompson, in playing the guqin silk-string zither, China's musical equivalent to its classical painting and calligraphy, "soars beyond the ordinary world to bring the beauty of the qin to music lovers worldwide." (Xu Kuanghua, Hangzhou, 2002). " Very elegant." (Wu Wenguang, Beijing, 2003).

Howard Finkelson's 'photo abstracts' "...expand the stage and blend sound and movement in a surreal space....His images of China are unlike any other." (South China Morning Post, 2000).

For further information contact
Daryl Ries, Director; Arts Promotion Asia, New York or phone 212-877-1095

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