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Silk string guqin music videos
On all my videos I am playing my own reconstructions (dapu) 1
Snapshot from a recording session2    
Most are here on
silkqin.com; there are many on , some of them on .

On this website the digital videos are arranged into several categories:

  1. Videos for learning guqin   (listed)
    The camera angles are designed to show the player's movements as clearly as possible.

  2. Videos with atmosphere
    Videos that capture something of the atmosphere of playing in a natural environment (current listing here is incomplete).

  3. Videos of live performances
    Playing for an audience of one or more

  4. Videos with art
    Here the image is usually a long scroll timed to fit with a qin melody

  5. Videos showing lyrics with songs
    These are especially for people who would like to sing or follow along with the lyrics of qin songs. Mostly shows only the lyrics but could also show staff notation.

  6. Documentary video
    Two hour video concerning my work

  7. Video with dance
    Silk Stone Moving, with choreography by Michael Mao

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Silk string guqin music videos
"Video" here means "digital video". As for the qin songs themselves, there is no specific information on how traditionally they would have been performed. One can try to sing along here, but it is also possible that one should simply read the lyrics along with the music in order to increase appreciation of the music.

With many of the songs I have added a few notes at the beginning of the melody - often the same as the last phrase/closing harmonics; this is to get the ear ready for the mode and range of the melody. Otherwise the reconstructions (dapu) follow the original tablature note for note.

2. Recording sessions
Most indoor recordings were made in the 招隱室 Studio for Seeking Solitude at my home in New Jersey, for the audio recordings using a Roland R-26 with its internal microphones (compare the recording details for my CDs) and for the videos a Sony HDR MV1 digital recorder.

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