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Shen Qi Mi Pu : The CDs 神奇秘譜:光盤
The Handbook of Spiritual and Marvelous Mysteries

My Shen Qi Mi Pi recordings are available at US$60 for a set of 6 CDs; these come with a 72-page booklet and a zippered CD case (see my publications). The corresponding transcriptions, available separately, consist of three ring-bound photocopied volumes totalling 380 pages of staff notation (currently available only as .pdf files; again see my publications).

As with Music Beyond Sound, the recordings were made in my Studio for Seeking Solitude, and were edited at Ultimate One Studio in Hong Kong. The recordings were completed in December 1998 and the CDs printed in 2000. As for the qin and strings:

  1. Folio One was recorded using a Qing dynasty qin with the same silk strings as those from 1976 used for the Music Beyond Sound recording.
  2. Folio Two was made with a Ming dynasty qin, again with these strings.
  3. Folio Three used the same Ming qin but it was strung with thicker Taigu Silk Strings.

The program notes are extensive, though not as complete as those included in this website; all the translations have been revised in consultation with Tong Kin-Woon, and I am still following up on a few other items, most important of which is a biography published in Nanchang of Zhu Quan. Such information is added to this website.

Since Shen Qi Mi Pu is divided into three folios, the recordings might eventually be produced as three double CDs instead of a 6 CD set.

For an online view of the contents of the six CDs, with timings, see the CD timings. More complete timings (they include the timings of the sections within each piece) are included with the annotated translations of Zhu Quan's commentary, linked through the Shen Qi Mi Pu Table of Contents.

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