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Shen Qi Mi Pu 首頁
Shen Qi Mi Pu Mulu 1 神奇秘譜目錄
Table of Contents for the Handbook of Spiritual and Marvelous Mysteries

  Xu2 Preface (I/107; Not mentioned in the Table of Contents)
  目錄 Mulu3 Table of Contents (I/108)
  太古神品 Taigu Shenpin, I Celestial Airs of Antiquity: Folio I (I/110)
  慢角調 Manjue Diao Slackened third string mode (I/110)
  1. 遯世操 Dunshi Cao Withdrawing from Society (I/110)
  慢商調 Manshang Diao Slackened second string mode
  2. 廣陵散 Guangling San 4 Guangling Melody (I/112)
  淒涼調 Qiliang Diao Cold Misery Mode (I/118)
  3. 華胥引 Huaxu Yin Huaxu Clan Prelude (I/118)
  宮調 Gong Diao Do mode (I/119)
  4. 古風操 Gufeng Cao The Ancient Style (I/119)
  5. 高山 Gao Shan High Mountains (I/120)
  6. 流水 Liu Shui Flowing Streams (I/121)
  7. 陽春 Yang Chun Sunny Spring (I/123); for Bai Xue ("白雲 Bai Yun"!) see in Folio 2
  8. 玄默 Xuan Mei Profoundly Serene; also called: Zuo Wang, Sitting and Forgetting (I/125)
  9. 招隱 Zhao Yin Seeking Seclusion (I/126)
10. 酒狂 Jiu Kuang Wine Mad (I/126)
  慢宮調 Mangong Diao Slackened first string mode (actually lower 1st, 3rd and 6th strings; I/127)
11. 獲麟 Huo Lin Captured Unicorn (I/127)
  黃鐘調 Huangzhong Diao Yellow Bell Mode (I/129)
12. 開指 Kai Zhi Opening Fingering (not mentioned in Table of Contents; I/129)
13. 秋月昭茅亭 Qiuyue Zhao Maoting Autumn Moon Shining on a Reed Pavilion (I/129)
14. 山中思友人 Shanzhong Si Youren Amidst Mountains Thinking of an Old Friend (I/129)
Xiao Hujia
Small Version of Nomad Reed Pipe (I/130)
(the Grand Version, Da Hujia, is in Folio III, Huangzhong Diao)
16. 頤真 Yi Zhen Nourishing One's Natural Character (I/132)
  霞外神品 Xiawai Shenpin, II Celestial Airs from Beyond the Rosy Haze: Folio II (I/133)
  宮調 Gong Diao Do Mode (I/133)
17. 神品宮意 Shenpin Gong Yi Celestial Air Defining Do Mode (I/133)
18. 廣寒遊 Guanghan You Wandering in a Lunar Palace (I/133)
19. 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong Three Repetitions of Plum Blossom (I/134)
  商調 Shang Diao Re Mode (I/136)
20. 神品商意 Shenpin Shang Yi Celestial Air Defining Re Mode (I/136)
21. 神品古商意 Shenpin Gu Shang Yi Celestial Air Defining Old Re Mode (I/136)
22. 慨古 Kai Gu Sigh for Antiquity (I/136)
23. 忘機 Wang Ji No Ulterior Motives (I/137)
24. 隱德 Yin De Hidden Virtue (I/137)
25. 廣寒秋 Guanghan Qiu Autumn in a Lunar Palace (I/138)
26. 天風環珮 Tianfeng Huanpei Jade Pendants in a Heavenly Breeze (I/138)
27. 神遊六合 Shen You Liuhe Spirit Roaming the Universe; also called Qi Qi (Ride the Vapors; I/139)
28. 長清 Chang Qing Long Clarity (I/141)
29. 短清 Duan Qing Short Clarity (I/142)
30. 白雪 Bai Xue White Snow (I/144); Yang Chun was in Folio One, Gong Mode
31. 鶴鳴九皋 He Ming Jiugao Cranes Cry in the Nine Marshpools (I/145)
32. 猗蘭 Yi Lan Flourishing Orchid (I/146)
  角調 Jue Diao Mi Mode (I/148)
33. 神品角意 Shenpin Jue Yi Celestial Air Defining Mi Mode (I/148)
34. 凌虛吟 Lingxu Yin Ascending the Great Void (I/148)
35. 列子御風 Liezi Yu Feng Liezi Rides the Wind (I/149)
  徵調 Zhi Diao Sol Mode (I/150)
36. 神品徵意 Shenpin Zhi Yi Celestial Air Defining Sol Mode (I/150)
37. 徵意 Zhi Yi Defining SolMode; (not mentioned in Table of Contents; I/150)
38. 山居吟 Shanju Yin Mountain Life (I/150)
39. 禹會塗山 Yu Hui Tushan Emperor Yu's Gathering at Mount Tu ("會同引不取"; I/151)
40. 樵歌 Qiao Ge Woodcutter's Song (I/153)
  羽調 Yu Diao La Mode (I/154)
41. 神品羽意 Shenpin Yu Yi Celestial Air Defining La Mode (I/154)
42. 雉朝飛 Zhi Zhao Fei Pheasants' Morning Flight (I/154)
43. 烏夜啼 Wu Ye Ti Evening Call of the Raven (I/156)
  霞外神品 Xiawai Shenpin, III Celestial Airs from Beyond the Rosy Haze: Folio III (I/158)
  黃鐘調 Huangzhong Diao Yellow Bell Mode (I/158)
44. 神品無疑意 Shenpin Wuyi Yi Celestial Air Defining Wuyi Mode (wuyi is an old name for the note re; I/158)
45. 黃雲秋塞 Huangyun Qiusai Yellow Clouds of Autumn at the Frontier (I/158)
46. 龍朔操 Longshuo Cao Melody from the North; old name Zhaojun Yuan (Zhao Jun's Lament; I/159)
Da Hujia
Grand Version of Nomad Reed Pipe (I/161);
the Small Version, Xiao Hujia, is in Folio I, Yellow Bell Mode
48. 大雅 Da Ya Epic Virtue (I/164)
  碧玉調 Biyu Diao Bi Jade Mode (I/165)
49. 神品碧玉意 Shenpin Biyu Yi Celestial Air Defining Bi Jade Mode (I/165)
50. 八極遊 Baji You Roaming to the Eight Corners (of the earth; I/165)
  蕤賓調 Ruibin Diao Lush Vegetation Mode (I/166)
51. 神品蕤賓意 Shenpin Ruibin Yi Celestial Air Defining Lush Vegetation Mode (I/166)
52. 泛滄浪 Fan Canglang Floating on the Canglang River (I/166)
53. 瀟湘水雲 Xiaoxiang Shuiyun Clouds over the Xiao and Xiang Rivers (I/167)
  淒涼調 Qiliang Diao Cold Misery Mode (I/169)
54. 神品淒涼意 Shenpin Qiliang Yi Celestial Air Defining Cold Misery Mode (I/169)
55. 神品楚商意 Shenpin Chu Shang Yi Celestial Air Defining Shang mode of Chu (Re mode of Chu; I/169)
56. 澤畔吟 Zepan Yin Marshbank Melody (I/169)
57. 離騷 Li Sao Falling into Grief (I/170)
Shangjue (Diao)
 should be in Folio 2;
Re-Mi (Mode) (Third edition ToC: no separate heading; I/172)
  so no separate heading: in small characters above Shenhua Yin)
58. 神品商角意 Shenpin Shangjue Yi Celestial Air Defining Shangjue Mode (not in ToC; 1/172)
59. 神化引 Shenhua Yin Metamorphosis; also called Diemeng Yin (Butterfly Dream; I/172)
60. 莊周夢蝶 Zhuangzhou Meng Die Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dreamv (I/173)
61. 楚歌 Chu Ge Song of Chu; (Chu ShangMode, so why not after #57 Li Sao? I/174)
  姑洗調 Guxian Diao Guxian Mode (Guxian is an old name for jue = mi; I/176)
62. 神品姑洗意 Shenpin Guxian Yi Celestial Air Defining Guxian Mode; same as Defining Qingshang Mode (I/176)
63. 飛鳴吟 Feiming Yin Calling out in Flight (I/176)
64. 秋鴻 Qiu Hong Wild Geese in Autumn (I/176)
  下卷終 Xia Juan Zhong End of Folio 3 (I/181)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Translations of Titles
The translations here were originally done in the 1970s with help from my teacher in Taiwan, 方慕廉 Fang Mulian.
In early 2000 I revised them all with the help of Dr. Tong Kin-woon. Suggestions for alternatives are much appreciated.)

2. Preface (序 Xu)
The full title of the Preface at 1/107 is:
    臞仙神奇秘譜序 Quxian Shen Qi Mi Pu Xu

3. Table of Contents (目錄 Mulu)
The full title of the Table of Contents at 1/108 is:
    臞仙神奇秘譜目錄 Quxian Shen Qi Mi Pu Mulu

4. Guangling Melody (廣陵散 Guangling San
The original SQMP Table of Contents includes the subsections of Guangling San, as follows:

  廣陵散 Guangling San Guangling Melody
  開指 (Kai Zhi) (Opening Fingering); similar to "Celestial Airs"; omitted from Table of Contents
  小序 Xiao Xu Small Preface; 3 sections called Zhi Xi [Taking a rest])
  大序 Da Xu Grand Preface; five sections
  正聲 Zheng Sheng Main sounds; 18 sections
  亂聲 Luan Sheng Concluding Sounds 10 sections
  後序 Hou Xu Postscript; eight sections

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