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Directions   to:

30 King Ave.1
Weehawken, NJ 07086

Ferry from Manhattan:
- 1-800-53-ferry
- Scenic but expensive
Take NY Waterway from the Midtown/39th Street, Pier 11/Wall Street or World Financial Center to the Port Imperial/Weehawken terminal. From there shuttle bus service ("Weehawken Township") may be available (included in cost of ferry ticket); otherwise you can climb the steps to Boulevard East then follow it south along the Palisade to King Avenue.

Details: From mid-town go to NY Waterway's new Midtown/39th Street Terminal. Along 34th Street, 42nd Street and elsewhere there is free shuttle bus service to the Midtown Terminal. In the pier building buy a ticket to Weehawken/Port Imperial ($9.00 and rising). Ferries leave every 10 to 20 minutes, the trip taking 7 minutes.

From the Wall Street area, walk east from the Staten Island ferry pier to Pier 11/Wall Street, behind 55 Water Street. Get a ticket in the terminal ($13.00 and rising) and take the ferry to Port Imperial/Weehawken; the trip from Pier 11 makes stops at two other terminals, the World Financial Center and Hoboken, taking 25-30 minutes. These ferries do not operate on weekends.

To walk up from the Port Imperial ferry terminal first cross the pedestrian bridge over River Road and the Port Imperial stop on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line, then continue up the (143) steps to Pershing Road, following that up to the intersection with Boulevard East. Go left on Boulevard East for about 10 blocks; as soon as it leaves the Palisade turn left onto King Avenue.

Alternate way: walk south along the river for about 300 yards, until you come to roundabout in front of a restaurant. From there you can see Pershing Road crossing bridge over River Road. Cross the bridge then walk on the circling staircase up the Palisades (221 steps). At the top (JFK Boulevard East) turn left and walk about five blocks, to where the boulevard leaves the Palisades. Go left at the next block, King Ave. #30 is about 100 yards down on the left.

Bus from Manhattan
- Take NJT in rush hour
- Minibus non-rush hour
Take a scheduled NJ Transit bus (1-800-772-2222) from Port Authority Gate 212, or a minibus (leaves when full) from 42nd Street between 8th and 9th Ave. Either one should take about 10 minutes (non rush hour). Get off at Bonn Place, walk forward one block to King Ave., then turn right and go 100 yards to 30 King Ave.

Details: For NJT public bus ($3.20; $1.45 if over 62), go to the Port Authority South Terminal, entering on 8th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets. (If you came by subway, the south terminal entrance is at the southern end of the concourse which runs along the A train line). In the middle of the terminal go up the left staircases, then turn right for Gate 212; between 10PM and 1 AM it is Gate 325. At Gate 212 all four buses (128, 165, 166 and 168) go to Boulevard East, so get any bus. Officially you should get your ticket in advance at a NJ Transit ticket booth near the back of the terminal or from one of the machines at various places in the terminal. In some cases you may be able to pay as you get on or off, in which case change may be given but the fastest way is to bring exact change. The buses leave about every 5 to 15 minutes.

For a minibus (3.00), walk about 50 yards west from 8th Ave. on the north side of 42nd St. There should be waiting minibuses for "Boulevard East" in or in front of the parking lot or in front of the Burger King. Check with the driver to make sure the bus is the next one to Boulevard East - as of 2015 buses for "Bergenline Avenue" were also leaving from here. Minibuses are more frequent than public buses, but have to go through more city traffic.

Either trip will take from 10 to 25 minutes (during the rush hour the bus should be faster than the minibus, as it has a ramp entrance directly into the tunnel). After going through the Lincoln Tunnel, they both exit onto Boulevard East as it is going up the hill. After about 200 yards, as the road curves right and comes to the top of the hill, there are two traffic lights one short block apart. Get off just after the second traffic light (Bonn Place, aka stop #21815, but I doubt the driver knows these names; returning to Manhattan the stop is #21826, directly across the street). Walk forward to the next block, King Avenue, and turn right. #30 is about 100 yards down on the left.

Driving Directions

Last exit off the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel from NJ Turnpike, then forward a block to Boulevard East; or if coming from Manhattan, take the second exit out of the Tunnel (near the top of helix), which takes you down to Boulevard East. Go up Blvd. East to the top of the hill, through two traffic lights, then right on King Ave.

Details: From anywhere other than New York City or New England, take whatever roads lead to the New Jersey Turnpike, then follow approaches to the Lincoln Tunnel (495). Go past the Kennedy Blvd exit to the Hoboken/Weehawken exit. It is on the right and there is a sign saying "Last exit in NJ". This road runs right next to the tunnel approach: at the light be careful not to go up the ramp that leads back to the tunnel. At the second light this road ends at Boulevard East (aka JFK Boulevard East). Turn left and go up the hill past the Speedway (formerly Hess) gas station. After about 200 yards, as the road curves right, go through two sets of traffic lights one block apart: the second set is at the top of the hill. Turn right on the next street, King Ave (if you have come out on the Palisades and can see Manhattan you have gone one block too far). #30 is down about 100 yards on the left.

From New York City or Long Island try to take either the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge.

If you come through the Lincoln Tunnel, keep in the right lane, but do not take the first exit, which is right after coming out of the tunnel. Follow the ramp as it circles up, taking the next right, which puts you on JFK Boulevard East in Weehawken. Follow this road up the hill. After about 200 yards, as the road curves right, go through two sets of traffic lights one block apart: the second set is at the top of the hill. Turn right on the next street, King Ave (if you have come out on the Palisades and can see Manhattan you have gone one block too far). #30 is down about 100 yards on the left.

If you go over the George Washington Bridge, the upper deck is simpler. On the NJ side take the second exit on the right (the first exit is for Palisades Parkway), the sign indicating a U-turn to Hudson Terrace. Turn right on Hudson Terrace, go under the double overpass approaches to the GW Bridge. You then come to a fork in the road. (See below.)

If you find yourself on the bottom deck of the GW Bridge, take exit 73-4, the first right exit (the pullover before it is not an exit), about 1/2 mile after the bridge. It should indicate Route 9W to 67, for Fort Lee and Palisades Parkway. Where the exit divides in three, go right, then make an immediate sharp right down a side street (West Street, but it may be unmarked -- it is just before a Taco Bell sign and almost looks like an entrancer to Taco Bell.) Go two blocks on West Street, then turn right onto Linwood Street. Cross over the GW Bridge approaches then take your first left. This follows directly alongside the approach roads for about two blocks. Continue straight on this until it ends, at Hudson Terrace. Turn right and you are immediately at the fork mentioned above. (See below.)

From the northeast you can take the Bear Mountain Bridge (or Tappan Zee Bridge, though construction there currently leads to traffic backup), then go down 9W (or the Palisades Parkway). But instead of following this to the George Washington Bridge or the NJ Turnpike, about 1.5 miles before the Bridge turn left on Palisade Avenue (right off Palisade Parkway, then left on Palisade Avenue). Take the first right off Palisade Avenue, onto Hudson Terrace. Follow this until it goes under the double overpass approaches to the GW Bridge, then comes to the fork mentioned above.

Take the left fork (which used to be one way against you); soon Main Street (Bergen County Road 505) comes in from the right, then the name changes to River Road. Follow this road almost exactly 5 miles, at which point there will be a double set of traffic lights. Get in the right lane but don't take the first right (sharp right), Ferry Road (not to be confused with Bull's Ferry Road, which was the previous right turn). Instead, bear right onto the second, Hillside Road. Follow Hillside Road up the hill. After 1/2 mile you come to the first traffic light, at JFK Boulevard East. Turn left; you will now be driving along the top of the Palisades. After 1 mile you will come to two flashing yellow caution lights (if they are on), with a sign saying Traffic Signal Ahead. As JFK Boulevard East curves right away from the Palisades a side road continues left along the Palisades. Take not this left (Hamilton Ave), but the next one, which is King Ave (the street sign is very hard to see). #30 is about 100 yards down on the left.

The Holland Tunnel or Bayonne Bridges probably lead to heavy traffic in New Jersey, so this way is not recommended.

However, if you do come through the Holland Tunnel, take the first right, onto Marin Boulevard (just after a Hess and before an Exxon gas station). Turn left at 18th Street (the first light), then right on Grove Street (again the first light), which ends after one block, at Newark Street (not posted). Turn left, ignore the immediate right, taking the next right from Newark onto Jackson Street, then turn left after two blocks onto Paterson Plank Road. Follow this up the hill, then go straight on towards the viaduct where Paterson Plank goes left. Go right down the viaduct, taking the second left at the bottom. This will lead directly into JFK Boulevard East. Follow this under the approach road to the Lincoln Tunnel, continuing uphill and curving right, past two traffic signals. King Avenue is one block after the second light. Turn right and #30 is about 100 yards down on the left.

If you miss the turn onto Marin Boulevard, continue away from the Holland Tunnel, following the signs on the right half of the road, towards the New Jersey Turnpike. At the next fork the right lanes enter the turnpike, so take the left lanes, to routes 1 & 9. Almost immediately there is an exit right for Route 139 towards Kennedy Boulevard (west). Follow 139 up the hill, turning right at the top onto Palisades Avenue. From Palisades Avenue turn right on one of the streets that leads back to Patterson Plank Road (q.v.), and turn left; or follow Palisades Avenue to the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel (q.v.), again turning right.

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 30 King Ave., Weehawken
An internet search for this address refers to a 1940 census identifying it as the residence of John J. Eagan (January 22, 1872 - June 13, 1956), at the time a prominent local politician (from 1913-1921 he was in the US House of Representatives). An undated article from a newspaper around that time also mentions an event taking place in his home at that address. However, as is pointed out in the Weehawken Time Machine the correct address should be next door, at 38 King Avenue (the building casually said to have been designed by the firm of Stanford White but there does not seem to be any public record of this). Regarding the two references there, one lists Mrs. Robert W. Anderson at 38 King Ave. in 1967; the other identifies her as a daughter of John Eagan and mentions the enternments that took place there in their home when she was younger.

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