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This page is an addition beginning March, 2004. Because most of this site has been compiled over several years, not all references are consistent or complete. Feedback is appreciated. For further details see also the Qin Bibliography
  1. 12345.123 or 12345; numbers in this form refer to entry numbers in the 中文大辭典 Zhongwen Dacidian (Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Chinese Language), originally compiled by the Japanese Sinologist 諸橋轍次 Murohashi Tetsuji. Most of it consists of quotes from classical Chinese sources. The Chinese edition, published in Taiwan, puts the short commentaries into Chinese (standard characters) and reprints the quotes.
  2. 9/013; numbers in this form refer to volume and page number in the 12 volume 漢語大詞典 Hanyu Dacidian (Great Chinese Word Dictionary). Entries are in standard characters but the definitions are in simplified characters.
  3. 4/34/234; numbers in this form refer to index/prefaces/lyrics detailed in Zha Fuxi's 存見古琴參考輯覽 Cunjian Guqin Qupu Jilan (Guide to Existing Guqin Pieces in Tablature)
  4. ABC refers to John DeFrancis, ed., ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary. Honolulu, University of Hawai'i Press, 2003.
  5. Bio/123 or Bio.123 refer to page numbers in the 中國歷代人名大辭典 Zhongguo Lidai Renming Dacidian
  6. CJGQCKJL also refers to Zha Fuxi's Cunjian Guqin Qupu Jilan
  7. CTP: Chinese Text Project
    Collected ancient texts, some with translation (ongoing project).
  8. Giles: Herbert A. Giles, A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, 1898.
    Out of print
  9. Historical Atlas: 中國歷史地圖集 The Historical Atlas of China. Hong Kong, Joint Publishing, 1991 (8 volumes).
  10. Hucker: Charles O. Hucker, A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China. Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1985.
  11. ICTCL (may be called "Indiana Companion" or "Nienhauser"): William H. Nienhauser, editor and compiler, The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, 2nd Revised edition, Indiana University Press, 1986 (my edition is from SMC Publishing, Taiwan).
  12. Kroll: Kroll, Paul W.: A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese
  13. Lore: Gulik, R.H. van, The Lore of the Chinese Lute. Tokyo and Rutland, Tuttle, 1969 (2nd ed.; see 2008 reissue)
  14. LXS: 李修生(主編),古本戲曲劇目提要 (北京,文化藝術出版社,1997) Li Xiusheng (ed.), Guben Xiqu Jumu Tiyao (Outlines and Analyses of Old Opera Scripts).
  15. Mathews refers to Mathew' Chinese-English Dictionary, revised American Edition, 1943; for a scandalously long time out of print.
  16. QQJC: 琴曲集成 Qin Qu Jicheng; a re-publication of all qin handbooks known to have survived in mainland China (see the annotated list).
  17. QF: 琴府 Qin Fu; a re-publication by Tong Kin-Woon of old qin handbooks preserved in Taiwan, plus various essays and music transcriptions.
  18. QZJ: 琴之界 www.qinzhijie.com/: text from qin handbooks: digitizes much of Zha Guide
  19. QSCM: 琴書存目 Qinshu Cunmu, Catalogue of Qin Books, by 周慶雲 Zhou Qingyun, 1915.
  20. SJ or Shiji: 史記 Shi Ji; 司馬遷 Sima Qian's Book of History; references are to its 120 chapters or one of the partial translations, especially
  21. Tong or TKW: Tong Kin-Woon (唐健垣 Tang Jianyuan), who gave me invaluable help while I lived in Hong Kong.
  22. Xu Jian: 許健,琴史初編, Qinshi Chubian, Introductory History of the Qin, Beijing 1982.
  23. Yang Gang: 楊剛編,中國名勝詩詞大辭典 Yang Gang's, Poetry Dictionary of China's Scenic Places,
    Zhejiang University Press, Hangzhou, 2001.
  24. YFSJ: 樂府詩集 Yuefu Shiji. The edition used is 北京,中華書局,1979/1996, in four volumes. It was compiled in the Song dynasty by 郭茂倩 Guo Maoqian (Bio/2021: in 1084 he was 河南府發曹參軍 a military judge [?] in Henan).

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