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Lexian Qinpu
Qin Handbook for Enjoying Immortals
Table of Contents 1
Wang Shanwu's own qin 2            

Lexian Qinpu (full title Lexian Qinpu Zhengyin [Correct Sounds of the Qin Handbook for Enjoying Immortals]) was compiled by Wang Shanwu of Huizhou in Anhui. It is arranged as follows:

  1. 宮意考 Gong Yi Kao (Study of the significance of gong mode; VIII/367)
    Lyrics begin 惠風....
  2. 古商意考 Gu Shang Yi (Significance of old shang mode; VIII/368)
    Lyrics begin 秋風、、、、清....
  3. 角意考 Jiao Yi Kao (Study of the significance of jiao mode; VIII/370)
    Lyrics begin 東風楊柳....
  4. 徵意考 Zhi Yi Kao (Study of the significance of zhi mode; VIII/370)
    Lyrics begin 綠槐高柳....
  5. 羽意 Yu Yi (Significance of yu mode; VIII/371)
    No lyrics

  6. 陽春 Yasheng Cao (7 sections; shang mode; VIII/371)
    Lyrics begin 大哉顏回,噫嘻大哉顏回....

  7. 客窗夜話 Kechuang Yehua (10 sections; shang mode; VIII/373)
    Lyrics begin 參商忽相見喜也

  8. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (8 sections; shang mode; VIII/376)
    No lyrics

  9. 墨子悲絲 Mozi Bei Si (14 sections; shang mode; VIII/378)
    No lyrics

  10. 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong (15 sections; gong mode; VIII/381)
    No lyrics

    Folio 3

  11. 陽關三疊 Yangguan Sandie (8 sections; ruibin: raised fifth string; VIII/384)
    Lyrics begin 渭城朝雨....

  12. 漢宮秋 Han Gong Qiu (18 sections; 羽音 yu mode; VIII/386)
    No lyrics

  13. 關雎曲 Guan Ju Qu (10 sections; zhi mode; VIII/390)
    No lyrics

  14. 箕山秋月 Jishan Qiuyue (24 sections; 角音 jiao mode; VIII/392)
    No lyrics

  15. 懷水仙 Huai Shuixian (8 sections; shang mode; VIII/399)
    No lyrics

  16. 懷古吟 Huai Gu Yin (4 sections; 商音 shang mode; VIII/401)
    No lyrics

  17. 大學序 Da Xue Xu (1 section; 商音 shang mode; VIII/402)
    Lyrics as in
    Kongsheng Jing, but melody only here; preface begins, "This preface originally had no fingering indicated but then (Wang Shanyu) fixed the sound according to the hui marks....

    Folio 4

  18. 湘妃怨 Xiang Fei Yuan (6 sections; 商音 shang mode; VIII/403)
    Lyrics begin 落花落葉落紛紛....

  19. 神化引 Shenhua Yin (5 sections; shangjiao mode; VIII/405)
    No lyrics

  20. 滄海龍吟 Canghai Long Yin (8 sections; yu mode; VIII/406)
    No lyrics

  21. 石上流泉 Shishang Liu Quan (8 sections; 徵音 zhi mode; VIII/408)
    No lyrics

  22. 釋談章 Shitan Zhang (sectioned but not numbered; 商音 shang mode; VIII/410)
    Lyrics begin 南無佛陀耶....

  23. 古神化引 Gu Shenhua Yin (13 sections; 商角音 shangjiao mode; VIII/413)
    No lyrics

  24. 飛鳴吟 Fei Ming Yin (6 sections; qingshang mode; VIII/416)
    No lyrics

  25. 悼舊吟 Dao Jiu Yin (2 sections; jiao mode; VIII/418)
    Lament the Past Intonation (11032.xxx); only here; no lyrics

  26. 山居吟 Shanju Yin (4 sections; zhi mode; VIII/418)
    No lyrics

    Folio 5

  27. 大雅 Da Ya (11 sections; huangzhong mode; VIII/420)
    No lyrics

  28. 陽春 Yang Chun (15 sections; 宮音 gong mode; VIII/423)
    No lyrics

  29. 白雪 Bai Xue (12 sections; 商音 shang mode; VIII/426)
    No lyrics

  30. 歸去來辭 Gui Qu Lai Ci (6 sections; 商音 shang mode; VIII/429)
    Lyrics begin 歸去來兮....

  31. 禹會塗山 Yu Hui Tushan (13 sections; 徵音 zhi mode; VIII/431)
    No lyrics

  32. 離騷操 Li Sao Cao (22 sections; qiliang mode; VIII/434)
    Table of contents calls it Li Sao; no lyrics

    Folio 6

  33. 耕歌 Geng Ge (21 sections; 徵音 zhi mode; VIII/440)
    No lyrics

  34. 搗衣 Dao Yi (12 sections; qingshang mode; VIII/446)
    "Also called 秋水弄 Qiushui Nong"; connected to the
    1589 melody and Pan Tingjian; see also 1539 Dao Yi Qu
    lyrics begin 秋風起,碧雲飛....

  35. 洞天春曉 Dongtian Chunxiao (11 sections; 宮音 gong mode; VIII/450)
    No commentary; from
    1602; no lyrics
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Table of Contents
Pages as in QQJC VIII

2. Wang Shanwu's own qin
QQJC VIII/358 (whole page)

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