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Yuefu Jieti
Liu Su
樂府解題 1
劉餗 2

Yuefu Jieti is often quoted in the Yuefu Shiji. A version seems to survive in the Shuo Fu collection. However, that version does not include a number of items quoted in Yuefu Shiji. (e.g., see the quotes from the preface and from Yang Chun Qu. See also a footnote to Shuixian Qu.)

The version in Shuo Fu has four folio pages, consisting of brief introductions to 19 melodies. The first five are qin songs.

  1. 伯牙操 Boya Cao

  2. 白頭吟 Baitou Yin

  3. 雉朝飛 Zhi Zhao Fei

  4. 別鶴操 Bie He Cao

  5. 烏夜啼 Wu Ye Ti

  6. 桀(?)砧今何在 Jie(?)Zhan Jin He Zai

  7. 雜合詩 Lihe Shi

  8. 泰山吟 Taishan Yin

  9. 挽柩歌 Wan Jiu Ge

  10. 烏聲八九子 Wusheng Bajiu Zi

  11. 陌上桑 Mo Shang Sang

  12. 東門行 Dongmen Xing

  13. 君馬黃 Jun Ma Huang

  14. 明妃曲 Mingfei Qu

  15. 大垂手 Da Chui Shou

  16. 坎侯 Kan Hou

  17. 定情篇 Ding Qing Pian

  18. 合歎詩 He Tan Shi

  19. 大山,小山 Da Shan, Xiao Shan

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Explanations from the Music Bureau (樂府解題 Yuefu Jieti)
15829.117 樂府解題 says this was a book in one folio by 劉餗 Liu Su of the Tang dynasty; see, however, the next footnote.

2. 劉餗 Liu Su, 8th c.
Bio/637 劉餗 includes among his writings a "樂府古解題 Yuefu Gujieti". 15829 does not have this, instead having 15829.117 樂府解題, which it attributes to him. Yuefu Gu Jieti may be a source for the Yuefu Jieti, but see also 樂府古題要解 Yuefu Gu Tiyao Jie, below.

樂府古題要解 Yuefu Gu Tiyao Jie
15829.110 樂府古題要解 Yuefu Gu Tiyao Jie says this was a lost work in two folios by 吳兢 Wu Jing (670-749; Bio/1045). It then seems to suggest that this was the source of the Yuefu Jieti in Yuefu Shiji, though perhaps they were also by someone in the Yuan dynasty. Or perhaps fragments of it (or the work by Liu Su
just mentioned) allowed someone in the Song dynasty to put the original work back together.

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