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Qinshu Cunmu
Catalogue of Qin Books 1
By 周慶雲
Zhou Qingyun (1864 - 1933)2
See also 琴書別錄 Qinshu Bielu

In 1915 Zhou Qingyun published this annotated catalogue in six folios of 321 qin books. In general, if he knew where the book could be found he gives at the front of the entry a reference to the edition or to the collection that included it (here marked **).3 Many of the entries are based on references in old histories or book collection catalogues.4 Zhou expresses skepticism about the true authorship of a number of them, and clearly many of these books no longer exist. In some cases much of their content may be available through citations in other texts; for these Zhou may give extensive commentary or quotes. In other cases all he had was a listing in an old catalogue, so Zhou simply gives that reference.5

    卷一 Folio I

  1. 琴心,三篇 Qin Xin, sanpian: Qin Thinking (or, Expressing Oneself through the Qin), three chapters (compare line in a Li Bai poem)
    周謝涓子 Xie Juanzi of Zhou; 15 lines
    The entry begins with a quote from Liexian Zhuan that Juanzi of Qi, among other things, wrote Qin Xin. It then gives some other quotes including one in which Xie Juanzi of Lu did and wrote almost the same things as Juanzi of Qi.

  2. 三樂圖一卷 San Le Tu (12 lines)
    Says this melody is by 榮啟期
    Rong Qiqi (usually San Le, but also San Le Tu and 三樂譜 San Le Pu).

  3. 琴要 Qin Yao
    齊威公 Duke Wei of Qi; 22 lines
    "Yang Biaozheng (
    Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qin, see QQJC IV, p.261, l.3) says, 'Duke Wei of Qi wrote Qin Yao,' adding (l.2) 梁元帝 "Liang Yuan Di (see also #27 below) edited it." The author suggests perhaps it was written by Duke Huan of Qi. 49553.146 and others have no Duke Wei, only a king, 齊威王 King Wei of Qi (r. 356 - 320). He is said to have owned four famous qins.

  4. 雅琴趙氏七篇 Ya Qin Zhao Shi
    Zhao Ding; 7 lines
    DeWoskin, Song (p.109): "The three manuals of qin schools listed in the (漢[書藝文]志) bibliography of the History of the Han are all of the yaqin, the schools of Master Long, Master Zhao, and Master Shi." (See also #5 and #6 below.)

    The handbook of Master Zhao (who was from 渤海 Bohai) is said to have consisted of seven melodies played by a 丞相 top advisor under the emperor Han Xuandi (r. 73 - 49), Wei Xiang. If so, it may be the earliest record of actual written music (longhand tablature?) for qin. Wei Xiang (魏相 46879.158, from 定陶 Dingtao, style name 弱翁 Ruoweng) is well-known in history, and yet there seems to be no mention of him elsewhere in qin sources. This perhaps suggests that he was not a significant player, but that, as he was learning some melodies from Master Zhao, he had them written out in notation.

    Compiled by Zhao Ding of Han. See the Bibliography of the History of the Han where Ban Gu (32 - 92) wrote a note saying, (Zhao) Ding was from Bohai; these were (melodies) played by Wei Xiang (46879.158), the 丞相 highest official under the emperor Han Xuandi (r. 73 - 49)....

  5. 雅琴師氏,八篇 Ya Qin Shi Shi
    Shi Zhong; 4 lines

  6. 雅琴龍氏,九十九篇 Ya Qin Long Shi
    Long De; 8 lines

  7. 琴頌,七篇 Qin Song
    Liu Xiang (77-6 BCE); 4 lines

  8. 琴錄 Qin Lu: Qin Record
    Liu Xiang (77-6 BCE); no mention in ICTCL; 4 lines
    Quoted in Qinyuan Yaolu (p.47/2), Juyou Cao

  9. 琴清英,一篇 Qin Qing Ying
    ** In 漢魏遺書輯本 Han Wei Yishu Ji; 玉函山房輯本
    Yuhan Shanfang Ji
    揚雄 Yang Xiong (53 BCE-18 CE); 12 lines
    Van Gulik, Lore, p.30: The oldest preserved treatise on the qin

  10. 琴操,二卷 Qin Cao
    Huan Tan (77-6 BCE); 15 lines
    The entry here discusses other works by Huan Tan but seems to suggest his Qin Cao was no longer extant. It and other Qin Cao are discussed further in a separate article.

  11. 續成琴道,一篇 Xucheng Qin Dao
    Huan Tan (77-6 BCE); 3 lines

  12. 琴操,二卷 Qin Cao
    Cai Yong (133 - 192); specific mention of Pingjin Guan; 53 lines, many doubled;
    Extensive commentary of various editions but no listing of contents. There is further commentary in this separate article

  13. 琴經,一卷 Qin Jing
    Cai Yong (133 - 192); 2 lines

  14. 胡笳十八拍 Hujia Shibapai
    Cai Yan (133 - 192); 26 lines

  15. 諸葛,琴經,一卷 Zhuge Qin Jing: Zhuge's Qin Annal
    Zhuge Liang (181 - 234); 5 lines
    The entry here begins with a summary of Zhuge Liang's life, then says that this book is not mentioned in any Sui or Tang dynasty histories. It goes on to quote Yuhai, Zhongxing Shumu saying that Zhuge's work describes the beginnings of qin making, the sounds of the seven strings, and the idea of the appearance of the 13 studs. It then has Chenshi Shulu (陳氏書錄 42618.160xxx) saying that someone else borrowed Zhuge Liang's name when writing the book, an extreme case of shallow learning. This is also the first book in the QSDQ list, which also has the information above from Yuhai Zhongxing Shumu.

  16. 琴敘 Qin Xu: Introduction to the Qin
    Fu Xuan (217 - 278); 8 lines
    This book survives onlyh through later quotations; Fu Xuan is said also to have written a 琴賦 Qin Fu, but perhaps that was a 琴賦敘 Introduction to a Qin Fu.

  17. 琴操,三卷 Qin Cao: Qin Melodies
    孔衍 Kong Yan (268 - 320; Bio/338); 11 lines
    This and other Qin Cao are discussed in a
    separate article.

  18. 琴操鈔,二卷、一卷: Qin Cao Chao: Handcopied Qin Melodies
    Author/s unknown; two versions, one of two folios, one of one; 6 lines
    This and other Qin Cao are discussed in a
    separate article.

  19. 琴譜,四卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Dai Kui? 14 lines
    ZQY says it is mentioned in the Sui Chronicles but that it should be in the 晉 Jin Chronicles.

  20. 琴論,一卷 Qin Lun: Qin Treatise
    Xie Zhuang; 28 lines
    Although the original is lost, it is often quoted in the Yuefu Shiji

  21. 琴譜三均手訣,一卷 Qinpu Sanjun Shoujue: Qin Handbook with Hand Mnemonics for Three Tunings
    Xie Zhuang; 4 lines
    Not listed in earlier sources; 崇文總目 Chongwen Zongmu attributed it to Xie Zhuang, said it lists the names of qin players since Yao and Shun, and that the three tunings are 黃鍾,仲呂,無射 huangzhong, zhonglü and wuyi....

  22. 雅琴名錄,一卷 Ya Qin Minglu
    ** 說郛本 In
    Shuo Fu
    謝莊 Xie Zhuang; 5 lines
    Van Gulik, Lore, p. 104, says "best-known" old list of old qin names, but none included here

  23. 琴經,一卷 Qin Jing: Qin Classic
    崔亮字敬儒 Cui Liang, style name Jingru (d.521; Bio/2161); 4 lines

  24. 琴說,一卷 Qin Shuo: Qin Talk
    Author unknown (listed in Sui Annals); 1 line

  25. 琴歷頭簿 Qin Li Toubo:
    ** In 玉函山房輯本
    Yuhan Shanfang Ji; quoted in Yuefu Shiji; 14 lines
    21570.xxx; author unknown, listed in Sui Chronicles
    Entry connects this to a 琴集歷頭拍簿 (#32 below), apparently lost, and a 琴歷一卷 Qin Li, included in Yuhan Shanfang Ji. It says Qin Li has a list of 38 melodies, then names them. 頭薄 toubo 44453.xxx: important collection?

  26. 新雜漆調絃譜,一卷 Xin Zaqi Diaoxian Pu
    Author unknown, listed in Sui Chronicles; (mix lacquer tune strings?); 1 line

  27. 琴要 Qin Yao: Qin Necessities
    梁武帝 Emperor
    Liang Wudi (蕭繹 Xiao Yan, r. 502 - 549); 7 lines
    "See Yang Biaozheng" (#3 above and Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qin, QQJC IV, p.261, l.2). Only discussion of content seems to concern a "jade qin" he gave to 張車 Zhang Che (Bio/xxx). No mention here of Liu Yun.

  28. 纂要 Zuan Yao: Collection of Important Things
    梁元帝 Emperor
    Liang Yuandi (r. 552 - 554); 7 lines
    Quoted in Yuefu Shiji

  29. 碣石調幽蘭 Jieshidiao You Lan
    ** In 古逸叢書影寫唐涓子本 a facsimile from a Tang dynasty scroll in Guyi Congshu)
    丘明 Qiu Ming; about finding the 6th or 7th c. manuscript in Japan; 28 lines

    卷二 Folio II

  30. 琴譜,四卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook, 4 folios
    劉氏周氏等選 Liu and Zhou families (ref: 舊唐志 Jiu Tang Zhi); 1 line

  31. 琴譜,二十一卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook, 21 folios
    陳懷 Chen Huai (see
    Chen Huaigu); 4 lines

  32. 琴集歷頭拍簿,一卷 Qin Ji Litou Paibu
    Author unknown; see
    separate entry; 35 lines
    Recorded in 新唐書 Xin Tang Shu following #31 and before #34; mentioned in connection with #25 above (a list of 38 melodies)

  33. 減字指法 Jianzi Zhifa: Simplified Finger Techniques (i.e., tablature)
    Cao Rou; 2 lines
    Commentary says Cao Rou wrote it and Zhao Yeli (see next) revised it

  34. 琴敘譜,九卷 Qin Xu Pu: Qin Details Handbook
    Zhao Yeli; 3 lines

  35. 彈琴手勢譜,一卷 Tan Qin Shoushipu: Hand Styles for Playing Qin
    Zhao Yeli; 15 lines

  36. 彈琴右手法,一卷 Tan Qin Youshoufa: Right Hand Methods for Playing Qin
    Zhao Yeli; 5 lines

  37. 胡笳五弄譜,二卷 Hujia Wunongpu: Nomad Reedpipe, 5 playings
    Zhao Yeli; 28 lines

  38. 琴德譜 Qin De Pu: Handbook of Qin Virtue
    唐僧道英 Tang Monk Dao Ying; 3 lines

  39. 素琴傳 Su Qin Zhuan: Record of a Plain Qin
    Sima Chengzheng; 6 lines

  40. 金風樂 Jin Feng Yue: Golden Wind Music
    唐玄宗 Tang emperor
    Xuanzong (李隆基 685 - 762); 2 lines
    also called 金風樂弄; melody names

  41. 大胡笳十九拍,一卷 Da Hujia Shijiu Pai
    Dong Tinglan; 23 lines

  42. 琴訣,一卷 Qin Jue: Qin Rules
    Xue Yijian; 64 lines (further details)

  43. 琴譜,一卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Xue Yijian; 2 lines

  44. 琴書,三卷 Qin Shu: Qin Book
    ** In 玉函山房輯本
    Yuhan Shanfang Ji, 1 Folio
    趙惟暕 Zhao Weijian (Tang; Bio/1671); 23 lines

  45. 琴籍,九卷 Qin Ji: Qin Register
    Chen Zhuo; 3 lines

  46. 大唐正聲新扯琴譜,十卷 Datang Zhengsheng Xinche Qinpu
    Chen Zhuo; 12 lines

  47. 補新徵音,一卷 Buxin Zhiyin
    Chen Zhuo; 2 lines

  48. 琴法數勾剔譜 Qin Fa Shu Gouti Pu
    Chen Zhuo; 1 line

  49. 琴說,一卷 Qin Shuo
    Li Mian; 27 lines

  50. 廣陵止息譜,一卷 Guangling Zhixipu
    Li Liangfu; does not mention # of sections; 4 lines

  51. 東杓引譜,一卷 Dongbiao Yin Pu
    Li Yue; tablature for his Dongbiao Yin (Dongshao Yin?); 14827.xxx; 14810 杓 has biao, diao or shao; biao can refer to 北斗柄星 a star in the handle of the Big Dipper. 3 lines

  52. 廣陵止息譜,一卷 Guangling Zhixipu
    Lü Wei; 24 lines

  53. 九調操,一卷 Jiu Diao Cao
    獨孤實 Dugu Shi (bio/xxx), son of 獨孤愐 Dugu Mian (Bio/1758; a cousin of
    Dugu Ji); 3 lines

  54. 琴雅略 Qin Ya Lue
    齊嵩 Qi Song (49553.xxx; perhaps the Zhai Song 齋嵩 49558.xxx mentioned in
    Zhi Yan, but not 齊松 Qi Song);
    he was a 殿中侍郎 assistant minister in the palace; qin construction; 2 lines
    QSDQ, Folio 10, and TYDQJ, Folio 4 (#3), include his Tan Qin Lun

  55. 琴正聲九弄,九卷 Qin Zhengsheng Jiunong
    唐僧辨正 Tang Monk Bian Zheng (Bio/xxx); 1 line

  56. 無射商九調譜,一卷 Wuyi Shang Jiudiaopu
    Xiao You; 9 lines

  57. 琴聲律圖,一卷 Qinsheng Lütu
    王大力 Wang Dali (Bio/xxx; 5960.5xxx); 6 lines

  58. 琴譜,十三卷 Qin Pu: Qin Tablature
    Chen Kangshi; 10 lines
    Qin tablature for 100 章 zhang in 11 sections (? sections have names like 宮調 as well as 離騷).

  59. 琴譜敘,一卷 Qinpu Xu: Qin Tablature Arranged
    Chen Kangshi and others; 4 lines

  60. 琴調,四卷 Qin Diao: Qin Melodies
    Chen Kangshi; 4 lines

  61. 琴譜調,三卷 Qinpu Diao
    Chen Kangshi; 5 lines

  62. 琴書正聲 Qinshu Zhengsheng: Correct Sounds of Qin Writing
    Chen Kangshi; 3 lines
    Tablature for 10 melodies (listed: see also in Rao, Section 2)

  63. 琴調,十七卷 Qin Diao: Qin Melodies
    Chen Kangshi; 2 lines

  64. 琴譜記,一卷 Qinpu Ji: A Record of Qin Tablature
    Chen Kangshi; 1 line

  65. 楚調五章,一卷 Chudiao Wuzhang: Tablature for Five Melodies of Chu
    Chen Kangshi; 1 line

  66. 離騷譜 Li Sao Pu: Tablature for Li Sao
    陳康士 Chen Kangshi; 1 line

  67. 琴論 Qin Lun: Qin Treatise
    Yao Jianji; 2 lines
    Quoted extensively in Qinyuan Yaolu

  68. 琴譜,一卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    王邈 Wang Miao ("during 907 - 911"; Bio/xxx); 1 line

  69. 小胡笳十九拍,一卷 Xiao Hujia (19 sections!)
    蔡翼 Cai Yi (南唐 10th c.); see also next; 4 lines
    Has a quote a bit different from the one in YFSJ, p.861, attributed to "Cai Yi, 琴曲 Qin Qu"

  70. 琴調,一卷 Qin Diao: Qin Melody
    蔡翼 Cai Yi of Southern Tang; see also previous; 2 lines
    "見崇文目(崇文總目)通志略作蔡逸。秘書目有阮譜一卷,無此目" (Cai Yi? Bio/xxx; Mi Shumu? 25215.27 秘書 -- also
    #84 below)

  71. 琴義,一卷 Qin Yi: Qin Righteousness (should be Qin Critique (琴議 Qin Yi?)
    劉籍 Liu Ji (2270.xxx; Bio/xxx; Zhou Qingyun thinks he was 10th c.); 3 lines
    6.C. discusses Liu Ji's Qin Critique; the full quotes can be found in QQJC, I., pp. 73/4
    The essay there is in Taiyin Daquanji Folio 4; it has no author's name and is called 琴議篇 Qin Yi Pian
    Ibid., Folio 5 (p.79) has finger techniques said to come from 劉籍,琴議 Liu Ji Qin Yi;
    Compare #75 below; and see also Liu Ji, Lun Tan Qin

  72. 沈氏琴書,一卷 Shenshi Qinshu: Shen Family Qin Book
    Writer unknown; contents mentioned (see also
    Rao); 3 lines

  73. 琴譜,一卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    張淡正 Zhang Danzheng; 2 lines

  74. 琴式尚象圖 Qinshi Shangxiang Tu: Sketches of Qin Style Honorable Forms
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  75. 琴議 Qin Yi: Qin Critique
    Writer unknown?; only reference in #75 is to YFSJ,
    Folio 59, #2; 2 lines
    Compare 琴義 Qin Yi, #71 above

  76. 琴略,一卷 Qin Lue: Qin Outline
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  77. 琴式圖,一卷 Qinshi Tu: Sketch of Qin Styles
    Writer unknown; 3 lines

  78. 琴譜纂要,五卷 Qinpu Zuanyao: Collection of Important Qin Tablature
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  79. 琴雜說,一卷 Qin Zashuo: Miscellaneous Qin Discussion
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  80. 琴譜,四卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  81. 降聖引譜 Jiangsheng Yin Pu: Tablature for Descending Sages
    Writer unknown; Jiangsheng 42556.84: no mention of melody; 2 lines

  82. 琴曲詞,一卷 Qinqu Ci: Qin Melody Lyrics
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  83. 三樂譜 San Le Pu: Tablature for Three Pleasures
    Writer unknown (compare
    above); ref. 崇文目釋 seems to say it was in shang mode; 1 line

  84. 唐琴譜 Tang Qinpu: Tang Qin Tablature
    Writer unknown; see 秘書目 Mi Shumu; 1 line

  85. 琴錄,一卷 Qin Lu: Qin Record
    Writer unknown; see 日本現在書目 (14048.xxx) Japan Modern Book Index; 1 line

  86. 琴用手法 (should be 琴用指法 Qinyong Zhifa: Finger Techniques Used for Qin
    "Writer unknown"; perhaps this is the collection of finger techniques in the
    Hikone manuscript
    QSCB Folio 4 says by Chen Zhongru; 1 line
    日本現在書目 (14048.xxx) Japan Modern Book Index suggests a Qinyong Zhifa in Japan attributed to Zhao Yeli
    Huang, p.148 says it is a "林謙三傳鈔本晒印 Hayashi Kenzo handcopy blueprint".

  87. 雜琴譜百廿卷 Za Qinpu Bainian Juan: Miscellaneous Qin Tablature, 120 Folios
    Writer unknown; see 日本現在書目 (14048.xxx) Japan Modern Book Index; 1 line

  88. 彈琴手勢法,一卷 Tan Qin Shoushifa: Hand Techniques for Playing Qin
    Writer unknown; see 日本現在書目 (14048.xxx) Japan Modern Book Index; 1 line

    卷三 Folio III

  89. 太宗九弦琴譜,二十卷 Taizong Jiuxianqinpu: Taizong's 9-String Qin Tablature
    Song dynasty's
    Taizong Emperor; 22 lines

  90. 琴譜,二卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Song dynasty's
    Taizong Emperor; 10 lines

  91. 琴雜調譜,十二卷 Qin Zadiaopu: Handbook for Qin Melodies in Various Modes
    Zhu Wenji; 1 line

  92. 琴箋,二卷 Qin Jian: Qin Commentary (compare #209)
    崔遵度 Cui Zundu; quoted in Qinyuan Yaolu and discussed in QSCB, Chapter 6c3; 58 lines

  93. 琴集圖,一卷 Qin Ji Tu: Collected Illustrations of Qin
    阮逸 Ruan Yi (11th c.; Bio/755; 42489.56); see next and in
    QSBL; 7 lines

  94. 琴準 Qin Zhun: Qin Standards
    阮逸 Ruan Yi (see previous); 3 lines

  95. 琴譜 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    令孤子先 Linggu Zixian (400.xxx; 7072.137xxx; 4 lines

  96. 琴書 Qin Shu: Qin Book
    Writer unknown; at end it says 景祐 period (1034-38); quoted extensively in
    Qinyuan Yaolu; 11 lines

  97. 則全和尚節奏、指法 Zequan Heshang Jiezou Zhifa: Rhythm and Finger Techniques
    Zequan Heshang (2039.xxx); in Qinyuan Yaolu and discussed in QSCB, 6C6; 15 lines

  98. 仿胡笳十八拍,四卷 Fang Hujia Shibapai: In the Style of Hujia Shibapai
    吳良輔 Wu Liangfu; 5 lines

  99. 琴苑要錄 Qinyuan Yaolu
    ** An old handcopied volume; 11 lines
    Writer unknown; the handcopied volume has been re-copied and printed

  100. 琴曲歌辭,四卷 Qinqu Geci: Qin Melody Lyrics
    ** A volume in Yuefu Shiji (Folios 57 to 60); 6 lines
    郭茂倩 Guo Maoqian (12th c.) arranged his collection into 12 門 categories, of which this was one

  101. 琴史,六卷 Qin Shi: Qin History
    ** In 四庫全書
    Siku Quanshu (Vol. 839), 舊鈔本 an old hand copy, and a 楝亭刊本 Lianting imprint
    Zhu Changwen; see separate entry; 35 lines

  102. 浙操琴譜,一卷 Zhecao Qinpu: Qin Handbook of Zhe(jiang) Melodies
    朱伯原 Zhu Boyuan (
    Zhu Changwen); ref: Jiangyunlou Book Index (title only); 6 lines

  103. 雜書琴事,一卷 Zashu Qinshi: Miscellaneous Accounts of Qin Matters
    ** 說郛本 In
    Shuo Fu; 4 lines
    蘇軾 Su Dongpo

  104. 琴聲經緯 Qinsheng Jingwei
    ** 說郛本 In
    Shuo Fu; 2 lines
    陳暘 Chen Yang (11/12th c.; Bio/1332)

  105. 琴譜,一冊、琴論,一冊 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook; Qin Lun: Qin Discourse
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  106. 紹興內府琴譜,十冊 Shaoxing Neifu Qinpu: Shaoxing Palace Treasure Qin Handbook
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  107. 琴譜 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    周紫芝 Zhou Zizhi (1082 - ?; Bio/1551), style name 少隱 Shaoyin; from Shaoxing; 4 lines

  108. 琴律說 Qin Lü Shuo: Speaking of Qin Music Standards
    Zhu Xi (part of a larger work that also has other qin references?); 28 lines

  109. 白石道人歌曲,四卷 Baishi Daoren Gequ (includes Gu Yuan)
    ** 乾隆癸亥刊本 1778 imprint
    姜夔 Jiang Kui; 14 lines

  110. 琴瑟考古圖,一卷 Qinse Kaogu Tu: Sketches to Investigate Antiquity of Qin and Se
    Jiang Kui; 30 lines

  111. 琴譜操,十五卷、調譜,四卷 Qinpu Cao: Qin Tablature Melodies; Diao Pu: Melody Tablature
    Zhang Yan; 6 lines

  112. 琴統,一卷;外篇,一卷 Qin Tong: Qin System; Extra Essays
    ** 舊抄本 Old handcopied volume; 31 lines
    Xu Li; double line columns for quotes (Xilutang Qintong has complete version, III/11-37 ?);
    Two excerpts (prefaces): 追古 Zhui Gu (Seeking Antiquity; text more clear than in XLTQT (III/11);
        外篇敘 Waipian Xu (Discussion of Extra Essays; text also more clear than in XLTQT, III/27)
    Detailed discussion of it in QSCB under Qinlü Fawei (p.118) mentions influence on Xilutang Qintong

  113. 琴聲律,一卷 Qin Shenglü: Qin Sound Rules
    琴圖,一卷 Qin Tu: Qin Diagrams
    Qu Zhan of Song (Liu Song 420 - 479?); quoted in Qinyuan Yaolu; 5 lines

  114. 琴聲韻圖,一卷 Qin Shengyun Tu: Qin Sound Diagrams
    王大方 Wang Dafang; 3 lines

  115. 琴譜三均,三卷 Qinpu Sanjuan: Qin Handbook with Three Regulations
    馬以良 Ma Yiliang; 2 lines

  116. 琴譜,十六卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    石孝隆 Shi Xiaolong; 1 line

  117. 琴筌,十卷 Qin Quan: Qin Fishtrap
    荀以道 Xun Yidao; 2 lines

  118. 琴譜,一卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Wu Liangfu; 3 lines

  119. 琴說,一卷 Qin Shuo: Qin Talk
    李如篪 Li Ruchi; 1 line

  120. 琴箋知音操,一卷 Qinjian Zhiyincao: Qin Commentary and Melodies for Connoisseurs
    趙德先 Zhao Dexian (compare
    #141 below); 1 line

  121. 韶武遺音,一卷 Shaowu Yiyin:
    騰康叔 Teng Kangshu; 1 line

  122. 徐門琴譜,十卷 Xumen Qinpu: Qin Handbook of the Xumen School
    徐于 Xu Yu (? see
    Xu Tianmin); 1 line

  123. 雜書琴事一卷 Zashu Qin Shi: Miscellaneous Writings on Qin Matters
    He Wei; 1 line (says only that it was a 本 volume in his News from the Water's Edge on a Spring Day (春渚紀聞 Chunzhu Jiwen: quotes?)

  124. 琴曲譜錄 Qinqu Pulu: Qin Melody Tablature List
    ** 說郛本 "In
    Shuo Fu" (also in TKW, Qin Fu, pp. 1695 - 6)
    One line: "Compiled by 釋居月 Priest Ju Yue" (Shi Juyue; Shuo Fu actually has Seng Juyue; see also #131)

  125. 斲琴法,一卷 Zhuo Qin Fa: Qin Construction Methods
    碧落子 Bi Luozi, nickname of
    Shi Ruli; included in QYYL as Biluozi Zhuo Qin Fa; 7 lines
    Discussed in Xu Jian, QSCB, 6.C.

  126. 斲琴記,一卷 Zhuo Qin Ji: Account of Qin Making
    Shi Ruli Bi Luozi; 8 lines

  127. 琴集 Qin Ji: Qin Collection
    齊松 Qi Song (not
    齊嵩 Qi Song); only reference is to Qinyuan Yaolu; 1 line

  128. 琴指法 Qin Zhifa: Qin Finger Techniques
    趙希曠 Zhao Xikuang (Bio/xxx); 1 line
    (Compare Lun Tan Qin in QSDQ,
    Folio 10)

  129. 註明蔡邕指法 Zhuming Cai Yong Zhifa: Explanation of Cai Yong's Finger Techniques
    趙維則 Zhao Weize (Bio/xxx); 1 line: says only to see
    虞氏古琴疏; compare 趙惟則 (Bio/xxx) quote 1 and quote 2.

  130. 紫霞洞琴譜,十三卷 Zixiadong Qinpu: Purple Haze Grotto Qin Handbook
    楊公纘 Master Yang Zuan; "see 千頃堂書目 Qianqingtang Shumu" (NFI); 1 line
    elsewhere it is said this compilation had 468 melodies

  131. 琴書類集,一卷 Qinshu Leiji: Qin Book Type Collection
    Seng Juyue (Monk Ju Yue; see also #124;
    1 line: "compiled by the Song dynasty's Seng Juyue; see 千頃堂書目 Qianqingtang Shumu")

  132. 續琴箋 Xu Qin Jian: Continuation of Qin Commentary
    Writer unknown; see
    Qinyuan Yaolu (much of it copied here); 35 lines

  133. 斲匠秘訣 Zhuojiang Mijue
    Writer unknown; quoted in
    Qinyuan Yaolu; 9 lines

  134. 琴譜,八卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Writer unknown; 2 lines

  135. 琴譜商調,一卷 Qinpu Shangdiao" Qin Handbook for the Shang Mode
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  136. 琴譜,十卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  137. 琴操引,三卷 Qincao Yin: Qin Melody Preludes
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  138. 琴集,三卷 Qin Ji: Qin Collection
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  139. 琴指,一卷 Qin Zhi: Qin Fingering
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  140. 昭微古今琴樣 Shaowei Gujin Qinyang: Shaowei Old and New Qin Shapes
    Writer unknown; Shaowei (14172.xxx) "is perhaps someone's name"; 1 line

  141. 琴箋知音操,一卷 Qinjian Zhiyincao: Qin Commentary and Melodies for Connoisseurs
    Writer unknown; (compare
    #120 above); 1 line

  142. 琴指譜 Qin Zhi Pu: Qin Fingering Handbook
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  143. 進琴式 Jin Qin Shi: Approaching Qin Styles
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  144. 古琴疏 Gu Qin Shu: Old Qin Statements
    Writer unknown; not the same as the
    Gu Qin Shu of 虞汝明 Yu Ruming; 1 line

  145. 振古琴苑,四冊 Zhen'gu Qinyuan: Antique Qin Miscellany
    琴苑集,    一冊 Qin Yuan Ji:         Qin Miscellany Collection
    琴苑須知,一冊 Qin Yuan Xu Zhi: Qin Miscellany of Things to Know
    Writer unknown; 1 line

  146. 琴錄微發,二冊 Qinlu Weifa
    Writer unknown; "see 菉竹唐書目 Luzhutang Book Index"; 1 line
    Qinlü Fawei

  147. 醉翁子琴譜,二冊 Zuiwengzi Qinpu: Old Toper's Qin Handbook
    Writer unknown; 1 line

    卷四 Folio IV

  148. 琴譜,四十卷 Qin Pu
    Yu Yan; a 俞琰琴譜 Yu Yan Qinpu is listed in Qianqingtang Shumu (title only); 6 lines

  149. 琴原,一篇 Qin Yuan: Qin Source
    ** 松雪集本 In the Songxue Collection; 12 lines
    Zhao Mengfu

  150. 琴言,十則 Qin Yan, Shi Ze (10 Rules, from Qin Talk; see Appendix below)
    ** 學海類編本 In Xuehai Leibian
    吳澄 Wu Cheng (1249 - 1333; Bio/1046; ICTCL, p.111); well-known Confucianist from Jiangxi, style name 幼清 Youqing
    Studied qin from He Zhong; his Ten Rules plus the translation by Van Gulik are included in the Appendix below.

  151. 琴譜,八卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    鐵柱 Tie Zhu (Yuan; Bio/xxx), style name 明善 Mingshan; 畏吾人 a Uighur

  152. 琴譜,二卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook; by 鄭瀛 Zheng Ying (5 lines)
    Quotes 千頃堂書目 Qianqingtang Shumu saying Zheng Ying comments on Yang Zuan and his group's Zixiadong Pu in 13 folios
    Epilogue by Song Lian

  153. 琴譜 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    苗彥實 Miao Yanshi (
    Miao Xiushi)

  154. 廣琴操 Guang Qin Cao: Broad Qin Melodies
    ** 隸書寫本裝成手卷 Lishu Xieben Zhuangcheng Shoujuan
    Zhu You

  155. 古琴疏 Gu Qin Shu: Old Qin Statements
    ** 說郛本 In
    Shuo Fu; listed in Qianqingtang Shumu as 虞汝明古琴疏; 1 line
    虞汝明 Yu Ruming (Bio/xxx; 17517.40 汝明: no 虞); not the same as an earlier Gu Qin Shu
    Has a passage about Ruan Zhan and is quoted in several Qin Shi Bu biographies

  156. 琴箋圖說 Qinjian Tushuo
    ** Same as the 琴箋圖式 Qinjian Tushi, 說郛本 in
    Shuo Fu (? Shuo Fu ToC says by Zhao Si?)
    陶宗儀 Tao Zongyi; 3 lines

  157. 琴式 Qin Shi: Qin Styles
    ** Same as the 琴箋圖式 Qinjian Tushi, 說郛本 in
    Shuo Fu (? see previous entry); 1 line:
    陶宗儀 Tao Zongyi "listed in 家居必備總目 Jiaju Bibei Zongmu" (? 7322.78xxx)

  158. 冷仙琴聲十六法 Lengxian Qinsheng 16 Fa
    Leng Qian; 5 lines
    See original: translation in Van Gulik, Lore, pp. 107 - 116 ("Sixteen Rules for the Tones of the [Qin]")
    A later forgery? Compare Qin Kuang, the 24 rules of Xu Hong

  159. 太古正音,一卷 Taigu Zhengyin: Correct Sounds from Antiquity
    Leng Qian (Qianqingtang Shumu has only the title, 冷謙太古正音); apparently lost; 2 lines

  160. 琴阮啟蒙,一卷 Qin Ruan Qimeng: Beginners Instruction for Qin and Ruan
    ** 江西弋陽王府刊本 Imprint of Jiangxi's Yiyang Prince's Household
    Zhu Quan (Qianqingtang Shumu only lists the title); 7 lines

  161. 神奇秘譜 Shen Qi Mi Pu (1425)
    ** 天一閣書目作二卷刊本 Tianyi Ge Book Index (Xuxiu Siku Quanshu, Vol. 920, p.141, under 子) attributes it to Zhu Quan and quotes his preface, but then says it is a two folio 刊本 imprint, and according to Zha Fuxi is actually the only surviving copy of Zheyin Shizi Qinpu!
    Zhu Quan; 1 line (!)

  162. 永樂琴書集成,二十卷 Yongle Qinshu Jicheng: Yongle (r. 1403 - 25) Qin Book Collection
    Compiler not mentioned but see content is same as that of Qinshu Daquan
    (see comment).
    Listed in 千頃堂書目 Qianqingtang Shumu; 5 lines

  163. 雪窩刪潤琴譜 Xuewo Shanrun Qinpu: Snowy Nest Revised and Polished Qin Handbook, by 徐詵梅 Xu Shenmei
    Correctly it is Meixuewo Shanrun Qinpu (15223.xxx) by
    Xu Shen (10363.xxx). The catalogue referenced, 千頃堂書目 Qianqingtang Shumu, says, 徐詵梅雪窩刪潤琴譜 Xu Shen Mei (interpreted here as Xu Shenmei?) Xuewo Shanrun Qinpu. It adds, 寧波人 from Ningbo, 永樂中官訓導 an official (or teacher in a Confucian school) during 1403-25, 浙操琴指所自始 founder of the Zhe school of qin. See also Xu Jian's history, Chapter 7.A.1. 2 lines

  164. 廣陵秘譜 Guangling Mipu: Guangling Mysteries Tablature
    Zhu Quan; 1 line

  165. 五聲琴譜 Wusheng Qinpu
    懶仙 Lan Xian, hand-copy, preface as in QQJC I/145; 27 lines

  166. 琴譜 Qin Pu, one folio; compiled by 朱厚瑛 Zhu Houying (also a 瑟譜 Se Pu?)
    Zhu Houying, 高唐王 Prince of Gaotang (1540-83; pseudonym 岱翁 Daiweng; studio name 時習軒 Shixixuan) was a grandson of 衡菾王 the Prince of Hengtian (朱祐楎 Zhu Youhui 14779.404); Hengtian was part of the principality of 衡 Heng (青州 Qingzhou, near Jinan in Shandong). He and Zhu Houbing, Prince of Jidong (also Shandong), engaged in "erudite and earnest work" during the reign of Jiajing (1521 - 1567). There seems to be no further information: book is lost? 4 lines

  167. 梧岡琴譜 Wugang Qinpu
    3 lines

  168. 琴譜正傳六卷 Qinpu Zhengchuan, 6 folios
    11 lines

  169. 琴瑟譜三卷 Qin Se Pu, 3 folios
    Compiled by 汪浩然 Wang Haoran (
    Guangdong/Lingnan?); 6 lines

  170. 古雅心談一卷 Gu Ya Xin Tan, 1 folio
    Compiled by 張鶚
    Zhang E; 6 lines

  171. 西麓堂琴譜二十五卷 Xilutang Qinpu, 25 folios
    ** 與古齋考琴譜 Yuguzhai Examination of Qin Handbooks; title should be
    Xilutang Qintong; 2 lines

  172. 春草閒房琴譜一卷 Chuncao Xianfang Qinpu, 1 folio
    Compiled by 王圻 Wang Qi (see
    Sancai Tuhui Xuji); 4 lines

  173. 步虛仙琴譜九卷 Buxuxian Qinpu, 9 folios
    2 lines

  174. 琴心昭關 Qin Xin Zhao Guan
    Compiled by 孫柚 Sun You; 2 lines

  175. 琴譜九還操 Qinpu Jiu Huan Cao
    Compiled by 張德潤
    Zhang Derun; 6 lines (Qianqingtang Shumu calls it 張德潤琴譜 Zhang Derun Qinpu, saying he wrote a 九還操 Jiuhuan Cao)

  176. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    Compiled by 張助 Zhang Zhu: see under
    Wugang Qinpu; Qianqingtang Shumu; 1 line

  177. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    Compiled by 蕭鸞
    Xiao Luan; see Taiyin Buyi; 1 line

  178. 弦歌要錄 Xian'ge Yaolu
    Author not known; 1 line

  179. 中和發軔 Zhonghe Faren
    Author not known; 1 line

  180. 一撒金譜 Yi Sa Jin Pu
    Author unknown, but see the melody
    Yi Sa Jin; 1 line

  181. 操縵古樂譜 Caoman Guyuepu
    ** 鄭蕃刊本 Printed book in collection of Zheng Fan; by 朱載堉 Zhu Zaiyu; 14 lines

  182. 太古遺音 Taigu Yiyin
    Compiled by 袁均哲 Yuan Junzhe: one of the Taiyin Daquanji

  183. 西峰重訂琴譜十卷 Xifeng Chongding Qinpu
    ** 四庫存目 Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); a 1585 edition, by 楊表正 Yang Biaozheng (see Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qinpu); 37 lines

  184. 文會堂琴譜 Wenhuitang Qinpu
    **; 11 lines

  185. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    **; one folio (?) of the Institute of Higher Learning Ritual Music Commentary (
    頖宮禮樂疏琴譜 Pan Gong Liyue Shu Qinpu, 10F)
    Compiled by 李之藻 Li Zhizao; the commentary here largely follows that in the entry on Li; for "頖宮 Pan Gong" see Hucker 4428; Zha Guide not indexed; 5 lines.
    Tablature like this from the book (downloaded from https://archive.org/) is actually found in about half of the folios: the song text goes along the top and with each word there seems to be 13 notes on the qin, some or all of them repeated, constantly repeating the same finger pattern. Some "court music" performances (re-creations?) are like this but I have not see descriptions of contemporary performance practice.

  186. 太音本旨一卷 Taiyin Benzhi, 1 folio
    Compiled by 申維岱 Shen Weidai; 2 lines

  187. 陽春堂琴譜四卷 Yangchuntang Qinpu, 4 folios
    Compare #193 below; here it says "compiled by 明周東岡 Zhou Donggang of the Ming dynasty" (!). This attribution is clearly a mistake. It gives as its source 與古齋考存琴譜 Yuguzhai Kaocun Qinpu though my edition (III/36) clearly says 張大命 Zhang Daming was the compiler. In addition, it also seems to be mistaken in saying #234 is a handbook by Zhou. 3 lines.

  188. 琴川譜彚 Qinchuan Pu Hui (sometimes 琴川彚譜 Qinchuan Hui Pu)
    Compiled by 琴川琴社諸人 members of the Qinchuan Qin Society (
    see "Qinchuan" under Songxianguan Qinpu); 40 lines (mostly a preface by 嚴澂 Yan Cheng). Yan Cheng's handbook was apparently published after his death, so this might have been his original collection of tablatures.

  189. 太古遺音 Taigu Yiyin (1589 edition?)
    **; by Yang Lun; 22 lines

  190. 伯牙心法一卷 Boya Xinfa (1589 edition?), 1 folio
    **; by Yang Lun; 32 lines

  191. 青蓮舫琴雅四卷 Qinglianfang Qinya (1641); 4 folios
    **; edited by 林有麟
    Lin Youlin; has a number of stories about qin (see Van Gulik, Lore, index, "Ch'ing-lian-fang-ch'in-ya")
    Included in Siku Quanshu Cunmu Congshu, Vol. 子 74, pp.339-424; 7 lines

  192. 三教同聲一卷 Sanjiao Tongsheng, 1 folio
    **; 15 lines
    Listed in Tianyi Ge Book Index (Xuxiu Siku Quanshu, Vol. 920, p.141, under 子)

  193. 太古正音四卷 Taigu Zhengyin, 4 folios
    **; see
    #187 above, next, and Yangchuntang Qinpu; 85 lines

  194. 琴經十四卷 Qin Jing, 14 folios
    Full title
    Yangchun Tang Qin Jing, compiled by Zhang Daming; part of previous (QQJC VII/330ff); 1 line

  195. 理性元雅六卷 Lixing Yuanya
    **; 5 lines

  196. 松絃館琴譜二卷 Songxianguan Qinpu, 2 folios
    **; 24 lines plus 50 lines of prefaces (see also #188)

  197. 琴述 Qin Shu
    **; compiled by 嚴調御
    Yan Diaoyu (concerns qin making?); 3 lines

  198. 思齊堂琴譜一卷 Sizhaitang Qinpu
    **; 1 line

  199. 發明琴譜 Faming Qinpu
    1 line

  200. 廣陵秘要一卷 Guangling Miyao, 1 folio
    Compiled by 王世相 Wang Shixiang

  201. 古琴論 Gu Qin Lun
    Compiled by 舒敏 Shu Min, 1 line

  202. 琴史八卷 Qin Shi, 8 folios
    Compiled by 米萬鍾 Mi Wanzhong; 1 line

  203. 琴譜二冊 Qin Pu, 2 sections
    Compiled by 夏樹芳 Xia Shufang; listed in
    Qianqingtang Shumu; 1 line

  204. 綠綺新聲二卷 Luqi Xinsheng, 2 folios
    "Compiled by 徐琪 Xu Qi", same as name in Qianqingtang Shumu (has no other info), but elsewhere the name is 徐時琪 Xu Shiqi; 2 lines

  205. 綠綺新聲五卷 Luqi Xinsheng, 5 folios
    "Compiled by 周履靖 Zhou Lüjing" (also listed in Qianqingtang Shumu; seems to be a revised version (the existing version?) of the above; 1 line

  206. 風宣元品,十卷 Fengxuan Yuanpin: Basic Airs Spread with the Wind
    **; 張鯤
    Zhang Kun (this title comes from Qianqingtang Shumu; presumably it is the same as Fengxuan Xuanpin); 2 lines

  207. 琴譜指南 Qinpu Zhinan
    Compiled by 吳金陵 Wu Jinling; a note says Wu was from 龍泉 Longquan but lived in Jinling [Nanjing], hence his name;
    listed in
    Qianqingtang Shumu; 2 lines

  208. 綠綺心傳 Luqi Xinchuan
    Compiled by 田山雲 Tian Shanyun; 1 line

  209. 琴箋一卷 Qin Jian, 1 folio (compare #92)
    **; compiled by 屠隆字赤水 Tu Long, style name Chishui; 1 line (compare Qin Fu)

  210. 洞天琴錄,一卷 Dongtian Qinlu: Dongtian Qin Records
    ** 趙希鵠 Zhao Xigu (13th c; Bio/1661); Zhou Qingyun mistakenly has "Ming"; 2 lines
    Qin Fu, pp. 1692 - 5, has text, entitled 洞天琴錄集; mostly describes physical properties

  211. 紫雲洞譜 Ziyundong Pu
    Compiler unknown; listed in 內閣藏書目 Neigezang Shumu

  212. 義軒琴經二卷 Yixuan Qin Jing
    Compiled by 張一亭 Zhang Yiting of 濟南 Jinan, 2 lines

  213. 陳眉公頂正琴譜四卷 Chen Meigong Dingzheng Qinpu, 4 folios
    明七閩孫丕題編見梅華庵琴譜考 (see
    comment), 1 line

  214. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    明沈瑞徵 Shen Weizheng (Shen Weizhi?) style name 元圃 Yuanpu, from 海寧 Haining; mentioned in 杭州府志 Hangzhou Fu Zhi; 2 lines

  215. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    周應鵬 style name 白於 Baiyu, from 海寧人; mentioned in 杭州府志 Hangzhou Fu Zhi; 2 lines

  216. 琴錄 Qin Lu
    Sources don''t mention author. 名氏為明項元汴子京輯,蕉窗九錄之一。 4 lines See 學海類編本 and 西泠印社活字本

  217. 新編琴書集成 Xinbian Qinshu Jicheng
    Included in 葉盛,菉竹堂書目 Luzhutang Shumu of Ye Cheng; 2 lines

  218. 正音一册,霞外音一册 Zheng Yin 1 section and Xiawai Yin 1 section
    Writer unknown; see 菉竹堂書目 Luzhutang Shumu; 1 line

  219. 太古翼音精微論二册 Taigu Yiyin Jingwei Lun
    Writer unknown; see 菉竹堂書目 Luzhutang Shumu; 1 line

  220. 大雅遺音一册 Da Ya Yiyin
    Writer unknown; see 菉竹堂書目 Luzhutang Shumu; 1 line

  221. 琴苑雜鈔一册 Qin Yuan Zachao
    Writer unknown; see 菉竹堂書目 Luzhutang Shumu; 1 line

  222. 琴譜集成 Qinpu Jicheng
    Writer unknown; ref: 錢謙益
    Jiangyunlou Book Index (title only); 1 line

  223. 徐氏琴譜一册 Xu Shi Qinpu
    Writer unknown; ref:
    Jiangyunlou Book Index (title only); 1 line

  224. 琴譜真傳三册 Qinpu Zhenchuan
    Writer unknown; ref:
    Jiangyunlou Book Index (title only); 1 line

  225. 太古傳習 Taigu Chuanxi
    Writer unknown; ref:
    Jiangyunlou Book Index (title only); 1 line

  226. 太音大全五卷 Taiyin Daquan, 5 folios
    Refers to 太音大全集
    Taiyin Daquanji; 7 lines

    Folio V

  227. 徽言秘 旨訂 Huiyan Mizhi Ding (1692)
    24 single lines plus 65 double lines (the prefaces)

  228. 琴翼二卷 Qin Yi
    朱繡 Zhu Xiu of 鳩江 Jiujiang; see 與古齋考存琴譜; 梅華庵參考琴譜 said 一卷

  229. 琴譜合璧十八卷 Qinpu Hebi
    ** 12 lines; ref. Siku Zhulu (in Siku Quanshu)

  230. 琴學心聲一卷 Qinxue Xinsheng 1 folio (combine with next two entries)
    ** By 莊臻鳳
    Zhuang Zhenfeng; 4 single lines plus 12 double lines
    Ref. Siku Quanshu but it is in Siku Quanshu Cunmu Congshu as Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu
    Essays only, no tablature

  231. 琴譜二卷 Qin Pu 2 folios
    ** 附刊本 Combined with
    previous, containing tablature for 14 melodies (ToC); 2 lines

  232. 聽琴詩一卷 Ting Qin Shi, 1 folio (Poems on Listening to Qin)
    ** Again Zhuang Zhenfeng, goes with previous (2 lines)

  233. 琴譜希聲 Qinpu Xisheng
    By 陳太希 Chen Taixi; must be same as 陳大斌 Chen Dabin and his 太音希聲
    Taiyin Xisheng (1 line)

  234. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    ** By 清周東岡
    Zhou Donggang of the Qing dynasty (#187 above says he is Ming dynasty), 金谿人 from Jinxi/Jinqi; to this the entry adds only "see 琴苑心傳 Qinyuan Xinchuan" (next)=. In fact, the entry in Qinyuan Xinchuan probably says only that he wrote tablature, not actually a handbook (1 line)

  235. 琴苑心傳全編二十卷 Qinyuan Xinchuan Quanbian, 20 Folios
    ** 孔興誘 Kong Xingyou (20 single lines, 12 double lines)
    The edition of this handbook in QQJC (XI/209-527) writes Kong's name both as 孔興爕 Kong Xingxie and 孔興誘 Kong Xingyou (7077.xxx for both). The Qinshi Xu "biography" has minimal personal information then a brief outline of the book. Here there is an outline for each of the first eight folios, then some comments on Folios 9-20, which have the music. The double lines are quotes from the prefaces in the handbook.

  236. 琴旨二卷 Qin Zhi
    ** 王坦
    Wang Tan; 四庫著錄; see Siku Quanshu and Rao

  237. 操縵錄十卷
    ** 胡世安 Hu Shian; 30073.7 from 井研 Jingyan, jinshi during 1628-44; see
    citation; 5 lines
    QSCM quotes Tiyao in Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu Cunmu Congshu, 子 74

  238. 大還閣琴譜六卷 Dahuan'ge Qinpu
    ** By 徐谼 Xu Hong (6 single lines; 56 double lines)

  239. 萬峰閣琴譜指法一卷 Wanfengge Qinpu Zhifa
    ** Included at end of
    Dahuan'ge Qinpu, see in ToC; 2 lines

  240. 溪山琴況 Xishan Qin Kuang
    ** Sources: Siku Quanshu Congmu Congshu and Dahuan'ge Qinpu; compare Leng Xian; 1 line

  241. 誠一堂琴譜六卷 Chengyitang Qinpu
    ** 程允基 Cheng Yunji; 4 single lines, 31 double lines

  242. 琴談,二卷 Qin Tan: Qin Talk, two folios
    ** 聚錦堂刊本 5 single/11 doubled lines
    Compiled by 程允基
    Cheng Yunji. Included in Siku Quanshu Cunmu Congshu 子 75;
    Same as the Chengyizhai Qintan in Chengyitang Qinpu (QQJC XIII/434-479; two folios).

  243. 松風閣琴譜二卷 Songfengge Qinpu (QQJC XII)
    ** 程雄 Cheng Xiong; 8 lines

  244. 抒懷操 Shu Huai Cao
    ** 程雄 Cheng Xiong; 29 lines

  245. 琴學八則 Qin Xue Ba Ze
    ** 程雄 Cheng Xiong; ref. 翠琅玕館本 (29376.125xx) and 檀几叢書本 (15975.1: by 王晫
    Wang Zhuo and 張潮 Zhang Chao); 14 lines

  246. 德音堂琴譜十卷 Deyintang Qinpu
    ** 郭裕齋 Guo Yuzhai; 5 single lines plus 18 double lines

  247. 琴譜釋疑六卷 Qinpu Shiyi
    By 魯式如 Lu Shiru; compare
    Qinjing Shiyi in Qinxue Congshu; 1 line

  248. 蓼懷堂琴譜 Liaohuaitang Qinpu
    ** 雲志高 Yun Zhigao of 文昌 Wenchang; 7 single lines and 23 double lines

  249. 澄鑒堂琴譜指法二卷 Chengjiantang Qinpu Zhifa, 2 folios
    Attrib 徐常遇 Xu Xiangyu (see Xiangshantang Qinpu); 10 single lines and 22 double lines

  250. 琴邃理數考四卷 Qinhui Lishukao, 4 folios
    By 惠士奇 Hui Shiqi, style name 仲儒 Zhongru, of Wu; 3 lines
    Mentioned in 蘇州府志

  251. 琴譜自得 Qinpu Zi De
    By 伊裔 Yi Yi style name 蒿子 Haozi, mentioned in 與古齋考存琴譜注 which says 1690; 2 lines

  252. 琴學正聲六卷 Qinxue Zhengsheng
    By 沈琯 Shen Guan; 2 lines

  253. 五知齋琴譜 Wuzhizhai Qinpu
    By 徐祺 Xu Qi of Yangzhou; 6 single lines and 48 double lines

  254. 自適軒琴譜析微六卷 Zidixuan Qinpu Xiwei 6 folios; 指法二卷 Zhifa, 2 folios
    By 紹興魯鼐 Lu Nai of Shaoxing; listed in 與古齋考存琴譜 and 梅華庵琴譜參考 (2 lines)

  255. 臥雲樓指法二卷 Woyunlou Qinpu Zhifa, 2 folios
    By 馬兆辰 Ma Zhaochen; 6 lines

  256. 臥雲樓琴譜八卷 Woyunlou Qinpu, 8 folios
    By 馬兆辰 Ma Zhaochen; together with previous; 8 lines

  257. 立學齋琴譜二卷 Lixuezhai Qinpu, 2 folios
    By 汪紱 Wang Fu; 7 single lines plus 6 double lines

  258. 治心齋琴學鍊要五卷 Zhixinzhai Qinxue Lianyao, 5 folios (QQJC/XVIII)
    長安王善 Wang Shan of 雲陵 Yunling (Chang An?); 16 single lines and 16 double lines

  259. 春草堂琴譜六卷 Chuncaotang Qinpu, 6 folios
    By 曹尚絅 Cao Shangjiong; 6 singlle lines and 30 double lines

  260. 琴徽圖、琴五調圖 Qinhui Tu, Qin Wudiao Tu
    By 江永
    Jiang Yong; included in his 律呂新義五卷; 5 lines

  261. 琴學例言 Qinxue Liyan
    Cao Tingdong; 13 single lines and 15 double lines
    Includes his 琴學內篇、外篇 Qinxue Nei/Wai Pian (see Siku Quanshu Cunmu Congshu)

  262. 琴學纂要 Qinxue Zuanyao
    By 何夢瑤 He Mengyao (bio under
    Cao Tingdong); 5 lines
    粵雅堂刊本 printed by Yueyatang (27585.18 粵雅堂叢書20集)

  263. 潁陽琴譜四卷 Yangyang Qinpu, 4 folios
    By 李郊 Li Jiao of 溵州 Yinzhou; 4 single lines and 46 double lines

  264. 研露樓琴譜四卷 Yanlulou Qinpu, 4 folios
    By 崔應階 Cui Yingjie; 江夏 Jiangxia in Hubei; 20 lines

  265. 集古琴譜 Jigu Qinpu
    Author unknown; listed in 與古齋考存琴譜注; 2 lines

  266. 琴律 Qin Lü (Folio 6 of 律呂古義 Lülü Guyi)
    By 錢塘 Qian Tang (sic., style name 學淵 Xueyuan, nickname 溉亭 Gaiting, from 嘉定 Jiading; 4 lines

  267. 琴譜一卷 Qin Pu, 1 folio
    By 江嗣珏 Jiang Sijue of 揚州 Yangzhou;"see 嘉慶揚州府志"; 1 line

    Folio VI

  268. 青藤軒琴譜 Qingtengxuan Qinpu
    By 清李崑 Li Kun, 字玉峯 style name Yufeng; listed in 與古齋考存琴譜; 2 lines

  269. 自遠堂琴譜十二卷 Ziyuantang Qinpu
    ** 吳灴 Wu Hong; 7 single lines and 31 double lines

  270. 琴學原始 Qinxue Yuanshi
    By 徐養源
    Xu Yangyuan; source not clear; 6 lines

  271. 琴音紀 Qin Yin Ji
    By 程瑤田
    Cheng Yaotian; 27 lines
    Part of his Tong Yi Lu (39739.367 通藝錄 42 folios), seen in a 單行活字本 (4061.74 單行本) single volume - typeset

  272. 琴音律數同源紀 Qin Yin Lüshu Tongyuan Ji (Continuation of previous)
    Also by 程瑤田
    Cheng Yaotian; 9 lines
    And also part of his Tong Yi Lu

  273. 琴音紀續篇 Qin Yin Ji Xupian (Continuation of previous)
    Again by 程瑤田
    Cheng Yaotian; 6 single lines plus 16 double lines
    And again part of his Tong Yi Lu

  274. 琴曲萃覽 Qinqu Cuilan
    By 汪汲字葵田 Wang Ji, style name Kuitian, from 海陽 Haiyang; 1 line
    Listed in 目睹書目 Mudu Shumu

  275. 琴譜諧聲六卷 Qinpu Xiesheng, 6 folios
    By 周顯祖 Zhou Xianzu; 18 lines

  276. 琴學蒙求一卷 Qinxue Mengqiu, 1 folio
    By 楊承曾 Yang Chengceng from 武進 Wujin; mentioned in 武陽志; 1 line

  277. 峰抱樓琴譜 Fengbaolou Qinpu
    By 沈浩 Shen Hao; 6 lines

  278. 琴志六卷,補編一卷 Qin Zhi, 1 folio; Appended volume, 1 folio
    過于飛 Guo Yufei, style name 振鷺 Chenlu, from 長洲 Changzhou; see 蘇州府志; 1 line

  279. 二香琴譜十卷 Erxiang Qinpu, 10 folios
    By 將文勳 Jiang Wenxun; 9 single lines and 12 double lines

  280. 風雅十二詩琴譜 Fengya Shier Shi Qinpu
    By 邱之稑 Qiu Zhilu; compare
    Fengya Shiershi Pu; 12 lines
    In 律音彙考 (= 律音彙攷 Lüyin Huikao)

  281. 律話三卷 Lü Hua, 3 folios
    By 戴長庚 Dai Changgeng; 2 lines

  282. 虞山李氏琴譜一册 Yushan Lishi Qinpu, 1 section
    Hand copy, compiler unknown; 11 lines

  283. 曇香閣琴趣二卷 Tanxiangge Qinqu, 2 folios
    吳泰來 Wu Tailai; 1 line

  284. 聽梧室琴譜 Tingwushi Qinpu
    丁昭 Ding Zhao; 1 line

  285. 弦歌古樂譜 Xian'ge Guyuepu
    任兆麟 Ren Zhaolin; 1 line

  286. 琴旨補正一卷 Qinzhi Buzheng, 1 folio
    孫長源 Sun Changyuan; 1 line

  287. 槐蔭書室琴譜 Huaiyinshuwu Qinpu
    王蕃 Wang Fan; handcopy; 1 line

  288. 雅樂精義二卷 Yayue Jingyi, 1 folio
    蔡能一 Cai Nengyi; 1 line

  289. 律悟一卷 Lü Wu, 1 folio
    吳熙 Wu Xi; 1 line

  290. 琴學迴瀾二卷 Qinxue Huilan, 2 folios
    陸瑹 Lu Tu; 2 lines

  291. 南梧琴譜二卷 Nanwu Qinpu, 2 folios
    沈勲 Shen Xun (勳); 2 lines

  292. 琴譜管見 Qinpu Guanjian
    譚學元 Tan Xueyuan; 1 line

  293. 琴譜 Qin Pu
    王泉之 Wang Quanzhi; 1 line

  294. 琴律管窺二卷 Qinlü Guan Kui, 2 folios
    趙履和 Zhao Lühe; 3 lines

  295. 琴事類林八卷 Qinshi Leilin, 8 folios
    李德騫 Li Dejian; 1 line

  296. 餘山山館琴譜四卷 Yushan Shanguan Qinpu, 4 folios
    寧可大 Ning Keda ("Ning" is missing the bottom stroke); 1 line

  297. 太音正譜一卷 Taiyin Zhengpu, 1 folio
    徐伯齡 Xu Boling; 1 line

  298. 琴譜一卷 Qin Pu, 1 folio
    陳萊孝 Chen Laixiao; 1 line

  299. 與古齋琴譜 Yuguzhai Qinpu (details on the website of Jim Binkley)
    ** 咸豐五年刊本 1855 edition; 5 single lines plus 4 double lines
    Includes 與古齋考琴譜 Yuguzhai Examination of Qin Handbooks
    祝鳳喈 Zhu Fengjie

  300. 琴學入門二卷 Qinxue Rumen, 2 folios
    ** By 張鶴 Zhang He; 9 single lines plus 17 double lines

  301. 琴瑟合譜二卷 Qinse Hepu, 2 folios; 8 melodies
    ** By 慶瑞 Qing Rui; 42 lines

  302. 操縵易知一卷 Caoman Yizhi, 2 folios
    By 沈道寛 Shen Daokuan; published during Guangxu reign; 2 lines

  303. 蕉庵琴譜四卷 Jiaoan Qinpu, 4 folios
    ** By 秦維翰 Qin Weihan; 4 single and 10 double lines

  304. 希韶閣琴譜五卷 Xishaoge Qinpu, 5 folios
    ** By 黃曉珊 Huang Xiaoshan; 2 single and 18 double lines

  305. 天聞閣琴譜十六卷 Tianwen'ge Qinpu, 16 folios
    ** By 唐彝銘 Tang Yiming; 5 single and 13 double lines

  306. 琴弦徽分、琴弦轉調 Qinxian Huifen, Qinxian Zhuandiao
    By 戴煦
    Dai Xu; 6 lines

  307. 琴旨申邱 Qinzhi Shen Qiu, folios
    ** By 劉人熙 Liu Renx; 9 lines

  308. 枯木禪琴譜八卷 Kumuchan Qinpu, 8 folios
    ** By 釋空塵 Shi Kongchen; 8 single and 14 double lines

  309. 山門新語二卷 Shanmen Xinyu, 2 folios
    By 周贇 Zhou Yun; published in 1893; 2 single and 28 double lines

  310. 琴學初津十卷 Qinxue Chujin, 10 folios
    ** By 陳世驥 Chen Shiji; handcopy; 16 lines

  311. 琴律一得二卷 Qinlü Yide, 2 folios
    By 劉沃森 Liu Wusen (Liu Wosen) of 南海 Nanhai in Guangdong; published in 1996; 10 single and 48 double lines

  312. 琴律細草一卷 Qinlü Xicao, 1 folio
    By 鄒安鬯
    Zou Anchang; 12 lines

  313. 琴粹六卷 Qin Cui, 6 folios
    ** By 楊宗稷 Yang Zongji; now part of
    Qinxue Congshu; 8 single and 13 double lines

  314. 琴話四卷 Qin Hua, 4 folios
    ** By 楊宗稷 Yang Zongji; now part of
    Qinxue Congshu; 4 lines

  315. 琴譜三卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook, 3 folios
    ** 甲寅刊本 1914 (!?) imprint; 7 lines
    楊宗稷 Yang Zongji; now part of
    Qinxue Congshu

  316. 寶音齋琴譜 Baoyinzhai Qinpu
    Author unknown; hand copy; 1 line

  317. 飲香書屋琴譜 Yinxiang Shuwu Qinpu (Zha list)
    Author unknown; hand copy; 1 line

  318. 琴書千古,四卷 Qinshu Qiangu
    ** Author unknown; hand copy; 3 lines

  319. 琴譜,二卷 Qin Pu: Qin Handbook
    Gao Jiu (Ms.); 5 lines

  320. 梅華仙館琴譜 Meihuaxianguan Qinpu
    ** By 韓城女士妙孁 Ms. Miaoling of Hancheng; hand copy (in the Shanghai Library); 3 lines

  321. 和文注(音)琴譜 Hewen Zhu(yin) Qinpu (see details)
    ** 心越 Shin-etsu (melodies he took to Japan in 1676?); hand copy; 9 lines

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 琴書存目 Qinshu Cunmu
My edition was copied from a book in the National Library, Taiwan.

2. 周慶雲 Zhou Qingyun (1864 - 1933)
Zhou also wrote Qin Shi Bu and Qin Shi Xu

3. **: Books that Zhou apparently actually had seen
QSCM uses small characters under the entry title to indicate the sources/locations where he had seen them. The sources include:

4. Book title listings
Large book collections often had catalogues (書目 shumu) listing the titles, perhaps with authors' names and some description, but often only the title and perhaps the name of the author/compiler. Book catalogues mentioned here include:

5. For most entries I have at present only included the title, author, location if indicated, and the number of lines in the entry.

Another useful bibliographical reference for this subject is:

黃友棣著、吳心柳編校,中國音樂思想批判;香港,樂友書房, 1965
Huang Youdi, Zhongguo Yinyue Xixiang Pipan; Hong Kong, 1965


Wu Cheng: 10 Rules, from Qin Talk

The original text is not with the QSCM entry, but is included in Van Gulik, Lore, together with Van Gulik's translation, pp.73-6. Here, VG's "lute" has here been changed to "qin".

  1. 一置琴案上 軫前須容掌許 以便轉軫 身坐正對五徽 則左右手往來通便
    When laying the qin on the table one should see that it sticks out on the right side a hand's breadth, so that one may easily turn the tuning pegs. If one seats oneself exactly opposite the fifth stud, then one can freely execute all the movements of the left and right hand.
  2. 一彈絃不得過四徽 蓋近岳則聲實故也 下指不得浮漂 亦不得重濁 入絃欲淺 按絃欲實
    The right hand when attacking the strings should not go farther to the left than the fourth stud; when one attacks the strings near the bridge, the tones produced will be true. The finger technique should not be floating, nor should it be heavy and confused. The right hand should touch the strings lightly, but the left hand should press them down firmly.
  3. 一鼓琴時無問有人無人 常如對長者在前 身須端直 且神鮮意閒 視專思靜 自然指不虛下 絃不錯鳴
    When one plays the qin, regardless of whether there are other people present or not, one must always behave as if one were in the presence of a superior. The body should be erect and straight, the spirit should be clear, the mind at rest, the look concentrated, the thoughts serene. Then the touch of the fingers naturally is correct, and the strings emit no wrong sounds.
  4. 一取聲欲淡 又欲自然 其妙在於輕重切當 緩急得宜 若布指拙惡 節奏疏懶 與豔巧多端 聲調煩雜 皆琴之疵缪 不可不戒
    When producing sounds one should aim at simplicity, and also at naturalness. Its wonderfulness lies in the correct shifting over from the light touch to the heavy, and in applying correctly ritardando and accelerando. When the finger technique is applied clumsily and wrongly, the measure is not rigidly observed, and when one is striving after specious effects, the melody is spoilt and confused. These are all deficiencies, which should fundamentally be corrected.
  5. 一琴資簡靜 無曾容聲 然須理會手勢 則威宜可觀 若按絃不問甲肉 前指不復後指 而且擘 撮 拂 歷 掌腕蹲探無法 是尚未得妙指 雖在彈 悉以為哉
    The basis of the qin consists in simplicity and serenity. Therefore one should not try to add extra sounds, but rigidly observe the indications for the finger technique; then one shall get a solemn, controlled style of playing, worthy to be seen. If one does not take care in attacking the strings to discriminate between flesh sounds and nail sounds, if the various movements are not linked up correctly, and if, moreover, while executing the attack with the thumb, the chords, and the upward and downward harpeggio, the hand and arm are stiff and not correctly adjusted, then one has not yet achieved the wonderful finger technique.
  6. 一琴品欲高 若撫琴時色變視流 甚至傴身疊足 搖手舞脣 氣象殊覺不雅 即知而禁之 則又神情不暢 瑕釁叢生 不如已之可也
    The quality of the qin tends to loftiness. Therefore, if while playing one changes one's mien and allows the eyes to wander, or worse, if the body is stooping, the feet put one atop the other, the head shaking , and the shoulders moving up and down,then an atmosphere of unelegance is created. Knowing these deficiencies one should correct them. Moreover, when the sentiments are not elated, all kings of flaws and shortcomings arise, and one had better give up the qin altogether.
  7. 一古人製曲 或遺情自適 或憂憤傳心 須要視其意旨 若徒取聲 則情與製違 古人風調何有於絲桐之間
    When the ancients composed tunes for the qin, they sometimes aimed at expressing leisurely and satisfied feelings, but sometimes they wished to express their melancholy. Therefore one must understand the meaning of a tune. If one just plays the music as it is written, one will not be able to express the sentiments of the composer. And how then shall the mood of the ancients be found in the wood and the silk?
  8. 一學貴專精 多則便不能精 如從名師學得數曲 當時時調弄 既不失其遺意 而且妙音出於熟習 所謂密爾自娛於斯弦也 不然多學多廢 甯免手生荊棘何
    In studying the qin, getting down to the essence is the most important. If one tries to learn too much [at one time], how then shall one be able to grasp the essence? Therefore, if one has succeeded in getting an eminent Master to teach some tunes, one should play these same tunes through again and again, lest one forget the significance inherent in them. Moreover, wonderful music arises from constant practice. This is what is meant by the saying that only by incessant application can one derive satisfaction from the strings. If not, then because one studies too many different tunes, the shortcomings shall be many, and it shall be as if thorns grew on one's fingers.
  9. 一曰盡禮以尊其道 如風 雨 市廛不彈是也 至遇知音 升樓閣 登山憩谷 坐石遊泉 值二氣之清朗 皆際勝而宜於琴者 反是 而對俗子娼優 與夫酒穢塵囂 皆惡景也 自當善藏其用
    The saying 'Rigidly observe the rites by respecting the Way' means, when applied to qin playing, not to play when there is wind or rain, or in a common atmosphere. But if one meets someone who understands the deeper meaning of music, or having ascended a storied building, or a mountain, if one rests in a valley, sits on a rock, or tarries by a stream, or when the two principles are in harmony, then all these conditions are to be called excellent and suited for the qin. On the contrary, the presence of a vulgar man, a courtesan, an actor, a drunken and noisy atmosphere, these all are bad conditions for playing the qin. Therefore one should be discreet in chooosing the time and place to play the qin.
  10. 一彈琴養性 非取必於人知 故有好而邀者宜為一鼓 不則囊琴自適而已 若奏曲不好之前 與誇能流俗之士 亦幾無恥 亟須韜誨
    Playing the qin is meant for nurturing one's nature, therefore one should not aim at acquiring fame by it. If one meets a kindred spirit, then one should play; if not, then one had better put the qin in its cover, and reserve it for one's own enjoyment. If one plays the qin before people who do not like it, or before disorderly and vulgar persons who boast of their qualities, how can one not be ashamed? In such a case one cannot but hastily conceal the fact that one plays the qin.

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