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Fu Buqi
- Qin Shi #26
宓不齊 1
琴史 #26 2

子賤 Zijian (宓子賤 Fu Zijian, born 521 BCE; 宓子賤 is sometimes pronounced Mi Zijian), was a nickname of 宓不齊 Fu Buqi. A disciple of Confucius, he served as chief minister of Shanfu (in southwestern Shandong province).3 He was succeeded there by Wuma Qi.4

Most of this story is in 呂氏春秋 (see Knoblock and Riegel, The Annals of Lü Buwei, p.553). In Shi Ji (GSR VII, p.76) Fu Buqi tells Confucius that in fact there were five men better than him in his administration.

Qinshu Daquan Folio 20B, #4 has several poems about the qin terrace. Other versions of the story are in Han Feizi (Folio 16, #24) and Han Shi Waizhuan (Folio 16, #31).

The Qin Shi entry is as follows.5

Fu Zijian was the nickname of Fu Buqi. As 宰 Zai (chief minister) of 單父 Shanfu (in southwestern Shandong province), Zijian played a resonant qin, and though he personally (聲 should be 身) didn't go to the government hall, Shanfu remained orderly. (His successor) 巫馬期 Wuma Qi went out and came home under starlight, never taking a break, and Shanfu also remained orderly. Zijian. Zijian relied on people; (Wuma Qi) relied on his own strength. People who rely on strength labor hard; those who rely on people can relax. So these are different; also, Zijian could devote himself just to playing qin. Basically, one can make music to calm the spirit, understand sounds to known governing and teaching. If the spirit is calm the governing and teaching are successful. How could there not be order? Confucius praised (Fu Zijian) saying, What a gentleman; people should esteem him highly. Shanfu up to now still has a Zijian Temple and Qin Terrace.  
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Fu Buqi 宓不齊
7246.0 宓 gives both Mi and Fu as pronunciations (also used for Fu Xi). 7246.3 宓不齊 Fu Buqi says a man of Lu during the Spring and Autumn period, style name 子賤 Zijian, a disciple of Confucius....

7246.2 is 宓子賤彈鳴琴 Fu Zijian Plays a Resonant Qin (Return)

2. 6 lines, entry entitled 子賤 Zijian (Return)

3. 單父 (Return)

4. Wuma Qi
8927.40 巫馬期 says he was a disciple of Confucius, with the proper name Wuman Shi (8927.39 巫馬施). His style name was 子期 Ziqi, so he was called Wuma Qi. Some sources say he was from 魯 Lu, others say he was from 陳 Chen.

5. Original text
The original Chinese text for Fu Buqi is:



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