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Xie An
- Qin Shi #89
謝安 1
琴史 #89 2

Xie An (320-385; 36661.57/2; Bio/2369), style name Anshi, was the most distinguished member of a very prominent family near Kuaiji (by modern Shaoxing). He tried to live a life in retirement, but sometimes had to take office in the Jin capital at Nanjing in order to protect or advance certain relatives.3 He was a friend of Wang Xizhi and has a poem included in the Lanting Pavilion collection.

The afterword in the handbook Xilutang Qintong (1459 CE) introducing its version of the melody Evening Talk by a Snowy Window connects it to a story in which Xie An takes pleasure in a description of snow by his niece Xie Daoyun.4 (She compares falling snow to willow catkins blowing in the wind.)

Xie An is also mentioned in connection with a story about Huan Yi (see Meihua Sannong) as well as a story about Liu Yun.

The Asia Society has a painting Xie An at East Mountain showing him with female attendants going to visit a recluse. The biography here has a related story.

The original biography in Qin Shi begins as follows.

(No mention of snow) ....

Qin Shi biography is not yet translated. 5

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 謝安 Xie An (320-385; 36661.57/2; Bio/2369), style name 安石 Anshi (Return)

2. (Return)

3. See Giles (Return)

4. 謝道韞 Xie Daoyun (36661.258)
Xie Daoyun, a niece of 謝安 Xie An, was wife of 王凝之 Wang Ningzhi (21295.1813, a son of Wang Xizhi and a calligrapher in his own right). The only known connection between her and the qin is her mention in a preface to the 1525 version of the melody Xue Chuang Ye Hua, which relates a well-known story of her poetically describing snow. Further biographical information is give there in a footnote. (Return)

5 It has 9 lines (Return)


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