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CDs featuring metal string qin; qin on every track1
New music, old aesthetic?2  
There are so many metal string CDs available, often privately printed, that I have stopped trying to list them all. As may be noted, this site is mostly concerned with HIP of music from the Ming dynasty and earlier; this requires silk strings. This is not a criticism of non-silk strings, nor does it mean that the aesthetic of the ancient Chinese scholar cannot be expressed on metal strings, or on any instrument for that matter. However, what I usually find most interesting regarding the metal string qin is, since it is a new instrument, to hear it play new music. A great example of this is the CD whose cover is shown at right (more in this footnote).

Metal string qin, one player on the CD

  1. Chen Changlin: Min (Fujian) River Qin Music
    - China Kunju and Guqin Research Association (no number; Beijing, 2013)
  2. Chen Changlin: Guqin Collected Works (陳長林 古琴專集 [no English]; 8 CDS, 105 tracks; 2013)
    - Hugo HRP 7129-2 (HKG, 1996)
  3. Chen Leiji: Poetic Masterpieces (rec. Shanghai)
    - Guangzhou Modern Music MCD 95023 (Guangzhou, 1987)
  4. Chen Leiji: Album of the Prunus Hermitage
    - Collection Ocora c 560175 (2004)
  5. Chen Yuecong: Liugu Qin Yun
    - ROI RA-001001C (Hong Kong, 2000)
  6. Cheng Gongliang, Guangling Qin Music (2)
    - Hugo HRP 7140-2 (HKG, 1986/96)
  7. Cheng Gongliang, Chant of King Wen
    - Nanjing Audio & Video DCD 1007 (Nanjing, 1998)
  8. Cheng Gongliang, Lonely Bamboo
    - Nanjing Audio & Video DCD 1008 (Nanjing, 1998)
  9. Cheng Gongliang: Looking for Music in Another sphere, Created in Prabhutarataratna
    - Pu Sounds (?) (Taiwan, 1999)
  10. Cheng Gongliang: Autumn Aria
    - Roi RA-941004-C (HKG, 1994)
  11. Dai Xiaolian, Guangling Qin Music (3)
    - Hugo HRP 7141-2 (HKG, 1996)
  12. Dai Xiaolian: L'Art de la Cithare Qin
    - Auvidis Ethnic B6765 (France, 1992)
  13. Ding Yang: Guqin Solo by
    - Audio Visual Pub’g House of China (Beijing, 1996)
  14. Ge Hanting: K'o Han-T'ing's Ku-ch'in Art
    - Ge Hanting (Gaoxiung, 1998)
  15. Gong Yi/Shanghai Trad. Music Ensemble: The Drunkard
    - China Rec. Cor CCD-94/326 (Shanghai, 1994?)
  16. Gong Yi: Top Disc of Chinese Music: Guangling Prose (same as Pearl River AJC-0025)
    - D & I DDD 8202 (Hong Kong 1993)
  17. Gong Yi: Guangling San (same as D & I DDD 8202 [different order]
    - Pearl River AJC-0025 (Guangzhou, 1993?)
  18. Gong Yi: Wild Geese over the Calm Sands (qin mostly w/orchestra)
    - Roi RA-941002-C (HKG, 1994)
  19. Gong Yi (& ens): Guqin Special Feature (some w/Shanghai Orchestra)
    - Soft SF 015 (Shenzhen, 1991)
  20. Gong Yi: Guangling Melody, Chinese Guqin Solo (recorded in California)
    - Wind/Solar SMGD-1006 (Taiwan, 1995)
  21. Gong Yi: Dialogue B't'n the Fisherman and Woodcutter, w/Luo Shoucheng (xiao) ( " )
    - Wind/Solar SMGD-1008 (Taiwan, 1995)
  22. Gong Yi: Reminiscence: Luo Shoucheng (xiao) ( " )
    - Wind/Solar SMGD-1009 (Taiwan, 1995)
  23. Huang Mei: Huang Mei Guqin Zhuanji
    - ?; 140046
  24. Hayman, R.I.P. : Tienanmen Echo (one track: 8.14, with xiao)
    - Earmedia (New York, 1990)
  25. Kee Chee Koon, Ao Ai - The Creak of the Oar
    - Pavanne Music 3T-0100 (Singapore, 2000)
  26. Li Fengyun, Guangling Qin Music (4)
    - Hugo HRP 7142-2 (HKG, 1995/96)
  27. Li Fengyun, Duets with Qin and Xiao: Hard to Say Goodbye (Wang Jianxin)
    - Hugo HRP 7229-2 (HKG, 2001)
  28. Li Kongyuan (李孔元, Taiwan) : Embracing the Autumn Moonshine, Remains of Qin Master Rong Tianqi
    容天圻 Rong Tianqi (1936 [Fuzhou] - 1994), a student of 胡瑩堂
    Hu Yingtang (~1896 - 1973), he taught qin in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for many years.
    - Roi RA-981001-2C (HKG, 1998)
  29. Li Xiangting, Ancient Qin Music
    - Hugo HRP 7199 (HKG, 1999)
  30. Li Xiangting , China: L'Art du Qin (rec. Paris)
    - Ocora C 560001 (France, 1990)
  31. Li Xiangting, Guqin recital by (Soul of China)
    - Ode CD SD 1337 (New Zealand, 1993)
  32. Li Xiangting: Favourite Qin Pieces of....
    - Roi RB-951012-C (HKG, 1995)
  33. Liang Mingyue: Guqin Chuanji
    - Shui Jing GN9113-2 (Taiwan, 1991)
    - (re-issued 2007 as Liang Mingyue: The Flowing Waters, Lyrichord 7453)
  34. Lin Youren: Selections of Chinese Music, Guqin
    - Bailey BCD 99164 (HKG, 1999)
  35. Lin Youren (qin)/Du Cong (xiao): Flowings Waters:
    - China Rec. Cor CCD-90/079 (Shanghai, 1991)
  36. Lin Youren, Guangling Qin Music (7)
    - Hugo HRP 7145-2 (HKG, 1995/96)
  37. Lin Youren, Music for the Qin Zither
    - Nimbus NI 5656 (London, 2000)
  38. Liu Chicheng: Guqin Master: ... (some with xiao)
    - Cradle CRCD-112 (Taiwan, 1998)
  39. Liu Chicheng: Song Qin, Chinese Music Master, Zhucheng School
    - D & S (Jiuzhou?, n.d.)
  40. Mei Riqiang (梅日強 sic: should be 梅曰強 Mei Yueqiang, 字南移 style Nanyi, 1929—2003), Guangling Qin Music (6)
    - Hugo HRP 7144-2 (HKG, 1995/96)
  41. Sun Guisheng: Yangguan Sandie (all but one w/ensemble; rec. Beijing 1992)
    - Janus JRAF-1241 (Taiwan, 1996)
  42. Sun Yüch'in Memorial Album
    - GN 9111-2 (Taiwan, 1991)
  43. Wang Huade: Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music (Vol. 1)
    Includes his
    Guangling San (11.17; listen)
    - Hugo HRP 710-2 (Hong Kong 1993)
  44. Wu Wenguang: Favourite Guchin Pieces of...
    - Chenxi CT-9601 (Taiwan, 1996)
  45. Wu Wenguang, Qin Solo: Sunny Spring
    - Janus JRAF-1191 (Taiwan, 1993)
  46. Wu Wenguang: Music of the Qin (rec. Beijing; available in US and Japan editions))
    - JVC VICG-5213 (Japan, 1991)
  47. Wu Wenguang: Liezi Yu Feng
    - ROI 001005C (HKG, 2000)
  48. Wu Zhao: Memories of an Old Friend (qin)
    - Chenxi (Dawn Light) CT-9401 (Taiwan, 1994)
  49. Wu Zhao: Autumn Moon over the Han Palace
    - Hugo HRP7236-2 (HKG, 2002)
  50. Wu Zhaoji: Wumen Qin Music (I)
    - Hugo HRP 712-2 (HKG, 1989)
  51. Wu Zhaoji: Wumen Qin Music (II)
    - Hugo HRP 713-2 (HKG, 1993)
  52. Xie Daoxiu: 淳醇清亮古琴夢 Chunchun Qingliang Guqin Meng (Pure clear guqin dream)
    - ISRC CN-A08-97-427-00/A.J6 (Beijing, 1997?)
  53. Xie Daoxiu: Qin Master Hsieh Tao-Hsiu
    - Janus JRAF (Taiwan, 1999)
  54. Xie Xiaoping: The Bell of Duke Ji
    - Hugo HRP 7130-2 (HKG, 1996)
  55. Xu Junyao: Tang Qin, Zhe School, Xumen Tradition
    - D & S (Jiuzhou?, n.d.)
  56. Xu Junyao: Three Variations on the Plum Blossom Melody (rec. Shanghai?)
    - Silk Road M1-2 (Hong Kong, 1992)
  57. Yao Bingyan: Celestial Airs of Antiquity
    - A-R Editions, Inc. (Wisconsin, 1997)
  58. Yao Gongbai, the Art of (World Music Library)
    - King KICC 5232 (Shanghai, 1997)
  59. Yu Bosun (1): Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music (Vol. 2)
    - Hugo HRP 7131-2 (HKG, 1996)
  60. Yu Bosun (2): Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music (Vol. 2)
    - Hugo HRP 7132-2 (HKG, 1996)
  61. Yu Qinqin (Yü Ch'in-Ch'in): Listening to a Little Sparrow on Spring Mountain) (some w/xiao)
    - Self (Gaoxiung, 1998)
  62. Yu Shaoze: Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music (Vol.4)
    - Hugo HRP 7198-2 (HKG, 1999)
  63. Zeng Chengwei: Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music (Vol. 3)
    - Hugo HRP 7133-2 (HKG, 1996)
  64. Zhang Ziqian, Guangling Qin Music (Rec. 1981-2)
    - Hugo HRP 7139-2 (HKG, 1996)
  65. Zhang Zisheng
    - Tianjin Arts... (Tianjin, n.d.)
Multiple players on the CD (metal string qin)
  1. Li Xiangting, Sun Guisheng, Wu Jinglue, Wu Wenguang
    - Classic of Chinese Music: Guqin; China Travel & Tourism Press (Beijing, 199?)
  2. Chen Changlin, Li Fan, Wu Zhao
    - Eight Treasure Ashes; Chino 321-20-2 (Forte [?]) (Taiwan? HK? 1992)
  3. Cheng Gongliang, Dai Xiaolian, Zhang Ziqian
    - Guangling Qin Music; Hugo HTP 718-2 (HKG, 1988)
  4. Yao Bingyan, Yao Gongbai, Yao Gongjingp
    - Yaomen Qin Music; Hugo HRP 748-2 (HKG, 1991)
  5. Dai Xiaolian, Ding Chengyun, Ding Jiyuan, Liu Zhengchun, Tong Kin-woon, Tse Chun-yan, Xie Diaoxiu, Zeng Chengwei,
    - The Art of Qin Music 1 (1995 Chengdu conference recordings); Hugo HRP 7136-2 (HKG, 1996)
  6. Chen Changlin, Li Fengyun, Li Yuxian, Mei Yueqiang, Sou Si-tai, Xie Xiaoping, Xu Xiaoying, Zhao Jiazhen,
    - The Art of Qin Music 2 (1995 Chengdu conference recordings); Hugo HRP 7137-2 (HKG, 1996)
  7. Chen Changlin, Gao Zhongjun, Huang Yungming+ens, Li Xiangting, Li Yuxian, Sun Yuhan, Tse Chun-yan + xiao, Wei Jiali, Xu Xiaoying, Zhang Tongxia
    - The Art of Qin Music 3 (1995 Chengdu conference recordings); Hugo HRP 7138-2 (HKG, 1996)
  8. Dai Xiaolian, Gong Yi
    - Ten Chinese Qin Classics (some tracks include other instruments); Marco Polo (HKG, 1996)
    Yushan Qin School
    - Some tracks have silk strings (
    q.v.); Jiangsu Music JCD 0154 (Changshu, 2001? [oversized packaging])
    The Midnight Crow:
    - some tracks have silk strings (q.v.); Roi RA-931007-C (HKG, 1993)
  9. Dai Xiaolian, Liu Chicheng, Tang Jianyuan, Tao Yi, Wu Wenguang, Xie Junren, Xu Jian, Zheng Minzhong)
    - Wild Swan of Autumn: The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin, 1 (1994 Beijing Conference, pub. Taiwan); Wind BPCD95003 (Taiwan, 1994)
  10. Gong Yi, Gong Zhongjun, Ji Zhiqun, Liu Shanjiao, Xie Daoxiu, Xie Xiaoping, Yao Gongbai, Zhao Jiazhen)
    - Misty Rivers of Xiao Xiang: The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin, 2 ("); Wind BPCD 95004 (Taiwan, 1994)
  11. Chen Changlin, Cheng Gongliang, Ding Chunyun, Gu Zechang, Li Fengyun, Li Mingzhong, Su Sidi
    - Music of King Wen: The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin, 3 ("); Wind BPCD 95005 (Taiwan, 1994)
  12. Lin Youren, Liu Chuhua, Mei Yueqiang,Wu Zhao, Wu Zhaoji,Yu Qingxin, Zeng Chengwei
    - Missing an Old Friend: The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin, 4 ("); Wind BPCD 95006 (Taiwan, 1994)

Qin only on some tracks (metal strings)
  1. Tony Wheeler: 1 of 12 tracks on East
    - Australian Inst. of Eastern Music AIEM001 (Sydney, 1999)
  2. Gong Yi: 1 of 10 tracks on Autumn Recollections
    - Bailey BCD 90030 (HKG, 1990
  3. Chen Leiji (1 of 16 on CD 1) and Cheng Gongliang (1 of 15 on CD 2) on Asia Music
    - Cel.Harm.14068-2 (Arizon, 1993)
  4. Tony Wheeler: w/shakuhachi on 4 of 12 tracks of Moon road to Dawn
    - Cel.Harm 13180-2 (Arizona, 1999)
  5. Chen Gongliang (1) and Wu Zhaoji (1) on Sword Dance (11 tracks; liuqin, pipa, ruan, yangqin, etc)
    - Hugo HRP 724-2 (HKG, 1988)
  6. Lin Youren on some of 18 tracks of Appreciation of Tang Poetry Quatrains, Vol. 1
    - Hugo HRP 7110-2 (HKG, 1995)
  7. Lin Youren on 5 and Dai Wei on 1 track of Genuineness (9 tracks)
    - ISRC CN-$21-96-0014-O/A,J (?, n.d.)
  8. Liang Mingyue, with Paul Horn on 2 tracks of Paul Horn: China
    - Kuckuck 11080-2 (Cel.Har.) (Germany, 1987)
  9. Liu Li (1) and Zhao Jiazhen (1) on Moonlit Night of Spring River (10 tracks)
    - Pop Art/Hugo PAC-803 (HKG, 1989
  10. Liu Li: 1 of 11 on Fishermen Song in Evening
    - Pop Art/Hugo PAC-804 (HKG, 1989
  11. Chen Xiaoyong: 6 of 13 tracks on Orchidee
    - Spectrum/Wergo SM 1603 (Germany, 1992)
  12. Ryoko Niikura: 2 of 13 tracks on Imagined Landscapses, compositions by David Loeb
    - Vienna Modern Masters VMM 2033 (Vienna, 1999)
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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Metal strings CDs
Some CDs, as indicated, have both metal- and silk-string qin.

2. Image: New music, old aesthetic
A good artist with an appropriate attitude should in the right circumstances be able to express artistically the old silk string guqin aesthetic on almost any instrument. Rarely do I feel that when I hear the traditional repertoire played in the modern way; others, of course, have different opinions. For contemporary expression, though, here are two examples to consider:

  1. Music inspired by John Coltrane played on or with guqin by Luca Bonvini (1960-2014)
            from the album "Spiritual" (one track)

  2. Music from the Guangzhou-based "post rock" band 沼澤 Zhaoze (or Zhao Ze The Swamp).
    In October 2017 this group, before doing a performance in Manhattan, came to a meeting of the New York Qin Society at my home (report). There group leader, 海亮 Hoyliang, played one of his compositions on one of my silk string qins; It was quite quite appropriate and lovely. The next evening at a club in the city he played the same piece with the group, metal strings and loudly amplified; its spirit was such that (perhaps in conjunction with the event of the night before), while realizing that many would not agree, I did not feel that the traditional spirit of the qin was being violated. Samples of their music can be found online, for example:
            video and
            audio with commentary.

Perhaps related: the first time someone offered me a contract to make a CD, the reason given was that guqin reminded him of one-string blues. For my reaction see:
                  silkqin blues;
Of course, my recordings use silk strings.

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