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Tao Zongyi 陶宗儀

Tao Zongyi1 (1316 - ?) was from Huangyan in Zhejiang province. His style name was Jiucheng, his nickname Nancun. He is not listed in any books as a qin player, but he wrote several articles and his book collection includes a number of important early works on the qin.

His book collection, Shuo Fu (Environs of Fiction), includes several works on qin introduced in Qinshu Cunmu. These are listed below2 and then separately in a footnote to Qinshu Cunmu. Qinshu Cunmu also has two works with a qin theme that it says Tao compiled; it is not clear whether these are also part of Shuo Fu.3 The two are:

  1. Qinjian Tushuo and
  2. Qin Shi
However, Shuo Fu itself has only a Qinjian Tushi. Its table of contents says it is by Zhao Si,4 but the article itself (which has nine pages, consisting of qin shapes with explanations) says it is by Tao Zongyi.

In addition Tong Kin-Woon's Qin Fu has his "Record of Ceasing Farm Labors" (Chuogeng Lu5), which lists the names of qin makers since the Sui dynasty (Zhao Quli) and the names of famous qin.

Not directly related to qin is Tao's Selections of Yuan Drama, though it includes a number of illustrations showing qin being played in several of those operas.6

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Tao Zongyi
Bio/2055 陶宗儀,明初浙江黃巖人,字九成,號南村,元未、

2. Music titles in 說郛 Shuo Fu
Shuo Fu, Folio 100, seems to have 18 music titles in all. The first six have "qin" in the title:

  1. Qinqu Pulu
  2. Qinsheng Jingwei
  3. Qinjian Tushi (see also Qin Shi)
  4. Yaqin Minglu
  5. Zashu Qinshi
  6. Gu Qin Shu

3 Works on qin by Tao Zongyi himself
Qinshu Cunmu lists the two listed above as two separate entries, but his catalogue to Shuo Fu seems to combine them into a 琴箋圖式 Qinjian Tushi.

4 趙緦 Zhao Si ? 38015.xxx. The "Si" is smudged.

5 Record of Ceasing Farm Labors (輟耕錄 Chuogeng Lu)
The list of qin makers is also mentioned under emperor Zhangzong in Rao, Section 3. See also Qin Fu, pp. 1705 and 1746 (two footnotes).

5 Selections of Yuan Drama (元曲選 Yuan Qu Xuan)
This work by 陶宗儀 Tao Zongyi is reproduced in 續修四庫全書 Xuxiu Siku Quanshu, Vol. 1760, p. 280. For sample illustrations see the pages on these operas:



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