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(Xinke) Faming Qinpu
(Newly Printed) Qin Handbook of Revelations

Table of Contents

-- Huang Longshan preface (I/335)
-- Depiction of scholar putting strings on qin
-- Using finger techniques (one diagram giving names of fingers; I/336)
-- Method of putting on strings (one diagram)
-- Style of plucking a string (one diagram)
-- Hand positions: 32 diagrams, each with poetic heading & explanation of tablatures
-- Right hand craft secrets (explanation of 38 symbols; I/340)
-- Left hand craft secrets (explanation of 44 symbols, incl. 7 general; (I/341)
-- Contents of Folios One and Two (I/343)
   ( see below; L=paired lyrics; no section headings )

Folio One:

  1. Si Xian Cao (7L; Thinking of Worthies; I/343)
    Related to TGYY
    Yasheng Cao, & (Yi) Yan Hui
  2. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (10, Water and Clouds on the Xiao and Xiang Rivers; I/346)
    SQMP version
  3. Qiujiang Wan Diao (8L, Autumn River Evening Fishing; I/347)
    1st of 6 pu; attrib. (Han) Yan Ziling, a boyhood friend of Guang Wu emperor who preferring living country life to taking office
  4. Zhuang Zhou Meng Die (8, Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream I/349)
    SQMP version
  5. Gui Qu Ci (5L, = Gui Qu Lai Ci, Come Away Home; I/350)
    Tao Jian poem as lyrics; music like
    TGYY version
  6. Bai Xue (9, White Snow; I/352)
    SQMP version
  7. Qu Yuan Wen Du (8L. Qu Yuan Asks at the Ferry; I/353)
    Tuning: 2 4 5 6 1 2 3 ) music rel. to
    ZYSZ version, but different lyrics
  8. Shen You Liuhe (10, The Spirit Roves in Six Directions; I/355)
    SQMP version
  9. Yuan He Shuang Qing (12L; Paired Clarity of Ape & Crane; I/357)
    Music/lyrics like TGYY
    Shuang Qing Zhuan
  10. Qiao Ge (11, Woodcutter's Song; I/361
    SQMP version)
  11. Zhaojun Yuan (8L, Lament of Zhao Jun; I/363)
    Tuning: 1 3 5 6 1 2 3 ; music like SQMP/ZYSZ
    Longshuo Cao; lyrics from ZYSZ

    Folio Two

  12. Guan Ju (8L, Osprey Cries; I/366)
    Music related to
    ZYSZ version; lyrics are different
  13. Yu Hui Tushan (14, [Emperor] Yu's Meeting at Mount Tu; I/369)
    SQMP version
  14. Chu Ge (8L; Song of Chu; I/370)
    TGYY version; tuning: 2 4 5 6 1 2 3
  15. Da Ya (9; Epic Virtue; I/374)
    SQMP version; tuning: 1 3 5 6 1 2 3
  16. Kechuang Yehua (9L, Evening Talk at the Guest's Window; I/375)
    Music/lyrics like
    TGYY version
  17. Wu Ye Ti (9; Evening Call of the Raven; I/378)
    SQMP version
  18. Yangguan (8L; I/379)
    Yang Pass; like ZYSZ
    Yangguan Sandie (for short version see #23 below)
  19. Meihua Sannong (10, Three Playings of "Plum Blossom"; I/382)
    SQMP version
  20. Wen Wang Si Shun (8L; Wen Wang thinks of [Emperor] Shun]; I/383)
    Music simpler than ZYSZ/TGYY; lyrics begin like ZYSZ
    Si Shun, then diff
  21. Yi Lan (11L; Flourishing Orchid; I/384)
    Lyrics = TGYY
    Yi Lan Cao; music closer to TGYY than SQMP
  22. Sheng De Song (8L; Hymn of Grand Moral Virtue; I/388)
    No attribution; only one other pu: Longhu Qinpu; 23537.167-73 mentions no music
  23. Yangguan Sandie (3L; Three Partings at Yang Pass; I/391)
    Tuning 2 3 5 6 1 2 3 ); music/lyrics are related to but shorter than the ZYSZ Yangguan Sandie and the TGYY Yangguan Qu: earliest short version
  24. Shiba Xueshi Deng Yingzhou (5L; 18 Scholars Ascend Yingzhou; I/393)
    Also: Yingzhou); 1st of 3 pu; Before becoming Tang Taizong emperor Li Shimin brought the scholars together to assist in promoting good government; "in admiration" he named them after the legendary island

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