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Wuyin Qinpu
Five Tones Qin Handbook 1

Table of Contents

-- Zhu Chengtan preface (IV/193)
-- General list giving shorthand forms qin plucking techniques (IV/194)
-- Right hand finger techniques
-- Left hand finger techniques
-- What a rule says (
a poem attributed to Cao Rou)
-- Contents of Folios One and Two (see below; L=paired lyrics; no section headings; IV/192)

Folio One:

    Gong Mode

  1. Shenpin Gong Yi (1; not in ToC; IV/198)

  2. Yang Chun (16; IV/198)

  3. Meihua (Sannong) (14; IV/201)

  4. Yiqiao Jinlü (6; IV/204)

    Shang Mode

  5. Shenpin Shang Yi (1; not in Toc; IV/206)

  6. Si Xian Cao (7; IV/206)

  7. Kechuang Yehua (7; IV/208)

  8. Jing Guan Yin (3; Contemplative Intonation; IV/209)
    First of 35

  9. Gujiao Xing (11; IV/209)

  10. Huai Gu Yin (3; IV/212)
    (Details under
    1525 Huai Gu Yin)

  11. Yi Lan Cao (10; IV/213)

  12. Tianfeng Huanpei (3; IV/215)

  13. Feng Lei Yin (9; IV/215)

  14. Yuan He Shuang Qing (14; IV/217)

  15. Gui Qu Lai Ci (5; IV/220)

  16. Yu Qiao Wenda (6; IV/221)
    Second surviving version after
    1559; see chart

  17. Bai Xue (9; IV/222)

  18. Shuixian Qu (7; Water Immortals' Melody; IV/224)
    This melody only here, though the title is later applied to several other melodies

    Folio 2:

    Jiao Mode

  19. Shenpin Jiao Yi (1; not in ToC; IV/226)

  20. Lingxu Yin (3; IV/226)

  21. Liezi Yu Feng (11; IV/227)

    Zhi Mode

  22. Shenpin Zhi Yi (1; not in ToC; IV/230)

  23. Weibin Yin (3; IV/230)

  24. Guan Ju (10; IV/231

  25. Shanju Yin (5; IV/233)

  26. Qiao Ge (11; IV/234)

  27. Xiangyang Ge (3; Xiangyang Song; IV/237)
    The only other melody of this title is musically unrelated but its lyrics by Li Bai can be sung here)

    Yu Mode

  28. Shenpin Yu Yi (1; not in ToC; IV/238)

  29. Ruilong Yin (5; Auspicious Dragon Intonation; IV/238)
    This title only here: it was later known as Shui Long Yin

  30. Zhi Zhao Fei (14; IV/239)

  31. Wu Ye Ti (8; IV/242)

    Append (IV/244)
    (The word fu appears in the text over the title of #32 below

    The Table of Contents lists here a Shangqiao Yi [Meaning of Shangjue mode], but there is no prelude in the text.
    Note that earlier standard tuning modes included preludes, but these were not mentioned in the Table of Contents!)

  32. Zhuang Zhou Meng Die (9; IV/244)

    Non-standard Tuning

  33. Ao Ai Ge (18; IV/247)
    Raise the 5th string

  34. Yang Guan (8; IV/250)
    Tuning method not indicated

  35. Li Sao (18; IV/252)
    Tuning method not indicated

  36. Feiming Yin (4; IV/256)
    Raise 2nd, 5th and 7th strings
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1. 36 melodies, none with lyrics (Return)

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