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Qinshu Daquan
Great Collection of Qin Writings 1
蔣克謙輯 Compiled by Jiang Keqian 2
Putting on strings; playing in an empty valley 3

Qinshu Daquan competes with the later Tianwenge Qinpu and Qinxue Congshu for being the largest surviving qin handbook. Qinshu Daquan has 22 folios. The first 20 consist of writings about the qin, with only the last two having qin tablature.

In all Qinshu Daquan has 62 melodies; nine titles have their earliest publication here, including three of the eight melodies that have lyrics. Those that have their earliest surviving publication here are as follows (each has a link to the complete melody list then indicates the number of sections in each piece and gives its page number; only Huai Shuixian seems to survive in later handbooks):4

  1. 沖虛吟 Chong Xu Yin ("also called 步蟬宮 Bu Chan Gong"; 3; V/477)
  2. 懷水僊 Huai Shuixian (1st of 7; 9; V/480)
  3. 飛珮吟 Fei Pei Yin (1; V/491)
  4. 鶴猿祝壽 He Yuan Zhu Shou (lyrics; 1; V/499)
  5. 醉翁吟 Zuiweng Yin (lyrics; 1; V/499)
  6. 琴詩 Qin Shi (lyrics; 1; V/499)
  7. 扣角吟 Kou Jiao Yin (4; V/503)
  8. 玅品黃鍾意 Miaopin Huangzhong Yi (1; V/520)
  9. 消憂吟 Xiao You Yin (4; V/528)

The only piece from this handbook that I have reconstructed and recorded is the short song 琴詩 Qin Shi,

According to the preface by Zha Fuxi:

The table of contents for a "Yongle (1403 -1425) Qin Book Collection"5 as recorded in the Qinqing Tang Book Index is the same as (the table of contents) in the present book, but the "Yongle Qin Book Collection" was a hand copy and it wasn't a product of the Yongle period; probably it was a forgery by a Ming dynasty bookstore.

For further information see the:

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Great Collection of Qin Writings (琴書大全 Qinshu Daquan)
The reprinting of Qinshu Daquan required the whole of Volume V of Qinqu Jicheng. There are 532 pages, each with two double-pages from the original.

2. 蔣克謙輯 Jiang Keqian
Further information in the Qinqu Jicheng preface.

3. Images from Qinshu Daquan
The book has only two images showing people with qin; in neither image is the player identified.

  1. The top image (QQJC V/179) illustrates "putting on the strings".
  2. The bottom image (VI/190), "空谷傳聲 transmitting sound in an empty valley", accompanies text that poetically evokes an explanation of the finger technique 虛奄 xu yan (don't use the right hand; with left hand index finger [or ring finger] on the string, press the thumb down, making a sound; also written 罨; see here.).

In Folio 8, Fingering Qinshu Daquan has finger technique explanations from a number of earlier sources. Both images here are are from Folio 9, follows this up with finger technique illustrations.

4. Melodies in Qinqu Jicheng.
I have not examined all the melodies closely enough to be sure that some of the melodies here are not musically related to earlier ones with the same title.

5. 永樂琴書集成 Yongle Qinshu Jicheng
This book was listed in Qin Shu Cun Mu.

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