Qinxue Congshu: Great Compendium of Qin Studies
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Qinxue Congshu
Great Compendium of Qin Studies 1

Qinxue Congshu is an encyclopaedia of the qin, with numerous essays and melodies in tablature. The compiler was Yang Zongji (Yang Shibai).3

A few original editions of Qinxue Congshu are available in libraries,4 but most commonly available are two facsimile editions, as follows:

  1. Qinqu Jicheng Volume 30
    This is the complete version: 43 卷 folios bound in 14 冊 books Qin Fu, pp. 727-1147
    This edition, having only Folios 1 - 24, is said to consist of the first of two 函 cases.

I made the following table of contents before seeing the complete version. This has not been a focus of my own research and I what have done here is mainly to help me locate references that were not in the Qin Fu edition. Further details are generally added as I need them for reference.


Table of Contents for Qinxue Congshu (more complete)
(From Tong Kin-Woon, Qin Fu; compare version in QQJC XXX)

    函一 Case One

    冊一 Book One (1911)
    QF 728

  1. 琴粹一 Qin Cui (The Specially Excellent Qualities of Qin) Part 1
    QF 729; 739-45 begins the
    Qin Cao of Cai Yong, including introductions to the

  2. 琴粹二
    QF 746; rest of
    Qin Cao of Cai Yong, i.e. (plus afterwords):

  3. 琴粹三
    QF 753; 幽蘭原譜等 (
    You Lan original tablature, etc.)

  4. 琴粹四
    QF 761; 古琴考

    冊二 Book 2 (1913)
    QF 776

  5. 琴話卷一
    QF 777ff

  6. 琴話卷二
    QF 790ff

  7. 琴話卷三
    QF 801ff

  8. 琴話卷四
    QF 814

    冊三 Book 3 (1914)
    QF 826

  9. 琴譜一
    QF 829; 幽蘭古指法解、減字譜等

  10. 琴譜二
    QF 838; 幽蘭雙行譜

  11. 琴譜三
    QF 852; 流水

    冊四 Book 4 (1919)
    QF 858

  12. 琴學隨筆一 (Qinxue Suibi #1)
    QF 859

  13. 琴學隨筆二
    QF 873

    冊五 Book 5 (1919)
    QF 888

  14. 琴餘漫錄一
    QF 889

  15. 琴餘漫錄二
    QF 903

    冊六 Book 6 (Mirror on the Qin [琴鏡 Qin Jing]; 1918)
    QF 921: Preface and ToC for Qin Jing
    QF 924: Introductory remarks 例言
    QF 927: Fingering explanations 指法說明
    QF 929: Charts about tunings, etc.

  16. 琴鏡一 Qin Jing I; tablature for
    QF 932: 鹿鳴操
    Lu Ming Cao (1744; recording)
    QF 934: 伐檀 Fa Tan (1744; recording)
    QF 936: 秋聲賦 Qiu Sheng Fu (1802)
    QF 942: 歸去來辭 Gui Qu Laici ("from a handcopy")

  17. 琴鏡二 Qin Jing II; tablature for
    QF 946: 漁樵問答
    Yu Qiao Wenda ("from a handcopy"; Yang Baoyuan transcription in GQQJ 2 but no recording)
    QF 956: 平沙落雁 Pingsha Luo Yan ("from a handcopy"; Guan Pinghu transcription in GQQJ 1 has a recording)
    QF 961: 四大景 Si Da Jing ("from a handcopy"; the Guan Pinghu version in GQQJ 1/268 is actually an extract from this;
        commentary p.10 says it is unrelated to the 1825 and 1844 songs5
    QF 968: 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong ("琴簫合譜刻本 Qin Xiao Hepu Keben", i.e., from a handbook for qin and xiao duets, but it does not have a separate part for xiao)

  18. 琴鏡三 Qin Jing III; tablature for
    QF 977: 水仙操
    Shui Xian Cao (1802)
    QF 986: 漁歌 Yu Ge (1802)

    冊七 Book 7 (1922)
    QF 1001

  19. 琴鏡四 Qin Jing IV; tablature for
    QF 1001: 瀟湘水雲
    Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (1802)
    QF 1013: 廣陵散 Guangling San (1868)
    QF 1021: 陽關三疊 Yangguan Sandie (1864)

  20. 琴鏡五 Qin Jing V; tablature for
    QF 1024: 風雷引
    Feng Lei Yin (1802)
    QF 1032: 流水 Liu Shui ("俗名七十二滾拂流水曲 commonly called the 72 gunfu Liu Shui melody"; 1876)
    QF 1041: 烏夜啼 Wu Ye Ti (1802)

  21. 琴鏡六 Qin Jing VI; tablature for
    QF 1050: 秋鴻
    Qiu Hong (1722)

    The Continuation of Qin Jing (Book 13, below), has four more melodies using this system.

    函二 Case Two

    冊八 Book 8 (1923)
    QF 1075

  22. 琴鏡七
    QF 1075; tablature for 羽化登仙 Yuhua Deng Xian.

  23. 琴鏡八
    QF 1096; tablature for 蒼江夜雨 Cangjiang Ye Yu, 樵歌 Qiao Ge.

  24. 琴鏡九
    QF 1120 - 1147; tablature for 幽蘭 You Lan, 離騷 Li Sao.

    冊九 Book 9 (1923)
    not in QF

  25. 琴鏡補一

  26. 琴鏡補二

  27. 琴鏡補三

    冊十 Book 10 (1925)
    not in QF

  28. 琴瑟合譜一

  29. 琴瑟合譜二

  30. 琴瑟合譜三

    冊十一 Book 11 (1929)
    not in QF

  31. 琴學問答、琴師傳、瑟譜書後、彈琴詩

  32. 藏琴錄

    冊十二 Book 12 (1930)
    not in QF

  33. 琴瑟新譜一

  34. 琴瑟新譜二

  35. 琴瑟新譜三

  36. 琴瑟新譜四

    冊十三 Book 13 (1931; compare Book 6 above)
    not in QF

  37. 琴鏡續一 Continuation of Mirror of the Qin (Qin Jing Xu)

  38. 琴鏡續二

  39. 琴鏡續三

  40. 琴鏡續四

    冊十四 Book 14 (1931)
    Not in Qin Fu

  41. 琴鏡釋疑

  42. 幽蘭和聲

  43. 聲律通改詳節
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1. 琴學叢書 Qinxue Congshu
Available in facsimile edition, Tong Kin-Woon's Qin Fu and the 2010 edition of Qinqu Jicheng.

2. Image
None yet selected.

3. 楊宗稷 Yang Zongji (楊時百 Yang Shibai; 1865–1933)
Yang Zongji, better known by his style name Yang Shibai, was from 寧遠 Ningyuan in southern Hunan province. In 1899 he left Hunan for the Beijing; he had already studied qin but it wasn't until several years later that he met his main teacher, Huang Mianzhi (details in Qinshi Chubian), after which he devoted himself completely to qin studies, collecting and writing the materials that were to become Qinxue Congshu. Because of Huang he is said to have belonged to the Jiuyi Qin School.

As for Qinxue Congshu, it is commonly said to have been published in 1911, but it actually came out in 14 separately published books between 1911 and 1931. At some early stage these were apparently published under the continuing title Qinxue Congshu (suggesting the Qin Fu edition came out in 1923), suggesting that 1911 is the date of the original (shortest) Qinxue Congshu, consisting only of 琴粹四卷 Qin Cui. in four folios (q.v..

There is a comment in the text and a footnote of the Zha Fuxi project about Yang's recently discovered qin collection (in the Hangzhou Zhejiang Museum). His Qinxue Congshu contains a considerable amount of material connected to guqin.

4. Original editions of Qinxue Congshu
I have not seen any of these as yet.

5. Four Grand Vistas (四大景 Si Da Jing)

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