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Kuian Qinpu
Remorse-Hut Qin Handbook 1
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This qin handbook in two folios was a collective effort, the most important people perhaps being Wang Zhimin of Suzhou3 and Wu Shiliang of Tiandu.4 Its most notable aspect is its inclusion of illustrations for 13 of its 22 melodies.5 In addition there is an illustration at front, shown at right, depicting a qin player and a listener. The boy standing behind the player is probably a "qin servant".6 The boy is probably also in charge of the tea brewing at lower left.

The only melody that has its first surviving printing here is #2, Leng Yu Ci.7

The Table of Contents for Kuian Qinpu is as follows:

  1. Dongtian Chun Xiao (XI/9; illustration)
  2. Gao Shan (XI/15; illustration)
  3. Leng Yu Ci (Cold Jade Lyrics; only here; XI/17)
  4. Bai Xue (XI/18; illustration)
  5. Mozi Bei Si (Mozi Bei Ge; XI/21)
  6. Huai Shui Xian (XI/24)
  7. Jing Guan Yin (XI/25)
  8. Jishan Qiu Yue (XI/26; illustration)
  9. Cangwu Yuan (XI/33; illustration)
  10. Jiuyi Yin (XI/36; illustration)
  11. Shen Hua Yin (XI/37)

    Latter Folio

  12. Qiao Ge (XI/39; illustration)
  13. Yan Guo Hengyang (XI/43; illustration)
  14. Yu Ge (XI/46; illustration)
  15. Shanju Yin (XI/51; illustration)
  16. Pei Lan (XI/53)
  17. Han Gong Qiu (XI/56; illustration)
  18. Zhi Zhao Fei (XI/59; illustration)
  19. Yan Luo Pingsha (XI/63; illustration)
  20. Oulu Wang Ji (Wang Ji; XI/65)
  21. Yu Shu Lin Feng (XI/66)
  22. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (XI/67)
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 愧菴琴譜 Kuian Qinpu (QQJC XI/69)
愧菴 11297.xxx. 菴/庵 (also "nan") = cottage, hut, Buddhist retreat. Perhaps kuian suggests here someone living apart from society in shame or remorse because of the recent fall of the Ming dynasty.

In his Qinqu Jicheng commentary (XI/1) Wu Zhao mentions, in order, the following people in connection with this handbook:

He has no further specific information about them.

2. Illustration
The illustration above (QQJC XI/7) is the first of 14 in this handbook. There is no inscription on or commentary about it, but it seems reasonable to assume that this illustration is for the whole handbook rather than for any particular melody.

3. 吳士亮 Wu Shilian
The handbook identifies him as "天都吳士亮采臣編集 Wu Shiliang of Tiandu, who selected people to do editing" (?). 5961.937 first says Tiandu is the imperial capital, but it also has other locations, none near Suzhou. Wu Zhao's essay in QQJC XI suggests perhaps he edited the tablature but did not finish.

4. 王治民 Wang Zhimin
The handbook refers to him as 吳門王治民隱臣 The retired civil official Wang Zhimin of Wumen (Suzhou). Wu Zhao's essay in QQJC XI says he was a famous qin player, often mentioned. However, he is not mentioned in Qin Shi Xu.

5. Illustrated melodies
The 13 illustrated melodies are:

6. Qin boy (琴童 qin tong)
In another illustration from Kuian Qinpu the "qin boy" is accompanying a woman.

7. Leng Yu Ci (冷玉詞 Cold Jade Lyrics; XI/17; Guide)
1658.xxx; gong mode; 5 sections, no lyrics and no apparent 詞牌 cipai of this title. This title survives only from here .

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