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Guqins in Art and Illustrations 1
See also Art for qin melodies
Listening to Qin 2                

The qin was the music instrument most depicted by Chinese literati. It was also commonly depicted in popular art. This page has links to a number of examples, but perhaps the best generally available collection is on a Facebook page compiled and maintained by 伏見无家 Muka Fushimi.

Here are links to some examples on this website:

  1. Two paintings, #1 and #2, both called 楊子華北齊校書圖 Northern Qi scholars collating classical texts, by Yang Zihua.3
  2. Methods of playing the qin
    The qin can be played either on the lap or at a table
  3. Qin styles
    Annotated illustrations of 38 famous qin shapes
  4. Using the qin when teaching
    Illustrations showing teachers with qins do not necessarily show them teaching qin
  5. Hand Gesture Illustrations
    33 annotated illustrations of finger techniques
  6. Lienü Zhuan and Liexian Quanzhuan
    Illustrated editions of both include depictions of people with qin connections
  7. Emperor Huizong playing the qin
    Perhaps the earliest painting showing the qin played at a table
  8. Feng Qiu Huang (A Phoenix Seeks his Mate);
    a famous Chinese love story involving seduction by qin.
  9. Autumn Geese over the Grave of the Immaciated Immortal
    A modern painting from photos at the grave
  10. Boya plays for a friend
    A scene often imitated
  11. Private Conversation by a Pine Tree
    More recent depiction of playing qin for a friend
  12. Qin and books
    An expression characterising the interests of a gentleman.
  13. Playing a stringless qin
    Echoes an idea expressed Tao Yuanming
  14. Qin and ruan lute
    The qin also sounds good with Western lute.
  15. Korean examples
    Compare with Korean paintings of komungo

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page) Inscription          

1. Art with Qin
Illustrations on this site come from own own collection whenever possible. Much is downloaded from the internet, and whenever possible I have tried to find out the present location/ownership of the originals. However, this is sometimes difficult. There are also some that are quite curious, such as this dinner plate, the source of which is very circuitous.

2. Listening to the Qin
The inscription (closeup) on the painting to the right says (the second character is actually not clear) "楓溪弗遲老人陳洪綬寫聽琴圖", suggesting that it is an "illustration by Chen Hongshou of listening to the qin"; in fact it is a modern painting by Bai Yunli in this style

3 楊子華北齊校書圖 Northern Qi scholars collating classical texts, by Yang Zihua:
Two paintings, #1 and #2
Northern Qi was 550 to 577 CE, but the paintings more likely date from the Song dynasty. It is not clear if there was originally one painting on this theme and these are two later interpretations, or if from the beginning there was more than one painting on this theme.

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