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Xiao Yan: Emperor Liang Wudi
- Qin Shi Bu #62
蕭衍﹕梁武帝 1
琴史補 #62 2

Xiao Yan (464 - 549) reigned as emperor Liang Wudi from 502 - 550, with his capital in Nanjing. He was a strong Confucian in government but a Buddhist in personal life, several times while emperor joining a monastery as monk. He was a strong patron of the arts as well as a noted scholar and poet. Towards the end of his reign Hou Jing4 overthrew Wudi. Hou Jing also killed Wudi's third son, Xiao Gang5 (503 - 551), who had succeeded his father.

Prominent literary personages in Liang during the reign of Wudi included

His eldest son Xiao Tong6 (501 - 531), compiler of Wen Xuan;
Xu Ling7 (507 - 583), court poet and compiler of New Songs from the Jade Terrace
Shen Yue 8 (441 - 513), an important scholar and official.

YFSJ has poems by Xiao Yan but none in qin section. QSCM, #27 is said to be his Qin Yao.

Xu Jian quotes him concerning the qin player Liu Yun.

The Qin Shi Bu entry also concerns Xiao Yan's seventh son 蕭繹 Xiao Yi (508-555; ruled 552-555 as 梁元帝 Liang Yuan Di).

The original Qin Shi Bu entry for Xiao Yan (and Xiao Yi) is as follows:9

The family and given name of Emperor Wu Liang Di was 蕭衍 Xiao Yan, style name 叔達 Shuda; when young his style name was 練兒 Lian'er....  
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Xiao Yan: Liang Wudi (蕭衍﹕梁武帝)
Sources for Liang Wudi, as well as Liang Yuandi, are given as: 梁書 Liang Shu; 隋書 Sui Shu; 古琴疏 Gu Qin Shu; 樂府詩集 Yuefu Shiji (has many poems for both).

2 7 lines; sources are mentioned in previous footnote.

4. 侯景 Hou Jing (502 - 552)
Hou Jing was a native of Gansu who joined the Wei military service, became governor of Henon, then switched his allegiance from Wei to Liang. However, he then rebelled against Liang and tried to set up a new dynasty.

5. 蕭綱 Xiao Gang, 梁簡文帝 Emperor Jianwen of Liang (503 - 551; r. 550 - 551)
Xiao Gang (ICTCL, p. 266 etc.), the third son of Xiao Yan, is said to have commissioned New Songs from the Jade Terrace. As crown prince he succeeded his father in 549, but was killed by 侯景 Hou Jing in 551. He has a number of poems in Yuefu Shiji, including

Pili Yin
Zhi Zhao Fei Cao
Chun Jiang Qu

6. See 蕭統 Xiao Tong under Wen Xuan.

7. See 徐陵 Xu Ling (507 - 583) and 玉臺新詠 Yutai Xinyong under Wen Xuan

8. 沈約 Shen Yue (441 - 513)

9. Qinshi Bu entry for Xiao Yan
The original Chinese is as follows:

梁武帝姓蕭,氏名衍。字叔達,小字叔達。南蘭陵中都里人梁氏之初樂緣齊舊帝,思弘古樂,尋討經史,百家凡樂事,無大小皆別篡錄。 相傳《琴要》帝所作也,嘗賜張士簡率玉琴一張,琴首金嵌「灌木春鶯」四字,遒勁有法。 其第七子名繹,字世誠,即元帝也。撰《篡要》一書,歷載古琴名及善琴者之姓氏,多為後人稱引云。

Not yet translated.


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