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Wang Yuanliang
- Qin Shi Xu #22
汪元量 1
琴史續 #22 2

Wang Yuanliang (1241?-1318?), also known as Wang Shuiyun or just Shuiyunzi, was a famous qin player at the end of the Southern Song dynasty. Xu Jian's History, Chapter 6a3 has further information about him.3

The overall title of 10 poems by Yun Ruo (see Qinshu Daquan, Folio 20B, #71 - #80) may be connected to him.

Also in Qinshu Daquan is a series of eight poems presented to or about him by various authors. See Folio 20B, #123 - #130.

Some of Wang Yuanliang's writings related to qin are poems or essays in Qinshu Daquan. For example,

Folio 19B, #107 [QQJC V. p.434] (about Xu Tianmin)
Folio 19B, #140 & #141 (about Ye Lanpo and Wang Zhaoyi [Wang Qingyun3])
Folio 20B, #133 - #135 (about Mao Minzhong).

The latter three and perhaps some of the other poems were included in Wang Yuanliang's collection of poetry called Sketches of Lake and Mountain Types.4 To this there was a preface by Liu Chenweng5 (1232-1297).

Another poem about Mao perhaps in this collection is his "With Mao Minzhong leaving the lakes and mountains and from the riverside pavilions of Zhe passing by Wansongling".6

There were also poems on the occasion of Wen Tianxiang being detained in prison (Rao, Section 7).7

The original biography in Qin Shi Xu begins,

Wang Yuanliang (13th/14th c.), style name 大有 Dayou, nickname 水雲子 Shuiyun Zi, was from 錢塘 Hangzhou. During the reign of (Emperor) Duzong (1265 - 75) he used his qin skills to go in and out of the palace.... 8

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Wang Yuanliang sources
Bio/1136: 汪元量,宋臨安錢塘人,字大有,號水雲子 from Lin'an, style name Dayou, nickname Shui Yunzi; jinshi during 1265 - 75.
Qinshi Xu gives its sources as 宋遺民錄 Song Yimin Lu, 舊宮人詩詞跋 Jiu Gongren Shici Ba, 蒓湖漫錄 Chunhu Manlu.

2. 10 lines; four sources given

3. Wang Qinghui 王清惠
Her common nickname seems to have been 王昭儀 Wang Zhaoyi "Wang the Brilliant Companion". Bio/217: A woman of the Song dynasty; during the Duzong reign (1265-75) she was selected to work in the palace sidequarters as a "lady of bright deportment" (Hucker). After 1280, when the Yuan took control of all of China, she was sent north, but eventually became a 女道士 female Daoist. In addition to the poem above, her friendship with Wang Yuanliang is mentioned in Rao, Section 7.

4. Sketches of lake and mountain types (湖山類稿 Hushanlei Gao)
Hushanlei Gao (湖山類稿 18214.8) is a collection of poetry in five folios by Wang Yuanliang, with an appended folio 水雲 Water and clouds).

5. Liu Chenweng, Preface to Hushanlei Gao (劉辰翁,湖山類稿序)
For Liu Chenweng (1232-1297) see Bio/678

6. With Mao Minzhong leaving the lakes and mountains and from the riverside pavilions of Zhe passing by Wansongling
(同毛敏仲出湖山由萬松嶺過浙江亭 Tong Mao Minzhong chu hushan you Wansongling guo Zhe jiangting)
This poem was included in Hushanlei Gao. Lakes and mountains (湖山 18214.4 Hushan: a general term for lakes and mountains; probably not the mountain named Hushan in Jiangsu); Wansongling (萬松嶺 25455.266 a mountain just outside the 南鳳山門 South Phoenix Mountain gate); riverside pavilions of Zhe (Zhe jiangting 浙江亭 but 17496.183 江亭 river pavilions; not "Zhejiang", which is generally modern usage).

7. Writing Detained in Gloom for Wen Tianxiang in prison 文天祥,拘幽
Rao, Section 7, says Wang Yuanliang 至文文山困囚所,為之作《拘幽》以下十操,文山掖倚歌而和之。
In Qinshi Xu the same story seems to concern 文丞相銀鐺 Grand Councilor Wen Yindang.

8. See Xu Jian's History 6a3.

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