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Zhao Mengfu
- Qin Shi Xu #31
趙孟頫 1
琴史續 #31 2
Zhao Mengfu plays qin as his wife listens 3        
Zhao Mengfu (1254 - 1322), most famous as a painter and calligrapher as well as an essayist, perhaps gained his entry in Qin Shi Xu mainly through the connoisseurship expressed in his writings regarding the qin. His wife Guan Daosheng, a noted poet and painter, is not mentioned.4

The biography here, after giving details of his family lineage and saying he entered the Hanlin Academy during the Yuan dynasty, states that in addition to being a famous calligrapher he also was good at playing qin (giving no details). It then discusses in particular his possession of two valuable qins, one named Excessive Tremors (?), the other Snowy Pines.5 It also mentions him having written (an essay named) Qin Source (Qin Yuan), but it does not relate the accounts given elsewhere that he wrote or transmitted several melodies, Si Xian Cao in particular.6 It ends by referring to his conversations with Zhang Tianyu.

Further regarding Qin Source (Qin Yuan 7), included amongst Zhao's Essays from Snowy Pine Studio (see in Rao Zongyi, Section 6),8 it seems to have dealt mostly with music theory, perhaps most importantly expressing some disagreement with the ideas of Yang Zuan.

His attitude to qin is further mentioned in James Watt, The Qin and the Chinese Literati.

Some of Zhao Mengfu's other writings related to qin are in Qinshu Daquan. See in particular,9

Zhao Mengu's calligraphy and painting that I have used for inspiration in connection with specific qin melodies include:

See also his Elegant Gathering in the Western Garden Qin and ruan      

The biographical entry of Zhao Mengfu begins as follows,11

Zhao Mengfu, style name 子昂 Zi'ang, was a descendant of Defang, Prince of Qin, a son of the first Song emperor (Taizu; they had been sent to Huzhou, hence Mengfu himself was from Huzhou)....

Translation incomplete but summarized above. It ends by discussing 張天與 Zhang Tianyu (Bio/xxx), style name 伯禹 Boyu, self-nicknamed 句曲 Gouqu, a 外史高士 gentleman with perhaps some connection to the Hanlin Academy. He studied qin when he was young and "stored" one named Wind in the Trees. Zhao Mengfu like to talk about qin matters such as tuning theory and the two of them discussed this endlessly (?).

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Zhao Mengfu (趙孟頫 1254 - 1322)
Wikipedia: courtesy name 子昂 Zi'ang, pseudonyms 松雪 Songxue (Pine Snow), 鸥波 Oubo (Gull Waves) and 水精宫道人 Shuijing-gong Dao-ren (Master of the Crystal Palace), a descendant of the Song Dynasty imperial family, was a famous scholar, painter and calligrapher during the Yuan Dynasty.

2. 12 lines; also discusses 張天與 Zhang Tianyu

3. Zhao Mengfu plays qin as his wife listens
Image copied from http://www.epochtimes.com, which says the statues are at the 湖州故居庭院 Courtyard of (Zhao Mengfu's) Former Residence in Huzhou (in Zhejiang just south of Lake Tai). (See 趙孟頫故居舊址紀念館.)

4. Guan Daosheng 管道昇; (1262–1319; Wiki)
No qin references as yet.

5. Zhao Mengfu's qins
The two mentioned here are:

No mention of 大雅 Da Ya, also associated with Zhang Mengfu.

6. Zhao Mengfu and Si Xian Cao
See further.

7. Qin Source (琴原 Qin Yuan)
Not yet seen; included in Songxuezhai Ji (see next).

8. Essays from Snowy Pine Studio (松雪齋文集 Songxuezhai Wenji)
14897.157 松雪齋文集 Songxuezhai Ji: a book in 10+1+1 folios by Zhao Mengfu.

9. Zhao Mengfu quotes in Qinshu Daquan
Details to be added.

10. Calligraphy for Qingjing Jing
Compare the one on the World Art Kiosk website.

11. Biography Zhao Mengfu (1254 - 1322)
Original text (Qinshi Xu #31) is as follows,



Translation not yet written out, but summarized above. Sources are given as 元史 Yuan Shi (Yuan Dynasty History)、吳興備志 Wuxing Bei Zhi (Gazetteer of Wuxing, i.e., Huzhou in Zhejiang) and 蓴湖漫錄 Chunhu Manlu.

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