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Qinqu Jicheng (Original Series)
First Edition, First Volume, 1963 1
第一輯上冊, 1963

This volume, apparently intended to be the first of two,2 re-printed handbooks that Zha Fuxi had collected in the 1950s during his project of locating old qin handbooks, as well as players and instruments. In 1958 the findings were published in his "Guide", then in 1963 the Beijing Guqin Research Society, a section of the Chinese Music Research Institute within the Central Conservatory, published what was planned to be the first of a set of two that re-printed the first 33 of those handbooks (32 by my count).3 These 32 handbooks are introduced by Zha Fuxi in this edition of Qinqu Jicheng; however, the second volume was never published. Instead, in 1981 the project of re-printing was begun again, on a grander scale, with the publication of the first of series apparently projected to include 24 volumes also called Qinqu Jicheng (see Guqin Handbooks).

The first volume in the original series has the first 17 of the 32 introduced handbooks. Of these 17, 15 were re-printed exactly as later in the new series. However, the versions of two of them, Taiyin Daquanji and Shen Qi Mi Pu, are printed here in editions different from those used later (see comments below).

The volumes included in (and projected for) this series are as follows.

  1. Jieshidiao Youlan (碣石調幽蘭; 6th c.?; Folio I.#1);
    longhand tablature said to date from 6th c., discovered Japan 19th c., included in Qinxue Congshu (see 1910 below)
  2. Baishi Daoren Gequ Gu Yuan (白石道人歌曲古怨; 12th c.; I.2.);
    single qin song, with music and lyrics by Jiang Kui (姜夔); pub. between 1176-1197; Jiang Kui also published songs using other notation
  3. Shilin Guangji (事林廣記; Comprehensive Record of Affairs; 1269 CE; I.3.);
    qin section includes five short modal preludes (diaoyi) and the brief Prelude to Golden Oriole (開指黃鶯吟; Kaizhi Huangying Yin)
  4. (Xinkan Taiyin Daquanji (新刊太音大全集)
    Compare with the Taiyin Daquanji reprinted in the new series and the Taigu Yiyin reprinted by Tong Kin-woon (see also his commentary discussing the various editions.
  5. Shen Qi Mi Pu (神奇秘譜; 1425 CE; I.6);
    Second edition: see comments by Tong Kin-Woon
  6. Wusheng Qinpu (五聲琴譜; 1457; I.7.); compiler/author unknown
  7. Zheyin Shizi Qinpu (浙音釋字琴譜; >1505; I.8); compiler lived in Nanchang
  8. Xie Lin Taigu Yiyin (謝琳太古遺音; 1511 [not related to I.4]; I.9); compiler lived in She County, Anhui
  9. Huang Shida Taigu Yiyin (黃士達太古遺音; 1515 [not related to I.4]; I.10); see previous
  10. Faming Qinpu (發明琴譜; 1530; I.11); compiler, from Iyang (Jiangxi) perhaps lived in Nanjing
  11. Fengxuan Xuanpin (風宣玄品; 1539; II.1); compiler was enfeoffed in Junzhou, Henan
  12. Wugang Qinpu (梧岡琴譜; 1546; I.12; Zha did not index; compiled by a palace eunuch)
  13. Qinpu Zhengchuan (琴譜正傳; 1547 / 1561; II.2; the 45 melodies in 1546 and 26 more)
  14. Xilutang Qintong (西麓堂琴統; 1525; III.1; compiler was in She county, Anhui)
  15. Buxuxian Qinpu (步虛仙琴譜; 1556; III.2; not fully indexed).
    The National Libary in Taiwan has a complete edition; Qinqu Jicheng only has folios 5 and 6.
  16. Taiyin Buyi (太音補遺; 1557; III.3) Also Xingzhuang....
  17. Taiyin Xupu (太音續譜; 1559; III.4) Also Xingzhuang....

    The following are the books discussed by Zha Fuxi here, but not included in this edition

  18. Taiyin Chuanxi (太音傳習; 1552-61; Vol. IV.1; not indexed); by 李仁 Li Ren
  19. Wuyin Qinpu (五音琴譜; 1579; IV.2)
  20. Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qinpu (重修真傳琴譜; 1585; IV.3). 105 melodies in 10 folios, all with lyrics. Compare 1573.
    Van Gulik, Lore, p.185, mentions a 琴譜合璧大全 Qinpu Hebi Daquan, perhaps another edition of this work.
  21. Yuwu Qinpu (玉梧琴譜; 1589; VI.1)
  22. Qinshu Daquan (琴書大全; 1590; V)
  23. Sanjiao Tongsheng (三教同聲; 1592; VI.2)
    1 F; 4 melodies, all 1st occurence, one Confucian (with prelude), one Buddhist, one Daoist
  24. Wenhuitang Qinpu (文會堂琴譜; 1596; VI.3)
    6F, 69 melodies, 11 first occurence; compiled by Hu Wenhuan (胡文煥) of Qiantang (Hangzhou) .
  25. Luqi Xinsheng (綠綺新聲; 1597; VII.1)
    3F; 13 melodies (5 diaoyi and 8 titled pieces, 3-1st), all with lyrics; melodies of 徐時琪 Xu Shiqi (終南山 Zhongnanshan?)
  26. Zangchunwu Qinpu (藏春塢琴譜; 1602; VI.4)
    6F; 65 melodies/3-1st; compiled by Hao Ning (郝寧) and other eunuchs; (Zangchunwu was a walled village near Nanjing)
  27. Sancai Tuhui Xuji (三才圖會續集; 1607; VI.5)
    edited by 王洪洲、思義 Wang Hongzhou and Siyi (father and son); no location indicated; diagrams, zhifa, five diaoyi from
  28. Yang Lun Taigu Yiyin (楊掄太古遺音)
    Part of Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu (真傳正宗琴譜; 1589 and 1609; VII.2)

    Yang Lun Boya Xinfa (楊掄伯牙心法)
    Also part of Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu (真傳正宗琴譜; 1589 and 1609; VII.2)
    QQJC new series has the pair of these in two editions, one pair dated 1589, then the melodies added in the more complete pair dated 1609

  29. 太古正音琴經 Taigu Zhengyin Qin Jing
    Originally published in 1609 as
    Yangchuntang Qin Jing (陽春堂琴經; 1611; VII.3); Taigu Zhengyin Qinjing is a 1669 reprint
  30. 太古正音琴譜 Taigu Zhengyin Qinpu
    Originally published in 1611 as
    Yangchuntang Qinpu (陽春堂琴譜; 1611 [?]; VII.4, pp. 331 - 431)
  31. Qin Shi (琴適; 1611; VIII.1)
    4 folios; 5 diaoyi and 8 melodies (repeat of 1597); edited by Sun Pixian (孫丕顯) of Qimin (七閩; north Fujian);
    part of Yanxian Sishi (燕閒四適; Four attainments of pleasure): qin, chess, books/calligraphy, painting (琴棋書畫)
  32. Songxianguan Qinpu (松絃館琴譜; 1614; VIII.2)
    30 melodies/2-1st; by Yan Cheng (嚴澂); founded Yushan (虞山; north of Suzhou) school (cf. 1937);
    see VG, pp.182, (& 226: Shin Etsu used it in Japan)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Publication details
The original Qinqu Jicheng single volume was published by 中華書局 Zhonghua Shuju on behalf of the 中央音樂學院中國音樂研究所,北京古琴研究會 Zhongyang Yinyue Xueyuan Zhongguo Yinyue Yanjiusuo, Beijing Guqin Yanjiuhui

2. Projected two volumes?
The assumption of two volumes is based on the first being called 上 shang, rather than #1, as well as the introduction of 33 handbooks. Of course, it is quite likely that at that time it was hoped that the rest of the handbooks would eventually also be re-printed.

3. The 32 handbooks
The 32 handbooks listed above (considered originally as 33, but the two from 1589 and 1609 above are in my list combined into one) are the first 32 handbooks republished in the new series. They thus omit the following four from my list of the first 36:

  4. Taigu Yiyin
  6. Qinyuan Yaolu
21. Longhu Qinpu
22. Xinkan Zhengwen Duiyin Jieyao Qinpu Zhenchuan

These 36 comprise all of new series volumes 1 to 7, plus two handbooks later published in volume 8. In order to get into one volume what was later published in almost four volumes the paper was made very thin. This makes the earlier edition somewhat more difficult to read (and fragile) than the later one. However, this volume can be found in some libraries (e.g., Columbia University) that do not include any from the new series. (Return)

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