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Table of Contents for Qin Fu 1
Handbooks, essays and notation compiled by Tong Kin-Woon 2
  The three volumes of Qin Fu 3            
Tong Kin-Woon compiled Qin Fu in Taiwan based mainly on materials available to him locally; some were brought from the mainland, some were preserved only in Taiwan. He published it in 1971 then reprinted it in 1981.

After the opening prefaces4 the materials can be divided into three types:5

  1. Qin handbooks; at that time most of them otherwise hard to find (Vol 1)
  2. Short essays: Biographies of modern qin players, old essays, modern essays (Vol. 2A)
  3. Books of transcriptions originally published in the mainland (Vol. 2B).

Qin Fu includes two handbooks missing from the 30-Volume Qinqu Jicheng: Longhu Qinpu and Jinyu Qin Kan.

    Volume 1 of Qin Fu
    Consists of the following 12 handbooks (also search in the
    QQJC list for "QF"):

  1. Jieshidiao Youlan (QF pp.1-12)
  2. Baishi Daoren Gequ Gu Yuan (QF pp.13-28)
  3. Taigu Yiyin (comment; QF pp.29-108)
  4. Shen Qi Mi Pu (3rd edition; adds fingering explanations at end; QF pp.109-220)
  5. Longhu Qinpu (QF pp.221-284)
  6. Qin Kuang from Dahuan'ge Qinpu (QF pp.285-296)
  7. Chuncaotang Qinpu (QF pp.297-384)
  8. Ziyuantang Qinpu (QF pp.385-576)
  9. Qinxue Rumen (QF pp.577-654)
  10. Qinse Hepu (QF pp.655-726)
  11. Qinxue Congshu (QF pp.727-1148; not complete)
  12. Jinyu Qinkan (QF pp.1149-1511)

    Volume 2 of Qin Fu (opens with the images at right then 31 pages of B/W images of players and qins) 6
    Pagination begins at 1515, right after the ToC (see this .pdf file of the original Vol. 2 ToC [573KB]).

  13. 近代琴人錄: Introductions to 102 qin players, mostly ones active at that time (pp.1517-1680; pics at front were of them as well as of qins)7
    Many entries include commentary on qin belonging to those players. Of special note here is the:

    Entry for 盧家炳 Lo Ka-ping includes accounts of his antique qins (pp.1657-1692; see further); an article by Dale Craig is below

  14. 古人琴說輯: 31 Early essays on qin (QF pp.1681-1758), as follows:
      序 Preface (p.1683)
      目錄 Table of Contents (p.1674)
    1. 前定錄(唐 鍾輅 Zhong Lu; p.1686)
    2. 琵琶錄(唐 段安節; p.1686)
    3. 中華古今注(後唐 馬縞; p.1686)
    4. 歐陽文忠公文集 (宋 歐陽修; p.1688)
    5. 夢溪筆談 (宋 沈括; p.1689)
    6. 夢溪補筆談 (宋 ;沈括 p.1689)
    7. 澠水燕談錄 (宋 王闢之; p.1690)
    8. 晦庵先生朱文公文集 (宋 朱熹; p.1690)
    9. 洞天清祿集 (宋 趙希鵠; p.1692)
    10. 琴曲譜錄(宋 僧居月; p.1695)
    11. 雲煙過眼錄 (宋 周密; p.1696)
    12. 志雅堂雜鈔 (宋 周密; p.1698)
    13. 爐火監戒錄 (宋 俞炎; p.1699)
    14. 山家清供 (宋 林洪; p.1699)
    15. 琴言十則;附指法譜(元 吳澄; p.1700)
    16. 雲煙過眼錄續集 (明 湯允謨; p.1705)
    17. 冷仙琴聲十六法 (明 冷仙; p.1705)
    18. 輟耕錄 (明 陶宗儀; p.1705)
    19. 格古要論 (明 曹昭; p.1706)
    20. 尊生八牋」之「燕閒清賞」 (高聯; p.1707)
    21. 清秘藏 (明 張應文; p.1709)
    22. 「考槃餘事」之「琴箋」 (屠隆 ; p.1711)
    23. 長物志 (明 文震亨; p.1715)
    24. 書影擇錄 (清 周亮工; p.1715)
    25. 七頌堂識小錄 (清 劉體仁; p.1716)
    26. 琴學八則 (清 程雄; p.1716)
    27. 享金薄 (清 孔尚任; p.1717)
    28. 愛吾廬題跋 (清 呂世宜; p.1718)
    29. 清稗類鈔 (民國 徐珂; p.1718)
    30. 骨董瑣記 (民國 鄭之誠; p.1726)
    31. 骨董續記 (民國 鄭之誠; p.1726)
    32. 琴賦(晉 嵇康:古人琴說輯校註)(民國 唐健垣校註; p.1727)
      Notes by TKW on all the above essays (p.1733)

  15. 近代琴文集: 62 Modern essays on qin (QF pp.1759-2044), as follows (selections):
      序 Preface (p.1761)
      目錄 Table of Contents (p.1762)
    1. 薛劍公的都梁琴(一粟 Yi Su; p.1766)
    2. 綠綺臺琴與都梁琴(少明; p.1767)
    3. 家藏鳳首琴(內藤湖南; p.1768)
    4. 古琴在中國音樂上的價值(朱雲; p.1769)
    5. 鈔本琴律譜跋(阮廷焯; p.1772)
    6. A Short Guide to Ch'in (Tsun-Yuen Lui: English language order so moved to pp.2044-2018
    7. 紀都梁琴及薛劍公二三事(何覺; p.1773)
    8. 古琴展覽簡介(屈志仁; p.1774)
    9. 廣東的明琴(屈志仁; p.1775)
    10. 一曲琴挑-司馬相如(東方明; p.1776)
    11. 「廣陵散」之謎嵇康(東方明; p.1779)
    12. 青谿三弄-桓伊(東方明; p.1782)
    13. 製琴專家-李勉(東方明; p.1784)
    14. 琴書自娛之李仙根(林光灝; p.1785)
    15. 蕭齋琴雨(林光灝; p.1785)
    16. 綠綺臺琴與鄭爾雅(林熙; p.1785)
    17. 古琴今譚(周靖; p.1787)
    18. 白居易與古琴(容天圻; p.1789)
    19. 古琴名曲與「廣陵散」(容天圻; p.1790)
    20. 古琴曲與琴譜(容天圻; p.1781)
    21. 古琴欣賞(容天圻; p.1797)
    22. 古琴曲譜的整理與發掘(容天圻; p.1799)
    23. 知音(容天圻; p.1801)
    24. 記琴學入門及其作者張靜薌(容天圻; p.1802)
    25. 琴社紀盛(容天圻; p.1805)
    26. 琴畫家招學庵(容天圻; p.1807)
    27. 談古琴(容天圻; p.1809)
    28. 論古琴的源流及其藝事(容天圻; p.1810)
    29. 談古說今話名琴(容天圻; p.1816)
    30. 鼓琴一得(容天圻; p.1818)
    31. 古琴傳薪(容天圻; p.1820)
    32. 張大千先生談春雷古琴(容天圻; p.1823)
    33. 歐陽修與古琴(容天圻; p.1825)
    34. 古琴古箏欣賞會追記(容天圻; p.1829)
    35. 古琴曲譜一夕譚(夏天馬; p.1831)
    36. 名琴觀賞記(夏天馬; p.1834)
    37. 古琴曲「風入松」製曲年代考(夏天馬; p.1838)
    38. 鏡齋十二名琴(徐文鏡; p.1844)
    39. 華夏之光音樂(郎玉衡; p.1846)
    40. 琴曲七首考略(唐健垣; p.1846)
    41. 古琴古箏演奏會後記(唐健垣; p.1857)
    42. 古琴展覽(唐健垣; p.1860)
    43. 唐宋明清及現代古譜簡介(唐健垣; p.1896)
    44. 古琴德欣賞與選製(孫毓芹; p.1899)
    45. 國樂與古琴(孫毓芹; p.1903)
    46. 中國的古琴(孫毓芹; p.1907)
    47. 「國樂概論」之「古琴的介紹」(梁在平; p.1809)
    48. 「研易習琴齋」各家琴譜記略(章志蓀; p.1913)
    49. 改良古琴初步報告(張世彬; p.1915)
    50. 琴樂東傳散記(張世彬; p.1917)
    51. 從古琴名曲「廣陵散」失傳談起(劉德義; p.1921)
    52. 破除玄奧(鄭昌國; p.1925)
    53. 中國古琴小引(盧家炳; p.1926)
    54. 琴語「七絃琴」(盧家炳; p.1927)
    55. 古琴樂譜(盧家炳; p.1928)
    56. 古琴淺說(盧家炳; p.1930)
    57. 春雨草堂琴譜 Chunyu Caotang Qinpu (Lo Ka-Ping [廬家炳 Lu Jiabing, 1884-1980]; pp.1934-1953) 8
      It seems likely that there were several editions of this handbook: the compilation Jue Xiang in commenting on the 10 recordings it has of Lo Kaping (CD3) says that they were all made in Hong Kong in 1982, with the music coming from a handbook of this title.

      Titles of the 10 melodies in the Qin Fu edition of this handbook are as follows (note that three of the melodies are recorded on the CD Lost Sounds of the Tao):

        Modes and short preface
        Table of Contents
      1. 物外神遊 Wu Wai Shen You
      2. 思親操 Si Qin Cao
      3. 黃葉寒蟬 Huang Ye Han Chan
      4. 月下吟 Yuexia Yin (recording)
      5. 逍遥游 Xiaoyao You (unrelated to 1525)
      6. 草堂春雨 Cao Tang Chun Yu
      7. 午夜焚修 Wu Ye Fen Xiu (recording)
      8. 懷聖引 Huai Sheng Yin
      9. 孤鴻 Gu Hong (recording)
      10. 蝶戀花 Die Lian Hua

    58. 都梁琴歌並敍(羅忼烈; p.1954)
    59. 琴話(關俠農; p.1954)
    60. 楚辭與古琴曲(饒宗頤; pp.1956-1962)

    61. 宋季金元琴史考述(饒宗頤; written in English order so moved to pp.2017-1991
    62. Lo Ka Ping, Cantonese Musician (Dale A. Craig; English, so moved to pp.1990-1983; originally published in Arts of Asia, Nov/Dec 1971, the Qin Fu copy can be found here.)

    - endnotes by Dr. Tong on the modern essays (QF pp.2045-2056)

  16. Guqinqu Huibian (not then available in Taiwan; QF pp.2057-2152)
  17. Guqin Quji Vol. 1 (not then available in Taiwan; pp.2153-2448)
  18. Same transcriptions at in 17 but converted by Dr. Tong from staff to number notation; pp.2449-2745)
  19. Corrections to Guqin Quji (QF pp.2746-2774)
  20. Wang Shixiang's article on Guangling San, plus tablature (in number notation; QF 2775-2816)
  21. Table of Contents for the transcriptions (pp.7-1)

The pagination in Qin Fu is somewhat confusing, in part because of the location of the general end notes, in part because for three essays at the end of entry 15 (i.e., pp.2017-1991, 1990-1983 and 2044-2018) and for entries 16 to 20 the pages are numbered left to right; everything else is numbered right to left.

Here Dr. Tong's end notes are placed after #s 16-21, where they are paginated separately from the above. They are as follows:

Appendices: further commentary mostly by Dr. Tong, but separately numbered

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1. 琴府 Qin Fu
Publishing details

2. Tong Kin-Woon (唐健垣 Tang Jianyuan)
See further

3. Illustration: The three Volumes of Qin Fu
An internet search suggests it may still be available online.

4. Opening prefaces
At the front of the book there are prefaces by:

To my knowledge none of these has been translated.

5. Overall arrangement
My personal edition of Qin Fu divides Volume 2 in half; in commentary I generally refer to them as 2A (with what here are called Sections 13-15 ) and 2B (Sections 16-20).

6. Illustration
The one shown above seems to be the only color plate in the book.

7. Opening section
On pp.1528-44 there is a list of handbook collections, then melody names; then on p. 1679, after the modern bios, is the Chart of guqin schools made by Zha Fuxi. (Note that Zha Fuxi was then persona non grata to the Nationalist Government so in Qin Fu TKW generally referred to him only as 查照雨 Zha Zhaoyu.)

8. Qin Melodies by 廬家炳 Lo Ka Ping (1896-1980)
Lo Ka-Ping (Lu Jiabing) came to Hong Kong from Guangdong province in the 1930s. An avid guqin player, he collected many old instruments from people arriving in Hong Kong from the mainland. As well as being a Daoist priest he was a school teacher and composer of guqin melodies. Many of these were included in his guqin handbook.

In addition to the melodies above, at least 10 more pieces have been attributed to him elsewhere, but their place of publication is unclear. The titles of those melodies include:

  1. 茅亭賦 Maoting Fu
  2. 懷故鄉 Huai Gu Xiang
  3. 月夜醉花陰 Yue Ye Zui Hua Yin
  4. 飛觴賦 Fei Shang Fu
  5. 秋夜誦 Qiu Ye Song
  6. 聖廟之音 Sheng Miao ze Yin
  7. 碧雲深 Bi Yun Shen (recording in Jue Xiang)
  8. 水遠山重 Shui Yuan Shan Chong
  9. 娛晚景 Yu Wan Jing
  10. 雲樹滄茫 Yun Shu Cang Mang

The CD Lost Sounds of the Tao has one melody with only an English title, Murmuring in the Boudoir. I have not been able to find comparable tablature in the handbook above, so perhaps it is one of these 10 pieces.

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