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Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu
Qin Studies Heartfelt Sounds Harmonious Tablature 1
ca. 1650
目錄 Table of Contents Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu original ToC 2      

  1. 太平奏 Taiping Zou (XII/65)
    10+1 sections; preface dated 1663;
    attributed revisions; lyrics (皇帝聖神,猶然齊袚深宮....); only here (5965.xxx)
  2. 禹鑿龍門 Yu Zuo Longmen (XII/70)
    12+1 sections; preface dated 1665; only here
  3. 釋談章 Shitan Zhang (XII/73)
    Buddhist chant (南無佛陀也....); earliest was
    1592; Zhuang Zhenfeng arranged the music; 10th of 51; attributed revisions
  4. 梨雲春思 Li Yun Chun Si: Pear-White Clouds, Spring Thoughts (XII/78)
    10+1 sections; lyrics; first of 6; preface dated 1665.
  5. 瑤島問長生 Yaodao Wen Changsheng (XII/81)
    9+1 sections; lyrics (紅塵碧水....); only here and in
    ca. 1802
  6. 早朝吟 Zaozhao Yin (XII/84)
    3 sections; lyrics (銀燭朝天....); only here
  7. 空山磬 Kongshan Qing (XII/86)
    9 sections; first of four (others are
    1702, ca. 1802 and 1876)
  8. 修竹留風 Xiu Zhu Liu Feng (XII/89)
    16+1 sections; first of three (others are
    ca. 1802 [XIX/193] and 1876 [XXI/185; calls it 修竹流風)
  9. 臨河修禊 Lin He Xiuxi (XII/93)
    5 sections; lyrics (永和九年....) are the Lanting Xu by Wang Xizhi; no musical relation to Xiuxi Yin; only here
  10. 八公還童 Ba Gong Hai Tong (The 8 Dukes Still Appear Youthful; XII/96)
    10+1 sections; lyrics (遐哉穆滿....); only here and in ca. 1802
  11. 雲中笙鶴 Yunzhong Shenghe (XII/101)
    24+1 sections; only
    here and in ca. 1802; Huangzhong tuning; further details below
  12. 鈞天逸響 Jun Tian Yi Xiang (XII/107)
    10 sections; only here and in
    ca. 1802

    莊蝶菴琴學心聲跋 Epilogue by Zhuang Zhenfeng himself (XII/109)

    琴學心聲諧譜後序 Afterword to Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu (1666; XII/110)

    琴學心聲跋 Epilogue to Qinxue Xinsheng (1664; XII/111)

    One appended folio

    范光文集古詩跋 Epilogue by Fan Guangwen about the old poems collected (1665; XII/1102)
    Shouldn't this be after p.164?

  13. 栩栩曲 Xuxu Qu (XII/113)
    10 sections; no preface; lyrics (栩栩者蝶耶,遽遽者睫耶。....) by 錢塘毛先舒稚黃氏譜詞; only here
    毛先舒 Mao Xianshu (1620 - 1688), style name 稚黃 Zhihuang, was a poet from 浙江仁和 Renhu in Zhejiang (
    Chinese Wiki)
  14. 梧葉舞秋風 Wuye Wu Qiufeng (XII/116)
    清宮音 qinggong mode (5 6 1 2 3 5 6); first of 23 (but no later one is a copy of this); preface dated 1670

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Table of Contents
Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu is in QQJC XII 1-160

2. Table of Contents
Page 1 (of four); see QQJC XII/15-16, The full ToC with page numbers in QQJC/XII is copied on pp. 一 - 二.

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