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Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu
Qin Studies Heartfelt Sounds Harmonious Tablature 1
ca. 1650
目錄 Table of Contents Original ToC, Folio 2 (expand) 2                  

  1. 太平奏 Taiping Zou (莊臻鳳子著; XII/65)
    10+1 sections; preface dated 1663; attributed revisions; lyrics (皇帝聖神,猶然齊袚深宮....); only here (5965.xxx)
  2. 禹鑿龍門 Yu Zuo Longmen (莊臻鳳子著; XII/70)
    12+1 titled sections; preface dated 1665; only here
  3. 釋談章 Shitan Zhang (子諧音; XII/73)
    Lyrics (Buddhist chant: 南無佛陀也....); earliest was 1592; Zhuang Zhenfeng arranged the music; 10th of 51; attributed revisions
  4. 梨雲春思 Li Yun Chun Si: Pear-White Clouds, Spring Thoughts (莊臻鳳子諧音; XII/78)
    10+1 titled sections; preface dated 1664; ci lyrics; first of 5: others are ca. 1802, 1833, 1876 and 1882.
  5. 瑤島問長生 Yaodao Wen Changsheng (莊臻鳳子諧音; XII/81)
    9+1 sections; lyrics (紅塵碧水....); only here and in ca. 1802
  6. 早朝吟 Zao Zhao Yin (莊臻鳳子著; XII/84)
    3 sections; shi lyrics; only here
    Settings of three Tang dynasty poems, all with the structure [7+7] x 4 (compare the melody Shi Yin)
  7. 空山磬 Kongshan Qing (莊臻鳳子著; XII/86)
    9 sections; first of four (others are 1702, ca. 1802 and 1876)
  8. 修竹留風 Xiu Zhu Liu Feng (Tapering Bamboo Tempers the Wind; 莊臻鳳子著; XII/89)
    16+1 sections; first of three; afterword discusses tuning or intonation; many non pentatonic notes
    (Also in ca. 1802 [XIX/193; same] and 1876 [XXI/185; calls it 修竹流風, changes finger positions])
  9. 臨河修禊 Lin He Xiuxi (莊臻鳳子諧音; XII/93)
    5 sections; lyrics (永和九年....) are the Lanting Xu by Wang Xizhi; no musical relation to Xiuxi Yin; only here
  10. 八公還童 Ba Gong Hai Tong (The 8 Dukes Still Appear Youthful; 莊臻鳳子諧音; XII/96)
    10+1 titled sections; lyrics (遐哉穆滿....); only here and in ca. 1802
  11. 雲中笙鶴 Yunzhong Sheng He (In the Clouds Riding an Immortal Crane [playing a sheng?]; 莊臻鳳子編; XII/101)
    24+1 sections; only here and in ca. 1802; Huangzhong tuning; further details below 5.
  12. 鈞天逸響 Jun Tian Yi Xiang (莊臻鳳子著; XII/107)
    10 sections; only here and in ca. 1802
    "The Music of Heaven Unrestrained"? 41132.1 鈞天 1. 九天之一 one of the nine heavens; 2. 音樂名,參見鈞天廣樂 name of a music, see Jun tian guang yue, which Shi Ji called, "The music of heaven."

    莊蝶菴琴學心聲跋 Epilogue by Zhuang Zhenfeng himself (XII/109)

    琴學心聲諧譜後序 Afterword to Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu (1666; XII/110)

    琴學心聲跋 Epilogue to Qinxue Xinsheng (1664; XII/111)

    One appended folio

    范光文集古詩跋 Epilogue by Fan Guangwen about the old poems collected (1665; XII/1102)
    Shouldn't this be after p.164?

  13. 栩栩曲 Xuxu Qu (莊臻鳳子諧音; XII/113)
    10 sections; no preface; lyrics (栩栩者蝶耶,遽遽者睫耶。....) by 錢塘毛先舒稚黃氏譜詞; only here
    毛先舒 Mao Xianshu (1620 - 1688), style name 稚黃 Zhihuang, was a poet from 浙江仁和 Renhu in Zhejiang (Chinese Wiki)
  14. 梧葉舞秋風 Wuye Wu Qiufeng (莊臻鳳; XII/116)
    清宮音 qinggong mode (5 6 1 2 3 5 6); first of 23 (but no later one is a copy of this); preface dated 1670

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Table of Contents
Qinxue Xinsheng Xiepu is in QQJC XII 1-160

2. Table of Contents, Folio 2
QQJC XII/60-61. These pages are copied to highlight the fact that the last two pieces seem to have been added separately at the end, qne elsewhere there are references that seem to suggest this handbook had 12 melodies, but all 14 are included here as part of the whole. I have not yet clarified this.

4. An Immortal Crane in the Clouds (雲中笙鶴 Yunzhong Sheng He) (XII/78)
This composition by Zhuang Zhenfeng, in Huangzhong mode (lowered first string, raised fifth; 1 3 5 6 1 2 3), survives only from here and >1802. Furthermore, a comment attached to the melody Hujia Shibapai as published in 1820 stated that this Hujia was one of only four melodies using this tuning that was still extant (played?), the others being Yunzhong Shenghe, Da Ya and Qiu Yue Zhao Maoting.

For shenghe 笙鶴 26531.22 says 仙鶴名 the name of an immortal crane.

5. The role of 莊臻鳳 Zhuang Zhenfeng in creating the pieces in his handbook
The attributions with the 14 melodies above are given only in Chinese. There the original terms used for his role in creating them are as follows:

From this one can see that he is credited with having "子著 written" five of the six pieces with no lyrics and having "製 crafted" the sixth. As for the eight pieces with lyrics it is a bit more vague. Only one (#1) is he said to have "written", all the others he "子諧音 arranged" or "edited 子編". Perhaps he did create the music, but perhaps in some cases he was adapting existing melodies.

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