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Zheyin Shizi Qinpu
Complete Table of Contents

Because the first five pages of Zheyin are missing, the first two entries below are speculative.1 All melodies have accompanying lyrics/poetic text; all sub-sections have headings. All have identical tablature to their versions in Shen Qi Mi Pu (ToC), unless marked with one or two asterisks:

* indicates earliest surviving tablature with this title;
** indicates different version from SQMP.

  1. Jiao Yi (?; Defining Jiao [mode] -- missing; see comment under 1425 version; I/xxx)
  2. Lingxu Yin (?3?; Ascending-the-Great-Void Chant -- missing; see comment under 1425 version; I/xxx)
  3. Liezi Yu Feng (8-10 only; Liezi Rides the Wind -- Sections 1-8 missing; see comment under 1425 version; I/203)
  4. Zhi Yi (Defining Zhi [mode]; see comment under 1425 version; I/203)
  5. *Guan Ju (9; Cries of the Osprey; also Guan Ju Cao, Guan Ju Chuan, Guan Ju Zhang; I/203)
    1st of 51 pu (3 have 2 versions); only some of original Shi Jing text quoted here
  6. *Nanxun Ge (6; Song of Southern Breezes; 1st of only 4 pu; should compare with Nanfeng Ge; I/205)
  7. *Tiantai Yin (1-3; Prelude of Heaven's Pavilion; [3-11 missing]; also Wuling You; 1st of 7 pu; I/207)
  8. **Qiao Ge (5-11; Woodsman's Song; 1-4 missing; I/208)
  9. **Yu Hui Tushan (12; [Emperor] Yu's Meeting at Mount Tu; I/209)
  10. *Si Shun (9; Thinking of [Emperor] Shun; also Wen Wang [Si Shun], Wen Wang Qu; 1st of 5 pu; I/212)
  11. *Shi Xian (8; Worthy Master [Lü Shang]; (compare with Weibin Yin; 1st of 2 pu; I/214)
  12. **Shanju Yin (4; Mountain Life Chant; I/216)
  13. Ruibin Yi (Defining Ruibin {or Jinyu} [mode]; tuning 2 3 5 6 1 2 3 ; see 1425/lyrics; I/217)
  14. *Yuge Diao (Tones of the Fisherman's Song; text by Liu Zongyuan [773-819]; I/217)
    1st of 2 pu; "also called Leji Yin" (#8 listed separately)
  15. *Yu Ge (18; Fisherman's Song; attrib Liu Zongyuan; "also Shanshui Lü"; I/217)
    Zha's Guide lists 30 Yu Ge using ruibin tuning (later usually called Ao Ai) and 33 using standard tuning.
  16. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (10; Water and Clouds at the Xiao and Xiang [Rivers]; see 1425/lyrics; I/222)
  17. Fan Canglang (3; Floating on the Canglang [River]; see 1425/lyrics; I/224)
  18. Shangjiao Yi (Defining Shangjiao [Mode]; standard tuning; see 1425/lyrics; I/225)
  19. Chu Ge (8; Song of Chu; uses Qiliang tuning! See #37 below and 1425/lyrics; I/225)
  20. Shenhua Yin (3; Prelude to Metamorphosis; also called Meng Die (You; see 1425/lyrics; I/227)
  21. Meng Die (8; Butterfly Dream [i.e., Zhuang Zhou Meng Die]; see 1425; I/228)

    Final Folio

  22. Yu Yi (Defining Yu [mode]; see 1425/lyrics; I/230)
  23. **Wu Ye Ti (9; Crows Cry at Night; I/230)
  24. **Zhi Zhao Fei (14; The Ringed Pheasants Fly in the Morning; I/232)
  25. Guxian Yi (Defining Guxian {"same as Jiazhong [mode]"}; tuning 6 1 2 3 5 6 1 ; see 1425/lyrics; I/235)
  26. Feiming Yin (3; Calling out in Flight; see 1425/lyrics; I/235)
  27. Qiu Hong (36; Wild Geese in Autumn; see 1425/lyrics; I/236)
  28. Huangzhong Yi (Defining Huangzhong [Wuyi] [mode]; tuning 1 3 5 6 1 2 3 ; see 1425/lyrics; I/243)
  29. Longshuo Cao (8; Melody of Longshuo [the North]; see 1425/lyrics; I/243)
  30. Da Ya (9; Great Refinement -- a section of the Shi Jing [Book of Poems]; see 1425/lyrics; I/246)
  31. Qiuyue Zhao Maoting (5; Autumn Moon Shining on a Reed Pavilion; see 1425/lyrics; I/248)
  32. Shanzhong Si Youren (3; Thinking of an Old Friend in the Mountain; see 1425/lyrics; I/249)
  33. Xiao Hujia (6; Short [Version of] Barbarian Reed Pipe; see 1425/lyrics; I/249)
  34. Yi Zhen (4; Nourishing Reality; see 1425/lyrics; I/253)
  35. Huangyun Qiusai (3; Yellow Clouds of Autumn at the Frontier; see 1425/lyrics; I/254)
  36. Da Hujia (18; Long [Version of] Barbarian Reed Pipe; see 1425/lyrics; I/255)
  37. Qiliang Yi (Defining Qiliang [Chushang] [mode]; tuning 2 4 5 6 1 2 3 ; see 1425/lyrics; I/260)
  38. Huaxu Yin (3; Prelude of the Huaxu Clan; see 1425/lyrics; I/260)
  39. Li Sao (18; Falling into Grief; see 1425/lyrics; I/261)
  40. Zepan Yin (4; Marshbank Chant; see 1425/lyrics; I/264)
  41. *Qu Yuan Wen Du (8; Qu Yuan Asks at the Ferry; 1st of 13 pu; I/265)
  42. *Yangguan Sandie (8?; Three Partings at Yang Pass [8 & postlude (?) missing]; I/267)
    also: Yangguan Qu, Yangguan Cao, Da Yangguan; 1st of 20 + 7 pu

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Speculating on other possible melodies
In the general introduction I discuss my conclusion that the first two pieces above were almost certainly in the original edition. I also speculate further on the possibility that a complete Zheyin Shizi Qinpu should have had an additional folio before the two that are here, making three folios in all.

Such a first folio might logically have included:

With the inclusion of all these 28 pieces Zheyin Shizi Qinpu would expand from 42 pieces (including nine new titles) to 70 pieces, 61 of them from Shen Qi Mi Pu (at least five of them still being different versions). SQMP has 64 pieces, so the three missing SQMP titles would then all be modal preludes: the Kaizhi from SQMP Folio 1, one of the two zhi mode preludes from Folio 2, and the Chushang modal prelude from Folio 3.

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