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29. Short Clarity
Shang mode:2 standard tuning played as 1 2 4 5 6 1 2
短清 1
Duan Qing

Duan Qing, like Chang Qing, is listed among the Four Pieces of Xi Kang (223 - 262). In surviving qin handbooks Duan Qing is always paired with Chang Qing, but it occurs less often, surviving in only five handbooks to 1557 (Chang Qing is in nine to 1602). Then, as with Chang Qing, the 1425 Duan Qing is copied in Qinxue Congshu (1910) with rhythmic indications added.4

There is a recording of Duan Qing available on a CD by Wang Huade of the Sichuan school. The introduction there makes reference only to the Shen Qi Mi Pu version. However, after the opening, the actual music seems to be quite different.5


No separate original preface: see
Chang Qing.6

Music (timings follow the recording on my CD; 聽錄音 listen with my transcription)
Eight sections:7

(00.00) 1. Beauty of the jade-like forest
(01.15) 2. Wind and snow swirl all around
(01.57) 3. A (man in) grass clothing on the river
(02.26) 4. Very cold-looking clouds and remnants of snow
(03.11) 5. Rivers and mountains as the snow clears up
(03.39) 6. The bright sun in the sky
(04.06) 7. (Drink) a pot (of wine) and grow old with nature
(05.18) 8. The myriad ravines all know spring
(06.03) -- harmonics
(06.17) -- Piece ends

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Duan Qing
短清 24524.xxx

2. 商調 Shang Diao (Shang mode)
Standard tuning is also considered as 5 6 1 2 3 5 6. For further information on shang mode see Shenpin Shang Yi and Modality in Early Ming Qin Tablature.

4. Tracing Duan Qing
Zha's Guide, 5/48/-- . See further details in the appendix below.

5. Recording by Wang Huade
Shu (Sichuan) Qin Music, 王華德 Wang Huade. Hong Kong, Hugo HRP 710-2, 1993.

6. Commentary
The other editions with Duan Qing also do not have a separate introduction.

7. Music
Timings follow my CD. For the original Chinese section titles see 短清.

Appendix: Chart Tracing Duan Qing
(See also the Chang Qing
  Based mainly on Zha Fuxi's Guide, 5/48/-- .

    (year; QQJC Vol/page)
Further information
(QQJC = 琴曲集成 Qinqu Jicheng; QF = 琴府 Qin Fu)
  1.  神奇秘譜
      (1425; I/142 [here])
8T; no separate preface: see Chang Qing
  2. 西麓堂琴統
      (1525; III/107)
10; no section titles; starts similar, then quite a few changes
  3. 風宣玄品
      (1539; II/138)
8T; same titles, small changes
  4. 太音傳習
      (1552-61; IV/81)
8T; similar
  5. 太音補遺
      (1557; III/346)
9T; same as 1552?
  6. 琴學叢書
      (1910; XXX/461)
From Shen Qi Mi Pu, with rhythmic indications
Not in 琴府 edition

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