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Section 4: List of Handbooks Not Indexed
from the Guide to Existing Guqin Pieces in Tablature
From Cunjian Guqin Qupu Jilan

Zha Fuxi's list of 35 handbooks not included1 does not include all other known handbooks.2 And some are now available through the publication of books in the collection of the Shanghai Library.3

Sha Fuxi's list is organized in 7 columns: handbook name, number of folios (below: 2F = 2 folios; NF = not divided into folios), compiler/editor, nickname, reason it is not included, comments. There is further comment on this list here. Seven of these are now in the 2010 QQJC; two others (1571 and 1937) are in Qin Fu (to find these nine search this page for QQJC). Only the first eight listed here are pre-Qing dynasty.

  1. 琴譜全集,Qinpu Quanji, Yuan dynasty imprint
    ?; "not yet located" (not in
    Qinshu Cunmu or Zhongguo Yinyue Sixiang Pipan)

  2. 永樂琴書集成 Yongle Qinshu Jicheng (Yongle r. 1403 - 1425)
    20F; "In Taiwan" (?);
    Qinshu Cunmu, #162, but see comment under Qinshu Daquan

  3. 龍湖琴譜 Longhu Qinpu (1571)
    2F; "In Taiwan"; not in QQJC but included in Qin Fu

  4. 梧岡琴譜 Wugang Qinpu (1546; in QQJC, Vol. I)
    2F; "Contents included in Qinpu Zhengchuan"

  5. 正文對音捷要琴譜正傳 Zhenwen Duiyin Jieyao Qinpu Zhenchuan (1573)
    6F; "Contents included in
    Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qinpu"
    Same as 新刊正文對音捷要琴譜真傳 Xinkan Zhenwen Duiyin Jieyao Qinpu Zhenchuan?
    Latter, in the National Library, Taiwan, has some differences from 1585 edition; neither volume is in QQJC

  6. 松絃館琴譜疑本 Songxianguan Qinpu Yiben (Yiben = "suspect volume")
    NF; Comment says it seems to be a false copy of
    Songxianguan Qinpu (1614)

  7. 頖宮禮樂疏琴譜 Pan Gong Liyue Shu Qinpu (with qin parts) of Catholic convert 李之藻 Li Zhizao (early 17th c.)
    1F; "郊祀樂示範" Jiaosiyue Shifan" (Sacrificial Music Examples)

  8. 操縵古琴譜 Caoman Guqinpu of 朱載堉 Zhu Zaiyu (1536 - ca.1610)
    1F; "郊祀樂示範" Jiaosiyue Shifan" (Sacrificial Music Examples) (Qinshu Cunmu, #181)

  9. 欽定詩經樂譜全書 Qinding Shijing Yuepu Quanshu: Imperially Ordered of Shi Jing Music Settings, Complete
    30F; "曲譜並無來歷、無曲調性" (transmitted without the qin tablature; published during 1736 - 96)

  10. 樂經律呂通解 Yue Jing Lülü Tongjie of 汪紱 Wang Fu (during 1723 - 36)
    4F; "qin materials included in his Lixuezhai Qinpu" (also mentioned in Qinshu Bielu, #180)

  11. 琴譜標準 Qinpu Biaozhun of 戴大昌 Dai Dachang (during 1796 - 1821)
    4F; "qin materials included in
    Chuncaotang Qinpu"; "only has 4 versions of Ping Sha"

  12. 樂山堂琴譜 Leshantang Qinpu of 陳吉六 Chen Jiliu (N.D.)
    NF; "his brother 梅鼎 Meiding's preface says it was taken from older handbooks"; "still exists"; included in the
    2010 QQJC

  13. 青籐軒琴譜 Qingtengxuan Qinpu of 李崑 Li Kun ("further info in 1833 second preface")
    ?F; QSCM "apparently in 陝西朝邑 Chaoba district, Shaanxi"

  14. 遜齋琴譜 Xunzhai Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 民族音樂研究所 Ethnic Music Research Institute"

  15. 尺木樓琴譜 Chimulou Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 民族音樂研究所 Ethnic Music Research Institute"

  16. 妙吉羊室琴譜 Miaojiyangshi Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    2F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  17. 閨山琴譜 Guishan Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  18. 閨麟琴譜 Guilin Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  19. 琴譜妙選 Qinpu Miaoxuan, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  20. 佇月樓琴譜 Zhuyuelou Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  21. 信天翁琴譜 Xintianweng Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  22. 松風自合琴譜 Songfengzihe Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  23. 佚名琴譜 Yiming Qinpu, author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 北京圖書館 Beijing Library"

  24. 虞山李氏琴譜 Yushan Lishi Qinpu of 李世則 Li Shize, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 上海圖書館 Shanghai Library"; included in the
    2010 QQJC

  25. 飲香書屋琴譜 Yinxiangshuwu Qinpu (in QSCM), author unknown, no date
    1F; "hand copy, mostly from 1722"; "in the 上海圖書館 Shanghai Library"

  26. 食硯書屋琴譜 Shiyanshuwu Qinpu of 吳延啟 Wu Yanqi, no date
    1F; "hand copy, as next above"; "in the 上海圖書館 Shanghai Library"

  27. 梅花仙館琴譜 Meihuaxianguan Qinpu (QSCM) of 師妙孁 Shi Miaoling, no date
    1F; "hand copy"; "in the 上海圖書館 Shanghai Library"; included in the 2010 QQJC

  28. 秋水齋琴譜 Qiushuizhai Qinpu, author unknown, during 1851 - 62)
    1F; "石印本 lithograph"; "editor has it"; included in the
    2010 QQJC

  29. 琴譜彙編 Qinpu Huibian of 文同文 Wen Tongwen, 1901
    7F; "hand copied mostly from 5 (listed) pu"; "天津宋鏡汪涵先生藏 in Tianjin"

  30. 白菡萏香館琴譜 Baihandanxiangguan Qinpu of 周燦 Zhou Can, style name 蓮波 Lianbo, no date
    1F; White Lotus Fragrance Hall Qin Handbook; "稿本 rough draft"; "editor has it"; included in the
    2010 QQJC

  31. 廣陵散譜 Guangling San Pu of 馮水 Feng Shui; "Early Republic" (elsewhere: 1912)
    1F; "copied from
    1539"; "often seen" (for Feng Shui see also under Qinyuan Yaolu).

  32. 古怨釋 Gu Yuan Shi of 馮水 Feng Shui; Early Republic
    1F; "按律話再釋原譜" (annotated from
    1833); "often seen"

  33. 斲桐集 Zhuotong Ji of 王露 Wang Lu, style name 心葵 Xinkui, Republican period
    1F; "載北大音樂雜誌五、六、七、八期未完稿 partial copy from some magazines"; "tablature whereabouts uncertain"

  34. 琴學淺說 Qinxue Qianshuo of 張邕和字友鶴 Zhang Yonghe, style name Youhe, 1928 (Zhang Youhe)
    1F; "in several issues of the Beijing National Music Reform Society Music Journal, not completed"

  35. 天風琴譜 Tianfeng Qinpu of 徐元白 Xu Yuanbai, 1955
    NF; "油印 mimeographed by friends but with only one of his 5 melodies, not complete" (connected to the Tianfeng Qinshe?)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Zha Guide's handbooks not indexed
In addition to the 35 listed
above, there are still others not listed either here or in Zha Fuxi's main list. Many of these either date from or came to light after the beginning of the guqin revival, ca.2000 CE.

2. Other handbooks not indexed
Some of the further non-indexed handbooks said to date from before 1950 include:

  1. 諸城派幾本琴譜 Early handbooks said to be connected to the Zhucheng school;
    Three of the five listed here are not indexed:
    1. Longyinguan Qinpu (龍吟館琴譜 1799?)
      8 melodies; earliest of these Zhucheng handbooks? Earliest versions of many Meian Qinpu melodies?
    2. Tongyin Shan Guan Qinpu (桐蔭山館琴譜; ca. 1880? François Picard dates it ca. 1900)
      ? folios, 15 pieces?
    3. Yuhexuan Qinpu (玉鶴軒琴譜; date?)
      ? folios, ? pieces; referred to as 玉鶴軒琴學摘要 Yuhexuan Qinxue Tiyao in Sitong Shenpin, which include at least 10 recordings here.

  2. 百瓶齋琴譜 Baipingzhai Qinpu (.pdf of ToC)
    Said originally to have been published in Chengdu in the 1850s
    The facsimile edition published 2015 by 中國書店 Zhongguo Shudian seems to be a modern copy; a reconstruction?
    Thus when a publication dated before 2015 refers simply to "Baipingzhai Qinpu", the precision of this is uncertain.
    The Table of Contents lists 21 melodies in two folios then adds three more in a 卷外 juan wai (beyond folios) section.

  3. 古岡蔗湖琴譜 Gugang Zhehu Qinpu (Guangdong)
    Melodies secretly preserved from a Song dynasty Gugang Yipu (? dubious claim)

  4. 今虞琴刊 Jinyu Qin Kan (1937)
    Not in QQJC but included in Qin Fu

  5. 理琴軒琴譜 Liqinxuan Qinpu (aka 理琴軒舊抄本 Liqinxuan Jiu Chaoben; ca. 1880)
    The tablature in this handbook is said to have been the basis for some melodies as played later by 彭慶壽 Peng Qingshou (1891—1944)

  6. 栩齋琴譜 Xuzhai Qinpu
    ? See under previous entry,
    Liqinxuan Qinpu

  7. 裴介卿傳譜 Pei Jieqing Chuan Pu
    "The Tablature of Pei Jieqing", the title used in
    Sitong Shenpin and elsewhere for the tablature of the Chengdu (and 川派 Sichuan school) qin master Pei Jieqing, a teacher of Shen Caonong. Recordings by Shen said to use tablature from here include versions of a 秋塞吟 Qiu Sai Yin and 平沙落雁 Ping Sha Luo Yan. However, Shen Caonong is also said here to have studied with Pei Tiexia: any relation?

  8. 琴學津逮,三册 Qinxue Jindai (Gateway to Qin Studies, 3 vols (mid-20th c.)
    Handbook of 汪建侯 Wang Jianhou of Hangzhou

  9. 香江容氏琴譜 Xiangjiang Rongshi Qinpu (Hong Kong)
    Tablature preserved in the 容家 tradition of the family of Hammond Yong

  10. 雅齋琴譜 Yazhai Qinpu
    See Shanghai list below


3. 上海圖書館藏古琴文獻珍萃 · 稿鈔校本(全10册)
Shanghai Library Literary Treasures, Manuscripts and Teaching Materials
10 Volumes, hardcover; book page size 16 kai

In 2017 the Shanghai Library published reprints of what are said to be all the qin handbooks in its collection. According to this webpage, it is about 1/8th the size of the 30-volume Qinqu Jicheng but it has a number of materials not available there. Those below marked ** do not appear to have been listed elsewhere, while those marked * are said to have been listed above, though I have not found them all yet.

The complete contents are apparently as follows:

  1. 琴苑要錄
  2. 琴統
  3. 臣卉堂琴譜
  4. 和文注琴譜
  5. 琴譜二十九曲 *
  6. 琴書千古
  7. 佚名琴譜(甲種) *
  8. 琴譜 琴譜指法 琴譜指法紀略
  9. 琴問 *
  10. 紀昀鈔並跋乾隆帝御制詩二首
  11. 佚名琴譜(乙種) *
  12. 存古堂琴譜
  13. 樂我齋琴譜 *
  14. 虞山李氏琴譜
  15. 鄰鶴齋琴譜
  16. 琴操 附補遺 *
  17. 梅花仙館琴譜(稿本)
  18. 梅花仙館琴譜(鈔本)
  19. 琴律細草
  20. 塵清籟 *
  21. 皕琴琴譜 *
  22. 絲桐協奏 *
  23. 琴學初津
  24. 印生氏鈔譜四種 *
  25. 碣石調幽蘭譯譜 *
  26. 蕉影軒琴譜 *
  27. 周永蔭傳譜二種 *
  28. 栩齋日記 *
  29. 栩齋琴譜稿 *
  30. 幽蘭卷子指法析解
  31. 鈔本題跋八篇 **

    琴人書札三通 ? **
    雅齋琴譜 ?

Of course, Zha also could not have indexed any handbooks published after 1955, such as Yan Yi Xi Qin Zhai Qinpu.

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