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Qin Books, Extra List (Appended to 琴書存目 Qinshu Cunmu) 1
By 周慶雲 Zhou Qingyun (1864 - 1933) 2

This is an annotated catalogue in two folios of 206 general books on music that mention qin, and that Zhou Qingyun in 1915 thought still existed; the folios were appended to his Qinshu Cunmu. As there, in many cases it is not always clear whether he actually saw them during his bibliographic researches, so the listing cannot be taken as proof that the book still exists: many apparently do not. In some cases there is only a brief mention of where he found it listed. In other cases there is extensive commentary or quotes.
(N.B. For many entries I have not yet added the name of the author.)

    卷上 First Folio

  1. 樂論 Yue Lun: Music Discourse
    荀況 Xun Kuang (Zhou dynasty); 3 lines

  2. 樂記二十三篇 Yue Ji, 23 folios: Music Records
    劉向 Liu Xiang (Han); 22 lines
    In 玉函山房輯使本
    Yuhan Shanfangji

  3. 王禹記二十四篇 Wang Yu Ji, 24 folios: Records of King Yu
    See mention in 漢志(漢書有十志) (one of the 10) Han Chronicles; 1 line

  4. 琴緯三卷 Qin Wei, 3 folios: An Excursus on the Qin, 3 folios
    This book, transmitted by Han Confucians, is one of the 七緯 Seven Excurses (on classical texts)....; 4 lines
    In 玉函山房輯使本
    Yuhan Shanfangji and 趙在翰七緯輯本 (Zhao Zaihan [38015.xxx] Qi Wei [4.447/3] Jiben, 38 folios) [Qing])

  5. 樂經四卷 Yue Jing, 3 4 folios
    See 隋志 Sui Zhi (and?) 漢書,王莽傳 the biography of Wang Mang [the usurper] in Han Shu, etc.; 8 lines
    There are a number of references here and elsewhere to Yue Jing, said to be one of the ancient classical texts. It is discussed further here in a footnote.

  6. 樂元語 Yue Yuan Yu
    8 lines

  7. 大樂律 Da Yue Lü
    1 line

  8. 樂元起一卷 Yue Yuan Ji, 1 folio
    3 lines

  9. 簫韶九成 Xiaoshao Jiucheng
    Cai Yong; Qing dynasty ref.: 尹芝仙傳略 Yin Zhixian (see Yin Ertao); 1 line
    Ancient melody title, often paired with 鳳凰來儀 Fenghuang Lai Yi (for xiao itself see further).
    簫韶九成 27100.13 gives as its earliest reference 簫韶九成,鳳凰來儀 in 尚書,益稷 the Yiji chapter of Shang Shu. Ancient records suggest the word xiao was used for end-blown panpipes.

  10. 樂論二十四篇 Yue Lun 24 essays
    4 lines

  11. 樂論 Yue Lun
    3 lines

  12. 樂論 Yue Lun
    2 lines

  13. 聲無哀樂論 Sheng Wu Ai Le Lun
    Music has no sorrow or joy, by
    Xi Kang; 2 lines
    Translated by Robert G. Henricks in his Philosophy and argumentation in third-century China: the essays of Hsi Kʻang", Princeton NJ, Princeton University Press, c. 1983.

  14. 樂社大義十二卷 Yueshe Dayi, 12 folios
    By 梁武帝 Liang Wudi (
    Xiao Yan)
    In Yuhan Shanfangji; 9 lines

  15. 樂論三卷 Yue Lun, 3 folios
    As previous, by Liang Wudi; 1 line

  16. 樂義十一卷 Yue Yi, 11 folios
    A 梁武帝集 Liang Wudi (
    Xiao Yan) volume, by 朝臣 (court servant?); 1 line

  17. 鐘律緯六卷 Zhonglü Wei, 6 folios
    By 梁武帝 Liang Wudi (
    Xiao Yan); 1 line

  18. 古今樂錄十三卷 Gujin Yuelu: Music Records Old and New
    3308.70 says 書名,一冊 One volume instead of 13 folios; in
    Yuhan Shanfangji
    By 陳釋智匠 Shi Zhijiang: Monk Zhijiang of Chen (6th c.; Bio/xxx); often quoted in Yuefu Shiji;
    Original volume apparently lost: reconstructed from quotes?

  19. 樂書七卷 Yue Shu, 7 folios
    By 信都芳 Xin Dufang; 7 lines

  20. 樂元一卷 Yue Yuan, 1 folio
    2 lines

  21. 樂律義四卷 Yuel&uul; Yi, 4 folios
    3 lines

  22. 樂譜集二十卷、樂論一卷 Yuepu Ji, 20 folios; Yue Lun, 1 folio
    Attrib. (Sui) 蕭吉 Xiao Ji (32667.105); 2 lines

  23. 樂要一卷 Yue Yao, 1 folio
    3 lines

  24. 樂志四卷 Yue Zhi, 4 folios
    4 lines

  25. 樂譜六十四卷 Yue Pu, 64 folios
    Attrib to (Sui) 萬寶常 Wan Baochang (25455.634); 7 lines

  26. 管弦記十卷 Guanxian Ji, 10 folios
    3 lines

  27. 樂略四卷 Yue Lue, 4 folios
    Attrib. (Sui) 元慇 Yuan Yin; 1 line

  28. 聲律指歸一卷 Yuelü Zhigui, 1 folio
    Attrib. (Sui) 元慇 Yuan Yin; 1 line

  29. 樂論十卷 Yue Lun, 10 folios
    Attrib. (Sui) 王通 Wang Tong; 4 lines

  30. 樂雜書三卷 Yue Za Shu, 3 folios
    1 line

  31. 樂譜四卷 Yue Pu, 4 folios
    Author unknown (see 隋志 Sui Zhi); 1 line

  32. 黃鐘律一卷 Huangzhong Lü, 1 folio
    1 line

  33. 樂部一卷 Yue Bu, 1 folio
    1 line

  34. 春官樂部五卷 Chunguan Yuebu, 5 folios
    1 line

  35. 樂簿一卷 Yue Bu, 1 folio
    1 line

  36. 大隋總典簿一卷 Da Sui Zongdian Bu, folio
    1 line

  37. 推七音一卷 Tui Qiyin, 1 folio
    1 line

  38. 樂論事一卷,樂事一卷 Yuelun Shi, 1 folio, and Yue Shi, 1 folio
    2 lines

  39. 歷代樂名一卷 Lidai Yueming, 1 folio
    1 line

  40. 正聲樂調一卷 Zhengsheng Yuediao, 1 folio
    4 lines

  41. 新樂書十二卷 Xin Yue Shu, 12 folios
    By (Tang) 張文收 Zhang Wenshou; 6 lines

  42. 樂經三十卷 Yue Jing, 30 folios
    By 唐李玄楚 Li Xuanchu (14819.xxx; compare 14819.224 李玄植 Li Xuanzhi) of the Tang dynasty. Mentioned in 新舊唐志; 1 line

  43. 古今樂記八卷 Gujin Yueji, 8 folios
    1 line

  44. 古今樂纂 Gujin Yuezuan
    1 line

  45. 樂書要錄三卷 Yueshu Yaolu, 3 folios
    Compiled by (唐)武后 Wu Hou; 14 lines
    Ref: 佚存叢書本,光緒七年重刊本

  46. 歷代樂儀三十卷 Lidai Yue Yi, 30 folios
    3 lines

  47. 大樂令壁記三卷 Da Yue Ling Bi Ji, 3 folios
    5 lines

  48. 聲律要訣十卷 Shenglü Yao Jue, 10 folios
    4 lines

  49. 十二律譜義一卷 Shier Pu Yi, 1 folio
    1 line

  50. 大周正樂一百二十卷 Da Zhou Zhengyue, 120 folios
    By 周竇 Zhou Dou of the Latter Zhou; 19 lines

  51. 樂苑五卷 Qin Yuan, 5 folios
    2 lines

  52. 樂纂一卷 Yue Zuan, 1 folio
    6 lines

  53. 樂說三卷、樂書三十卷 Yue Shuo, 3 folios and Yue Shu, 30 folios
    (Song) 趙開先 Zhao Kaixian; 1 line

  54. 樂書總要三卷 Yueshu Zongyao, 3 folios
    5 lines

  55. 景祐樂髓新經一卷 Jingyou Yuesui Xinjing, 1 folio
    Jingyou is 1034-1038; 6 lines

  56. 審樂要義二卷 Shen Yue Yaoyi, 2 folios
    Attrib. (Song) 仁宗 Renzong emperor; 5 lines

  57. 大樂圖一卷 Da Yue Tu, 1 folio
    6 lines

  58. 景祐廣樂記八十一卷 Jingyou Guangleji, 81 folios
    宋馮元宋祁選; compiled by 馮元 Feng Yuan (975-1037); 5 lines
    廣樂記; Jingyou is 1034-1038; meaning of 宋祁 (qi: grand; surname?) is unclear

  59. 古今樂纂六卷、樂纂造律一卷 Gujin Yuezuan, 6 folios and Yuezuan Zaolü, 1 folio
    4 lines

  60. 景祐樂本圖一卷 Jingyou Yueben Tu, 1 folio
    Jingyou is 1034-1038; 1 line

  61. 景祐大樂圖二十卷 Jingyou Dayue Tu, 20 folios
    Jingyou is 1034-1038; 8 lines

  62. 皇祐新樂圖記三卷 Huangyou Xinyue Tuji, 3 folios
    Ruan Yi and 胡瑗 Hu Huan (30073.419) 奉敕選 compiled it on imperial order; 13 lines
    Ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), etc.

  63. 樂書五卷、樂記三十六卷 Yue Shu, 5 folios and Yue Ji, 36 folios
    (Song) 吳良輔
    Wu Liangfu; 2 lines

  64. 新定樂法一卷 Xinding Yuefa, 1 folio
    14 lines

  65. 樂書二百卷目錄二十卷 Yue Shu, 200 folios and (with?) Mulu, 24 folios
    By (Song) 陳暘 Chen Yang; 28 lines
    Ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu); 5 imprints listed. (Further details)

  66. 樂記論一篇 Yueji Lun, 1 essay
    4 lines

  67. 元豐新修大樂記五卷 Yuanfeng Xinxiu Dayueji, 5 folios
    Yuanfeng is 1078-1086; 6 linea

  68. 元祐樂議七篇 Yuanyou Yueyiji, 7 essays
    Yuanyou is 1086-1094; 4 lines

  69. 樂論一卷、樂器圖一卷、三樂譜一卷、樂律一卷 Yue Lun, 1 folio; Yueqi Tu, 1 folio; San Le Pu, 1 folio; Yue Lü, 1 folio
    By 沈括
    Shen Gua. 三樂譜 could also be San Yue Pu, but there is a melody called San Le Pu, hence this reading; 5 lines

  70. 黃鐘徵角調二卷 Huangzhong Zhijiaodiao, 2 folios
    1 line

  71. 燕樂三十四册 Yan Yue, 34 sections
    2 lines

  72. 大晟樂書 Dasheng Yueshu
    By 劉昺
    Liu Bing (Song dynasty; quoted in Qinshu Daquan, Folio 1, #10); 11 lines

  73. 系聲樂譜二十四卷 Sisheng Yuepu, 24 folios
    3 lines

  74. 慶元樂譜 Qingyuan Yuepu
    Qingyuan is 1195-1201; by 姜夔
    Jiang Kui; 2 lines

  75. 律呂新書二卷 Lülü Xinshu, 2 folios
    蔡元定 Cai Yuanding; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 12 lines

  76. 律通二卷 Lü Tong, 2 folios
    歐陽士秀 Ouyang Shixiu of 宜春 Yichun; 2 lines

  77. 古今大樂指掌三卷 Gujin Dayue Zhizhang, 3 folios
    李南玉 Li Nanyu; 1 line

  78. 樂書一卷 Yue Shu, 1 folio
    李如箎 Li Ruchi; 1 line

  79. 樂要三卷 Yue Yao, 3 folios
    1 line

  80. 樂記解 Yue Ji Jie, 1 folio
    1 line

  81. 考定樂記一卷 , 1 folio
    3 lines

    Final Folio

  82. 樂原一篇 Yue Yuan, 1 essay
    3 lines

  83. 大元樂書 Da Yuan Yue Shu
    2 lines

  84. 律呂志、禮樂志 Lülü Zhi; Li Yue Zhi
    1 line

  85. 律呂新書贅述 Lülü Xinshu Zhuishu
    1 line

  86. 韶武九成樂譜譜補一卷 Shaowu Jiucheng Yuepu Bu, 1 folio
    余載 Yu Zai; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 8 lines

  87. 樂通二卷 Yue Tong, 2 folios

  88. 韶舞補略 Shao Wu Bulue

  89. 律呂成書二卷 Lülü Chengshu, 2 folios
    劉瑾 Liu Jin; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 4 lines

  90. 黃鐘律說八篇 Huangzhong Lüshuo, 8 essays
    1 line

  91. 聲律關鍵四册 Shenglü Guanjian, 4 sections
    1 line

  92. 元中和樂經一册 Yuanzhong He Yue Jing, 1 section
    Author unknown; 1356.63 元中 says by 三統曆法 it is 55,404; 1 line
    Mentioned in 菉竹堂書目

  93. 燕樂原辨一冊 Yanyue Yuanbian, 1 section
    1 line

  94. 樂譜總集 Yuepu Zongji, 1 folio
    1 line

  95. 逸語八卷 Yi Yu, 8 folios
    明抄本 Ming hand copy; 14 lines

  96. 雅樂發微八卷 Yayue Fawei, 8 folios
    張敔 Zhang Yu; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 10 lines

  97. 大樂律呂元聲六卷附律呂攷注 Da Yue Lülü Yuansheng, 6 folios, with Lülü Kaozhu attached
    李文利 Li Wenli; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 10 lines

  98. 六樂說 Liu Yue Shuo
    劉績 Liu Ji; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  99. 占樂經傳三卷 Zhan Yue Jing Zhuan, 3 folios
    湛若水 Dan Ruoshui (Ming); ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 6 lines

  100. 苑洛志樂 Yuan Luo Zhi Yue, 20 folios
    韓邦奇 Han Bangqi; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), etc.; 10 lines

  101. 琴律舉要一卷 , 1 folio
    韓邦奇 Han Bangqi (as previous); ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu), 學海類編本; 10 lines

  102. 大司樂考十卷 Da Siyue Kao, 10 folios
    3 lines

  103. 樂律纂要一卷 Yuelü Zuanyao, 1 folio
    季本 Ji Ben; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu), Ming imprint; 3 lines

  104. 蔡氏律同二卷 Caishi Lütong, 2 folios
    蔡宗兗 Cai Zongyan; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  105. 樂經元義八卷 Yue Jing Yuan Yi, 8 folios
    劉濂 Liu Lian (Ming); ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu), Ming imprint; 4 lines

  106. 樂典三十六卷 Yue Dian, 36 folios
    黃佐 Huang Zuo; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  107. 律呂分解二卷 Lülü Fenjie, 2 folios
    孫應鼇 Su Ying'ao; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  108. 八音摘要二卷 Bayin Zhaiyao, 2 folios
    許珍 Xu Zhen; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 8 lines

  109. 大成樂舞圖譜二卷、古樂心談一卷 Dacheng Yuewu Tupu, 2 folios and Guyuye Xintan, 1 folio
    3 lines

  110. 簫韶考逸二卷 Xiaoshao Kaoyi, 2 folios
    呂懷 Lü Huai; ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 5 lines

  111. 律呂古義三卷 , 3 folios
    呂懷 Lü Huai (as previous); ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 5 lines

  112. 李氏樂書十九卷 Li Shi Yue Shu, 19 folios
    李文察 Li Wencha; 5 lines
    Ref: Siku Cunmu (compare
    李氏樂書六種 [image] in Xuxiu Siku Quanshu, Vol. 114)

  113. 雅樂考二十卷 Ya Yue Kao, 20 folios
    韋煥 Wei Huan; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 6 lines

  114. 擬補學經 Nibu Xue Jing
    Yang Jisheng; 1 line

  115. 律呂正聲六十卷 Lülü Zhengsheng, 60 folios
    王邦直 Wang Bangzhi; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 6 lines

  116. 律呂全書四十二卷 Lülü Quanshu, 42 folios
    Zhu Zaiyu; ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu); 9 lines

  117. 律呂正論四卷 Lülü Zhenglun, 4 folios
    瞿九四 Qu Jiusi (Ming); ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 2 lines

  118. 律呂質疑辨惑 Lülü Zhiyi Bianhuo
    瞿九四 Qu Jiusi (as previous); ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 5 lines

  119. 樂經以俟錄 Yue Jing Yi Qi Lu
    瞿九四 Qu Jiusi (as previous); ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 8 lines

  120. 律呂解註二卷 Lülü Jiezhu, 2 folios
    鄧文憲 Deng Wenxian; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 5 lines

  121. 樂經集註二卷 Yue Jing Jizhu, 2 folios
    張鵬翔 Zhang Pengxiang (Ming); ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 7 lines

  122. 樂律考 Yue Lü Kao
    2 line

  123. 律呂音韻通括十五卷 Lülü Yinyun Tongkuo, 15 folios
    3 lines

  124. 律書詳注一卷 Lüshu Xiangzhu, 1 folio
    2 lines

  125. 皇明樂律志四卷 Huangming Yuelü Zhi, 4 folios
    1 line

  126. 大樂嘉成一卷 Da Yue Jia Cheng, 1 folio
    袁應兆 Yuan Yingzhao; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  127. 鐘律通攷一册 Zhonglü Tongkao, 1 section
    1 line

  128. 律呂會通 Lülü Huitong
    1 line

  129. 樂律發明一卷 Yuelü Faming, 1 folio
    1 line

  130. 律呂會元 Lülü Hui Yuan
    1 line

  131. 大成樂譜二卷 Dacheng Yuepu, 2 folios
    1 line

  132. 古律筌 Gu Lü Quan
    2 lines

  133. 律呂別書一卷 Lülü Bieshu, 1 folio
    3 lines

  134. 律呂新書釋義 Lülü Xinshu Shiyi
    1 line

  135. 律呂纂例圖說 Lülü Zuanli Tushuo
    1 line

  136. 律呂管鑰一卷 Lülü Guanyao, 1 folio
    1 line

  137. 律呂新書解 Lülü Xinshu Jie
    1 line

  138. 樂律管見一卷 Yuelü Guanjian, 1 folio
    1 line

  139. 律呂叶韻統三卷 Lülü Xieyuntong, 3 folios
    1 line

  140. 黃鐘元統圖說一卷八音圖一卷 Huangzhong Yuantongtu, 1 folio and Bayin Tu, one folio
    1 line

  141. 律呂啓蒙 Lülü Qimeng
    1 line

  142. 樂苑珠船二卷 Yueyuan Zhuchuan, 2 folios
    1 line

  143. 九宮譜 Jiu Gong Pu
    1 line; compare

  144. 古樂義十二卷 Gu Yueyi, 12 folios
    邵儲 Yan Chu; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  145. 律呂書 Lülü Shu
    2 lines

  146. 禮樂解 Liyue Jie, folios
    2 lines

  147. 文廟雅樂考二卷 Wenmiao Yayue Kao, 2 folios
    1 line

  148. 續古樂章 Xu Guyue Zhang
    1 line

  149. 樂律管見二卷 Yuelü Guan Jian, 2 folios
    1 line

  150. 律呂新書初解一卷 Lülü Xinshu Chujie, 1 folio
    1 line

  151. 黃鐘元統一册 Huangzhong Yuantong, 1 section
    1 line

  152. 樂義一卷 Yue Yi, 1 folio
    1 line

  153. 一元真姥圖說一冊 Yiyuan Zhenlao Tushuo, 1 section
    1 line

  154. 律呂沿革一卷 Lülü Yan'ge, 1 folio
    1 line

  155. 八音圖注 Bayin Tuzhu
    1 line

  156. 一元圖說一卷 Yiyuan Tushuo, 1 folio
    1 line

  157. 五音取法八十篇、五音確論五十篇 Wuyin Qufa, 80 essays and Wuyin Quelun, 50 essays
    2 lines

  158. 大成樂律一卷 Dacheng Yuelü, 1 folio
    孔貞鍹 Kong Zhenxuan (Qing); ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  159. 律呂新義二卷 Lülü Xinyi, 2 folios
    黃宗羲 Huang Zongxi (1610-1695;
    Wiki); 3 lines

  160. 樂述三卷 Yue Shu, 3 folios
    毛乾乾 Mao Qianqian; 6 lines

  161. 古樂書二卷 Gu Yue Shu, 2 folios
    應撝謙 Ying Huiqian (Qing); ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  162. 古樂經傳五卷 Gu Yue Jing Zhuan, 5 folios
    李光地 Li Guangdi; ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), a 榕村全書本; 4 lines

  163. 聲諭樂本解說二卷 Shengyu Yueben Jieshuo, 2 folios
    毛奇齡 Mao Qiling; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), a 西河合集本; 14 lines

  164. 皇言定聲錄八卷 Huang Yan Ding Yuelü, 8 folios
    毛奇齡 Mao Qiling; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), a 西河合集本; 3 lines

  165. 竟山樂律四卷 Jingshan Yuelü, 4 folios
    毛奇齡 Mao Qiling; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), 西河合集本, 龍威秘書本; 5 lines

  166. 采衣堂淺說一卷 Caiyitang Qianshuo, 1 folio
    毛萬齡 Mao Wanling; a 竟山樂錄附刊本; 4 lines

  167. 律呂圖說九卷 Lülü Tushuo, 9 folios
    Wang Jian; ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  168. 李氏學樂錄二卷 Lishi Xueyuelu, 2 folios
    李塨 Li Gong; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), a 西河合集本 and 龍威秘書本; 5 lines

  169. 律呂正義五卷續編一卷 Lülü Zhengyi, 5 folios and Xubian, 1 folio
    Made in 1713 under Kangxi imperial order (so aka 御製律呂正義; see also
    below and Wiki 張照 Zhang Zhao)
    Ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), a 內府刊本; 11 lines

  170. 樂經內編二十卷 Yue Jing Neibian, 20 folios
    張宣猷 Zhang Xuanyou; ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  171. 律呂新書注三卷 Lülü Xinshuzhu, 3 folios
    周模 Zhou Mo; Ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  172. 律呂新書衍義一卷 Lülü Xinshu Yanyi, 1 folio
    呂夏音 Lü Xiayin; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  173. 賡和錄二卷 Geng He Lu, 2 folios
    何夢瑤 He Mengyao; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 7 lines

  174. 樂律表微八卷 Yuelü Biaowei, 8 folios
    胡彦昇 Hu Yansheng; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), 乾隆年刊本, 耆學齋刊本; 8 lines

  175. 易律通解八卷 Yilü Tongjie, 8 folios
    沈光邦 Sheng Guangbang; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 2 lines

  176. 樂律古義二卷 Yuelü Guyi, 2 folios
    童能靈 Tong Nengling; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 7 lines

  177. 律呂正義後編一百二十卷 Lülü Zhengyi Houbian, 120 folios
    Kangxi imperial order (see also
    above); Ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), 聚珍板本; 7 lines

  178. 律呂新論二卷 Lülü Xinlun, 2 folios
    Jiang Yong; ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), 守山閣本; 6 lines

  179. 律呂闡微十卷 Lülü Chanwei, 10 folios
    Jiang Yong; ref: Siku Zhulu (see Siku Quanshu), 抄本; 6 lines

  180. 樂經律呂通解五卷 Yue Jing Lülü Tongjie, 5 folios (see #10; also Yue Jing)
    汪紱 Wang Fu; 2 lines
    Imprint (刊本); qin materials are included in Wang's Lixuezhai Qinpu; see also in Zha Guide

  181. 律呂元音二卷 Lülü Yuanyin, 2 folios
    1685 preface by 康親王、康親王蘭亭主人; 抄本 handcopy; 6 lines
    2/213 元音 yuanyin: 純正而完美的聲音 pure and beautiful sounds, usually used with lyrics

  182. 律呂古義六卷 Lülü Guyi, 6 folios
    Qian Tang; 南菁叢書本; 4 lines

  183. 泮宮雅樂釋律四卷 Pan Gong Yayue Shi Lü, 4 folios
    Qian Tang (person's name!); mentioned in 嘉定志藝文; for Pan Gong see QSCM 185; 3 lines

  184. 聲律小紀 Shenglü Xiaoji
    Cheng Yaotian; 通藝錄本, 學海堂經解本; 4 lines

  185. Yanyue Kaoyuan, 6 folios
    凌延堪 Ling Yankan; 凌次中集本, 粵雅堂本; 2 lines

  186. 詩經樂譜三十卷、樂律正俗一卷 Shijing Yuepu, 30 folios, and Yuelü Zhengsu, 1 folio
    Imperially commissioned in 乾隆52年 (1788); ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu), 聚珍板本; 3 lines

  187. 大樂元音七卷 Dayue Yuanyin, 7 folios
    潘士權 Pan Shiquan; ref: Siku Cunmu (see Siku Quanshu; for Yuanyin see also below); 6 lines

  188. 律呂新書箋義二卷,附八音考略一卷 Lülü Xinshiu Jianyi, 2 folios with attached Bayin Kaolue, 1 folio
    羅登 Luo Deng; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 3 lines

  189. 律呂圖說一卷 Lülü Tushuo, 1 folio
    張紫芝 Zhang Zizhi; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  190. 音律節略考一卷 Yinlü Jie Luekao, 1 folio
    潘繼善 Pan Jishan; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  191. 黃鐘通韻二卷 Huangzhong Tongyun, 2 folios
    都四德 Du Side; ref: Siku Zhulu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  192. 樂縣考 Yue Xian Kao
    江藩 Jiang Fan; 1 line

  193. 宮調彙錄二卷、宋樂類編一卷 Gongdiao Huilu, 2 folios, and Songyue Leibian, 1 folio
    汪汲 Wang Ji; 消夏錄本; 1 line

  194. 樂原 Yue Yuan
    Old volume inscribed as by 囂囂子 Xiaoxiaozi; Ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 2 lines

  195. 律呂纂要二卷 Lülü Zuanyao, 2 folios
    Author unknown; ref: Siku Cunmu (see
    Siku Quanshu); 4 lines

  196. 律呂臆說 Lülü Yishuo
    徐養原 Xu Yangyuan; handcopy; 1 line

  197. 律呂新書初解 Lülü Xinshu Chujie
    張琛 Zhang Chen; imprint; 1 line

  198. 飲豳錄 Yin Bin Lu
    吳頴芳 Wu Yingfang (吳穎芳); imprint; 1 line

  199. 律呂元音 Lülü Yuanyin
    畢珍 Bi Zhen; 小萬卷樓本; 1 line

  200. 律話三卷 Lü Hua, 3 folios
    戴長庚 Dai Changgeng; 1833; 1 line

  201. 律音彙考八卷 Lü Huikao, 8 folios
    邱之陸 Qiu Zhilu; Daokuang reign original, 1897 reprint; 7 lines

  202. 聲律通考十卷 Shenglü Tongkao, 10 folios
    陳澧 Chen Li; 東塾叢書本; 7 lines

  203. 音分古義二卷 Yinfen Guyi, 2 folios
    戴煦 Dai Xu; 1886 imprint; 9 lines

  204. 古律經傳附考 Gu Lü Jingzhuan Fu Kao
    紀大奎 Ji Dakui; imprint; 1 line

  205. 樂律考 Yuelü Kao
    徐灝 Yuan Hao; imprint; 1 line

  206. 樂考、樂經 Yue Kao and Yue Jing
    楊振藩 Yang Zhenfan; handcopy; 4 lines
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Qin Books, Extra List (琴書別錄 Qinshu Bielu)
My edition was copied from a book in the National Library, Taiwan.

2. 周慶雲 Zhou Qingyun
Zhou also wrote Qin Shi Bu and Qin Shi Xu

3. Classic of Music (樂經 Yue Jing) (Wiki)
15829.268 樂經 says Yue Jing was one of the "Six Classics"(1477.480 六經 Liu Jing). In this context it can also be called the Sixth Classic, being an addition to the more standard Five Classics. Regarding these, sources quoted in 262.915 五經 Wu Jing give several variations. The most common books on the list seem to be:
    詩經 Shi Jing (Classic of Poetry, aka Book of Songs, etc.)
    禮紀 Li Ji (Book of Rites)
    易經 Yi Jing (Classic of Changes)
    書經 Shu Jing (Classic of History, more commonly called 尚書 Shang Shu - Venerated Documents)
    春秋 Chun Qiu (Spring and Autumn [Annals])
However, there are variations within this list, particularly in the last two, dealing with history, and sometimes the Classic of Music is included amongst these five.

On the other hand, many commentators don't even mention a Classic of Music (e.g., Wilkinson makes no mention of it, and the earliest mention of it simply as a title seems to be in the 1st century C.E. Han Shu biography of Wang Mang, as noted above.) It is not included in the list of 13 Classics (Wiki), though these do include the other five. Some say the Classic of Music existed but was lost (or destroyed), parts of it surviving only by inclusion in such other works as the Shi Jing and Li Ji. In any case, lack of authoritative information on its original content, or even its existence, has not prevented many later commentators to write about it. A number of such commentaries are included in the list above.

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