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Taiyin Daquanji  ToC   Folio 5-6 ToC   /   Right hand / Zi Pu   /   "Melodies"   /   Wusilan fingerings 網站目錄
Taiyin Daquanji 1 太音大全集
Folio 5, Part 5: Left hand finger techniques (Right hand: Part 4) 卷五,五﹕左手指法
(In the original the following sections and quotations are unnumbered. Explanations provided by the translator are put either in brackets ( ) or in footnotes.2)

左手指法 Left Hand Finger Techniques (QQJC I/89) (This layout in Taigu Yiyin is easier to follow than what is here 3)       
Apparently continuing 劉籍 Liu Ji, "琴議 Qin Yi"

(#75, the final right hand entry, came at the end of Part 4

左手指法 Left hand finger techniques (shorthand forms were not given; explanations are not yet added.)

  1. 散   san (scattered):
  2. 蹵   cu (step on):
  3. 節蹵 jie cu
  4. 捋   (smoothe out):
  5. 抹   mo (rub)
  6. 㧻   zhuo (12534.: some sort of slide)
  7. 再總 zai zong
  8. 却總 que zong
  9. 外撥 wai bo
  10. 縮   suo (recoil)

  11. 搯起 tao qi (also: 掐起 qia qi):大指搯絃
  12. 抹絃 mo xian:左抹絃向上着徽,中指面絃至勾絃䖏。
  13. 打按取聲 da an qu sheng:左右指打絃取聲,大指一得。
  14. 泛   fan:左當徽浮上取聲,四指通用。
  15. 抑   yi (press, restrain):左名指屈按絃面。
  16. 攏絃 long xian (gather the strings):middle finger on first string, thumb on sixth: (play octave) without touching other strings.
  17. 大按 da an
  18. 中按 zhong an
  19. 食指按 shizhi an
  20. 雙按 shuang an
  21. 名按 ming an
  22. 屈   qu (bend); explanation is on next page


    ("屈第二指節,相看是也": explanation of 屈 qu from previous page)

  23. 吟   yin
  24. 引   yin
  25. 臑   nao/nuan (arms/warm): 大指急蹤當徽承聲是也
  26. 搯   tao
  27. 攄   lu
  28. 撚   nian
  29. 點泛 dian fan
  30. 對泛 dui fan
  31. 覆   fu
  32. 抑泛 yi fan
  33. 大蟹行 da xie xing
  34. 小蟹行 xiao xie xing

    ("用食食指、中指向後退按": explanation of 小蟹行 xiao xie xing from previous page)

  35. 龍行 long xing (dragon walk)
  36. 虎步 hu bu (tiger step)
  37. 鸞鳴 luan ming (luan bird calls)
  38. 轉行 zhuan xing
  39. 不動 bu dong
  40. 却舞 que wu (so dance)
  41. 儒公吟 ru gong yin (a Confucian scholar intones)
  42. 即生笑 ji sheng xiao
  43. 仙人笑 xianren xiao (an immortal laughs)
  44. 上抹 shang mo
  45. cu (wrinkle?)
  46. na (press down)

    ("名來去 ring finger comes and goes": explanation of 捺 na from previous page)

  47. e (12865 撀:取牛羊孔也?; 13347. 擊? ji: strike?) : 三兩絃相就按是
  48. ta (small door; quick): 引向尾
  49. yan (net; cover): 後按齊,便用大前罨

Folio 5, Part 6: Tablature for left hand techniques

(Center section of page at right) A computer cannot write the 35 shorthand forms here ("__") unless they are also actual characters. This list gives their longhand forms, but without further explanation.

  1. 安   按 an
  2. __   對按 dui an
  3. __   並按 bing an
  4. __   屈按 qu an
  5. __   前㣪按 qian huan an
  6. 厄   幹起 gan qi
  7. 需   臑 nao
  8. 今   吟 yin
  9. __   通繻 tong xu
  10. __   卓勾 zhuo gou
  11. __   卓挹 zhuo yi
  12. __   卓繻 zhuo xu
  13. __   卓抑 zhuo yi
  14. 卬   抑 yi
  15. __   散抑 san yi
  16. __   屈食 qu shi
  17. __   屈大 qu da
  18. __   屈名 qu ming
  19. 卡   上下 shang xia
  20. __   疾歷 ji li
  21. __   疾下 ji xia
  22. __   搯 tao
  23. __   挹搯 yi tao
  24. __   三搯 san tao
  25. __   搯起 tao qi
  26. __   勾起 gou qi
  27. __   食么 shi mo (?)
  28. __   研餘 yan yu
  29. __   不動 bu dong
  30. __   十許 shi xu
  31. __   少許 shao xu
  32. __   一寸 yi cun
  33. __   半寸 ban
  34. 紨   附絃 fu xian
  35. 心   息 xi

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 太音大全集卷五 Taiyin Daquanji Folio 5, Part 5 (right hand: Part 4) QQJC I/90, bottom: 1st left hand section begins 5th col. from left (#1 is )  
See comments with right hand technique explanations.

Note also that these explanations are not at all complete. For example, ones that I have not yet found in this handbook include:

There are explanations for these in later handbooks but I am not sure if this means they are relatively later techniques.

2. Explanations by translator
See comments concerning the structure of the original text.

3. Images: Taigu Yiyin
Images from this Taigu Yiyin are easier to follow than the same material from Qinqu Jicheng, at right.
  QQJC I/91, top: 2nd left hand section begins 4th col. from right (#1 is )    

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