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Taiyin Daquanji  ToC   Folio 5-6 ToC   /   Left hand / "Master Chen" / Folio 6   /   "Melodies"   /   Wusilan fingerings 網站目錄
Taiyin Daquanji 1 太音大全集
Folio 5, Part 7: Tablature Shorthand 卷五,七:陳拙、字譜
(In the original the following sections and quotations are unnumbered. Explanations provided by the translator are put either in brackets ( ) or in footnotes.2)

字譜 Tablature shorthand (QQJC I/91) (This web page begins with the left 10 columns of this image 3)        
This section is not clearly attributed. It does in one place credit 陳居士 Master Chen, and this is generally thought to be Chen Kangshi, but perhaps it could instead be Chen Zhuo. The text begins, after the central section of the page at right (for that see previous page) with an explanation of the origin of written tablature (see translation). In doing this it makes mention of such people as Yongmen Zhou, Zhao Yeli and Cao Rou. Commentary with the symbols themselves mentions Cao Rou once but more often Master Chen or Chen Zhuo. Nevertheless, it is not clear whether and if so how this section connects with the next one, which has actual tablature explanation attributed to 唐陳居士 Master Chen of the Tang dynasty. Some believe Master Chen to be Chen Zhuo but others say Chen Kangshi.

制譜,始於雍門周 張敷因而別譜,不行於後代。趙耶利出譜兩帙,名參古今,尋者易知。先賢制作,意取周備,然其文極繁動越兩行,未成一句。後曹柔作減字法,尤為易曉也。

This introduction is followed by a list of 75 (30 this page + 45 next) shorthand forms with their longhand forms, as follows ("__" means the shorthand form cannot be written by computer; n.b., the computer forms may not be precisely the same as the handwritten shorthand forms):

  1. 宀   宮 gong
  2. 亠   商 shang ("陳拙作商")
  3. 力   角 jue ("陳拙作角")
  4. 山   徴 zhi ("陳拙作徴")
  5. 习   羽 yu ("陳拙作羽")
  6. __   文 Wen
  7. 乙   武 Wu ("陳拙作戈;已上是散聲")
  8. 丁   打 da
  9. 乚   挑 tiao
  10. 厂   歷 li
  11. 廾   散 san (艹 ?)
  12. 末   抹 mo
  13. 尸   擘 pi ("作" ?)
  14. 立   摘 zhai ("曹柔作立"; n.b., the modern shorthand form is different)
  15. 巛   瑣 suo
  16. 吅   彈
  17. 牛   牽 qian (pull; no explanation; sometimes "𠫓")
  18. 厶   勾 gou
  19. __   打挑 da tiao
  20. __   散打 san da
  21. __   緩齊打齪 huan qi da chuo
  22. __   双打 shuang da
  23. __   彈打 tan da
  24. __   双彈 shuang tan
  25. __   三彈 san tan
  26. __   齪 chuo
  27. __   擘齪 pi chuo
  28. __   齪挑 chuo tiao
  29. __   緩齪 huan chuo
  30. __   齊齪 qi chuo
      (This web page ends with the right 8 columns of this image)            
  31. __   蠲 juan (show/rescind/purify)
  32. __   連蠲 lian juan
  33. __   蠲扶
  34. __   散連蠲 san lian juan
  35. __   單蠲 dan juan
  36. __   疾牽 ji qian
  37. __   緩牽 huan qian
  38. __   癶牽 bo qian (divergent pull)
  39. __   摘歷 zhai li
  40. __   疾歷 ji li
  41. __   緩打 huan da
  42. __   緩歷 huan li
  43. __   歷擘 li pi
  44. __   摘歷擘 zhai li pi
  45. __   拂歷 fu li
  46. __   摘歷齪擘 zhai li chuo pi
  47. __   摘歷齪擘 zhai li chuo pi (shorthand is a bit different)
  48. __   全扶 quan fu
  49. __   半扶 ban fu
  50. __   疾全扶 ji quan fu
  51. __   緩全扶 huan quan fu
  52. __   半挑扶 ban tiao fu
  53. __   節全扶 jie quan fu
  54. __   間勾 jian gou
  55. __   覆門勾 fu men gou (probably should be 覆間勾 fu jian gou)
  56. __   排間勾 pai jian gou
  57. __   反門勾 fan men gou (probably 反間勾 fan jian gou)
  58. __   緩間勾 huan jian gou
  59. __   展轉間勾 zhan zhuan jian gou
  60. __   散間勾 san jian gou
  61. __   輪音 lun yin
  62. __   圓婁 yuan lou (陳拙作"員婁" Chen Zhuo had "yuanlou" as one figure)
  63. __   打瑣 da suo
  64. __   長瑣 chang suo
  65. __   緩瑣 huan suo
  66. __   三瑣 san suo
  67. __   撥剌 bo la (compare 潑刺 poci)
  68. 占   拈 nian (pick up with thumb and two fingers)
  69. 爫   搯 tao
  70. __   綽搦 chuo nuo (clutch-grasp)
  71. __   大蟹行 da xie xing
  72. __   勾打 da gou
  73. __   却輪音 que lun yin
  74. 人   幹 gan
  75. 足   跪 gui (kneel)

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Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 太音大全集卷五 Taiyin Daquanji Folio 5, Part 5) QQJC I/91, bottom: comments above begin at 2nd column from right: 字譜  
See comments with right hand technique explanations.

Note also that these explanations are not at all complete. For example, ones that I have not yet found in this handbook include:

There are explanations for these in later handbooks but I am not sure if this means they are relatively later techniques.

2. Explanations by translator
See comments concerning the structure of the original text.

3. Images: Taigu Yiyin
Images from this Taigu Yiyin are easier to follow than the same material from Qinqu Jicheng, at right.

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