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Taiyin Xupu
Continuation Handbook of the Great Sounds 1

(Note: None of the melodies has lyrics here. The book itself was published together with Taiyin Buyi, as is indicated by the fact that Taiyin Buyi has three folios, and Taiyin Xupu is marked as Folio 4. Of the 38 melodies included, most survive only here and only eight survive in handbooks after 1561.2 All have prefaces by Xingzhuang Laoren.)

Table of Contents

  --  Preface by Wu Bing (III/417)
  --  Table of Contents (III/417)
  --  (Preface by Xingzhuang Laoren)
  --  Two missing double pages

  1. 盡善吟 Jin Shan Yin (missing; see III/418)
    Prelude to next, so probably identical to the Jin Shan Yin in 1561; related to the Wang Ji published in 1425, 1539 and 1525

  2. 簫韶九成,鳳凰來儀 Xiaoshao Jiucheng Fenghuang Laiyi (23; sec. 1 missing; III/418)
    Identical to
    1561 (1st of five)

  3. 耕莘吟 Geng Shen Yin (3; Intonation on Ploughing at (You)-Shen; III/422)
    Only here (details under
    Geng Ge) and 1596

  4. 耕歌 Geng Ge (20; Ploughing Song; III/422)
    Also called Bin Feng Ge; 1st of 14 (similar to 1561)

  5. 芻牧吟 Chumu Yin (4; Intonation of the Shepherd; III/426)
    This title only here and 1561, but it is almost identical to Yin De (see also #23 below)

  6. 牧歌 Mu Ge (18; Shepherd's Song; III/426)
    1st of 13 (see also 1561)

  7. 浮海 Fu Hai Yin (3; Intonation of Floating on the Sea; III/429)
    Only here

  8. 泣麟悲鳳 Qi Lin Bei Feng (7; Weeping Unicorn, Sad Phoenix; III/430)
    18/178/--: 1st of 15; the preface here has a story like that of Huolin Cao, but on later versions the name was changed to 清夜聞鐘 Qing Ye Wen Zhong. The next four are related to the present melody (1561; 1589, 1596 and 1602); but then the sixth pu, dated 1634, introduces a different melody and this is found also in 1647 and 1670 (later pu, to 1878, not yet examined).
    17613.25 泣麟悲風 Qi Lin Bei Feng and 18003.183 清夜聞鐘 Qing Ye Wen Zhong have Scholar Zhang in Xi Xiang Ji sing about these two titles (further comment).

  9. 懷佳人吟 Huai Jiaren Yin (2; Intonation of Cherishing Marvelous People; III/431)
    "佳人,賢人君子也...."; Only here.

  10. 秋風 Qiu Feng (12; Autumn Wind; III/432)
    Only here,
    1525 (similar), 1551 (very similar) and 1561 (identical)

  11. 憂時吟 Youshi Yin (3; Intonation of a Melancholy Time; III/434)
    This title only here, but it is almost identical to the
    Chun Xiao Yin of 1525 (comment)

  12. 扣角歌 Kou Jiao Ge (8; Knock-Horns Song; III/435)
    18/178/--: 1st of seven (#2, 1561, is identical; #3, 1596 and #4, 1634 are similar)3
    "sung by a wagoner"; 扣角吟 Kou Jiao Yin, though indexed together, is actually a different melody

  13. 篝燈吟 Goudeng Yin (3; Cage-Lantern Intonation; III/436)
    This title here and
    1561, but both are almost identical to Tianfeng Huan Pei of 1425

  14. 雪窗夜話 Xue Chuang Ye Hua (10; Evening Talk by a Snowy Window; III/437)
    4th of seven pu from 1539 (see
    1525); identical to 1561

  15. 飛瓊吟 Fei Qiong Yin (2; Intonation of Flying Snow Crystals; III/439)
    Only here; the one in
    Japan is musically unrelated; uses opening motifs of Gao Shan
    Preface says, 杏莊老人曰泉自山下狀若飛瓊 Xingzhuang Laoren says, Streams coming down a mountain resemble flying pieces of jade.

  16. 石上流泉 Shishang Liu Quan (6; On a Rock by a Flowing Spring; III/439)
    2nd of 19 (after
    1525; identical to 3rd, 1561)

  17. 慨古吟 Kaigu Yin (1; Intonation on a Sigh for Antiquity; III/440)
    Preface; like Kai Gu dated 1425, but with middle section and beginning of third section missing (prelude to next, but see also #21 below)

  18. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (6; Dialogue between the Fisherman and Woodcutter; III/441)
    1st of over 40; opening is similar to modern version widely popular today; rest seems quite different

  19. 沉璧吟 Chen Bi Yin (2; Intonation of Sunken Jade; III/442)
    Only here

  20. 江月白 Jiang Yue Bai (10; The River Moon is White; III/442)
    Only here and in

  21. 九畹吟 Jiuwan Yin (3; One and a Half Acre Intonation; III/444)
    This title only here, but it is almost identical to the
    Kai Gu of 1425 (see also #17 above)

  22. 幽蘭 You Lan (8; Secluded Orchid; III/444)
    Melody only here (unrelated to
    1525 and others); recording by Wang Duo

  23. 知幾吟 Zhi Ji Yin (3; Intonation on Recognizing the Omens; III/445)
    This title only here, but it is an abbreviated version of
    Yin De (see also #5 above)

  24. 龍歸晚洞 Long Gui Wandong (9; The Dragon Returns to his Evening Cave; III/446)
    Only other one is in

  25. 正器吟 Zheng Qi Yin (2; Intonation on the Correct Implement; III/447)
    Only here

  26. 玉斗 Yu Dou (8; Jade Dipper; III/447)
    Only here

  27. 幽懷吟 You Huai Yin (1; Intonation of Deep Cherishing; III/449)
    Only here

  28. 蔡氏五弄 Caishi Wunong (5; Five Melodies of the Cai Clan; III/449)
    Last of three; same music as the other two,
    1511 and 1539, but no lyrics

  29. 龍馬吟 Long Ma Yin (1; Intonation of Dragon and Horse; III/451)
    Or: Longma Yin Intonation of a Great Horse (49812.309 only 龍馬)
    Only here; uses only five strings except for one note in the closing harmonics (6th string 7th position = 3rd string 9th position!)

  30. 石牀枕易 Shichuang Zhenyi (8; Stone Bed with Yi [Jing] for Pillow; III/451)
    Only here (24574.341 only 石牀)

  31. 高明吟 Gaoming Yin (1; Intonation on Lofty Intelligence; III/452)
    Only here; like a 羽調意 yu mode prelude

  32. 天文 Tian Wen (9; Writing about the Heavens; III/453)
    Only here

  33. 博厚吟 Bo Hou Yin (1; Intonation on the Broad and Thick; III/454)
    Only here, but compare
    Shenpin Jiao Yi

  34. 地理 Di Li (8; Earth Principles; III/454)
    Only here

  35. 三才吟 San Cai Yin (1; Intonation on the Three Powers; III/447)
    Only here; unrelated to the one in
    Japan; the three powers are heaven, earth, man

  36. 人物 Ren Wu (8; Mankind; III/456)
    Only here

  37. 萬象吟 Wan Xiang Yin (1; Intonation of the Myriad Shapes; III/457)
    Only here

  38. 物類 Wu Lei (10; Categories of Things; III/457)
    Only here

    --- Afterword by "You Yu Li" (III/458)
    --- Missing double page
    --- Afterword by Lu Ye (III/459)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1. 太音續譜

2 Uniqueness of Taiyin Xupu in the qin repertoire
This handbook is noted for the number or new or unique melodies it includes. Some statistics on its 38 melodies are as follows:

This information is tentative pending a complete examination of all melodies published in Ming dynasty handbooks.

(Note: This book was published together with Taiyin Buyi, as is indicated by the fact that Taiyin Buyi has three folios, and Taiyin Xupu is marked as Folio 4.

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