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Taiyin Buyi
Addendum to Great Sounds 1

(Note: Because the apparently earlier Taiyin Chuanxi [TYCX] was not available to Zha Fuxi when he was making his Guide, many melodies which first appear there are listed as first appearing here. For each melody below, if the melody is also in TYCX this is indicated in parentheses; * means the melody sections are titled. Although all but two melodies here are also in TYCX (#42 and #43), and neither book has lyrics, the versions are often different. And only here are the modal preludes called kao "studies". After TYBY's three folios comes Folio 4, TYXP)

Table of Contents

          --  Preface by Xiao Luan (III/303)
          --  Preface by Qi Song
          --  Portrait of Xingzhuang
          --  Wang Wei's laudatory essary for Xingzhuang's portrait
          --  Jin Bai's laudatory essary
          --  Zhao Yingchun's laudatory essay
          --  Origins of the great sound
          --  System of the great sounds
          --  Study of (the 13 studs [hui], then study of) the seven strings

          --  Table of contents (III/307)
          --  Origins of qin tablature
          --  General glossary of plucking techniques
          --  Mr. Cao's simplified character techniques (曹氏減字發, III/309)
          --  Basic instruction on playing the qin
          --  Essential knowledge for playing the qin

  1. Cao Man Yin (III/311)
    In three sections,* plus a preface about Xian Weng; compare TYCX#1

    --  Xumen orthodox tradition (mentions the Xumen master Xu Xiaoshan; III/312)
    --  Xingzhuang's correct regulation of the scale (III/313)
    --  Preface by Shi Liangzhen (III/316)

    Folio One:

  2. Gong Yi (Kao (III/316)
    TYCX#2-damaged); from 1425

  3. Chonghe Yin (III/317)
    TYCX#3); from 1525

  4. Yang Chun (III/317)
    TYCX#4); from the 1525 version

  5. 孤芳吟 Gufang Yin: Intonation on the Virtue of Solitude (III/320)
    (3; only
    1561, here, and TYCX#6); has preface

  6. Meihua Sannong (III/320)
    TYCX#7); from 1425

  7. 嘉遯吟 Jiadun Yin: Intonation on Commendable Obscurity (III/323)
    (3; only here,
    TYCX#10 and 1647); prelude to next

  8. Gukou Yin: Intonation about the Valley (III/323)
    TYCX#11); connected here to Zuo Si; five pu from 1525

  9. Qingxu Yin (III/326)
    (3; five pu from TYCX#12 or 1561)

  10. Guanghan You (III/326)
    TYCX#13?); from 1425

  11. Shang Yi Kao (III/328)
    TYCX#18?); from 1425 (2)

  12. Si Gui Yin (III/328)
    (3; different from
    1511 Si Gui Yin but preface and melody are like TYCX#19 Huaigu Yin; see details

  13. Yi Lan (III/329)
    TYCX#20); from 1425

  14. Ziyi Yin: Intonation of Increasing Abundance (III/331)
    (3; title only here and
    TYCX#8, but they seem completely different); loosely based on Tianfeng Huanpei?
    See further comments with the 1525 Feng Lei Yin:

  15. Feng Lei Yin (III/332)
    (8; TYCX#9); from 1525

  16. Teng Liu Yin: Intonation for the God of Snow (III/333)
    TYCX#21); melody apparently borrowed from Wang Ji

  17. Bai Xue (III/334)
    TYCX#22); from 1425

  18. 君子吟 Junzi Yin: Intonation of the Superior Person (III/335)
    (3; only here and

  19. Yuan He Shuang Qing (III/336)
    (9; see
    TYCX#24); from 1511

  20. Gui Qu Lai Ci (III/338)
    6; fits the lyrics (not included), but musically unrelated to
    1511, TYCX#34, etc.

  21. 春江 Chun Jiang: Spring River (III/339)
    (8; like
    TYCX#30 it is melodically related to Qiu Jiang Wan Diao [Autumn River!!!] but quite different from the earlier Chun Jiang Qu)

    Folio Two

  22. 斷金吟 Duanjin Yin: Intonation of Cutting Through Metal (III/340)
    (3; this title only here,
    TYCX#25 and 1561, but compare Jiao Qi Yin)

  23. Gujiao Xing (III/341)
    (13; see
    TYCX#26); from 1539

  24. 昭昭吟 Zhaozhao Yin: Intonation of Broad Clarity (III/343)
    (3; only here and

  25. Chang Qing (III/344)
    TYCX#28); from 1425

  26. Duan Qing (III/346)
    TYCX#29); from 1425

  27. Yan Hui (III/347)
    TYCX#33); ToC says "Ya Sheng", from Yasheng Cao"

  28. He Ming Jiugao (III/349)
    TYCX#37); from 1425

  29. Jiao Yi Kao (III/352)
    TYCX#38); from 1425

  30. Lingxu Yin (III/352)
    TYCX#39); from 1425

  31. Liezi Yu Feng (III/353)
    TYCX#40); from 1425

  32. Shangjiao Yi (no Kao; III/354)
    TYCX#41); from 1425

  33. Shenhua Yin (III/355)
    TYCX#42); from 1425

  34. Zhuangzhou Meng Die (III/355)
    TYCX#43); from 1425

  35. Zhi Yi Kao (III/357)
    TYCX#44); from 1425 (2)

  36. Huitong Yin (III/357)
    TYCX#45); from 1525

  37. Yu Hui Tushan (III/358)
    TYCX#46); from 1425

  38. 純一吟 Chunyi Yin: Intonation on Sincerity (III/361)
    (3; only here and

  39. Wen Wang (III/362)
    (8; compare
    TYCX#48); from <1491 and 1511

  40. 霜夜吟 Shuangye Yin: Intonation on a Frosty Evening (III/364)
    (3; only here,
    TYCX#53 and 1525)

  41. Yan Guo Hengyang (III/365)
    TYCX#54); see 1525

  42. 風波吟 Feng Bo Yin: Intonation on Wind and Waves (III/367)
    (3; not in TYCX); only here; has preface (44734.109 fengbo quotes Zhuangzi)

  43. Zuiyu Chang Wan (III/368)
    (10*; not in TYCX); 2nd of 17 from

  44. 湘江吟 Xiangjiang Yin: Xiang River Intonation (III/370)
    (3; this title also
    TYCX#51); same melody as Dongting Qiu Si

  45. Yu Ge (III/371)
    (10*; see
    TYCX#52); see 1525

  46. Shanju Yin (III/373)
    TYCX#49); from 1425

  47. Qiao Ge (III/374)
    TYCX#50); from 1425

  48. Guan Ju (III/376)
    TYCX#55); from <1491

    Folio Three

  49. Yu Yi Kao (III/378)
    TYCX#56); from 1425

  50. Ganhuai Yin: Stirred Emotions Intonation (III/378)
    (3; this title only here and
    TYCX#57, where the preface says: "also called Hewu Dongtian Yin" [related])

  51. Zhi Zhao Fei (III/379)
    TYCX#58); from 1425

  52. 親善吟 Qinshan Yin: Showing Friendliness Intonation (III/381)
    (3; only here and

  53. Pei Lan (III/382)
    TYCX#60); from 1539

  54. 物感吟 Wu Gan Yin: Intonation on the Influence of All (III/384)
    (3; only here and
    TYCX#61, but sections 1 and 3 almost = 1 and 3 of Chunxiao Yin)

  55. Wu Ye Ti (III/385)
    (9 [#7*];
    TYCX#62); from 1425

  56. Fugu Diao Kao (III/387)
    TYCX#66); see 1525

  57. Nan Feng Chang (III/387)
    TYCX#67); from 1546, #31 (compare 1525)

  58. Huangzhong Yi Kao (III/388)
    TYCX#63); from 1425

  59. 秋塞吟 Qiusai Yin (III/389)
    TYCX#64); same as Huangyun Qiusai; Zha Guide 24/201/-- mistakenly indicates this is first of 9 melodies that became today's Sao Shou Wen Tian, but Sao Shou Wen Tian actually begins with the Qiusai Yin published 1722 (also see Shui Xian Qu)

  60. Longshuo Cao (III/389)
    TYCX#65); ToC calls it 龍翔操 "Longxiang Cao"; from 1425

  61. Qiliang Yi Kao (III/391)
    TYCX#71-damaged); from 1425 Shenpin Chushang Yi

  62. Chu Ge (III/391)
    TYCX#75); from 1425

  63. Zepan Yin (III/393)
    TYCX#73-damaged); from 1425

  64. Li Sao (III/394)
    TYCX#74-damaged); from 1425

  65. Qu Yuan Wen Du (III/397)
    TYCX#76); see <1491

  66. Ruibin Yi Kao; "also called 金羽 Jinyu mode" (III/398)
    TYCX#77); from 1425

  67. Leji Yin (III/399)
    TYCX#78); related to Yu Ge Diao, but no lyrics

  68. Ao Ai Ge (III/399)
    TYCX#79); see <1491 Yu Ge

  69. Jiuyi Yin (III/402)
    TYCX#80 says "also called Fan Canglang)

  70. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (III/403)
    TYCX#81); from 1425

  71. Guxian Diao Kao (III/405)
    TYCX#68); from 1425

  72. Feiming Yin (III/405)
    TYCX#69); from 1425

  73. Qiu Hong (III/406)
    TYCX#70-damaged); from 1425

    -- Feng Mengyang afterword (III/411)
    -- Fu poem by Xingzhuang Laoren (III/412)
    -- Jin Dayu afterword (III/412)
    -- Jin Bai afterword (III/413)
    -- Liu Fan afterword (III/413)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Addendum to Great Sounds (太音補遺 Taiyin Buyi)

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