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Sagely Qin Players throughout History, Part 2
Qinshu Daquan Folio 15 (V/323 - 345) 1

There are 86 further biographical essays here; 56 are from Qin Shi,2 (usually identical), 4 are in Qin Shi Bu (not identical), and 26 are not in the other sources. It ends with the categories Immortals, Daoists, Monks, and Ladies

  1. 陳仲儒 Chen Zhongru (V/323)
    (Bio/xxx; 437.422xxx;)
    Early in the (Northern Wei) Shengui reign period (517-519 CE) Chen Zhongru returned home to the north. He was very knowledgeable in music matters....(It then tells a brief story showing his knowledge. It mentions how loving the qin leads to knowledge of music. However, there is no mention here of writing down music or of his Qinyong Zhifa. The source seems to be 魏書·樂志 the music section of the History of Wei.)


  2. 鹿悆 Lu Yu (V/323)
    Lu Yu, style name 永吉 Yongji

  3. 韋敻 Wei Xiong (V/323-4)
    Qin Shi Bu #66

  4. 檀翥 Tan Zhu (V/324)
    Tan Zhu, style name 鳳翔 Fengxiang

  5. 何妥 He Tuo (V/324)
    He Tuo, style name (木西)鳳 Shifeng (or Chifeng)

  6. 杜棲 Du Qi (V/324)
    Qin Shi #109

  7. 陶弘景 Tao Hongjing (V/324)
    Qin Shi #110

  8. 王彥 Wang Yan (V/324)
    Qin Shi #111

  9. 文中子 (Wang Tong), subtitle 釣者知音 (V/324-5)
    Qin Shi #112

  10. 王績 Wang Ji (V/325)
    Qin Shi #113

  11. 呂方 Lü Fang (V/325)
    Qin Shi #114

  12. 趙耶利 Zhao Yeli (V/325-6)
    Qin Shi #115

  13. 司馬子微 Sima Ziwei, subtitle 素琴傳 (V/326-7)
    Qin Shi #116

  14. 盧藏用 Lu Cangyong (V/327)
    Qin Shi #117

  15. 趙元 Zhao Yuan (V/327-8)
    Qin Shi #118

  16. 元紫芝 Yuan Zizhi (V/328)
    Qin Shi #119

  17. 房公 Fang Gong (697 - 763), nickname of 房琯 Fang Guan (V/328)
    My edition of Qin Shi has a gap after the first few words of his biography, then skips to information about
    Li Mian (next entry). 房琯 Fang Guan (11992.86), style name 次律 Cilü, was a son of 房融 Fang Rong of Luoyang. He was at first a recluse in 陸渾山 the Luhun Mountains (by Songshan, southeast of Luoyang), but then was called into military service....(See also another mention.)

    Fang Guan, style name Cilü, from Henan, was a son of Justice Official for Regulating Affairs Fang Rong. When Fang Guan was young he enjoyed studying....With 呂向 Lü Xiang of 東平 Dongping at 陸渾伊陽山 Yiyang Mountain in Luhun he read books. During 713 - 742 Tang Ming Huang....(article also mentions 張說 Zhang Yue and Dong Tinglan

  18. 李勉 Li Mian (717 - 788; V/328)
    separate entry (my edition of Qin Shi has a missing section here, so the information comes mostly from QSDQ)

  19. 王晙 Wang Jun (V/328)
    Wang Jun (Bio/131 says he was from 滄州景城 Jingcheng in Cangzhou) was a son of 王綝 Wang Lin (d. 702; Bio/135), style name 方慶 Fangqing.

    Wang Jun, from Shengyang in Yongzhou, was a son of 史部尚書方慶 , Minister of the Department of History Wang Fangqing. He became famous for his writing (calligraphy?). He was especially skilled at playing the qin and chess, and 性多嚴整. He achieved the rank of 殿中侍御史 Royal Palace Attendant (for History?).

  20. 張鎬 Zhang Gao (Zhang Hao?; died 764 CE; V/328)
    separate entry (my edition of Qin Shi has him in the ToC, but is missing the entry [#121])

  21. 韓滉 Han Huang (V/328-9)
    Qin Shi #123

    韓皋 (or 韓臯) Han Gao attached (as in Qin Shi); subtitle 推原廣陵

  22. 獨孤及 Dugu Ji (V/329)
    Qin Shi #124

  23. 王龜 Wang Gui (V/329)
    Qin Shi Bu #89

  24. 白樂天 Bai Juyi; subtitle 援崔琴彈秋思 (V/329-30)
    Qin Shi #125

  25. 崔玄亮 Cui Xuanliang (V/330)
    Qin Shi #126

  26. 衛次公 Wei Cigong (V/330)
    Qin Shi #127

  27. 郭虛舟 Guo Xuzhou (V/330)
    Qin Shi #128

  28. 蕭祐 Xiao You (V/330)
    Qin Shi #129

  29. (V/330-1)
    Qin Shi #130

  30. 薛易簡 Xue Yijian; subtitle 琴訣 (V/331)
    Qin Shi #132

  31. 董庭蘭 Dong Tinglan (V/331-2)
    Qin Shi #133

  32. 宋霽 Song Ji; subtitles 賀若 and 仰臥彈琴 (V/332)
    Qin Shi #134

  33. 甘讜 Gan Dang (V/332)
    Qin Shi #135

  34. 孫希裕 Sun Xiyu (V/332)
    Qin Shi #136

  35. 陳拙 Chen Zhuo (V/332)
    Qin Shi #137

  36. 唐楊壯 Tang Yangzhuang (V/332)
    Tang Yangzhuang, style name 藏之 Cangzhi (Zangzhi), nickname 知音 Zhiyin.

  37. 鄭遨 Zheng Ao (V/332)
    Zheng Ao, style name 雲叟 Yunsou, was from 滑州白馬 Baima in Huazhou.

  38. 黃處士 Reclusive Scholar Huang (V/332-3)
    nickname of 黃延矩 Huang Yanju, style name 垂範 Chuifan
    Qin Shi Bu #102

  39. 太宗 Taizong, subtitle 作九絃琴 (V/333)
    Qin Shi #138

  40. 竇儼 Dou Yan, subtitle 察音前知 (V/333-4)
    Qin Shi #139

  41. 崔遵度 Cui Zundu (V/334)
    Qin Shi #140

  42. 朱億 Zhu Yi (V/334)
    Qin Shi #141

  43. 朱文濟 Zhu Wenji and 趙裔 Zhao Yi (V/334)
    Qin Shi #142

  44. 唐異 Tang Yi (V/334)
    Qin Shi #143

  45. 范仲淹 Fan Zhongyan (V/334-5)
    Qin Shi #144

  46. 歐陽永叔 Ouyang Xiu; subtitle 學琴愈病 (V/335)
    Qin Shi #145

  47. 趙抃 Zhao Bian; subtitle 琴鶴自隨 (V/335-6)
    Qin Shi #146

  48. 鍾惟靜 Zhong Weijing (V/336)
    Zhong Weijing was from 鄱陽 Poyang (Jiangxi). He became jinshi on his second try, but he didn't 第志 . (11th c.)

    神仙 Immortals

  49. 涓子 Juanzi (V/336)
    Qin Shi #27

  50. 琴高 Qin Gao (V/336)
    Qin Shi #28

  51. 冠先 Guan Xian, subtitle 踞門鼓琴 (V/334)
    Qin Shi #29

  52. 周亮 Zhou Liang (V/336-7)
    道士周亮 The Daoist Zhou Liang, style name 泰宜 was from 太山丘 (= 邱 ?, by 泰山 Taishan?).
    Qin Shi Bu #23

  53. 竇公 Dou Gong (V/337)
    Qin Shi #62

  54. 周太賓 Zhou Tai Bin (V/337)
    Qin Shi #63

  55. 馬明生 Ma Mingsheng; subtitle 石室鼓琴 (V/337)
    (somewhat different information from the Ma Mingsheng included in #54 above

  56. 稷丘君 Master Jiqiu; subtitle 章甫擁琴 (V/337)
    Qin Shi #64

  57. 鮑靜 Bao Jing (V/337)
    Full title: 南海太守鮑靜 Governor Bao Jing of Nanhai; subtitle 叔夜尸解 Shuye (
    Xi Kang) abandons his corpse


    (For the first part compare the 嵇康贊序 Preface to In Praise of Xi Kang by Gu Kaizhi, included in 《文選》五君詠注. Here are the original followed by the translation by Thomas Cleary in Alchemists, Mediums and Magicians, p.71:)

    The governor of Nanhai, Bao Jing, was one in communion with the miraculous; Xu Ning of Donghai took him for his teacher. One night Ning heard the sound of a lute (sic.) in Jing's room; marveling at its refinement, he asked about it. Jing said, "That was Ji Shuye." Ning said, "Ji was killed - how could he be here?" Jing said, "Shuye projected the appearance of dying, but in reality he just left the body."

    The second part continues the story, but it only concerns Xi Kang, saying he continued living in the mountains, looking very young even when he was over 70; then when people looked into his tomb Xi Kang's body was gone, with only his clothing left behind.

  58. 張天師 Zhang Tianshi (V/337-8)
    nickname of 張道陵 Zhang Daoling (d.156 CE; Bio/1298), style name 輔漢 Fuhan

  59. 葛遷翁 Ge Qianweng (V/338)
    nickname of 葛元 Ge Yuan (Bio/xxx), style name 孝先 Xiaoxian; Qianweng: "Removed scholar"

  60. 曾真君 Ceng Zhenjun (V/338)
    nickname of 曾毫 Ceng Hao (Bio/xxx), style name 興國 Xingguo 14626.xxx; Zhenjun: "deferential title of an immortal"

  61. 紫陽真人 Ziyang Zhenren (V/338)
    nickname of 周義山 Zhou Yishan (Western Han; Bio/1534), style name 季通 Jitong

  62. 孫登 Sun Deng; subtitle 一弦琴 (V/338)
    Qin Shi #80

  63. 嚴法師 Master Yan; subtitle: 聽琴反真 (V/338-9)
    嚴達 Yan Da (Bio/xxx), style name 道通 Daotong

  64. 韓湘 Han Xiang; subtitle: 琴彈碧玉 (V/339)
    separate entry.

  65. 王長產 Wang Changchan (V/339)
    Wang Changchan (Bio/xxx), style name 元規 Yuangui

  66. 殷七七 Yin Qiqi (V/339)
    This entry has the same information as in
    Folio 17, #55, where the source is identified as 神僊通鑑 Shenxian Tongjian: Lessons of Divine Transcendents. 16993.1 殷七七 says 唐道士 Tang Daoist priest and gives some other information, quoting 續仙傳 Xu Xian Zhuan, 五色絃 Wu Se Xian and a poem by Su Dongpo called 吉祥寺詩.

    Yin Qiqi, proper name 文祥 Yin Wenxiang, also called 道筌 Yin Daoquan, called himself Yin Qiqi, and this is what he was commonly called. It is not known where he was from. He wandered all over....

  67. 劉商 Liu Shang; subtitle 琴鼓胡笳 (V/337/8)
    Liu Shang (late 8th c.; Bio/642: from 徐州彭城 Pengcheng in Xuzhou, he was a metropolitan candidate in 766 - 780 and a vice-director in the Bureau of Forestry and Crafts during 785 - 805, then had other positions;
    Around 770 CE he wrote a poem in 18 sections on the
    Hujia story; it was later used in a famous scroll painting

    道士 Daoists

  68. 道士馮惟良 Daoist Feng Weiliang (V/340)
    Feng Weiliang, style name 雲翼 Yunyi

  69. 道士陳寡言 Daoist Chen Guayan (V/340)
    Chen Guayan, style name 太初 Taichu

  70. 張氳 Chen Yun (V/340-1)
    Chen Yun was from 晉陽 Jinyang (long entry)

  71. 道士趙知徵 Zhao Zhizhi (or Zhizheng) (V/341)
    Zhao Zhizheng, of unknown origin, had a hut in 九華山鳳凰嶺 Fenghuang Peak of Jiuhua Shan mountain range.

  72. 道士李真 Daoist Li Zhen; subtitle: 攜琴負藥 (V/341)
    Compare 李貞
    Li Zhen and 李禎 Li Zhen
    Li Zhen, of unknown origin, was a recluse in to the west of 華山岐州 Qizhou in Huashan...

    僧 Monks

  73. 天竺日觀庵通教法師 Tianzhu Riguan Monastery Doctrinal Master (?; V/341)
    Tianzhu: India; temple in Jiangxi or near Hangzhou; temple in Hangzhou;
    Riguan: 14606.xxx; Yueguan 曰觀 14046.667 : mountain in Shandong; An could be "hut")
    Tongjiao: 10/xxx; understand doctrine; fashi master;
    His original name was 仲氏喜昇 Zhong Xisheng (437.xxx).

    列女 Ladies
    see also
    Women and the Guqin

  74. 衛女 Wei Nü (V/341-2)
    Qin Shi #52; subtitle: 琴操思歸 The qin melody Si Gui

  75. 百里奚妻 Wife of Baili Xi (V/342)
    Qin Shi #53; subtitle: 託澣援琴 Ask to do the washing, then play the qin

  76. 伯姬保母 Governess of Boji (V/342)
    Qin Shi #54

  77. 樊姬 Fan Ji (V/342)
    Qin Shi #55

  78. 魯女 Lu Nü (V/342)
    Qin Shi #56; subtitle: 倚柱吟嘯 Lean against the pillars and sigh

  79. 王昭君 Wang Zhaojun (V/342-3)
    Qin Shi #71

  80. 毛女 Mao Nü; subtitle 巖中鼓琴 (V/343)
    Qin Shi #57; subtitle: 巖中鼓琴 Playing the qin amongst precipices

  81. 元后 Empress Yuan (V/344)
    Qin Shi #60; 附趙后 Empress Zhao appended

  82. 蔡琰 Cai Yan; "attached 陳脩明 Chen Xiuming" (? ; it was detached here to make #83);
    Qin Shi #78/A; subtitles, 聽音知絃, 胡笳傳世 (V/344)

  83. 會稽女子陳脩 Chen Xiu, a woman of Kuaiji (V/344)
    see Qin Shi #78/B; there is no explanation why the name is changed from Xiuming to Xiu

  84. 段豐妻 Wife of Duan Feng (V/344)
    Qin Shi #97

  85. 李氏、王氏女 Women of the Li and Wang families (V/344)
    Qin Shi #131

  86. 烝相王徽姪女 Zheng Xiang, Niece of Wang Hui (V/344)
    apparently not in Qin Shi (compare 王微
    Wang Wei)

See also Later Women Players

歷代彈琴聖賢類名 Virtuous Qin Players in History, a List

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