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Taiyin Xisheng
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Taiyin Xisheng, compiled by Chen Dabin, includes altogether 36 melodies. All have lyrics, though not all seem intended for singing. The listing here adds the opening lyrics for each melody.

    宮調 Gong mode:

  1. 陽春 Yang Chun (14 sections; IX/132)
    Melodically related to
    1525; lyrics more like 1585 than 1539

  2. 廣寒遊 Guanghan You (9 sections; IX/136)

  3. 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong (11 sections; IX/139)

  4. 酒狂 Jiu Kuang (6 sections; IX/142)
    Has a prelude then the melody resembles
    1425. The preface attributes the melody to Ruan Ji (210-263) and states that the tablature really does come from the Tang dynasty.

  5. 金谷春 Jingu Chun (12 sections; IX/144)
    Only here;
    further comment under Jingu

    商調 Shang mode:

  6. 白雪 Bai Xue (9 sections; IX/147)

  7. 懷水僊 Huai Shuixian (9 sections; IX/150)
    1590 is unrelated

  8. 墨子悲絲 Mozi Bei Si (12 sections; IX/153)
    preface connects the melody to Li Shuinan.

  9. 猿鶴雙清 Yuan He Shuang Qing (12 sections; IX/158)

  10. 歸來樂 Guilai Yue (9 sections; IX/160)
    Section 1: "罷罷、耍耍,花花世界盡寬大。五斗米折不得彭澤腰,一碗飯受不得淮陰跨。種幾畝邵平瓜,卜幾文君平卦。"...
    Afterword as well as preface. Lyrics originated in an anonymous Yuan dynasty 散曲·小令 sanqu connected to a story about 武陵君 Lord of Wuling; various titles seem to be found.
    This is the first of at least seven handbooks (to
    1899) with this melody. The related later versions, beginning with 1691 (X/262), 1691 (XII/495) and 1692, are usually called 歸來曲 Guilai Qu. The afterword here says it is the tablature of Chen Dabin, while the preface seems to credit a Mr. Wang ("王君得此操"); there is no mention of Yin Ertao (for which see under QSCB). There is no connection to Gui Qu Lai Ci.

    Volume 3

  11. 漢宮春 Han Gong Chun (9 unnumbered 解 sections; IX/162)
    Afterword seems to tell a story of its being played by Li Shuinan.

  12. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (8 sections; IX/164)
    Copied from 1589? Attributed to Li Shuinan, saying that while living in the mountains he had himself often observed them.

  13. 釋談章 Shitan Zhang (8 sections; IX/167)
    Like the previous, attributed to
    Li Shuinan, adding some details as to how this came about. Latter sections repeat syllables (e.g. "奴奴奴奴奴奴奴奴奴") in a way that suggests some of the original text may have been lost. The final section is in harmonics.

  14. 客窗新語 Ke Chuang Xinyu (9 sections; IX/170)
    Attributes 劉誠意 Liu Chengyi

    徵調 Zhi mode:

  15. 禹會塗山 Yu Hui Tushan (12 sections; IX/174)
    "毛敏仲擬 Mao Minzhong outlined it."

  16. 鳳凰吟 Fenghuang Yin (8 sections; IX/178)
    Attributed to
    Chen Xiyi

    角調 Jiao mode:

  17. 列子御風 Liezi Yu Feng (10 sections; IX/181)

  18. 蒼梧引 Cangwu Yin (13 sections; IX/184)

    Volume 4

    Various modes

  19. 縱逸吟 Zongyi Yin (1 section; mode not indicated; IX/188)
    Idle Indulgence Intonation; only here. Not listed in the Zha Guide. Prelude to #20. Only comment: "by
    Chen Dabin", but see preface to #20
    28475.65 縱逸:放縱蕩逸也 (earliest reference is 晉書 History of Jin)

  20. 天放歌 Tian Fang Ge (8 sections; mode not indicated; IX/188)
    Natural Actions Song; only here. Not listed in the Zha Guide. Preface attributes it to
    Chen Dabin
    5961.507 天放:謂放逸自然也 (earliest reference is Zhuangzi)

  21. 亞聖操 Yasheng Cao (7 sections; zhi mode; IX/191)
    "天道無知,茫茫理數難窺。夭壽...." (?茫 written strangely, but see
    Mentions Yan Hui but lyrics and music quite different from 1511

  22. 凌虛吟 Lingxu Yin (1 section; jue mode; IX/193)
    Seems unrelated to

  23. 碧天秋 Bitian Qiu (12 sections; jue mode; IX/194)
    Seems unrelated to
    Bitian Qiu Si

  24. Quiet Evening Talk on Metaphysics (靜夜談玄 Jingye Tan Xuan; 14 sections; shang mode; IX/197)
    Text attributed to Laozi (道德經 Dao De Jing); music connected to Li Shuinan

  25. 復生操 Fusheng Cao (5 sections; 魯商調 lushang mode; IX/201)
    Melodically related to 1511
    Yasheng Cao (more so than the above; 大哉 dazais begin in Section 2

  26. 漢宮秋月 Hangong Qiuyue (10 sections; yumode; IX/203)
    "Not old; transmitted by
    Li Shuinan"

  27. 孤猿嘯月 Gu Yuan Xiao Yue (A Solitary Gibbon Calls to the Moon; 11 sections; yu mode; IX/207)
    Attributed to
    Hu Yan (of Zhao) in the Spring and Autumn period ("春秋時胡言所作...."), but not just for three strings
    First of five; the others are ca. 1650, 1833, 1894 & 1899

  28. Canon of Form and Emptiness (色空訣 Se Kong Jue; 7 sections + coda; yu mode; IX/210)
    A setting for qin of the Heart Sutra ("Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya Sūtra...."); details

    Volume 5

  29. 大雅 Da Ya (10 sections; huangzhong mode; IX/212)

  30. 神化引 Shenhua Yin (7 sections; shangjue mode; IX/216)
    Different from
    1425 and the 1647 Shenhua Yin also known as Qiu Shui

  31. 離騷 Li Sao (18 sections; qiliang mode; IX/218)
    "三代以上則以仁義而王。惜乎三代...." (compare

  32. 欸乃歌 Ao Ai Ge (18 sections; qiliang mode; IX/223)
    "家住吳楚大江頭,浪花中一葉扁舟。輕...." (compare lyrics of >1505
    Yu Ge)

  33. 雉朝飛 Zhi Zhao Fei (18 sections; yu mode; IX/228)
    "霽曉天和風日暖,紅紫花...." (compare lyrics of

  34. 搗衣 Dao Yi (12 sections; guxian mode; IX/233)
    "秋風起,碧雲飛,胡草萋萋胡馬嘶。征人...." (compare

  35. 瀟湘水雲 Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (10 sections; ruibin mode; IX/237)
    "洞庭煙雨,霏霏四起渺微茫,千萬里,雲?影,倒浸...." (compare

  36. 春江送別 Chunjiang Songbie (10 sections; qiliang mode; IX/241)
    "渭城朝雨...." (i.e., a version of
    Yangguan Sandie)
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Contents
This handbook not having been indexed in Zha Fuxi's Guide makes it more difficult to trace the origins and connections of the melodies here.

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