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Qin Poems, I B
Qinshu Daquan Folio 19 B (V/424-443) 1

詠琴 Declamations on the Qin
六十六首 66 in number (N.B.: there only seem to be 64)

  1. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 謝眺
    Xie Tiao (464 - 499)


  2. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 劉孝綽 Liu Xiaochuo (481 - 539, original name 劉冉 Liu Ran; ICTCL p.584)


  3. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 劉溉 Liu Gai (Liu Ji? 2270.xxx; 18592.xxx)

  4. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 江總 Jiang Zong (519 - 594; ICTCL, p.266)

  5. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 楊希道 (15489.xxx; 9025.117xxx)

  6. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 李嶠
    Li Jiao (644 - 713; ICTCL p.531)


    In the Complete Tang Poetry Li's poem is quoted somewhat differently:

    淮海多爲室,梁岷舊作臺。 (comment: 武丘山有琴室,近淮海。)

  7. 詠琴 Declamation on a Qin (V/418)
    by 劉允濟 Liu Yunji (2270.134, Tang). This poem is translated in HJAS 57, Ronald Egan,
    Music, Sadness and the Qin, p. 43).


  8. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 李白
    Li Bai (see text)

  9. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 韋應物 Wei Yingwu (737 - c.792; ICTCL p.887; (see also
    #15 below, Section 19B #46 and Section 20B #13)

  10. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 白居易
    Bai Juyi

    置琴曲机上,慵坐但含情。 (14774 机 ji: stool, from 几 ji; no reference to 棹/桌 table)
    Holding the qin askew on the stool, idly I sit though noticing my feelings.
    Why bother purposefully playing? In a breeze the strings resound by themselves.

  11. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/418)
    by 杜光庭 Du Guangting (850 -933; ICTCL p.821)

    .... (230 characters: [5+5] x 23?)

  12. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/419)
    by 范仲淹
    Fan Zhongyan (989 - 1052)

  13. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/419)
    by 易士達 Yi Shida (14130.xxx; 5750.182xxx)

  14. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/419)
    by 丁謂 Ding Wei (960 - 1040; 3.263; see ICTCL p.279)

  15. 五絃行 Five-string Activities (V/419)
    by 韋應物 Wei Yingwu (see also
    #9 above, Section 19B #46 and Section 20B #13)

  16. 雅琴篇 Essay on the Elegant Qin (V/419)
    by 司馬逸客 Sima Yike (3306.xxx; Bio/488, Tang)

  17. 五絃 Five Strings (V/419)
    by 張處士 Reclusive Scholar Zhang (Zhang Chushi; 10026.xxx; 33505.3xxx; see
    poem by Han Yu)

  18. 寶琴 Treasured Qin (V/419)
    by 釋彪 Shi Biao (41025.xxx; 10221.xxx)

  19. 廢琴 An Abandoned Qin (V/419)
    by 白居易
    Bai Juyi. This poem is translated in HJAS 57, Ronald Egan, Music, Sadness and the Qin, p. 54. It is also translated by Arthur Waley as "The Old Harp" (or equally incorrect, "The Old Lute"). Here is the original text and Waley's translation with (apologies) that word revised:

    絲桐合為琴,   Of cord and cassia-wood is the (zither) compounded:
    中有太古聲。   Within it lie ancient melodies.
    古聲淡無味,   Ancient melodies - weak and savourless,
    不稱今人情。   Not appealing to present men's taste.
    玉徽光彩滅,   Light and colour are faded from the jade stops:
    朱絃塵土生。   Dust has covered the rose-red strings.
    廢棄來已久,   Decay and ruin came to it long ago,
    遺音尚泠泠。   But the sound that is left is still cold and clear.
    不辭為君彈,   I do not refuse to play it, if you want me to:
    縱彈人不聽。   But even if I play, people will not listen.
    何物使之然?   How did it come to be neglected so?
    羌笛與秦箏。   Because of the Ch'iang flute and the Ch'in flageolet.

    Benjamin Britten used this translation for his "The Old Lute". Of the two instruments mentioned at the end (qiang di and Qin zheng) the latter was a version of the other Chinese long zither, the still-popular guzheng.

  20. 答原甫詠琴 Responding to ??? Declaming on Qin (原南 3028.95?) (V/419-20)
    by 歐陽永叔 Ouyang Yongshu (
    Ouyang Xiu)

    .... (230 characters: [5+5] x 23?)

  21. 題琴 Inscribing a Qin (V/420)
    by 丘遲 Qiu Chi (464 - 508 if it is 40.149)

  22. 古琴吟 Old Qin Declamation (V/420)
    by 邵雍
    Shao Yong (1011 - 1077; Bio/1398)

  23. 蛇蚹紋琴 Qin with Snake Scale Cracks (V/420)
    by 范純仁 Fan Chunren (1027 - 1101; 31472.167)

  24. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 顧逢 Gu Feng (Song dynasty; Bio/1886) see also in
    Folio 19B)

  25. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 隱蠻 Yin Man ("hidden savage", 42825.xxx)

  26. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 張商英 Zhang Shangying (1043 - 1122; Bio/1294; see also in
    Folio 19B)

  27. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 劉後村 Liu Houcun (nickname of 劉克莊 Liu Kezhuang, 1187 - 1269; ICTCL p.586)

  28. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 何孟舒 He Mengshu (489.xxx; 7107.216xxx)

  29. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 何孟舒 He Mengshu (489.xxx; 7107.216xxx)

  30. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/420)
    by 王琪 Wang Qi (Song dynasty; Bio/136)

  31. 破琴 Broken Qin (V/420)
    by 蘇軾 Su Shi (
    Su Dongpo)

    (See original text)

  32. 破琴 Broken Qin (V/420-1)
    by 許棐 Xu Fei (? - 1249; Bio/742)

  33. 破琴 Broken Qin (V/421)
    by 東坡 Su Dongpo (
    Su Shi);

    "又 Also:" (See original text)

  34. 五絃琴 Five String Qin (V/421)
    by 虞伯生 Yu Bosheng, style name of 虞集
    Yu Ji (1272 - 1348)

  35. 五絃琴 Five String Qin (V/421)
    by 虞伯生 Yu Bosheng (see #34 above)

  36. 神鳳琴 Wonderous Phoenix Qin (V/421)
    by 虞伯生 Yu Bosheng (see #34 above)

  37. 玉琴 Jade Qin (V/421)
    by 張子淵 Zhang Ziyuan (10026.xxx; 7972.xxx)

  38. 新製霹靂琴 Newly-Made Thunderbolt Qin (V/421)
    by 張仲實 Zhang Zhongshi (10026.xxx; 437.348xxx)

  39. 焦桐 Scorched Paulownia (V/421)
    by 楊仲弘 Yang Zhonghong (437.39 style name of 楊載 Yang Zai, 1271 - 1323, Bio/848; see also Folio 20B, #29)

  40. 焦桐 Scorched Paulownia (V/421)
    by 黃溍卿 Huang Jinqing (style name of 48904.848 黃溍 Huang Jin, 1277 - 1357; ICTCL pp.735, 917;
    see also
    Folio 20B, #82 and #83)

  41. 桐孫曲 Melody of Paulonia Branches (V/421)
    by 戈鎬 Ge Hao (xxx)

  42. 焦尾辭 Scorched Tail Lyrics (V/421)
    by 楊廉夫 Yang Lianfu (style name of
    Yang Weizhen, 1298 - 1370); see also #60 below)

  43. 蕭性淵霜鍾琴 The Frosty Bell Qin of Xiao Xingyuan (V/421)
    by 王沂 Wang Yi (Bio/100 has two, both Yuan dynasty; this one is probably the first)
    Xiao Xingyuan and Frosty Bell are also mentioned in Rao, Section 8, in connection with a poem by Jie Xisi (1274 - 1344). As for Frosty Bell, there seem to have been at least two well-known qins of this name during the Yuan dynasty, the present one belonging to Xiao Xingyuan and another, mentioned by Zhou Mi (1232 - 1298) as one of two apparently Tang dynasty qins belonging to another contemporary, Zhang Shouyi. QSDQ Folio 18 has an inscription for one qin of this title. Frosty Bell(s) are also mentioned in a poem by Li Bai, but this is usually not interpreted as referring to a qin name.


  44. 又 Same! Is an entry missing? (V/422)
    by 王本中 Wang Benzhong (xxx; 14757.14xxx); no apparent connection to theme of previous)


  45. 又 Same? (V/422)
    by 于思庸 Yu Siyong (Bio/xxx; 10734.xxx; 思庸 10734.xxx); connection to theme of previous not apparent )


  46. Qin (V/422)
    by 宋名賢 Song Mingxian (7230.xxx; 3385.228xxx; .229: start of book title)
    "famed immortals of the Song dynasty"?)

  47. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/422)
    by 張椿齡 Zhang Chunling (Bio/xxx; 15442.15 "Zhang of Venerable Age")

  48. 月琴吟贈程禹仲 Moon-lute Declamation Presented to Cheng Yuzhong (V/422)
    by 仇遠人父 (probably a misprint for 364.50 仇遠 Qiu Yuan, style name 仁父 Renfu: 13th century writer and poet
    程禹仲 Cheng Yuzhong 25638.xxx; a moon lute is illustrated at V/121

  49. 江學士古琴 Old Qin of Scholar Jiang (V/422)
    by 公是先生 (nickname of 劉敞 Liu Chang, 1019 - 68; senior scholar-official)

  50. 奚琴 Tartar Bowed Lute (V/422)
    by 劉敞 Liu Chang (see #49 above); the Tartar bowed lute is illustrated at V/121

  51. 張越琴 Qin of Zhang Yue (V/422)
    by 劉敞 Liu Chang (see #49 above); also mentioned in an Ouyang Xiu poem

  52. 歐陽琴歌 Ouyang's Qin Song (V/422-3)
    by 周文璞 Zhou Wenpu (3597.41 Song dynasty writer; see
    Folio 19B)

  53. 古琴歌 Old Qin Song (V/423)
    by Zhou Wenpu (see #52 above)

  54. 春雷琴 Spring Thunder Qin (V/423)
    by 左丞相耶律鑄 Vice Premier Yelü Zhu (29648.166 son of
    Yelü Chucai)

  55. 為李仲經賦得古音琴 For Li Zhongjing Writing a Poem about Acquiring a Qin with Antique Sound (V/423)
    by 危太樸 Wei Taipu, style name of 危素 Wei Su (1303 - 1372; 2901.68, Bio/605; see also
    Folio 20B, #137)
    李仲經 Li Zhongjing (14819.xxx; 437.xxx)

  56. 無絃琴 Stringless Qin (V/423)
    by 舒嶽祥 Shu Yuexiang (b.1236; Bio/2338; see also
    Folio 20B, #146)

  57. Qin (V/423)
    by 華嶽 Hua Yue (31910.421xxx: gives nickname for only 劉青運 Liu Qingyun of Qing dynasty)

  58. Qin (V/423)
    by 澹軒 Tan Xuan (18870.38, nickname of 李呂 Li Lü [Song]; 康顯 Kang Xian and 王淵 Wang Yuan [Yuan]; etc.)

  59. 老琴 Old Qin (V/423)
    by 陳庭潤 Chen Tingrun (Bio/xxx; 9553.xxx)

  60. 張猩猩胡琴引 Zhang Xingxing's Huqin Prelude (V/423)
    by 楊維楨 by
    Yang Weizhen, 1298 - 1370; see also #42 above)
    張猩猩 Zhang Xingxing: 10026.xxx; 21006.6xxx
    a huqin two string lute is illustrated at V/123

  61. Same? (V/423)
    continuation of the above?

  62. 觀楊一枝外史鳴球琴 Seeing Story-Collector Yang Yizhi's Resounding Gem Qin (V/423-4)
    by 王逢
    Wang Feng (1319 - 1388)
    "元贊附 attached is Yuanzan" was written under the title: refers to #63 below?
    (1356.715 元贊 is the style name of 汪皋會 Wang Gaohui [Song], etc.)
    楊一枝 Yang Yizhi (15489.xxx; 1.1620xxx)

  63. 附? (V/424)
    by Wang Feng? Wang Gaohui? Someone else? (see #62 above)

  64. 詠琴 Declamation on the Qin (V/424)
    by 貢泰父 Gong Taifu (37511.xxx; 17716.xxx)

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1 Qin Poems, Part I A
There is further information in the Preface. Folio 19 is here divided into two parts for convenience; Part IA ends just before the third entry on the top half of V/424. (V/...) refers to page numbers in Vol. V of Qinqu Jicheng.