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Melody Addenda
Qinshu Daquan Folio 13 (V/279 - 297)
曲調拾遺 1
琴書大全十三卷 2

Folio 13, supplementing Folio 11 and Folio 12, can be divided into two halves. First, Part One has lyrics for qin melodies, grouped under the names of six people, presumably the authors of the lyrics. Second, Part Two, simply lists qin melody titles, grouped first by type, then by mode (repeating many or all of the titles). The nine subtitles in the Qinshu Daquan Table of Contents seem to refer only to the melody title lists.3

Folio 13: Brief outline: This replaces the original ToC; see also the detailed outline

Part One: Song Lyrics (Five divisions; see details)4

      I. Qin Cao, by Cao Xun (1098 - 1174; V/279-80) 5
    II. 19 Qin Qu, by Xue Genzhai, style name of Xue Jixuan (1134 - 1173; V/280-83) 6
  III. Xu Qin Cao, by He Zhongxue (should be He Zhong, 1265 - 1332; V/283-4) 7
  IV/ Several Qin Cao, by Wang Feng (1319 - 1388; V/284-5) 8
    V/ Qin Cao, by Yang Weizhen (1298 - 1370; V/285-6) 9
  VI. Two Qin Cao, by Song Jinglian, style name of Song Lian (1310 - 1381; V/286-7) 10

Part Two: Melody Titles (Four divisions; see details)11

  1. Listing by Type: 407 titles in 24 types (V/285-88) 12
  2. Listing by Mode: 290 titles arranged into 24 modes of two categories each (see A and B)13
    Each mode is sub-divided into 調子 diaozi and 操弄 caonong (see QSCB, Chapter 6B3; V/288-293) A. Standard Tuning (5 modes) 14
    B. Non-Standard Tuning (19 modes; some may use the same tuning, which is not specified) 15
  3. Melodies of All the Schools: 24 titles (V/293)16
  4. Melody name addenda: 212 titles (V/293-95) 17
Folio 13: Detailed outline: There are two parts (see brief outline above)

Part One: Song Lyrics, Detailed Outline of Contents

I. 琴操 Qin Cao (V/279-80)
    Lyrics by 曹勛
Cao Xun (1098 - 1174)
    Some entries are preceded by an explanatory sentence;
    The links here are to the settings in the Qin Cao of Han Yu

    Preface: Invokes the Han Yu Qin Cao (same 10, in same order)

  1. 將歸操 Jiang Gui Cao (About to Return Melody; V/279)
    Confucius, going to Zhao, heard of the execution of Mingdu, so wrote this.


  2. 猗蘭操 Yilan Cao (Esteemed Orchid Melody; V/279

  3. 龜山操 Guishan Cao (Turtle Mountain Melody; V/279/80)

  4. 越裳操 Yueshang Cao (Yueshang Melody; V/280)

  5. 拘幽操 Juyou Cao (Gloomy-Detention Melody; V/280)

  6. 岐山操 Qishan Cao (Melody of Mount Qi; V/280)

  7. 履霜操 Lü Shuang Cao (Walking-in-the-Frost Melody; V/280)

  8. 雉朝飛操 Zhi Zhao Fei Cao (Melody of the Pheasant Flies in the Morning); V/280)

  9. 別鵠操 Bie Gu Cao (Parting Snowgoose Melody; V/280)

  10. 殘形操 Can Xing Cao (Partial Form Melody; V/280)

II. 琴曲十九首 19 Qin Qu (V/280-3)
      Lyrics by 薛艮齋 Xue Genzhai (薛季宣
Xue Jixuan, 1134 - 1173)
      Some entries are preceded by an explanatory sentence.

  1. 神人暢 Shenren Chang Rhapsody on a Celestial (V/280)

    Lyrics included in a footnote with Shenren Chang in Xilutang Qingtong (1525).

  2. 思歸操 Si Gui Cao (V/281; see Si Gui Yin)

  3. 舜操 Shun Cao (V/281)

  4. 南風歌 Nanfeng Ge (V/281)

  5. 襄陵操 Xiangling Cao (V/281)

  6. 霹靂引 Pili Yin (V/281)

  7. 適薄歌 Shi Bo Ge (V/281)

  8. 箕子操 Jizi Cao (V/281)

  9. 文王操 Wen Wang Cao (V/281)

  10. 剋商操 Keshang Cao (V/281)

  11. 采薇歌 Cai Wei Ge (V/282)

  12. 麥秀歌 Mai Xiu Ge (V/282)

  13. 神鳳操 Shenfeng Cao (V/282)

  14. 丘陵歌 Qiuling Ge (V/282)

  15. 梁山歌 Liang Shan Ge (V/282)

  16. 歸耕操 Gui Geng Cao (V/282)

  17. 汾亭操 Fen Ting Cao (V/282)

  18. 水仙操 Shui Xian Cao (V/282-3)

  19. 沉舟操 Chen Zhou Cao (V/283)

III. 續琴操 Xu Qin Cao (V/283-4)
       Lyrics by 何中
He Zhong (1265 - 1332)
       Each entry has lyrics preceded by the name of the reputed author, as below

  1. 蓍簪操 Shizan Cao (V/281)


  2. 箕山操 Jishan Cao (V/283)
    許由作 By Xu You

  3. 憂衛操 You Wei Cao (V/283)
    -魯監門女作 By a woman imprisoned in Lu

  4. 成連操 Cheng Lian Cao (V/283)
    伯牙作 By Bo Ya

  5. 雙鵠操 Shuang Gu Cao (V/283)
    魯寡陶(?)嬰作 By poor Tao Ying (?) of Lu

  6. 韞丘操 Yun Qiu Cao (V/283)
    巫馬棋作 By Wuma Qi

  7. 灌園操 Guan Yuan Cao (Tending Gardens Melody ; V/283-4)
    於陵仲子作 By Wuling Zhongzi (13942.39/40: 於陵子 Wuling Zi [not Yuling; see GSR VII, p.290]; his wife is in
    Lienü Zhuan)

  8. 子期操 Ziqi Cao (V/284)
    伯牙作 By Boya

  9. 梁父操 Liangfu Cao (V/284)
    諸葛孔明隆中作 By 諸葛亮
    Zhuge Liang (181 - 234), at Longzhong.
    These lyrics are different from some in YFSJ, pp.605-8, called 梁甫吟 Liangfu Yin.


IV/ 琴操 Several Qin Cao (V/284-5)
       Lyrics by 王逢
Wang Feng (1265 - 1332)
       Each set of lyrics preceded by a statement about a relevant occasion

    孔子琴操四首 Four Qin Cao about Confucius

  1. 去盧作 Qu Lu Zuo: Written Leaving Lu (V/284)


  2. 過__作 Guo __ Zuo (V/284)


  3. 去衛作 Qu Wei Zuo (V/284)


  4. 厄陳作 E Chen Zuo (V/284)


    顏子琴操一首 One Qin Cao about Yanzi

  5. 居陋巷作 Ju Lou Xiang Zuo (V/284)


    吳季子琴操一首 One Qin Cao about Wu Jizi

  6. 聘魯作 Pin Lu Zuo (V/284)


    衛女琴操一首 One Qin Cao about a woman of Wei
    Qin Cao says, 衛有賢女....

    (Introduction ends: "....Of old there was music but no lyrics; now there is not even music, so just the essay is added.")

  7. 思歸作 Si Gui Zuo (V/284-5; see Si Gui Yin)


V/ 琴操 Qin Cao (V/285-6)
     Lyrics by 楊維楨
Yang Weizhen (1298 - 1370)

    序 Preface: 琴操惟退之獨步子厚不敢作....

  1. 精衛操 Jing Wei Cao (V/285)
    章琬曰 Zhang Wan says,按...


  2. 石婦操 Shi Fu Cao (V/285)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  3. 箕山操 Jishan Cao (V/285)
    Zhang Wan says,...

    箕之山兮可耕而樵....(see complete)

  4. 漢水操 Hanshui Cao (V/285)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  5. 介山操 Jie Shan Cao (V/285)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  6. 崩城操 Beng Cheng Cao (V/285-6)
    Collapsing (City) Walls Lament; compare
    Beng Shan zhi Yin.
    Zhang Wan says,...


  7. 前旌操 Qian Jing Cao (V/286)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  8. 桑中操 Sang Zhong Cao (V/286)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  9. 剡移操 Yan Yi Cao (V/286; see Yan Yi Ge)
    Zhang Wan says,...


  10. 履霜操 Lü Shuang Cao (V/286; see in Taigu Yiyin)
    (Zhang Wan says,) These lyrics say,....


  11. 殘形操 Can Xing Cao (V/286; see in Taigu Yiyin)
    (Zhang Wan says,) 退之作殘形操....


VI. 琴操二首 Two Qin Cao (V/286-7)
       by 宋濂
Song Lian (1310 - 1381)

  1. 穹霞操 Qiong Xia Cao (V/286)


  2. 洞林操 Dong Lin Cao (V/287)


Folio 13, Part Two: Melody Titles, Detailed Outline of Contents
(Four divisions, partially online, see
footnotes; meanwhile this outline shows the four divisions)

  1. Listing by Type, of which there are 23, as follows

    1. 暢 (Chang; 1 title; V/287)

    1. 神人暢 Shenren Chang

    2. 操 (Cao; 58 titles; V/287)

    1. 靈雲操 Linyun Cao, by 伏羲 Fu Xi
    2. 思親操 Si Qin Cao, by 帝舜 Emperor Shun
    3. 禹上會稽 Yu Shang Kuaiji
    4. 襄陵操 Xiangling Cao
    5. 訓畋操 Xun Tian Cao, by 商湯 Shang Tang
    6. 拘幽操 Ju You Cao, also called 離憂 Li You
    7. 思士操 Si Shi Cao, by 文王 Wen Wang
    8. 越裳操 Yueshang Cao
    9. 岐山操 Qishan Cao, by 周公 Zhou Gong
    10. 剋商操 Ke Shang Cao, by 武王 Wu Wang
    11. 神鳳操 Shenfeng Cao, by 成王 Cheng Wang
    12. 箕子操 Jizi Cao, by 箕子 Jizi
    13. 采薇操 Cai Wei Cao, by 伯夷 Bo Yi
    14. 獲麟操 Huo Lin Cao
    15. 將歸操 Jiang Gui Cao
    16. 閑居操 Xian Ju Cao, by 孔子 Confucius
    17. 猗蘭操 Yi Lan Cao, by 孔子 Confucius
    18. 殘形操 Can Xing Cao, by 曾子 Zengzi
    19. 別鶴操 Bie He Cao, by 商陵牧子 Shangling Muzi
    20. 狡兔操 Jiao Tu Cao, by 李斯 Li Si
    21. 八公操 Ba Gong Cao, by 淮南子 Huainanzi
    22. 拔山操 Ba Shan Cao, by 項羽 Xiang Yu (compare 力拔山操 Li Ba Shan Cao in YFSJ)
    23. 登隴操 Deng Long Cao
    24. 望秦操 Wang Qin Cao
    25. 竹吟風操 Zhu Yin Feng Cao
    26. 哀松露操 Ai Song Lu Cao
    27. 悲漢月操 Bei Han Yue Cao, by 趙師 Zhao Shi
    28. 風操 Feng Cao, by 嵇康 Xi Kang
    29. 高德操 Gao De Cao
    30. 古風操 Gu Feng Cao
    31. 游僊操 You Xian Cao
    32. 忘僊操 Wang Xian Cao
    33. 集僊操 Ji Xian Cao
    34. 歸山操 Gui Shan Cao
    35. 守志操 Shou Zhi Cao
    36. 臨渠操 Lin Qu Cao
    37. 歡樂操 Huan Le Cao
    38. 高松操 Gao Song Cao
    39. 望月操 Wang Yue Cao
    40. 魏降操 Wei Jiang Cao
    41. 寒松操 Han Song Cao
    42. 秋風操 Qiu Feng Cao
    43. 翔鸞操 Xiang Luan Cao
    44. 靈芝操 Lingzhi Cao
    45. 文王操 Wen Wang Cao
    46. 湘皋操 Xiang Gao Cao
    47. 采蘋操 Cai Ping Cao
    48. 耕煙操 Geng Yan Cao
    49. 化胡操 Hua Hu Cao
    50. (昆鳥)雞操 Kun Ji Cao
    51. 濮水操 Pu Shui Cao
    52. 鳳吟操 Feng Yin Cao
    53. 晉侯操 Jin Hou Cao
    54. 馬融操 Ma Rong Cao
    55. 飛龍操 Fei Long Cao
    56. 友鶴操 You He Cao
    57. 颻颺飛烏操 Yaoyang Fei Wu Cao
    58. 虹橋駕迥操 Hong Qiao Jia Jiong Cao

    3. 引 (Yin; 60 titles; V/287-8)

    1. 宮引 Gong Yin
    2. 商引 Shang Yin
    3. 角引 Jue Yin
    4. 徵引 Zhi Yin
    5. 羽引 Yu Yin
    6. 伯姬引 Bo Ji Yin, by 魯保母 by Mother Bao of Lu
    7. 思歸引 Si Gui Yin, by 衛女 Woman of Wei
    8. 走馬引 Zou Ma Yin, by 檽里子恭 Erli Zigong (presumably 樗里木恭 Chuli Mugong)
    9. 清風引 Qing Feng Yin, by 女僊盧藕苗 Lady Immortal Oumiao of Lu
                    (compare 盧女 Lu Nü and note 33138.113 藕苗衣 swaddling clothes)
    10. 箜篌引 Konghou Yin, by 霍里子高作 by Huoli Zigao
    11. 飛龍吟 Feilong Yin
    12. 黃老引 Huanglao Yin
    13. 竹枝引 Zhu Zhi Yin, by 蕃叱利 Pi Chili
    14. 楚引 Chu Yin, also called 龍丘引, by 龍丘子高 Longqiu Zigao
    15. 雙鶴引 Shuanghe Yin, by 嵇康 Xi Kang
    16. 琴引 Qin Yin, by 秦屠門高 Tumen Gao of Qin
    17. 怨春引 Yuan Chun Yin, 王剛 Wang Gang (王刪?)
    18. 望雲引 Wang Yun Yin
    19. 上清引 Shang Qing Yin
    20. 逍遙引 Xiaoyao Yin
    21. 清湘引 Qing Xiang Yin
    22. 太真引 Tai Zhen Yin
    23. 白鶴引 Baihe Yin
    24. 霜鴻引 Shuang Hong Yin
    25. 離鴻引 Li Hong Yin
    26. 九真引 Jiu Zhen Yin
    27. 鴨鳩引 Yajiu Yin
    28. 五香引 Wu Xiang Yin
    29. 五松引 Wu Song Yin
    30. 長溪引 Chang Xi Yin
    31. 雙飛引 Shuang Fei Yin
    32. 清弄引 Qing Nong Yin
    33. 秋霞引 Qiu Xia Yin
    34. 秋碪引 Qiu Zhen Yin
    35. 月波引 Yue Bo Yin
    36. 流波引 Liu Bo Yin
    37. 三序引 San Xu Yin
    38. 卿雲引 Shuang Yun Yin
    39. 凌波引 Ling Bo Yin
    40. 鳴球引 Ming Qiu Yin
    41. 霓裳引 Nishang Yin
    42. 長壽引 Chang Shou Yin
    43. 鳴鶴引 Ming He Yin
    44. 蒼官引 Cang Guan Yin
    45. 澄河引 Cheng He Yin
    46. 白雲引 Bai Yun Yin
    47. 大雄引 Da Xiong Yin
    48. 樂武引 Le Wu Yin
    49. 玉琴引 Yu Qin Yin
    50. 清角引 Qingjue Yin
    51. 楚歌引 Chu Ge Yin
    52. 思鄉引 Si Xiang Yin
    53. 廣華引 Guang Hua Yin; common name 左貂依帝室 Zuo Diao Yi Di Shi
    54. 遊僊引 You Xian Yin
    55. 孤竹引 Guzhu Yin
    56. 長樂引 Chang Le Yin
    57. 月夜雙烏引 Yueye Shuangwu Yin (月夜雙鳥引 Yueye Shuangniao Yin?)
    58. 曉窗殘月引 Xiao Chuang Can Yue Yin
    59. 萬壽無疆引 Wan Shou Wu Jiang Yin
    60. 貞符引 Zhen Fu Yin, common name 玄燕遺卯 Xuan Yan Yi Mao

    4. 吟 (Yin; 43 titles; V/288)

    1. 微子吟 Weizi Yin
    2. 子胥吟 Zixu Yin, by 伍子胥 Wu Zixu
    3. 北鄙吟 Bei Bi Yin, by 子路 Zilu
    4. 清風吟 Qingfeng Yin, by 漢師 Han Shi (?)
    5. 越人吟 Yueren Yin
    6. 梁甫吟 Liangfu Yin
    7. 飛龍吟 Feilong Yin
    8. 枯魚吟 Ku Yu Yin
    9. 胡笳吟 Hujia Yin
    10. 千里吟 Qian Li Yin
    11. 遠遊吟 Yuan You Yin
    12. 常山吟 Chang Shan Yin
    13. 息媯吟 Xi Gui Yin
    14. 息婦吟 Xi Fu Yin
    15. 白頭吟 Bai Tou Yin
    16. 游子吟 You Zi Yin
    17. 夜坐吟 Ye Zuo Yin
    18. 遠水吟 Yuan Shui Yin
    19. 鳳雛吟 Feng Chu Yin
    20. 招來吟 Zhao Lai Yin
    21. 五松吟 Wu Song Yin
    22. 楚江吟 Chu Jiang Yin
    23. 醉僊吟 Zui Xian Yin
    24. 思山吟 Si Shan Yin
    25. 青箱吟 Qing Xiang Yin
    26. 猛虎吟 Meng Hu Yin
    27. 石磬吟 Shi Qing Yin
    28. 書窗吟 Shu Chuang Yin
    29. 寒山吟 Han Shan Yin
    30. 鶴唳吟 He Li Yin
    31. 止水吟 Zhi Shui Yin
    32. 隴頭吟 Longtou Yin
    33. 僊中吟 Xian Zhong Yin
    34. 稽山吟 Ji Shan Yin
    35. 紫芝吟 Zi Zhi Yin
    36. 皇甫吟 Huangfu Yin
    37. 山堂了了吟 Shan Tang Liaoliao Yin
    38. 碧溪吟 Bi Xi Yin
    39. 嵩高吟 Song Gao Yin
    40. 賓鴈吟 Bin Yan Yin
    41. 祓禊吟 Fuxi Yin (25227.4 祓禊 Fu Xi, the name of an ancient ceremony; compare Xiuxi Yin)
    42. 木蘭吟 Mulan Yin
    43. 蕭閑 Xiao Xian Yin

    5. 弄 (Nong; 26 titles; V/288)

    1. 文君弄 Wenjun Nong
    2. 玉清弄 Yu Qing Nong
    3. 清風弄 Qing Feng Nong
    4. 脩竹弄 Xiu Zhu Nong
    5. 京水弄 Jing Shui Nong
    6. 連珠弄 Lian Zhu Nong
    7. 悅人弄 Yue Ren Nong
    8. 采馬弄 Cai Ma Nong
    9. 華池弄 Hua Chi Nong
    10. 陸渾弄 Lu Hun Nong
    11. 龍泉弄 Long Quan Nong
    12. 彩池弄 Cai Chi Nong
    13. 淑玉弄 Shu Yu Nong (? "氵救")
    14. 三名弄 San Ming Nong
    15. 清平弄 Qing Ping Nong
    16. 飛泉弄 Fei Quan Nong
    17. 調僊弄 Tiao Xian Nong
    18. 清英弄 Qing Ying Nong
    19. 擣衣弄 Dao Yi Nong (compare 搗衣 Dao Yi?)
    20. 青松弄 Qing Song Nong
    21. 黃花弄 Huang Hua Nong
    22. 飛僊弄 Fei Xian Nong
    23. 瀑泉弄 Bao Quan Nong
    24. 號鐘弄 Haozhong Nong
    25. 鼓簧弄 Gu Huang Nong
    26. 風拂蓬萊弄 Feng Fu Penglai Nong

    6. 曲 (Qu; 3 titles; V/288)

    1. 皎月風霜曲 Jiao Yue Feng Shuang Qu, by 漢梁鑾 Liang Luan of Han
    2. 青松曲 Qing Song Qu, by 馬明生 Ma Mingsheng
    3. 折腰曲 Zhe Yao Qu

    7. 彈 (Tan; 20 titles; V/288)

    1. 五老彈 Wu Lao Tan, also called 南風虞舜 Nan Feng Yu Shun
    2. 吳彈 Wu Tan
    3. 楚彈 Chu Tan
    4. 蜀彈 Shu Tan
    5. 清彈 Qing Tan
    6. 高彈 Gao Tan
    7. 雙彈 Shuang Tan
    8. 平彈 Ping Tan
    9. 長彈 Chang Tan
    10. 短彈 Duan Tan
    11. 參彈 Can Tan
    12. 群彈 Qun Tan
    13. 虛彈 Xu Tan (original xu is 虍 over 丘)
    14. 黃老彈 Huanglao Tan
    15. 趙女彈 Zhao Nü Tan
    16. 思歸彈 Si Gui Tan
    17. 張女彈 Zhang Nü Tan
    18. 賈新彈 Jia Xin Tan (or Gu Xin Tan)
    19. 澄清彈 Cheng Qing Tan (or Deng Qing Tan)
    20. 凌波彈 Ling Bo Tan (or Ling Po Tan)

    8. 調 (Diao; 59 titles; V/288-9)

    1. 宮調 Gong Diao
    2. 商調 Shang Diao
    3. 角調 Jue Diao
    4. 徵調 Zhi Diao
    5. 羽調 Yu Diao
    6. 玉絃調 Yuxian Diao
    7. 慢宮調 Man'gong Diao
    8. 慢商調 Manshang Diao
    9. 緊商調 Jin Shang Diao
    10. 清商調 Qingshang Diao
    11. 清角調 Qingjue Diao
    12. 清徵調 Qingzhi Diao
    13. 流徵調 Liuzhi Diao
    14. 側羽調 Ceyu Diao
    15. 黃鍾調 Huangzhong Diao
    16. 泉鳴調 Quanming Diao
    17. 碧玉調 Biyu Diao
    18. 無媒調 Wumei Diao
    19. 羲和調 Xihe Diao
    20. 上間絃調 Shang Jianxian Diao
    21. 下間絃調 Xia Jianxian Diao
    22. 離憂調 Liyou Diao
    23. 琴調 Qin Diao
    24. 清調 Qing Diao
    25. 平調 Ping Diao
    26. 楚調 Chu Diao
    27. 側調 Ce Diao
    28. 吳調 Wu Diao
    29. 蜀調 Shu Diao
    30. 沈家調 Shenjia Diao
    31. 祝調 Zhu Diao
    32. 馮家調 Fengjia Diao
    33. 蓬萊調 Penglai Diao
    34. 英雄調 Yingxiong Diao
    35. 金石調 Jinshi Diao
    36. 山水調 Shanshui Diao
    37. 素絃調 Suxian Diao
    38. 金階調 Jinjie Diao
    39. 素眸調 Su Mou Diao
    40. 貴誠調 Gui Cheng Diao
    41. 中平調 Zhongping Diao
    42. 清精調 Qingjing Diao
    43. 清可調 Qing Ke Diao (清河調 Qing He Diao?}
    44. 仙鶴調 Xianhe Diao
    45. 嵩巖調 Songyan Diao
    46. 彩指調 Cai Zhi Diao
    47. 八亭調 Ba Ting Diao
    48. 龍銀調 Long Yin Diao
    49. 南應調 Nan Ying Diao
    50. 景寒調 Jing Han Diao
    51. 金錯調 Jin Cuo Diao
    52. 清和調 Qinghe Diao
    53. 子晉調 Zi Jin Diao
    54. 響泉調 Xiangquan Diao
    55. 忘憂調 Wang You Diao
    56. 昇平調 Sheng Ping Diao
    57. 雲和調 Yun He Diao
    58. 七絃調 Qixian Diao
    59. 怡神調 Yi Shen Diao

    9. 品 (Pin; 5 titles; V/289)

    1. 宮調品 Gong Diao Pin
    2. 商調品 Shang Diao Pin
    3. 角調品 Jue Diao Pin
    4. 徵調品 Zhi Diao Pin
    5. 羽調品 Yu Diao Pin

    10. 歌 (Ge; 8 titles; V/289)

    1. 歷山歌 Lishan Ge, by 虞舜 Yushun
    2. 三峽流泉歌 Sanxia Liu Quan Ge
    3. 石上流泉歌 Shishang Liu Quan Ge, by 伯牙 Boya
    4. 杞梁妻歌 Qi Liang Qi Ge, by 杞植妻妹朝日 by the wife of Qi Zhi (should be 杞殖; see bio)
    5. 將軍歌 Jiangjun Ge
    6. 大風歌 Dafeng Ge, by 漢高祖 Han Gaozu
    7. 采芝歌 Cai Zhi Ge, by the 四皓 Four Hoaryheads
    8. 隴頭春水歌 Longtou Chunshui Ge

    11. 行 (Xing; 45 titles; V/289)

    1. 日出行 Richu Xing
    2. 君子行 Junzi Xing
    3. 從軍行 Zong Jun Xing
    4. 堂上行 Tangshang Xing
    5. 豫章行 Yuzhang Xing (Yuzhang is 江西 Jiangxi)
    6. 猛虎行 Meng Hu Xing
    7. 燕歌行 Yan Ge Xing
    8. 齊樞行 Qi Shu Xing
    9. 長歌行 Chang Ge Xing
    10. 短歌行 Duan Ge Xing
    11. 采桑行 Cai Sang Xing
    12. 鞠歌行 Ju Ge Xing
    13. 苦寒行 Ku Han Xing
    14. 東門行 Dongmen Xing
    15. 西門行 Ximen Xing
    16. 放歌行 Fang Ge Xing
    17. 櫂歌行 Zhao Ge Xing
    18. 滿歌行 Man Ge Xing
    19. 紫霄行 Zi Xiao Xing
    20. 隴西行 Longxi Xing
    21. 蒲坢行 Pu Pan Xing
    22. 怨歌行 Xing
    23. 鳴鴈行 Ming YanXing
    24. 吳趨行 Wu Qu Xing
    25. 楚歌行 Xing
    26. 悲戎行 Bei Rong Xing
    27. 晨風行 Xing
    28. 越謠行 Xing
    29. 春日行 Xing
    30. 麗人行 Xing
    31. 少年行 Xing
    32. 薊門行 Jimen Xing (Jimen is near Beijing)
    33. 俠客行 Xia Ke Xing
    34. 邊居行 Bian Ju Xing
    35. 白楊行 Bai Yang Xing
    36. 相絳行 Xiang Jiang Xing
    37. 昇天行 Sheng Tian Xing
    38. 度階行 Du Jie Xing
    39. 妒婦行 Du Fu Xing (Jealous Woman Xing)
    40. 苦辛行 Ku Xin Xing
    41. 大道行 Da Dao Xing
    42. __源行 __ Yuan Xing (first character most likely 桃; see 桃源行 Taoyuan Xing under Taoyuan Chunxiao)
    43. 秋胡行 Qiu Hu Xing
    44. 長安行 Chang An Xing
    45. 思楚歌行 Si Chu Ge Xing

    12. 奏 (Zou; 2 titles; V/289)

    1. 九奏 Jiu Zou
    2. 帝鼐奏 Di Nai Zou

    13. 松 (Song; 10 titles; V/289-90)

    1. 僊道頌 Xian Dao Song
    2. 雲璈頌 Yun Ao Song
    3. 景雲頌 Jing Yun Song
    4. 河清頌 He Qing Song
    5. 隆平頌 Long Ping Song
    6. 垂裳頌 Chui Shang Song
    7. 無疆頌 Wu Jiang Song
    8. 南山頌 Nanshan Song
    9. 五風頌 Wu Feng Song
    10. 魚躍頌 Yu Yue Song

    14. 樂 (Le; 6 titles; V/290)

    1. 飲酒樂 Yin Jiu Le
    2. 長壽樂 Changshou Le
    3. 閑居樂 Xianju Le
    4. 僊人樂 Xianren Le
    5. 青春樂 Qingchun Le
    6. 歸山樂 Gui Shan Le

    15. 愁 (Chou; 2 titles; V/290)

    1. 秦王解愁 Qinwang Jie Chou
    2. 獨坐愁 Du Zuo Chou

    16. 怨 (Yuan; 14 titles; V/290)

    1. 歸梁怨 Gui Liang Yuan. by 項梁妻 the wife of Xiang Liang
    2. 梁妻怨 Liang Qi Yuan, by 杞梁妻 the wife of Qi Liang
    3. 天女怨 Tiannü Yuan
    4. 客怨 Ke Yuan
    5. 失女怨 Shi Nü Yuan
    6. 柳花怨 Liuhua Yuan
    7. 玉階怨 Yujie Yuan
    8. 娥姑怨 E Gu Yuan
    9. 長門怨 Changmen Yuan
    10. 古塞怨 Gu Sai Yuan
    11. 閨門怨 Guimen Yuan
    12. 芳草怨 Fangcao Yuan
    13. 節婦怨 Jiefu Yuan
    14. 沉思怨 Chen Si Yuan

    17. 嘆 (Tan; 3 titles; V/290)

    1. 楚妃嘆 Chu Fei Tan, 息製 (?)
    2. 屈原嘆 Qu Yuan Tan
    3. 白魚嘆 Baiyu Tan

    18. 思 (Si; 5 titles, 憶附 including appended Yi; V/290)

    1. 文王思舜 Wen Wang Si Shun
    2. 秋風思鄉 Qiufeng Si Xiang
    3. 思故山 Si Gu Shan
    4. 臨江憶故人 Lin Jiang Yi Guren
    5. 右側思鄉 Youze Si Xiang

    19. 悲 (Bei; 3 titles, 泣附 including appended Qi; V/290)

    1. 悲風 Bei Feng
    2. 宋玉悲秋 Song Yu Bei Qiu
    3. 卞和泣玉 Bian He Qi Yu

    20. 清 (Qing; 15 titles; V/290)

    1. 長清 Chang Qing
    2. 短清 Duan Qing, by 嵇康 Xi Kang
    3. 千金清 Qianjin Qing, by 蔡琰 Cai Yan
    4. 宛轉清 Wan Zhuan Qing (probably should be 婉轉清 Wan Zhuan Qing)
    5. 中揮清 Zhong Hui Qing
    6. 暢志清 Chang Zhi Qing
    7. 蟹行清 Xie Xing Qing
    8. 偏僻清 Pianpi Qing (Eccentric Qing)
    9. 清玉堂 Qing
    10. 霄__清 Xiao__ Qing (second character unclear; 43249 霄 is followed by nothing like it)
    11. 楊柳清 Yangliu Qing
    12. 河漢清 He Han Qing
    13. 月江清 Yue Jiang Qing
    14. 露華清 Lu Hua Qing
    15. 玉清 Yu Qing

    21. 則 (Ce; 3 titles; V/290)

    1. 長側 Chang Ce
    2. 短側 Duan Ce, by 嵇康 Xi Kang
    3. 鳳舞側 Feng Wu Ce

    22. 遊 (You; 5 titles; V/290)

    1. 十僊遊 Shi Xian You, also called 止息 Zhi Xi
    2. 隱山遊 Yin Shan You
    3. 大遊 Da You
    4. 小遊 Xiao You
    5. 低鷺第一遊 Di Lu DiyiYou

    23. 子 (Zi ["little ones"?, cannot find in dictionaries]; 9 titles; V/290)

    1. 送客子 Song Ke Zi
    2. 青沿子 Qing Yan Hong Zi
    3. 安斗子 An Dou Zi
    4. 京口子 Jing Kou Zi
    5. 歷陽子 Li Yang Zi
    6. 車輈子 Che Zhou Zi
    7. 摸魚子 Mo Yu Zi
    8. 魯國子 Lu Guo Zi
    9. 石虎子 Shi Hu Zi

    24. 僮 (Tong [? suggests "simple"?]; 2 titles; V/290)

    1. 采菱僮 Cai Ling Tong (Collect Water-Chestnuts Tong)
    2. 傴僂僮 Yulu Tong ("Reverentially Bow" Tong; also Yulou: hunchback)


  2. Listing by Mode (this section begins, with no explanation, in middle of QQJC V/290)
    Two categories, standard tuning and non-standard. Each mode is sub-divided into 調子 diaozi and 操弄 caonong (see QSCB,
    Chapter 6b3 and Chapter 6c6).

      (Standard Tuning 正調)

    1. Gong mode 宮調 (V/290-1)

      Diaozi 調子 (55 titles)

      1. 宮調品 Gong Diao Pin
      2. 黃鶯吟 Huang Ying Yin
      3. 麻姑 Ma Gu
      4. 真人調 Zhen Ren Diao
      5. 小看花 Xiao Kan Hua
      6. 桃源路 Tao Yuan Lu
      7. 金丹調 Jin Dan Diao
      8. 清宵落葉吟 Qing Xiao Luo Ye Yin
      9. 湘妃吟 Xiangfei Yin
      10. 感庭迴 Gan Ting Hui
      11. 臨風思故人 Lin Feng Si Guren
      12. 餘霞散成綺 Yu Xia San Cheng Qi
      13. 步新霜 Bu Xin Shuang
      14. 卓士引 Zhuo Shi Yin
      15. 太看花 Tai Kan Hua
      16. 醉翁吟 Zui Weng Yin
      17. 招隱 Zhao Yin
      18. 清江吟 Qing Jiang Yin
      19. 瑤池宴 Yao Chi Yan
      20. 反招隱 Fan Zhaoyin
      21. 幽人折芳桂 Youren Zhe Fang Gui (also with manjue mode caonong below)
      22. 嘆世吟 Tan Shi Yin
      23. 靜中吟 Jingzhong Yin
      24. 太平吟 Taiping Yin
      25. 曉鶯帝 Xiao Ying Di
      26. 青山白雲 Qing Shan Bai Yun
      27. 山齋遠望 Shan Zhai Yuan Wang
      28. 白雲翁吟 Bai Yun Weng Yin
      29. 澄江凈如練 Cheng Jiang Jing Ru Lian
      30. 俠客 Xia Ke
      31. 對秋月
      32. 大(糸夾)纈 Da Xie Xie (Great Fastening of Tassels [糸夾 28101 xian = 綖 yan tassels])
      33. 小(糸夾)纈 Xiao Xie Xie
      34. 獨坐吟 Du Zuo Yin
      35. 老龍吟 Lao Long Yin
      36. 望月調 Wang Yue Diao
      37. 杏園樂 Xing Yuan Le
      38. 明君調 Mingjun Diao
      39. 太平調 Taiping Diao
      40. 祝壽詞 Zhu Shou Ci
      41. 登高吟 Deng Gao Yin
      42. 大道引 Da Dao Yin
      43. 泛虛舟 Fan Xu Zhou
      44. 雪裏乘舟 Xueli Cheng Zhou
      45. 雪夜聞鍾 Xue Ye Wen Zhong, also called 寒鍾 Han Zhong
      46. 賀若 Heruo, 並下九調 also the following nine melodies (i.e., 10 in all, as with the 10 melodies of Heruo Bi)
        Two changes here: #1 "Heruo" replaces #10 "unknown", and #10 Qiu Ting Cao replaces #8 Yexia Wen Chan
      47. 楚澤涵秋 Chu Ze Han Qiu, commonly called 不博金 Bu Bo Jin (#1)
      48. 塞門積雪 Sai Men Ji Xue, commonly called 不換玉 Bu Huan Yu (#2)
      49. 清夜吟 Qingye Yin (#7)
      50. 峽泛吟 Xia Fan Yin (#4)
      51. 孤猿吟 Gu Yuan Yin (#6)
      52. 越江吟 Yue Jiang Yin (#5)
      53. 越溪吟 Yue Xi Yin (#4)
      54. 三清 San Qing (#9)
      55. 秋庭草 Qiu Ting Cao (not one of the ten: why not # 8: 葉下聞蟬 Yexia Wen Chan?)

      操弄 Caonong (19 titles)

      1. 高山操 Gaoshan Cao, by Boya
      2. 流水操 Liushui Cao
      3. 清江引 Qing Jiang Yin, by 北陵女 Beiling Nü
      4. 鳳歸林弄 Feng Gui Lin Nong, by 羨門子 Xianmen Zi (Xianmen Zigao)
      5. 水仙操 Shuixian Cao, by 伯牙 Boya
      6. 秋思弄 Qiu Si Nong
      7. 幽居弄 You Ju Nong
      8. 坐愁弄 Zuo Chou Nong
      9. 遊春弄 You Chun Nong
      10. 淥水弄 Lushui Nong, 已上五弄蔡邕 the above five by Cai Yong
      11. 金風引 Jin Feng Yin
      12. 聖德頌 Sheng De Song (compare 盛德頌 Sheng De Song)
      13. 陽春弄 Yang Chun Nong
      14. 鶯求友操 Ying Qiu Ye Cao
      15. 坐忘弄 Zuo Wang Nong
      16. 東武太山弄 Dongwu Taishan Nong
      17. 太古弄 Taigu Nong
      18. 遇明君弄 Yu Mingjun Nong
      19. 飲中八僊 Yinzhong Ba Xian, common name 飲酒樂 Yin Jiu Le (compare 飲中八仙歌

    2. Shang mode 商調 (V/291)

      Diaozi 調子 (26 titles)

      1. 商調品 Shang Diao Pin
      2. 山堂吟 Shan Tang Yin
      3. 宴瑤池 Yan Yao Chi, common name 玉漏池 Yu Lou Chi
      4. 秋夜樂 Qiu Ye Le
      5. 秋風落葉吟 Qiu Feng Luo Ye Yin
      6. 歸去來 Gui Qu Lai
      7. 子淵吟 Zi Yuan Yin, common name 夫子泣顏回 Fuzi Qi Yan Hui
      8. 玉堂清 Yu Tang Qing, common name 中秋待月 Zhongqiu Dai Yue
      9. 碧澗松 Bi Jian Song, common name 古澗松 Gu Jian Song
      10. 對秋月 Dui Qiu Yue
      11. 對松吟 Dui Song Yin
      12. 高柳聞蟬 Gao Liu Wen Chan
      13. 雪夜泛舟 Xue Ye Fan Zhou, common name 雪裏泛舟 Xueli Fan Zhou
      14. 棹孤舟 Zhuo Gu Zhou
      15. 青山雨 Qing Shan Yu
      16. 月華清 Yue Hua Qing, common name 傷秋月 Shang Qiu Yue
      17. 望雪吟 Wang Xue Yin
      18. 折舟桂 Zhe Zhou Gui
      19. 雨過瀟湘 Yu Guo Xiao Xiang
      20. 孤鴈序 Gu Yan Xu
      21. 思親吟 Si Qin Yin
      22. 鹿鳴曲 Lu Ming Qu
      23. 楚山引 Chu Shan Yin
      24. 秋江月 Qiu Jiang Yue
      25. 曉角 Xiao Jiao
      26. 邊城聞曉角 Bian Cheng Wen Xiao Jiao

      操弄 Caonong (20 titles)

      1. 白雲引 Bai Yun Yin (also above)
      2. 鶴鳴九皋 He Ming Jiugao
      3. 箕子吟 Jizi Yin
      4. 亞聖操 Yasheng Cao, by Confucius
      5. 幽蘭操 You Lan Cao, also called 猗蘭 Yi Lan, by Confucius
      6. 曾子歸耕操 Zengzi Gui Geng Cao
      7. 楚歌吟 Chu Ge Yin
      8. 仙鶴舞 Xian He Wu
      9. 三獻操 San Xian Cao
      10. 雲澗聞猿操 Yun Jian Wen Yuan Cao
      11. 碎玉斗操 Sui Yudou Cao
      12. 魚躍 Yu Yue
      13. 白雲弄 Bai Yun Nong
      14. 三樂 San Le, by 榮啟期 Rong Qiqi
      15. 對竹吟 Dui Zhu Yin
      16. 惜流光 Xi Liu Guang, common name 月日牧童歌 Yue Ri Mutong Ge
      17. 放鶴操 Fang He Cao (compare Fang He Ting)
      18. 長清 Chang Qing, by 嵇康 Xi Kang
      19. 太公引 Taigong Yin, also called (石番)溪引 Bang Xi Yin (Bang [river name] not in computer)
      20. 金鴈操 Jin Yan Cao

    3. Jue mode 角調 (V/291-2)

      Diaozi 調子 (9 titles)

      1. 角調品 Jue Diao Pin
      2. 雪中松 Xuezhong Song
      3. 山中思友 Shanzhong Si You
      4. 龍樓秋曉 Long Lou Qiu Xiao
      5. 首陽吟 Shouyang Yin
      6. 對酒吟 Dui Jiu Yin
      7. 月在鳳樓西 Yue Zai Fenglou Xi
      8. 洞賓訪友 Dong Bin Fang You
      9. 雪出洞 Xue Chu Dong

      操弄 Caonong (11 titles)

      1. 履霜操 Lüshuang Cao, by 尹伯奇 Yin Boqi
      2. 列女引 Lienü Yin, by a 楚妃 Concubine of Chu
      3. 采真遊 Cai Zhen You
      4. 湘靈操 Xiang Ling Cao
      5. 霜天曉角 Shuang Tian Xiao Jue
      6. 楚客吟 Chu Ke Yin
      7. 秋風弄 Qiu Feng Nong
      8. 伴書吟 Ban Shu Yin
      9. 湘妃怨 Xiang Fei Yuan
      10. 鳳凰來儀操 Fenghuang Lai Yi Cao
      11. 虞姬引 Yuji Yin

    4. Zhi mode 徵調 (V/292)

      Diaozi 調子 (12 titles)

      1. 徵調品 Zhi Diao Pin
      2. 陽臺曲 Yangtai Qu, common name 陽臺飲酒樂 Yangtai Yin Jiu Yue (or -Le)
      3. 楚山清曉 Chu Shan Qing Xiao
      4. 思卿樂 Si Qing Le
      5. 捕蟬吟 Bu Chan Yin
      6. 出塞吟 Chu Sai Yin
      7. 長秋夜月 Chang Qiu Ye Yue, common name 恨長秋 Hen Chang Qiu
      8. 脫屣吟 Tuo Xi Yin (Cast off Sandals Intonation)
      9. 仙鶴唳 Xian He Li
      10. 三諫 San Jian
      11. 湘江吟 Xiangjiang Yin
      12. 澗底松 Jian Di Song

      操弄 Caonong (5 titles)

      1. 文王思士 Wen Wang Si Shi
      2. 竹風清 Zhu Feng Qing
      3. 寒夜鴻引 Han Ye Hong Yin
      4. 酒德頌 Jiu De Song
      5. 卞秋泣玉 Bian Qiu Qi Yu

    5. Yu mode 羽調 (V/292)

      Diaozi 調子 (30 titles)

      1. 羽調品 Yu Diao Pin
      2. 步青雲 Bu Qing Yun, common name 上天梯 Shangtian Ti
      3. 青山吟 Qing Shan Yin
      4. 夫子杏壇吟 Fuzi Xingtan Yin
      5. 夫子泣麟 Fuzi Qi Lin
      6. 感志吟 Gan Zhi Yin, common name 伯牙吊子期 Boya Diao Ziqi
      7. 徵士吟 Zheng Shi Yin (or Zhi Shi Yin), common name 陶潛辭彭側 Tao Qian Ci Peng Ze
      8. 虞姬引 Yuji Yin
      9. 遊僊弄 You Xian Nong, common name 李太白出山吟 Li Taibai Chu Shan Yin
      10. 化鶴引 Hua He Yin, common name 丁生化鶴 Ding Sheng Hua He
      11. 盍簪引 He Zan (Surrounded by Friends Prelude); common name 客勸觴 Ke Quan Shang
      12. 思鄉吟 Si Xiang Yin
      13. 洞天清燕 Dong Tian Qing Yan, common name 羽客傾盃 Yu Ke Qing Bei
      14. 仙珮吟風 Xian Pei Yin Feng
      15. 朝雲操 Zhao Yun Cao, common name 巫山神女 Wushan Shennü
      16. 巫山十三峰 Wushan Shisan Feng
      17. 春閨吟 Chun Gui Yin, common name 思婦吟 Si Fu Yin
      18. 霓裳引 Nishang Yin (also above)
      19. 秋夜長 Qiu Ye Chang
      20. 清風搖玉珮 Qing Feng Yao Yu Pei
      21. 寒露滴金盤 Han Lu Di Jin Pan (? 滴 written 氵商)
      22. 感神 Gan Shen
      23. 步松月 Bu Song Yue
      24. 雲利子 Yun Li Zi
      25. 月下松 Yue Xia Song
      26. 霜天淨 Shuang Tian Jing
      27. 寒夜聞鴻 Han Ye Wen Hong
      28. 扣角吟 Kou Jiao Yin
      29. 聞杜字 Wen Du Zi
      30. 祥雲出洞 Xiang Yun Chu Dong

      操弄 Caonong (7 titles)

      1. 文王思舜 Wen Wang Si Shun
      2. 悲風 Bei Feng
      3. 桃源春 Taoyuan Chun, also called 洞庭春早 Dong Ting Chun Zao
      4. 風入松弄 Feng Ru Song Nong
      5. 烏夜啼弄 Wu Ye Ti Nong
      6. 易水弄 Yishui Nong
      7. 別鵠操 Bie Gu Cao

      Non-Standard tunings 外調 (outline list)

    6. Man'gong mode 慢宮調 (V/292)

      Diaozi 調子 (3 titles)

      1. 美國調品 Man'gong Diao Pin
      2. 中夜吟 Zhongye Yin
      3. 靜聽松風 Jing Ting Song Feng (see under 劉長卿 Liu Zhangqing)

      操弄 Caonong (2 titles)

      1. 神鳳操 Shen Feng Cao
      2. 賓筵暢 Bin Yan Chang

    7. Manshang mode 慢商調 (V/292)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 慢商調品 Manshang Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 廣陵散操 Guangling San Cao, by 嵇康 Xi Kang

    8. Manjue mode 慢角調 (V/292-3)

      Diaozi 調子 (6 titles)

      1. 慢角調品 Manjue Diao Pin
      2. 壯士歌 Zhuangshi Ge
      3. 子猷訪戴 Ziyou Fang Dai
      4. 宋玉悲秋 Song Yu Bei Qiu
      5. 擊珊瑚 Ji Shanhu
      6. 許由棄瓢 Xu You Qi Piao (see under Dunshi Cao)

      操弄 Caonong (7 titles)

      1. 貞女引 Zhen Nü Yin
      2. 幽人折芳桂 Youren Zhe Fang Gui (also with gong mode diaozi above)
      3. 洛浦操 Luo Pu Cao, 21 段 sections
      4. 碎玉斗吟 Sui Yudou Yin
      5. 月中_圭 Yuezhong ___ (radical of third character is unclear)
      6. 思歸操 Si Gui Cao
      7. 魏風操 Wei Feng Cao

    9. Quanming mode 泉鳴調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (3 titles)

      1. 泉鳴調品 Quanming Diao Pin
      2. 夷齊吟 Yi Qi Yin
      3. 鳳將雛 Feng Jiang Chu

      操弄 Caonong (2 titles)

      1. 孤竹君操 Guzhu Jun Cao
      2. 鳳遊雲操 Feng You Yun Cao; compare Feng Yun You

    10. Qingyu mode 清羽調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 清羽調品 Qingyu Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 桃源引 Taoyuan Yin

    11. Ruibin mode 蕤賓調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 蕤賓調品 Ruibin Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 懷友操 Huai You Cao, common name 思故人 Si Guren

    12. Huangzhong mode 黃鍾調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (21 titles)

      1. 黃鍾調品 Huangzhong Diao Pin
      2. 吟風引 Yin Feng Yin, common name 葉下聞蟬 Yexia Wen Chan
      3. 秋月昭茅亭 Qiuyue Zhao Maoting
      4. 望僊曲 Wang Xian Qu, common name 拜僊壇 Bai Xian Tan
      5. 秋夜聽猿 Qiuye Ting Yuan
      6. 遠渚離鴻 Yuan Zhu Li Hong, common name 船中聞鴈 Chuanzhong Wen Yan
      7. 猿吟夜月 Yuan Yin Ye Yue
      8. 紫塞春 Zisai Chun, common name 大沙__(5543: 土+傷 without 亻= 場, or sang = 耕場) Da Sha Chang
      9. 王門秋 Wang Men Qiu, common name 小沙__ Xiao Sha Chang (or Sang, as previous)
      10. 邊庭曉月 Bian Ting Xiao Yue
      11. 處女吟 Chunü Yin
      12. 幽谷閑 Yougu Xian
      13. 出塞 Chu Sai
      14. 入塞 Ru Sai
      15. 楚公 Chu Gong
      16. 香囊引 Xiang Nang Yin
      17. 雲出洞 Yun Chu Dong
      18. 瀛洲泛月 Yingzhou Fan Yue
      19. 古塞怨 Gu Sai Yuan
      20. 君臣慶會 Chen Jun Qinghui
      21. 竹林七賢 Zhulin Qixian

      操弄 Caonong (huangzhong mode; 6 titles)

      1. 昭君怨 Zhaojun Yuan
      2. 平戎操 Ping Rong Cao (Pacifying the Barbarians; played by the monks Zhibai and Yanhua; in another list)
      3. 帝鼐奏 Di Nai Zou
      4. 秋蟬操
      5. 胡笳十八拍 Hujia Shibapai, by 蔡琰 Cai Yan
      6. 小胡笳十九拍 Xiao Hujia Shijiupai

    13. Wuyi Gong mode 無射宮調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 無射宮調品 Wuyi Gong Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 九奏 Jiu Zou

    14. Hujia mode 胡笳調 (V/293)

      Diaozi 調子 (2 titles)

      1. 胡笳調品 Hujia Diao Pin
      2. 憶子吟 Yi Zi Yin

      操弄 Caonong (2 titles)

      1. 大胡笳弄 Da Hujia Nong, 二十拍祝氏 20 sections, Zhu family
      2. 中胡笳弄 Zhong Hujia Nong, 十八拍沈氏 18 sections, Shen family

    15. Qingshang mode 清商調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (2 titles)

      1. 清商調品 Qingshang Diao Pin
      2. 霜猿嘯月 Shuang Yuan Xiao Yue

      操弄 Caonong (2 titles)

      1. 秋水弄 Qiushui Nong
      2. 秋竹吟風弄 Qiu Zhu Yin Feng Nong

    16. Qiliang mode 淒涼調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (3 titles)

      1. 淒涼調品 Qiliang Diao Pin
      2. 三嘆 San Tan
      3. 楚歌 Chu Ge

      操弄 Caonong (3 titles)

      1. 離騷操 Li Sao Cao
      2. 凌雲引 Ling Yun Yin, common name 虞姬纂曲 Yu Ji Zuan Qu
      3. 汩羅曲 Gu Luo Qu

    17. Chu mode 楚調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 楚調品 Chu Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 獨醒弄 Du Xing Nong

    18. Chenxiang mode 沉湘調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 沉湘調品 Chen Xiang Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 沉湘怨 Chen Xiang Yuan

    19. Xia Jianxian mode 下間絃調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 下間絃調品 Xia Jianxian Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 明君弄 Ming Jun Nong

    20. Liyou mode 離憂調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (6 titles)

      1. 離憂調品 Liyou Diao Pin
      2. 幽居吟 You Ju Yin, commonly called 草庵歌 Cao An Ge
      3. 思歸彈 Si Gui Tan
      4. 忘憂 Wang You
      5. 新月商茅亭 Xinyue Zhao Maoting
      6. 季子吟 Jizi Yin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 楚妃嘆 Chu Fei Tan

    21. Wumei mode 無媒調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 無媒調品 Wumei Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (4 titles)

      1. 聽松風弄 Ting Songfeng Nong
      2. 太平引 Taiping Yin
      3. 幽館操 You Guan Cao
      4. 隱德操 Yin De Cao

    22. Biyu mode 碧玉調 (V/294)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 碧玉調品 Biyu Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (2 titles)

      1. 秋宵步月吟 Qiu Xiao Bu Yue Yin (Autumn Night Moon Walk)
      2. 長壽樂 Changshou Le (Long Life Pleasures)

    23. Chonghe mode 沖和調 (V/294-5)

      Diaozi 調子 (1 title)

      1. 沖和調品 Chonghe Diao Pin

      操弄 Caonong (1 title)

      1. 品物亭 Pin Wu Ting, common name 雷亭物 Lei Ting Wu

    24. Yunü mode 玉女調 (V/295)

      Diaozi 調子 (2 titles)

      1. 玉女調品 Yunü Diao Pin
        Xianpei Ying Feng

      操弄 Caonong (No titles)


  3. 諸家聲調 Melodies of All the Schools (see comment; V/295)

    1. 側調聲 Ce Diao Sheng
    2. 清商聲 Qingshang Sheng
    3. 裴家聲 Peijia Sheng
    4. 翟家聲 Dijia Sheng (or Zhaijia)
    5. 宋家聲 Songjia
    6. 柳家聲 Liujia Sheng
    7. 沈家聲 Shenjia Sheng
    8. 馮家聲 Fengjia Sheng

    9. 琴調明君 Qin Diao Mingjun
    10. 胡笳明君 Hujia Mingjun, 二十六拍 26 "beats"
    11. 清調明君 Qingdiao Mingjun, 十三拍 13 "beats"
    12. 間絃明君 Jianxian Mingjun, 九拍 9 "beats"
    13. 蜀調明君 Shudiao Mingjun, 十二拍 12 "beats"
    14. 吳調明君 Wudiao Mingjun, 十四拍 14 "beats"
    15. 杜瓊明君 Duqiong Mingjun, 二十一拍 21 "beats"
    16. 平調明君 Pingdiao Mingjun, 三十六拍 36 "beats"

    17. 孤巖低調 Gu Yan Di Diao, by 文王 Wen Wang

    18. 廣陵止息 Guangling Zhixi, 三十三拍,又名十仙遊 33 "beats", also called Shi Xian You
    19. 廣陵三十六拍 Guangling 36 Pai
    20. 廣陵三拍小序 Guangling 3 Pai Xiaoxu
    21. 廣陵五拍大序 Guangling 5 Pai Daxu
    22. 廣陵十八拍正聲 Guangling 18 Pai Zhengsheng
    23. 廣陵十八拍亂聲 Guangling 18 Pai Luansheng
    24. 廣陵二十一拍止息 Guangling 21 Pai Zhixi

  4. Melody name addenda (曲名拾遺 Quming Shiyi)
    (212 titles: First 53: 2 characters each; next 87: 3 each; next 55: 4 each; last 17: 5 each; V/295-7)

    1. 南音 Nan Yin, by 鍾儀 Zhong Yi
    2. 曉陵 Xiao Ling, by 伯牙 Boya
    3. 僊道 Xian Dao, by 伯牙 Boya
    4. 巫山 Wu Shan
    5. 洛浦 Luo Pu
    6. 明星 Ming Xing
    7. 幽泉 You Quan
    8. 鳳舞 Feng Wu
    9. 峨眉 Emei
    10. 清絃 Qing Xian
    11. 青枔 Qing Xun
    12. 引清 Yin Qing
    13. 歸田 Gui Tian, by 宋朦之 Song Mengzhi
    14. 采花 Cai Hua, by 宋朦之 Song Mengzhi
    15. 厄陳 E Chen, by 孔子 Confucius
    16. 青竹 Qing Zhu, by 漢師 Han Shi
    17. 龍池 Long Chi
    18. 嵩高 Song Gao
    19. 嵩巖 Song Yan, 已上高士師中
    20. 辭漢 Ci Han
    21. 望鄉 Wang Xiang
    22. 奔雲 Ben Yun
    23. 入林 Ru Lin
    24. 跨鞍 Kua An
    25. 古側 Gu Ce
    26. 白鹿 Bai Lu
    27. 白馬 Bai Ma
    28. 祖冠 Zu Guan
    29. 祖隸 Zu Li
    30. 湖上 Hushang
    31. 契聲 Qi Sheng
    32. 蜀煞 Shu Sha
    33. 臨池 Lin Chi
    34. 壁吟 Bi Yin
    35. 拂隴 Fu Long
    36. 金沙 Jin Sha
    37. 輪指 Lun Zhi
    38. 絲機 Si Ji
    39. 韓鴻 Han Hong
    40. 咄壺 Duo Hu
    41. 扶仁 Fu Ren
    42. 韝韎 Gou Mei
    43. 平樂 Ping Le
    44. 潭池 Tan Chi
    45. 河澄 He Cheng
    46. 武__  Wu __ (second character unclear: 暵 han?)
    47. 九老 Jiu Lao
    48. 祥雲 Xiang Yun
    49. 月露 Yue Lu
    50. 二__  Er __ (second character unclear: 疏 shu?)
    51. 獨醒 Du Xing
    52. 鳴泉 Ming Quan
    53. 月波 Yue Bo
    54. 畏匡操 Wei Kuang Cao, common name 畏匡人 Weikuang Ren, 孔子作 by Confucius
    55. 幽懷引 You Huai Yin, common name 望山人 Wang Shanren, 伯牙作 by Boya
    56. 谷口操 Gukou Cao, common name 秦谷口 Qin Gukou
    57. 曲江行 Qujiang Xing, common name 秦麗姬 Qin Li Ji
    58. 霸西戎 Ba Xi Rong, by 秦穆公 Qin Mu Gong
    59. 五調聲 Wudiao Sheng, by (司馬)相如 (Sima) Xiangru
    60. 長樂聲 Chang Le Sheng, by 胡崇 Hu Chong (nomad reverence?)
    61. 洞中春 Dongzhong Chun, by 揚雄 Yang Xiong
    62. 塞上月 Saishang Yue
    63. 江南春 Jiangnan Chun, by 劉惠名女 the daughter of Liang Huiming
    64. 武溪深 Wu Xi Shen, by 馬援 Ma Yuan
    65. 烏夜啼 Wu Ye Ti, by 何晏女 a daughter of He Yan
    66. 幽澗泉 You Jian Quan
    67. 詠道德 Yong Daode
    68. 度關山 Du Guanshan, by 宋朦之 Song Mengzhi
    69. 憶青山 Yi Qing Shan, by 王剛 Wang Gang
    70. 洛陽道 Luoyang Dao, by 師中 Shi Zhong
    71. 感歲華 Gan Sui Hua, common name 歲臨人 Sui Lin Ren, by 梁鑾 Liang Luan
    72. 飛來集 Fei Lai Ji
    73. 平陵道 Ping Ling Dao
    74. 度龍田 Du Long Tian
    75. 度昆山 Du Kun Shan
    76. 華池宴 Hua Chi Yan
    77. 拍安離 Pai An Li, by 漢師 Han Shi
    78. 望漢月 Wang Han Yue, by 蕃叱利 Fan Chili
    79. 哀松露 Ai Song Lu
    80. 竹吟風 Zhu Yin Feng
    81. 螽斯引 Zhong Si Yin, commonly called 草蟲子 Cao Chongzi, by 李疑 Li Yi
    82. 離洞雲 Li Dong Yun
    83. 朝天鶴 Zhao Tianhe
    84. 望瑤闕 Wang Yao Que
    85. 朝玉闕 Zhao Yu Que
    86. 對秋風 Dui Qiu Feng
    87. 蜀道難 Shu Dao Nan
    88. 蜀國絃 Shu Guo Xian
    89. 長安道 Chang'an Dao
    90. 任君璧 Ren Jun Bi
    91. 東林仁 Dong Lin Ren
    92. 秋風度 Qiu Feng Du
    93. 夢遊仙 Meng You Xian
    94. 攜琴耕 Xi Qin Geng
    95. 丹珠塢 Dan Zhu Wu (塢 written 阝烏)
    96. 東析藍 Dong Xi Lan
    97. 春烏啼 Chun Wu Ti
    98. 弔三閭 Diao San Lü
    99. 弔嵇康 Diao Ji Kang
    100. 楚湘雲 Chu Xiang Yun
    101. 流漸凅 Liu Jian Gu (凅 written 氵固)
    102. 郢客歸 Ying Ke Gui
    103. 鶴舞松 He Wu Song
    104. 鶴入林 He Ru Lin
    105. 燕初歸 Yan Chu Gui
    106. 宴蓬萊 Yan Penglai
    107. 玄鶴唳 Xuan He Li
    108. 鳳樓月 Feng Lou Yue
    109. 風歸林 Feng Gui Lin
    110. 雪中松 Xuezhong Song
    111. 巖前松 Yanqian Song
    112. 金丹熟 Jin Dan Shu
    113. 碎瑤玉 Sui Yao Yu
    114. 泛靈舟 Fan Ling Zhou
    115. 金漏滴 Jin Lou Di
    116. 子安之 Zi An Zhi
    117. 神交曲 Shen Jiao Qu, common name 臨汝侯 Linru Hou (Marquis of Linru; see in Qin Li)
      (This is the only melody listed in Folio 13, Part 2, also to have extended commentary. Shi Ji 107 [RGH II/100; in 131 BCE] has one sentence about a marquis of Linru [30758.44 Linru: a county in Henan]; it also mentions the Liang imperial household in the form of 梁孝王 King Xiao of Liang, a younger brother of 漢景帝 Han Emperor Jing, r. 156-140. It is not clear whether this is the same person as the 臨汝侯猷 Linru Hou You [You, Marquis of Linru  猷 21035.xxx] mentioned here. There is a fuller version of the present story in Folio 101 of 太平廣記 Taiping Guangji [currently online]). 梁宗室臨汝侯猷,為吳興太守。每與楚廟神交,飲至一斛而神影,亦有酉(酒)容。後猷為益州刺史。齊狗兒反,攻州城。猷兵糧已盡,乃遙禱請救。神領兵助猷,遂大破賊。
      Marquis You of Linru was governor of Wuxing (area west of Taihu Lake). Each time he met with spirits at the Chu temple, when they drank a certain amount spirits would appear, and there was also wine permit (that prayers would be answered). Later You was Regional Inspector of Yizhou (modern Chengdu). Qi Gou'er rebelled, attacking (Yizhou) City. The provisions of You's soldiers were already exhausted, so he prayed from a distance asking for rescue. The spirits led soldiers to help You, and so thoroughly defeated the rebels.
    118. 瑤臺樂 Yao Tai Le, common name 玉女行觴 Yu Nü Xing Shang
    119. 出紅塵 Chu Hong Chen, common name 仙人返顧 Xianren Fan Gu
    120. 丹丘樂 Dan Qiu Le, common name 羽客銜盃 Yuke Xian Bei (? xian written 行 with 缶 in middle)
    121. 山翁吟 Shan Weng Yin, common name 野老傾盃 Ye Lao Qing Bei
    122. 餐英操 Can Ying Cao (first character unclear: (冫食?); common name 秋池賞菊 Qiu Chi Shang Ju
    123. 鹿鳴引 Lu Ming Yin, common name 鹿走蘭皋 Lu Zou Lan Gao
    124. 金雀奏 Jin Que Zou, common name 黃雀集殿 Huang Que Ji Dian
    125. 青烏吟 Qing Wu Yin, common name 青烏來城 Qing Wu Lai Cheng
    126. 伯樂嘆 Bo Le Tan, common name 飛黃伏皁 Fei Huang Fu Zao
    127. 流蘇曲 Liu Su Qu, common name 風捲同心 Feng Juan Tong Xin
    128. 鱗游操 Lin You Cao, common name 儵返波驚 Shu Fan Bo Jing
    129. 雉將雛 Zhi Jiang Chu, common name 翟雉步眾 Di Zhi Bu Zhong (or Zhai Zhi Bu Zhong)
    130. 瑤光操 Yao Guang Cao, common name 白氣挾斗 Bai Qi Jia Dou
    131. 鴈南征 Yan Nan Zheng, common name 飛鴻返翔 Fei Hong Fan Xiang
    132. 鹿鳴操 Lu Ming Cao, common name 鱗__乳子 Lin__Ru Zi (__ looks like 啟 over 革)
    133. 山林樂 Shan Lin Le, common name 野獸以肩 Ye Shou Yi Jian
    134. 休徵引 Xiu Zhi Yin, common name 赤熊入__ Chi Xiong Ru __ (__ looks sort of like 尋 inside 囗)
    135. 明孝感 Ming Xiao Gan, common name 白兔來由 Bai Tu Lai You
    136. 雲漢吟 Yun Han Yin, common name 星迴日漢 Xing Hui Ri Han
    137. 飛虹引 Fei Hong Yin, common name 蜺梁施空 Ni Liang Shi Kong
    138. 神守曲 Shen Shou Qu, common name 朱虌盤桓 Zhu Bie Pan Huan
    139. 清川樂 Qing Chuan Le, common name 神龜鼓腹 Shen Gui Gu Fu (2nd character unclear; "gui" is a guess)
    140. 玄介引 Quan Jie Yin, common name 神龜曳尾 Shen Gui Yi Wei
    141. 洞天嘉會 Dong Tian Jia Hui, common name 仙人勸酒 Xianren Quan Jiu
    142. 林間仙隱 Linjian Xian Yin, common name 羽客賞林 Yu Ke Shang Lin (貝 in 賞 written 口)
    143. 雙燕離巢 Shuang Yan Li Chao
    144. 高士寫懷 Gaoshi Xie Huai, common name 嵇康索酒 Xi Kang Suo Jiu
    145. 風雲慶會 Feng Yun Qing Hui, common name 雲奔雨驟 Yun Ben Yu Zou
    146. 永泮魚(足隹) Yong Pan Yu __
    147. 雲散青天 Yun San Qing Tian, common name 雷鑰雲開 Lei Yao Yun Kai
    148. 魚潛碧沼 Yu Qian Bi Zhao, common name (魚占)潛於咽 Nian Qian Yu Yan
    149. 清宵悲秋 Qing Xiao Bei Qiu
    150. 同泳清川 Tong Yong Qing Chuan, common name 土餘比目 Tu Yu Bi Mu
    151. 秋亭賞菊 Qiu Ting Shang Ju
    152. 玉宇秋風 Yu Yu Qiu Feng
    153. 鳳鳴朝陽 Feng Ming Zhaoyang
    154. 幽谷閑居 You Gu Xian Ju
    155. 相如題柱 Xiangru Ti Zhu
    156. 中夏聞蟬 Zhong Xia Wen Chan
    157. 月落書窗 Yue Luo Shu Chuang
    158. 東郭踐雪 Dong Guo Jian Xue
    159. 寒宵對月 Han Xiao Dui Yue
    160. 秋江待月 Qiujiang Dai Yue
    161. 猿啼巖月 Yuan Ti Yan Yue
    162. 猿度碧澗 Yuan Du Bi Jian
    163. 秋夜聞砧 Qiu Yue Wen Zhen
    164. 江城暮角 Jiang Cheng Mu Jiao
    165. 風吹殘角 Feng Chui Can Jiao
    166. 邊城晚角 Bian Cheng Wan Jiao
    167. 銀城緩角 Yin Cheng Huan Jiao
    168. 鴻鴈來賓 Hongyan Lai Bin
    169. 飛來白鶴 Feilai Baihe
    170. 鳴鳩鼓翼 Ming Jiu Gu Yi
    171. 翡翠刷羽 Fei Cui Shua Yu
    172. 渭濱垂釣 Weibin Chui Diao
    173. 濮上持竿 Pushang Chi Gan
    174. 寒泉落洞 Han Quan Luo Dong
    175. 秋水揚波 Qiu Shui Yang Bo
    176. 白獸戲朝 Bai Shou Xi Zhao
    177. 鯨迴浪戲 Jing Hui Lang Xi
    178. 海泛清波 Hai Fan Qing Bo
    179. 雲摶比翼 Yun Tuan Bi Yi
    180. 疊影凝雲 Die Ying Ning Yun
    181. 遊鴻翥野 You Hong Zhu Ye
    182. 感庭秋調 Gan Ting Qiu Diao
    183. 野渡橫舟 Ye Du Heng Zhou
    184. 郢客思歸 Ying Ke Si Gui
    185. 幽谷鶯囀 You Gu Ying Zhuan
    186. 桃源春曉 Taoyuan Chun Xiao
    187. 湘江懷古 Xiangjiang Huai Gu
    188. 雪敲亭竹 Xue Qiao Ting Zhu
    189. 鶴唳清宵 He Li Qing Xiao
    190. 碧雞曜儀 Bi Ji Yao Yi
    191. 影鵷振羽 Ying Yuan Zhen Yu
    192. 文虯下躍 Wen Qiu Xia Yue
    193. 騰蛇上吟 Teng She Shang Yin
    194. 雲起長河 Yun Qi Chang He
    195. 代樂同歸 Dai Le Tong Gui
    196. 清風來故人 Qing Feng Lai Guren
    197. 山中逢友人 Shanzhong Feng Youren
    198. 秋風吹庭菊 Qiu Feng Chui Ting Ju
    199. 王母摘仙桃 Wangmu Zhe Xiantao
    200. 楚客吟秋風 Chu Ke Yin Qiu Feng
    201. 獨來青青楊 Du Lai Qingqing Yang
    202. 秋夜啼清猿 Qiu Ye Ti Qing Yuan
    203. 清風拂隴頭 Qing Feng Fu Long Tou
    204. 玉女搖仙佩 Yu Nü Xian Pei
    205. 碧水澄秋月 Bi Shui Cheng Qiu Yue
    206. 青山臥白雲 Qing Shan Wo Bai Yun
    207. 光風泛崇蘭 Guang Feng Fan Chong Lan
    208. 春日登高臺 Chun Ri Deng Gao Tai
    209. 連珠返顧聲 Lian Zhu Fan Gu Sheng
    210. 雪澗烏啼聲 Xue Jian Wu Ti Sheng
    211. 澗下清流聲 Jianxia Qing Liu Sheng, 公孫氏 Gongsun Family
    212. 石上流泉聲 Shishang Liu Quan Sheng

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a
separate page)

1. Melody Addenda (曲調拾遺 Qudiao Shiyi)
"Shiyi" means "Compile a list of omissions in a work" (ABC). "V/" or "QQJC V/" refer to page numbers in Vol. V of Qinqu Jicheng.

2. QQJC, V/279 - 297

3. Folio 13 in the original Qinqu Jicheng Table of Contents (QQJC, V/12)
The original contents list, unnumbered, has the nine numbered items below:

    曲調拾遺 Melody Addenda
    No subtitle for the 5 collections of lyrics for melodies (V/277-285)
  1. 曲調名品 Melody titles (V/285)
    Begins with listing by 23 types; ToC has no subtitle for this and no subtitle for the following listings by mode
  2. 宮調 Gong mode titles, divided into diaozi and caonong (V/288)
  3. 商調 Shang mode titles, as above (V/289)
  4. 角調 Jue mode titles, as above (V/289)
  5. 徵調 Zhi mode titles, as above (V/290)
  6. 羽調 Yu mode titles, as above (V/290)
  7. 外調 Non-standard mode titles, as above (V/290)
  8. 諸家聲調 Melodies of all the schools (V/293)
  9. 曲名拾遺 Melody name addenda (V/293)

Many of the melodies discussed or listed here were already discussed in Folios 11 and 12.

4. Song lyrics
Very few of the lyrics given here have been translated.

5. Cao Xun 曹勛 (1098 - 1174); see 琴操 Qin Cao; V/277/8
Cao Xun (Bio/2126; 14626.233) also has poems at Folio 18, #40 and #41. He was from 陽翟人 Yang Di (Yang Zhai?). His biographical entries above mention 北狩見聞錄 Beishou Jianwen Lu and 松隱集 Song Yin Ji, but not 琴操 Qin Cao.

6. Xue Jixuan 薛季宣 (1134 - 1173; V/278/81); see 琴曲十九首 19 Qin Qu; V/277/8
Xue Jixuan, style name 艮齋 Genzhai (Bio/2544) also has a poem at Folio 20B, #89. His biographical entry above mentions a 浪語集 Langyu Ji, but not a 琴曲十九首 Qin Qu (of any number). I don't know of the connection between "19" and the apparent actual number of entries (22).

7. He Zhong 何中 (1265 - 1332; see 續琴操 Xu Qin Cao; V/281/2)
He Zhong (text has 何中學集, which seems like He Zhongxue Ji, but I have found no such name; also no combination Xueji; so unless it actually means "He Zhong studied and compiled", I am assuming this is a mistake), style names 太虛 Taixu and 養正 Yangzheng (Bio/1078), was from 崇仁 Chongren (modern Jiangxi), where he was a teacher of 吳澄 Wu Cheng. His biographical entry above mentions a 通鑑網目測海 Tongjian Wangmu Cehai, 通書問 Tongshu Wen and 知非堂稿 Zhi Fei Tang Gao, but not 續琴操 Xu Qin Cao (or any Qin Cao).

8. Wang Feng 王逢 (1319 - 1388; see 琴操 Several Qin Cao; V/282/3)
Wang Feng, style name 原吉 Yuanji (Bio/125; 21295.1218). His biographical entry above mentions a 梧溪詩集 Wuxi Shiji, but not any of the 琴操 Qin Cao. He is said to be the source of a story that Mao Mingzhong played Yu Hui Tushan before Kublai Khan. Two of his poems are included elsewhere in QSDQ: Folio 19A, #62 and Folio 19B, #136 and #137 (聽葉琴師觀光操 Hearing Qin Master Ye's Guanguang Cao; see comment). The preface to the latter is particularly important for its information about Mao Mingzhong.

9. Yang Weizhen 楊維楨 (1298 - 1370; see 琴操 Qin Cao; V/283/4)
Further under poets.

10. Song Jinglian 宋景濂 (1310 - 1381; see 琴操二首 Two Qin Cao)
Song Lian has a separate biography

11. Song titles
The total number of entries for the four divisions is 407+290+24+212=933. However, there are a number of repeated titles and it is not clear the reason for the four categories. One might guess that the editor found four separate lists and simply copied them out, but there is no evidence to support or refute such an assumption.

12. 24 types
These are as follows,

  1. 暢 (Chang)
  2. 操 (Cao)
  3. 引 (Yin)
  4. 吟 (Yin)
  5. 弄 (Nong)
  6. 曲 (Qu)
  7. 彈 (Tan)
  8. 調 (Diao)
  9. 品 (Pin)
10. 歌 (Ge)
11. 行 (Xing)
12. 奏 (Zou)
13. 松 (Song)
14. 樂 (Le)
15. 愁 (Chou)
16. 怨 (Yuan)
17. 嘆 (Tan)
18. 思 (Si)
19. 悲 (Bei)
20. 清 (Qing)
21. 則 (Ze)
22. 遊 (You)
23. 子 (Zi)
24. 僮 (Tong or Zhuang)

13. Listing by mode
There does not seem to be sufficient information at present to compare these modes to modes as used in the Ming and/or Qing dynasties.

14. 正調 Zheng Diao
A. 5 modes in standard tuning

  1. 宮調 Gong Diao
  2. 商調 Shang Diao
  3. 角調 Jue Diao
  4. 徵調 Zhi Diao
  5. 羽調 Yu Diao

15 外調 Wai Diao
B. 19 modes using non-standard tuning (1525 and 1618 [diff. names];
            tuning methods not given, so some may repeat; all but last have both diaozi and caonong)

  1. 慢宮調 Mangong Diao
  2. 慢商調 Manshang Diao
  3. 慢角調 Manjue Diao
  4. 泉鳴調 Quanming Diao
  5. 清羽調 Qingyu Diao
  6. 蕤賓調 Ruibin Diao
  7. 黃鍾調 Huangzhong Diao
  8. 無射宮調 Wuyi Gong Diao
  9. 胡笳調 Hujia Diao
  10. 清商調 Qingshang Diao
  11. 淒涼調 Qiliang Diao
  12. 楚調     Chu Diao
  13. 沉湘調 Chenxiang Diao
  14. 下間絃調 Xia Jianxian Diao
  15. 離憂調 Liyou Diao
  16. 無媒調 Wumei Diao
  17. 碧玉調 Biyu Diao
  18. 沖和調 Chonghe Diao
  19. 玉女調 Yunü Diao

16. 諸家聲調 Melodies of all the schools
24 titles:

8 titles ending with 聲 sheng, as though this refers to style rather than specific melodies;
8 ending with 明君 mingjun (glorious gentlemen), again perhaps suggesting specific styles;
1 低調 di diao
7 that seem to refer to specific parts of the melody Guangling San.

17. Melody name addenda (曲名拾遺 Quming Shiyi)
Compare this subtitle with the folio title, 曲調拾遺 Qudiao Shiyi

212 titles organized according to the number of syllables in each title.

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