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Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu / Qinpu Hebi
Authentically Transmitted Orthodox Qin Handbook / Qin Handbook Matched Well 1
  Yang Lun: See source page below        
The Table of Contents below is based on a modern facsimile edition of a qin handbook called 琴譜合壁 Qinpu Hebi. As structured on this webpage it first has a complete listing of all 63 known melodies from the handbooks, it then lists the images and essays separately in the Appendix.

The commonly available version of this handbook is the one in Volume VII of Qinqu Jicheng (QQJC; 1981). Called Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu, by Yang Lun, it includes all but two short melodic preludes but does not arrange the melodies consecutively as in Qinpu Hebi. All these editions consist of two parts, one called 楊掄太古遺音 Yang Lun Taigu Yiyin, the other 伯牙心法 Boya Xinfa. The modern facsimile edition called Qinpu Hebi was published in 2006 by Zhongguo Shudian based on 古吳李嘉遇梓 a woodblock printed by Old Wu's Li Jiayu, with no date given other than "during 萬歷 Wanli" (1573 - 1620). The two editions of Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu included in QQJC VII are dated 1589 and 1609 respectively. QQJC re-prints the first in its entirety; for the second it includes only those melodies that were not already in the first edition (1589). None of the editions seems to have a Table of Contents. Nevertheless, by comparing the contents of Qinpu Hebi with that of the two editions in QQJC it can be seen that the Taigu Yiyin part of 1609 adds only a few small items apparently omitted from the 1589 edition, while the 1609 Boya Xinfa part adds 22 melodies. When looking at the Table of Contents below for the 1609 edition, one can assume that unless otherwise indicated the melodies were also included in the 1589 edition; page numbers are also given for the QQJC VII copies of the melodies.)

Table of Contents (with reference to Qinpu Hebi)
The Table of Contents here focuses on the 63 melodies in all known editions.

Yang Lun Taigu Yiyin (34 melodies; all have lyrics and were in 1589; compare Boya Xinfa, below)

Folio 1 (The QQJC editions are not divided into folios; the division here comes from Qinpu Hebi [comment on pagination].)

(VII/67 [bottom] says: "金陵琴士鶴浦楊掄校 Revised by Jinling qin master Hepu Yang Lun" [not in the 1609 edition])

  1. 宮意考     Gong Yi Kao (VII/176)
    Not in
    Zha Guide

  2. 商意考     Shang Yi Kao (VII/67)
    Zha Guide (has the lyrics)

  3. 角意考     Jue Yi Kao (VII/98)
    Zha Guide

  4. 徵意考     Zhi Yi Kao (missing from VII?)
    Zha Guide

  5. 羽意考     Yu Yi Kao (missing from VII?)
    Zha Guide

  6. 陽春         Yang Chun (VII/60)
    Zha Guide

  7. 酒狂         Jiu Kuang (VII/65)
    Zha Guide; Second version with lyrics (q.v., with link to my recording); related to the 1425 melody

  8. 復聖操     Fu Sheng Cao (VII/68)
    Zha Guide

  9. 思賢操     Si Xian Cao (VII/70)
    Zha Guide

  10. 客窗夜話 Ke Chuang Yehua (VII/73)
    Zha Guide; attributed to Liu Bowen (Liu Ji)

  11. 聽琴吟     Ting Qin Yin (VII/77)
    Zha Guide 29/226/433 : first of four

  12. 白雪         Bai Xue (VII/80)
    Zha Guide

    Folio 2

  13. 歸去來辭 Gui Qu Lai Ci (VII/78)
    Zha Guide

  14. 猿鶴雙清 Yuan He Shuangqing (VII/83)
    Zha Guide

  15. 秋聲賦     Qiu Sheng Fu (商音 shang mode; VII/89)
    Zha Guide: first of seven, with lyrics by Ouyang Xiu.

  16. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (VII/92)
    Zha Guide

  17. 秋江晚釣 Qiu Jiang Wan Diao (VII/95)
    Lyrics and music from
    1530; related to Chun Jiang

  18. 列子御風 Liezi Yu Feng (VII/98)
    Zha Guide

  19. 樵歌         Qiao Ge (VII/102)
    Zha Guide

  20. 山居吟     Shan Ju Yin (VII/107)
    Zha Guide

  21. 鳳求凰     Feng Qiu Huang (VII/115)
    Zha Guide (new melody; title is mixed with Wenjun Cao)

  22. 雉朝飛     Zhi Zhao Fei (VII/116)
    Zha Guide

  23. 禹會塗山 Yu Hui Tushan (VII/109)
    Zha Guide

    Folio 3

    (Begins with the last folio page of #23 Yu Hui Tushan)

  24. 鶴舞洞天 He Wu Dongtian (VII/121)
    Zha Guide; greatly expanded from 1525; the only one with lyrics

  25. 漢宮秋月 Han Gong Qiu Yue (VII/123)
    Zha Guide; compare 1525: the earliest version with lyrics (昭陽昭陽昭陽殿....); version without lyrics below

  26. 前赤壁賦 Qian Chibi Fu (VII/130)
    Zha Guide; new melody (compare 1511)

  27. 蘇武思君 Su Wu Si Jun (VII/127)
    Zha Guide; new or related to Li Ling Si Han (same tuning); for story see Han Jie Cao; Zha Fuxi made a partial recording.

  28. 搗衣         Dao Yi (VII/133)
    Zha Guide; new melody and lyrics; qingshang mode (compare below; musically unrelated to 1539 Dao Yi Qu)

  29. 樂極吟     Le Ji Yin (VII/138)
    Zha Guide; new melody; ruibin mode; lyrics almost same as for Yu Ge Diao

  30. 漁歌         Yu Ge (VII/138)
    Zha Guide

  31. 陽關操     Yangguan Cao (VII/145)
    Zha Guide

  32. 陽關三疊 Yangguan Sandie (VII/148)
    Zha Guide

  33. 楚歌         Chu Ge (VII/149)
    Zha Guide

  34. 屈原問渡 Qu Yuan Wen Du (VII/153)
    Zha Guide

    琴跋 Qin Conclusion, by 呂蘭谷 Lu Langu (VII/156)

    Boya Xinfa (29 melodies; seven were in the 1589 edition, seven others have lyrics, both as indicated)
    (Compare the 1589 edition in QQJC):

    Folio 4
    伯牙心法序 Preface to Boya Xinfa
    (QQJC adds this at VII/179, after its Boya Xinfa title page

  35. 高山         Gao Shan (also in 1589; VII/157)

  36. 流水         Liu Shui (also in 1589; VII/158)

  37. 沖和吟     Chonghe Yin (also in 1589; VII/160)

    (QQJC places here four melodies that in 1609 are included later:
        #44 Jishan Qiuyue [VII/161];
        #57 Shenhua Yin [VII/164];
        #58 Zhuangzhou Mengdie [VII1/167] and
        #50 Saishang Hong [VII1/169-172])

    (QQJC then has a title page for Taigu Yiyin, then two pages of essays, as follows:
        上古琴論 (this is near the beginning of Qinpu Hebi facsimile, just before 上古琴賦 (q.v.)
        楊掄象 Yang Lun image
        左右手指諱號圖 Left and right hand finger technique diagrams
        宮意考 Gong Yi Kao

    (Here QQJC has its title page for Boya Xinfa) (VII/177)
    伯牙心法序 Boya Xinfa Preface; begins,「琴古雅之道也。于靜宜,而躁者學之,可以習定。于幽憂孤僻宜...」 (VII/179)

  38. 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong (not in 1589; VII/180)
    "淛東龍遊祝繼洲傳 Transmitted by Zhu Jizhou of Longyou (49812.464 in Zhejiang) in Zhedong (淛 18107: 浙江)" (

  39. 墨子悲歌 Mozi Bei Ge (not in 1589; VII/183)
    First of 32 (Guide 29/228/--; not in 1589; see further details)
    Only 1625 has lyrics (not available at the time Zha Fuxi did his Guide)
    "建業琴友高(龍)伯校 Revised by qin friend Gao Longbo of Jianye" (comment)

  40. 湘妃怨     Xiang Fei Yuan (琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/185)

  41. 釋談章     Shitan Zhang (琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/187)

  42. 客窗新語 Kechuang Xinyu (9; 琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/190)
    Zhe Guide has it as only here, but its music is related to that of 1511 Kechuang Yehua

  43. 靜觀吟     Jing Guan Yin (3; not in 1589; VII/194)
    Third of 35 from

  44. 箕山秋月 Jishan Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon at Jishan; 23; also in 1589; VII/161)
    24 sections; jue mode; Guide 29/230/441 says first of 17 but see chart: musically related to
      28/224/-- 谿山秋月 Xi Shan Qiu Yue, with 9 additional entries starting 1602, which attributes it to Shen Yin.
    Preface begins, "按是曲,乃我明金陵處士周桐菴,擬巢由之高潔而校...." (compare 1589 (also here) and see further)

  45. 蒼梧引     Cangwu Yin (14; not in 1589; VII/195)
    Related to
    Cangwu Yuan: first version after 1525

  46. 閨怨操     Gui Yuan Cao (Lament in a Lady's Chambers; 2; 琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/194)
    Only here (Guide 29/232/442), but see Fenghuang Taishang Yi Chui Xiao
    Lyrics by Li Qingzhao (1084 - ca. 1151), slightly altered here, plus a coda with lyrics from an unidentified source (though see this comment)

  47. 陋室銘     Lou Shi Ming (1; not in 1589; VII/199)
    "秣陵水雲逸史鄭道光譜 Tablature of the unofficial historian of water and clouds Zheng Daoguang of Moling" (
    Lyrics 山不在高,有仙則名, but different melody from 1539

  48. 耕歌         Geng Ge (21; not in 1589; VII/200)
    1559 (also Binfeng Ge)

  49. 渭濱吟     Weibin Yin (3; not in 1589; VII/204)

    Folio 5

  50. 塞上鴻     Saishang Hong (also in 1589; VII/169)
    First of 33 to 1914 (Guide 29/232/--; also Bei and Nan)
    "金陵鄭養居校傳 Revised by Zheng Yangju of Jinling (Nanjing) and transmitted"(1589; 1609 adds "from Korea"; comment)

  51. 關雎         Guan Ju (not in 1589; VII/205)

  52. 石上流泉 Shishang Liu Quan (not in 1589; VII/207)
    "新安琴友何近雲校 Revised by Xin'an qin friend He Jinyun" (
    From 1525

  53. 水龍吟     Shui Long Yin (琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/209)
    Zha Guide 26/218/419 lists this as the 5th of 11 to 1751 (first version with lyrics), but see table, where it is shown together with the closely related Canghai Longyin included below as a separate melody (see comments).

  54. 漢宮秋月 Han Gong Qiu Yue (not in 1589; VII/210)
    1525; version with lyrics above

  55. 滄海龍吟 Canghai Long Yin (Dragon Intoning on the Sea; not in 1589; VII/213)
    This is another version of the same melody as Shuilong Yin (
    above; see table), though Zha Guide 30/234/-- lists this separately as the first of 23, saying only that it is also called 滄江夜雨 or 蒼江夜雨 Cangjiang Yeyu (see comments)

  56. 古神化引 Gu Shenhua Yin (not in 1589; VII/214)
    First of four (Guide 30/233/--); different from
    Shenhua Yin
    "新安琴友汪善吾校 Revised by qin friend Wang Shanwu of Xin'an" (near Huangshan in Anhui; comment)

  57. 神化引     Shenhua Yin (also in 1589; VII/165)
    Eighth publication from
    1425; see also Gu Shenhua Yin

  58. 莊周夢蝶 Zhuang Zhou Meng Die (also in 1589; VII/167)
    14th publication from

  59. 八極遊     Baji You (not in 1589; VII/214)
    First of the mangong mode melodies now called
    Xie Xian You;
    "關中琴友王龍泉校 revised by qin friend Wang Longquan of Guanzhong" (comment)

  60. 大雅         Da Ya (not in 1589; VII/219)
    "古杭琴友唐少軒校 revised by qin friend Tang Shaoxuan of old Hangzhou"
    comment; above this in small characters is: "住國學 living at the Imperial College" - see also next)
    10th publication from 1425

  61. 離騷操     Li Sao Cao (not in 1589; VII/221)
    "白下琴友繆六字校 revised by qin friend Miao (?) Liuzi"
    comment; as with previous, above this in small characters is: "住國學 living at the Imperial College")
    12th publication from 1425

  62. 清商調     Qingshang Diao (not in 1589; VII/225)
    A 琴歌 qin song with lyrics appropriate to both the 1539 Dao Yi Qu and the 1589 Dao Yi

  63. 飛鳴吟     Fei Ming Yin (琴歌 with lyrics; not in 1589; VII/225)
    12th publication from
    1425; lyrics (天道推遷多反復....) different from only other version with lyrics, >1505
Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. 琴譜合壁 Qinpu Hebi: Qin Handbook Matched Well: does "Matched well" refer to the pairing of lyrics and music?

In 1802 this handbook was re-published in 1802 together with a translation into Manchurian by 和素 He Su; there is a modern reprint in a book published in 1991. The original of this edition was finely printed; in addition some of the images were changed. In this regard it is particularly interesting to compare the image above with its version from 1802: it is reversed, as can be seen by the lower image in this double copy.


Table of Contents for essays from Zhenchuan Zhengzong Qinpu
The melody content is listed

Yang Lun Taigu Yiyin (34 melodies; all have lyrics and were in 1589; compare Boya Xinfa, below)
(As in Qinpu Hebi, for the edition in QQJC VII the first three folios are part of a section called Taigu Yiyin [compare earlier Taigu Yiyin such as the supposedly Song dynasty collection of essays with a few modal preludes, also called Taiyin Daquanji; and the 1511 Taigu Yiyin attributed to Xie Lin, for which all the melodies also had lyrics]. Although the versions in this 1609 edition seem to have the same music and lyrics as those in the 1589 edition, they are somewhat re-ordered. For example, all the diaoyi kao are at the beginning. (All were probably in the original copy of the 1589 Yang Lun Taigu Yi Yin, but the edition in QQJC VII is missing three of them; it added one of these, Gong Yi Kao, from the 1609 edition). There are also more illustrations, in particular a few hand gestures and some qin shapes.)

Folio 1 (The QQJC editions are not divided into folios; the division here comes from Qinpu Hebi [comment on pagination].)
- Most entries have not been studied carefully. Much is found elsewhere. Chinese is given without translation in large part to simplify online searching for further detail.

After this QQJC goes directly to the tablature (actually Yang Chun at VII/60, since it seems to have rearranged the order of melodies). However, but Qinpu Hebi on folio 1 pages 14-28 added a series of images and text not in the QQJC editions, as follows:

Note that QQJC VII/67 (bottom) says: "金陵琴士鶴浦楊掄校 Revised by Jinling qin master Hepu Yang Lun". This isnot in the 1609 edition.

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