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Tianwen Ge Qinpu Table of Contents
Qin Handbook of Hearing Heaven Pavilion 1
What about the tassels?2          

(Introductory Essays) (QQJC XXV/3-141)

  1. (Miscellaneous entries) (QQJC XXV/3-62)
    Ends (pp. 30-62) with 紀事 Chronicles: stories, fables and quotes about qin; some are translated in
    Van Gulik, pp. 153-161

  2. Opening Folio, Beginning (Essays) (XXV/63-88)
    Begins with a Table of Contents (ToC) that seems more complete than the ones at the front of each section but is still missing some pieces.

  3. Opening Folio, Middle (Essays) (XXV/88-116)

  4. Opening Folio, End (Essays) (XXV/117-141)

Qin Melodies (XXV/142-614)

    卷第一,宮音上 Folio 1: Gong mode, Part 1 (XXV/142-180)
    ToC is missing #1 and #7

  1. 宮音初調 Gongyin Chudiao (XXV/142)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); only here

  2. 洞天春曉 Dongtian Chun Xiao (XXV/143)
    "From 1702" (XIII/191)

  3. 陽春 Yang Chun (XXV/150)
    "From 1702"

  4. 和陽春 He Yang Chun (XXV/155)
    "From 1744"

  5. 高山 Gao Shan (XXV/158)
    "From 1744"

  6. 高山 Gao Shan (XXV/161)
    "From Zhang Kongshan"

  7. 高山 Gao Shan (XXV/163)
    "From Xu Liqiang"

  8. 流水 Liu Shui (XXV/166)
    9 Sections; "from Zhang Kongshan"; "when young Zhang learned it from 馮彤雲 Feng Tongyun";
    copied in Qinxue Congshu Folio 11 as the "72 Gunfu Liu Shui" with fingering explanations

  9. 桃李園序 Tao Li Yuan Xu (XXV/169)
    "From 1802"; lyrics; not related to 桃李園 Tao Li Yuan (Zhongzhou School?)

  10. 海鷗忘機 Haiou Wang Ji (XXV/171)
    "From 1702"

  11. 魯風 Lu Feng (XXV/173)
    "From 1705" (XIII/331; connects it to Confucius; earliest was 1692

  12. 桃源春曉 Taoyuan Chunxiao (XXV/177)
    "From 1670"; 1670 is actually a shortened version of the Zangchunwu Qinpu melody Dongtian Chunxiao

    卷第二,宮音下 Folio 2: Gong mode, Part 2 (XXV/181-212)
    ToC is missing #23 and #24

  13. 崆峒引 Kongtong Yin (XXV/181)
    "From 1691"

  14. 梅花三弄 Meihua Sannong (XXV/184)
    "From 1744"

  15. 修禊吟 Xiuxi Yin (XXV/187)
    "From 1673"

  16. 梧桐夜雨 Wutong Yeyu (XXV/188)
    "From 1705", which has preface beginning, 潘仁堂曰 Pan Rentang says...." (18737.xxx; 357.xxx)

  17. 幽蘭 You Lan (XXV/190)
    "From 1802"

  18. 圯橋進履 Yi Qiao Jin Lü (XXV/193)
    "From 1702"

  19. 春怨 Chun Yuan (XXV/196)
    "From 1691" (second); earliest (1663) is called 春雲 Chun Yun;

  20. 梧葉舞秋風 Wuye Wu Qiufeng (XXV/199)
    "From 1833"

  21. 孔子讀易 Kongzi Du Yi (XXV/201)
    "From Zhang Kongshan"

  22. 歸來曲 Gui Lai Qu (XXV/203)
    "From 1833" (XXIII/133); lyrics

  23. 九還操 Jiu Huan Cao (XXV/207)
    "From 1677"; lyrics

  24. 雙鶴沐泉 Shuanghe Mu Quan (XXV/211)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); only here `

    卷第三,商音上 Folio 3: Shang mode, Part 1 (XXV/213-55)
    ToC is missing #37, #38 and #39

  25. 古交行 Gu Jiao Xing (XXV/213)
    "From 1673"; (compare #92 Yun Zhu Ta)

  26. 陋室銘 Loushi Ming (XXV/217)
    "From 1802"; lyrics

  27. 白雪 Bai Xue (XXV/218)
    "From 1702" (comment)

  28. 關雎 Guan Ju (XXV/221)
    "From 1744"

  29. 關雎 Guan Ju (XXV/224)
    "From 1702"

  30. 懷古吟引 Huai Gu Yin (XXV/228)
    "From 1670"; also 懷古吟

  31. 懷仙操 Huai Xian Cao (XXV/229)
    "From 1670"

  32. 琴書樂道 Qin Shu Le Dao (XXV/231)
    "From 1705" (its preface begins, "吳半齋曰Wu Banzhai says....")

  33. 桃源吟 Tao Yuan Yin (XXV/233)
    "From 1673"

  34. 夏峰歌 Xia Feng Ge (XXV/235)
    "From 1691" but see 1692; no commentary; 7 sections; lyrics begin, "垂老去鄉關,聽泉聲十三年...."

  35. 清夜聞鐘 Qing Ye Wen Zhong (XXV/239)
    "From 1705"

  36. 仙珮迎風 Xian Pei Ying Feng (XXV/242)
    "From 1802"

  37. 商音初調 Shangyin Chudiao (XXV/245)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming)

  38. 髯仙歌 Ran Xian Ge (XXV/246)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); 髯仙 = 呂洞賓

  39. 釋談章 Shitan Zhang (XXV/247)
    "From 1722"; lyrics (compare #77); combined with other versions?

    卷第四,商音下 Folio 4: Shang mode, Part 2 (XXV/256-288)
    ToC is missing #49

  40. 洞庭秋思 Dongting Qiu Si (XXV/256)
    "From 1802"

  41. 靜觀吟 Jing Guan Yin (XXV/258)
    "From 1702" (compare #90)

  42. 墨子悲思 Mozi Bei Si (XXV/259)
    "From 1702"

  43. 宋玉悲秋 Song Yu Bei Qiu (XXV/263)
    "From 1802"

  44. 蘇門長嘯 Sumen Chang Xiao (XXV/267)
    "From 1691" (but see 1692)

  45. 耕歌 Geng Ge (XXV/270)
    "From 1802"; compare #103

  46. 醉漁 Zui Yu (XXV/275)
    "From 1702"; earlier version (compare #72)

  47. 雁過衡陽 Yan Guo Hengyang (XXV/279)
    "From 1722" (compare #86)

  48. 平沙落雁 Ping Sha Luo Yan (XXV/283)
    "From Zhang Kongshan"

  49. 金門待漏 Jinmen Dailou (XXV/285)
    "From Wang Zhongshan"

    卷第五,商角上 Folio 5: Jiao mode, Part 1 (XXV/289-314)
    ToC is missing #57 and #58

  50. 列子御風 Liezi Yu Feng (XXV/289)
    "From 1705"

  51. 神化引 Shenhua Yin (XXV/293)
    "From 1705"

  52. 蒼梧怨 Cangwu Yuan (XXV/295)
    "From 1802"

  53. 佩蘭 Pei Lan (XXV/299)
    "From 1744" (compare #109 and #142)

  54. 玉樹臨風 Yushu Lin Feng (XXV/303)
    "From 1802"

  55. 漢宮秋月 Han Gong Qiu Yue (XXV/304)
    "From 1702"

  56. 漢宮秋怨 Han Gong Qiu Yuan (XXV/310)
    "From 1744"; another version of the previous

  57. 角音初調 Jiaoyin Chudiao (XXV/313)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming)

  58. 良宵引 Liangxiao Yin (XXV/314)
    "From 1849" but not here

    卷第六,商角下 Folio 6: Jiao mode, Part 2 (XXV/315-344)
    ToC is missing #66

  59. 烏夜啼 Wu Ye Ti (XXV/315)
    "From 1802"

  60. 參同歌 Cantong Ge (XXV/319)
    "From 1691" but see 參同契 Cantong Qie (further)

  61. 養生主 Yang Sheng Zhu (XXV/322)
    "From 1705"; no commentary; Yangsheng Zhu is mentioned in Zhuangzi; also in a poem by Lu You

  62. 龍翔操 Longxiang Cao (XXV/323)
    "From 1802"

  63. 炎凉操 Yan Liang Cao (XXV/326)
    "From 1673"; only these two; no commentary

  64. 瀟湘夜雨 Xiao Xiang Ye Yu (XXV/329)
    "From Zhang Kongshan"; 19079.10 only 瀟湘雨 Xiao Xiang Yu but in 1682 it is a cipai name. Xiao Xiang Ye Yu is also the name of a cipai and a qin as well as of one of the 8 Views of Xiao and Xiang.

  65. 化蝶 Hua Die (XXV/331)
    "From Zhang Kongshan"; musically unrelated to Zhuangzhou Meng Die

  66. 羽化登仙 Yuhua Deng Xian (XXV/337)
    "From 1722"

    卷第七,徵音上 Folio 7: Zhi mode, Part 1 (XXV/345-390)
    ToC is missing #67 plus #77 to #79

  67. 徵音初調 Zhiyin Chudiao (XXV/345)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming)

  68. 岳陽三醉 Yueyang San Zui (XXV/346)
    "From 1702"

  69. 風雷引 Feng Lei Yin (XXV/351)
    "From 1802"

  70. 頤貞操 Yi Zhen Cao (XXV/354)
    "From Hebi" (1585, where it is called Yi Zhen); see further comment; lyrics

  71. 醒心集 Xing Xin Ji (XXV/337)
    "From Xifeng" (1585); see further comment; lyrics

  72. 醉漁晚唱 Zui Yu Wan Chang (XXV/360)
    Earliest modern version, "from Zhang Kongshan" (compare #46)

  73. 禹會塗山 Yu Hui Tushan (XXV/362)
    "From 1702"

  74. 客窗夜話 Kechuang Yehua (XXV/367)
    "From 1670"

  75. 梨雲春思 Li Yun Chun Si (XXV/369)
    "From 1833"; lyrics

  76. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (XXV/374)
    "From Zhang Kongshan" (compare #89)

  77. 普安咒 Pu An Zhou (XXV/377)
    "From 1849" but not there and not same as the 1849 Shitan Zhang (chart; compare #39)

  78. 漁歌 Yu Ge (XXV/381)
    "From 1722" (XIV/488; zhi mode version [1525] is earliest; compare #102 [yu mode] and #138 [ruibin mode])

    樂極吟 Le Ji Yin (XXV/386)
    "From 1722" (XIV/493: lyrics only ["漁翁夜傍西巖宿...."]; belongs in ruibin mode)

    漁歌詞 Yu Ge Ci (XXV/386)
    1722"; lyrics ("家住吳楚大江頭....") only: they belong not here but with a ruibin version such as the Ao Ai Ge at XXV/561 or the Yu Ge at XXV/578, which have none.

  79. 扣角歌 Kou Jiao Ge (XXV/388)
    "From 1792"

    卷第八,徵音上下 Folio 8: Zhi mode, Part 2 (XXV/391-435)
    ToC is missing #87 to #93

  80. 空山磬 Kongshan Qing (XXV/391)
    "From 1702"; earliest (1664, XII/86) has afterword: 此曲宜靜夜良琴,高絃重指,鼓之如空山擊磬。

  81. 秋水 Qiu Shui (XXV/394)
    "From 1744"

  82. 天台引 Tiantai Yin (XXV/398)
    "From 1802"

  83. 秋江夜泊 Qiu Jiang Ye Bo (XXV/403)
    "From 1802"

  84. 秋聲賦 Qiu Sheng Fu (XXV/404)
    "From 1802"

  85. 牧歌 Mu Ge (XXV/407)
    "From 1802"

  86. 雁度衡陽 Yan Du Hengyang (XXV/413)
    "From 1702" (compare #47)

  87. 莊周夢蝶 Zhuangzhou Meng Die (XXV/417)
    "From Lianchi Seng"; musically unrelated to Hua Die

  88. 六合遊 Liuhe You (XXV/420)
    "From 1670"

  89. 漁樵問答 Yu Qiao Wenda (XXV/423)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming; compare #76)

  90. 靜觀吟 Jing Guan Yin (XXV/426)
    "From 1849" but not here (compare #41)

  91. 碧天秋思 Bitian Qiu Si (XXV/427)
    "From 1802"

  92. 雲竹榻 Yun Zhu Ta (XXV/429)
    "From 1670" (compare #25 Gu Jiao Xing)

  93. 漪蘭操 Yi Lan Cao (XXV/433)
    "From 1802"

    卷第九,羽音上 Folio 9: Yu mode, Part 1 (XXV/436-476)
    ToC is missing #94 and #108

  94. 羽音初調 Yuyin Chudiao (XXV/436)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming)

  95. 古風操 Gufeng Cao (XXV/437)
    "From 1670"

  96. 塞上鴻 Saishang Hong (XXV/439)
    "From 1849"

  97. 讀易 Du Yi (XXV/442)
    "From 1739"

  98. 樵歌 Qiao Ge (XXV/444)
    "From 1702" but not there!

  99. 水仙操 Shuixian Cao (XXV/448)
    "From 1802"

  100. 平沙落雁 Ping Sha Luo Yan (XXV/452)
    "From 1849"

  101. 松下觀濤 Songxia Guan Tao (XXV/454)
    "From 1670"

  102. 漁歌 Yu Ge (XXV/457)
    "From 1744" (compare #78 [zhi mode])

  103. 耕歌 Geng Ge (XXV/460)
    "From 1670"; compare #45

  104. 石上流泉 Shishang Liu Quan (XXV/465)
    "From 1670"

  105. 春曉吟 Chunxiao Yin (XXV/468)
    "From 1802"

  106. 山居吟 Shan Ju Yin (XXV/469)
    "From 1739" (compare #137)

  107. 暮春操 Muchun Cao ("originally 易春操 Yi Chun Cao"; 角音; XXV/471)
    "From 1739" (XVIII/159)

  108. 望雲思親 Wang Yun Si Qin (XXV/473)
    "From Wang Zhongshan"

    卷第十,羽音下 Folio 10: Yu mode, Part 2 (XXV/477-517)
    ToC missing #118 and #119

  109. 佩蘭 Pei Lan (XXV/477)
    "From 1670" (compare #53 and #142)

  110. 爛柯行 Lan Ke Xing (XXV/482)
    "From 1691" but see 1692

  111. 樂山隱 Le Shan Yin (XXV/484)
    "From 1677"; preface there says, "此曲,非蒼松下,即古梅前撫之,方有雅人之致。程隱庵評。"

  112. 滄海龍吟 Canghai Long Yin (XXV/487)
    "From 1744"

  113. 鶴舞洞天 He Wu Dongtian (XXV/490)
    "From 1802"

  114. 鶴舞洞天 He Wu Dongtian (XXV/492)
    "From 1670"

  115. 鳳翔霄漢 Feng Xiang Xiao Han (XXV/495)
    "From 1802"

    雉朝飛原辭 Zhi Zhao Fei Yuan Ci (XXV/503)
    "Original lyrics", no music; begins, "天和風日暖。極目晴...". Compare lyrics of
    1491, 1625, etc.

  116. 雉朝飛 Zhi Zhao Fei (XXV/505)
    "From 1705"

  117. 萬壑松濤 Wanhuo Songtao (XXV/511)
    "From 1670"

  118. 平沙落雁 Ping Sha Luo Yan (XXV/514)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); has preface

    卷第十一,黃鐘 Folio 11: Huangzhong mode (XXV/518-525)
    ToC complete; tuning (a.k.a.
    Biyu, etc.) uses lowered 3rd string

  119. 猗蘭 Yi Lan (XXV/518)
    "From 1744"

  120. 蘇武思君 Su Wu Si Jun (XXV/521)
    "From 1670"

  121. 平沙 Ping Sha (XXV/523)
    "From 1744"

    卷第十二,太簇 Folio 12: Taicou mode (XXV/526-540)
    ToC complete; tuning (a.k.a.
    Mangong, etc.) uses lowered first, third and sixth strings

  122. 八極遊 Ba Ji You (XXV/526)
    "From 1705" (XIII/412); related to #126

  123. 平沙 Ping Sha (XXV/530)
    "From 1744" (XVIII/290)

  124. 知止吟 Zhi Zhi Yin (XXV/532)
    "From 1739" (XVIII/191); only other version;
    1739 preface is, "魚遊深江,獸依高崗,物物知其所止。何人心自失,而不知其鄉?心者,身之本也,失之者亡。"

  125. 來鳳引 Lai Feng Yin (XXV/535)
    "From 1670" (XI/374); only other version;
    1670 preface is, "此古曲也。咏鳳凰來儀之義也。其音矯騫清趣,令人懸思天際。"

  126. 挾仙遊 Xie Xian You (XXV/538)
    "From 1744"; related to #122

    卷第十三,姑洗 Folio 13: Guxian mode (XXV/541-55)
    ToC complete;
    guxian tuning uses raised second, fifth and seventh strings (so #127 is incorrect);
    Folio 15 below also uses this tuning; see further comment

  127. 離騷 Li Sao (XXV/541)
    "From 1705" (XIII/431; that version is the same as 1673), which for some reason calls the mode wu yi; in 1876 the correct tuning is given (raise 2nd and fifth strings), but not the correct tuning name (qiliang), so the placement of the melody here seems to be incorrect.

  128. 搗衣 Dao Yi (XXV/547)
    "From 1802"

  129. 春山聽杜 Chunshan Ting Dujuan (XXV/552)
    "From 1744" (XVIII/235)

    卷第十四,蕤賓 Folio 14: Ruibin mode (XXV/556-580)
    ToC missing #134 - #138;
    Ruibin tuning uses raised fifth string

  130. 瀟湘水雲 Xiao Xiang Shui Yun (XXV/556)
    "From 1849"

  131. 欸乃歌 Ao Ai Ge (XXV/561)
    "From 1702" but not there!

  132. 泛滄浪 Fan Canglang (XXV/566)
    "From 1670"

  133. 平沙 Ping Sha (XXV/568)
    "From 1744"

  134. 驥氣 Ji Qi (XXV/569)
    "From 1705" (ruibin melody)

  135. 搔首問天 Sao Shou Wen Tian (XXV/573)
    "From 1802"

  136. 萬國來朝 Wan Guo Lai Chao (XXV/575)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming), but still related to standard tuning earliest 1702 (XIII/265);
    preface: "昔大禹治平水土,會諸侯於塗山,萬國來朝,蠻夷率服。後之哲人,因師其意,乃有是操。"

  137. 山居吟 Shanju Yin (XXV/576)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); compare #106: they sem musically related in spite of different tuning

  138. 漁歌 Yu Ge (XXV/578)
    "From 1670" (almost same: corrections? attrib Liu Zihou)

    卷第十五,夷則 Folio 15: Yize mode (XXV/581-600)
    ToC missing #142; all 4 melodies here use raised 2nd, 5th and 7th strings, as in Folio 13
    it is thus puzzling why this is separate from that and why this mode name is used: in 1525 Yize tuning uses lowered 1st, third and 6th strings; see further comment

  139. 平沙 Ping Sha (XXV/581)
    "From 1744"

    秋鴻原辭 Qiu Hong Yuan Ci (XXV/583)
    1722" (see XIV/576; compare 1491; begins "澤國秋高風露涼....")

  140. 秋鴻 Qiu Hong (XXV/587)
    "From 1702"

  141. 飛鳴吟 Fei Ming Yin (XXV/595)
    "From 1691"

  142. 佩蘭 Pei Lan (XXV/597)
    "From Songxian" (Tang Yiming); compare #53 and #109

    卷第十六,無射 Folio 16: Wuyi mode (XXV/601-614)
    ToC complete;
    Wuyi tuning uses lowered 1st and raised 5th strings

  143. 大雅 Da Ya (XXV/601)
    "From 1702" but not there!

  144. 安樂窩 An Le Wo (XXV/605)
    "From 1691" but see 1692

  145. 胡笳十八拍 Hujia Shibai (XXV/609)
    "From 1744"

Footnotes (Shorthand references are explained on a separate page)

1. Qin Handbook of Hearing Heaven Pavilion (天聞閣琴譜 Tianwen Ge Qinpu or Tianwen'ge Qinpu)
Page added November 2014

2. Image: What does it say about the tassels? (expand)
The image, from the front section of Tianwen'ge Qinpu (QQJC XXV/99), says of the tassels:

Dragon's whiskers should be long, and it is appropriate to use a yellowish-brown color as it is quite plain within the palette of colors.

龍鬚 longxu, literally "dragon's whiskers", in this context refer to qin tassels, used for holding and tuning the strings. Do they refer only to the natural tassels, or also to the ornamental additions that seem to be quite popular in some circles?
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